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Orion TR Dual Ignition Input

I have an Orion TR Non-Isolated DC-DC 30 amp charger installed in my twin engine boat. I'd like to connect both 12v ignition lines to the H pin so that the charger operates when either engine is running. Does anyone know if this would cause any issues when both engines are running and providing 12v to the H pin at the same time? Thank you.

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48V to 12V isolated charger?

Hello, for a boat, I'm searching for a way to use a 48V system (used for propulsion) to charge 12V batteries used for house loads.

  • The charging device needs to have isolation between the 48V and 12V legs
  • The charging device needs to have programmable charging parameters for the 12V batteries (battleborn LFP)

The Orion-Tr series of converters are not smart and just output a steady voltage, since they are converters only, so they won't work for this use case

The Orion Smart charger/converters only support 12V/24V and not 48V.

I could use a MPPT solar charge controller but I'm not sure that they are actually isolated.
I do see the "SmartSolar MPPT RS 450|100 & 450|200 - Isolated" but I think it is overkill, and too big for the space available for the device.

Any ideas of a victron product that would work? Are the usual victron solar charge controllers isolated?


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schema aansluiting Orion- Tr Smart , Smart solar MPPT 75/15 , Small BMS Smart battery Protect65

Ik zoek het schema voor de aansluiting van een Orion- Tr Smart , Smart solar MPPT 75/15 , Small BMS en Smart Battery Protect 65.

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Synchronized charging between MPPT / Multiplus-II / Orion


I have two MPPT chargers that are networked with a smart shunt, they charge in sync just fine.

How does a Multiplus and / or Orion factor in if AC / alternator is available?

Will they not attempt to charge if solar is available? Can solar be forced to be priority?

Thank you.

System (Mobile RV):

Multiplus-II 3KVA 2x 120v

MPPT 150-85

MPPT 150-60

Cerbo GX / Touch 50

Smart Shunt

Orion-Tr Smart DC/DC Charger for alternator charging

400AH Discover Battery LFP

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Bluesolar, Orion, IP22 together on 24V


I am building a Van to live in full time right now.

I do not need an alternator, as all my devices are DC anyway.

The plan is to have a "Victron Energy LiFePO4 Batterie 25,6V/100Ah Smart", for this I know I need a BMS (miniBMS) and a batteryprotect on the loads side, to ensure the battery is save from undervoltage.

For Solar, I have 3x 180Wp in series (totalling 147V) for which I would need a "SmartSolar MPPT 150/35".

For alternator charging, I am looking at a Orion-Tr Smart 12/24. (15a or 10a)

For 230V charging, I would like to use the Victron IP22 24/16. (maybe a smaller one to save some money and space)

The 3 charging methods would be connected to the plus of the battery, before the batteryprotect.

From what I understand, the Orion-Tr Smart can be remote controlled by the BMS.

Now I have 2 main questions:

Q1: The MPPT and the IP22, from what I can see, do not have remote functions for turning off, so I need a batteryprotect for those on the charging side, to cut them from the Battery? I would then look at buying one which both are connected to and that would cut both at the same time. (adding the orion -> one less cable, cut all charing options at once)

Q2: If I have two charging methods running (MPPT + either IP22 or Orion), how do they work together?
I think I can configure them so that one is always the main one (e.g. MPPT, as it's "free" would be the one that is prioritised, the others jumping in on lower voltages if need be by configuring float voltage)
I did not quite understand what the Cerbo GX is doing - would it help with managing several charging devices at once? Or is there any other way to make them work together better?

Q3: Do you have some feedback about the overall setup?

Thank you already for answering, I have an electrotechnics background but this specific topic with several chargers and an external BMS are strange to me, plus the very victron specific setups :)

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orion dc-dc with alternator BIM (Battery Manager)

Installing an Orion 12/12-30 in my RV that has a Semi-Intelligent Battery Combiner (BIM-160). What would happen if the Battery Combiner linked the starting and house batteries while the Orion is charging the house batteries? Would the Orion stop charging, create some type of feedback loop or just keep bucking to no avail?


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At what altitude m.a.s.l. may an Orion TR 48V-24V be installed

At what altitude m.a.s.l. may an Orion TR 48V-24V be installed. Our customer wants to install it at 4000m altitude. Is this possible?

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Orion TR Smart

  • Hi. I recently purchased an Orion TR Smart 12/12 -30. I've wired itto a Titanium leisure battery and followed the setup instructions.  The app detects the engine starting on my van, however the output voltage never rises above 12.1 volts and the leisure battery is not charging noticeably. Can anyone advise what I'm doing wrong? Many thanks, Rich. 


    Image Caption


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Is non-smart Orion configurable for lithium batteries? What is meant by "not replaceable" fuse?

I am considering the use of a DC-DC charger that would allow me to charge two Battle Born 100AH lithium batteries from the hitch connections on my tow vehicle. I have a couple of questions.

1) I could potentially use the "non-smart" Orion, but I would need to set the potentiometer so that the voltage from 12.2V to 14.2V. Can I do this? I gather that there is only one stage, so that I would not be able to set a float voltage... correct? Would I need to shut off the DC-DC converter after two or three hours to make sure that I did not overcharge the batteries?

2) Can I use a Smart Orion with bluetooth to configure the absorption voltage, float voltage, and the absorption time limit? I would enable the device through my ignition switch. Would the absorption time limit get set back to zero each time I took the keys out of my truck? I have two small dogs and they require alot of rest breaks. I would hate to think that I'd be overcharging my batteries because we took too many rest stops!

3) The user manual for the "non-smart" Orion says that it has an "internal input fuse" that is "not replaceable". This doesn't sound like a feature... what good is a fuse that isn't replaceable? I would plan to put fuses or breakers on either side of the Orion, but the non-smart Orion does not mention anything about fuses (or amperage values) other than this non-replaceable one. If I were to use the non-Smart Orion, should I use the fuses mentioned in the Smart Orion manual?

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Orion TR 12/12-9 Charger one works 3 won´t maybe new Rev.?

Hello, first of all sorry for my bad english!

I have an Orion-Tr12/12-9 bought about a year ago. This unit is charing my LiFePo4 4s1p, i charge the pack over the 12V outlet from my Car, this works great.

Now i ordered 3 more 12/12-9 but this units won´t work to charge my 4s1p pack.

Until now i can charge them if i plug the connector from the input side to my Car and than i have to disconnect the batterypack connect i back an then it starts charging.

Can anyone tell me why? Why does the older one works great, and the newer won´t do the Jobs?

The only different i can see on my units are the "E4" and the "10R-06 4720"

the shop i bought them cant help me, they said i can use them as chargers.

the "old" one


the "new" one


Does anyone know what the problem is?

Is there a new revision or model or something?!

Thanks and greets from Germany!

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Settings or error with DC DC Charger

I have a Victron dc dc charger as follows:

Orion-Tr Smart 12/12 30A ISOLATED DC-DC Charger


Screenshot_20220208-172935[1].jpg Screenshot_20220208-172316[1].jpg

Just wondering why I get these screens showing whilst I am driving


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