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Can my ESS produce reactive power to the grid?

I have a ESS with two Quattro and solar power. I have feed in excess power enabled.

This has been operating for two full months and the house meter has

  1. 941 kWh Total Active energy consumed (from grid)
  2. 600 kWh Total Actve enery fed (to the grid)
  3. 40 kVARh Total reactive energy consumed
  4. 330 kVARh Total reactive energy fed

I can understand some consumption of reactive power due to some pump motors we have, but not the export of reactive power.

Any help on this is much appreciated.

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AC Load not always showing correct values

Ever since upgrading the Multiplus II to 492 and Venus OS to 2.82 (coming from 2.74), I have noticed that the AC loads are not always showing the correct values.

I often see AC load on phase 1 going to 0W.

It looks like it is cause by delays in reading out consumption values from either the Multiplus or the Grid meter. My battery cells are not well matches, so the BMS will start to constantly decrease and then again increase max charge current. So the Multiplus is constantly dropping and increasing the charge power quite a lot. Seems that, when u sudden increase or decrease occurs, it takes some time for the GX device to correctly recalculate the AC load.

Not sure if this is impacting anything other than the displayed statistics.

Anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

I have made a gif showing the issue. Note that power consumption is actually stable, so the AC load values are definitely incorrect.


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Solar PV generation meter - can this be used with the Multiplus for recording system generation?

I currently have a secondary electric meter on the outlet of the solar PV inverter measuring the amount of generation. As a generalisation, can this meter be used in conjunction with the Multiplus 2 GX for recording the solar PV input into the system as opposed to a 40A current sensor?

Can these meters have an output that can be utilised by the Victron systems for recording power generation and if so does anyone have any experience in making this option work?

My basic understanding is its a no as I think I am correct in saying the meters only have a pulsed output for recording energy consumption in kWh and not power in kW in real time, but thought to ask before dismissing the idea.

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EasySolar-II 48/5000/70-50 MPPT 250/100 GX
I have the EasySolar-II 48/5000/70-50 MPPT 250/100 GX installed on an off grid system.
The input of the public electrical network connects to a differential circuit breaker, from which a cable goes to the inverter.
Then comes an inverter cable that plugs into the main frame of the house.
I have a shelly EM measuring the consumption in the phase cable that comes from the public power grid, but since I installed the inverter, it started to give me strange values, sometimes it gives positive values, sometimes it gives negative values (low values), being which in principle should not give any values, because most of the time I am not consuming energy from the public grid, nor injecting it, because I am in off grid mode.
Is it normal for this to happen?
Thank you!


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Vast difference of solar input power and inverter output power


3x 48/5000 Multi

2x 250/100 MPPT

Venus GX

Batteries in IDLE mode.

No DC consumption at all (off grid installation).

Solar in/power out has a difference of about 800W.

This can't be right..?

A few hundred watts in energy loss OK, but 800??? This gap is constant, even getting bigger with more power out (through)..

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Feeded in Energy does not comply with Venus GX

Sorry if this was asked before. I did a research but did not find helping info.
If I watch on electric meter of my house installation it says, that my system feeded 16 kWh into the grid in nov. + dec. 2021. - fine !!

If I watch my installationsite on internet (Victronenergy.com), it states that my system feeded in 63 kWh on "solar" menu.
When I change to "systemview" it states that it would be 103 kWh.

How do I configure my system correctly ?

I have a 1-phase application. On Phase 1 there is a Multiplus 48-3000 and a SunnyBoy 3.0 from SMA.
I use a ET 340 gridmeter, a Venus GX with Firmware 2.73 and 3 Pylontech 2500 Wh batteries.

Thx for your support.

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Power Consumption Reading in Victron App

Hi guys,

I am a little confused with the Victron app history tab and I know this may be a silly question.

With reference to the image below where it says 10Wh under consumption, is this the total watts consumed in the day 'so far' by the load, or is it how many 'watts per hour' the load is consuming?


I especially ask this because throughout the day the load power consumption will fluctuate quite differently, meaning I would assume at least a quarter of the day it would consume more than 10 watts per hour and some instances less. Is it maybe the average watt hours consumed throughout the day instead?

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SmartBMV Power % not Matching VenusGX %

My SmartBMV shows 74%, and was recharging at 890 Watts.

My VenusGX shows same time 93%, and recharging at 1190 Watts.

How do I get correct answer? How do I get these to match?

Low power usage for 7 hours, I have Qty 4 8d newer batteries on boat. I suspect the correct answer is between these two values.

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Power non return to zero at night on a MPPT 250/60

Dear all,

I use a MPPT 250/60 smartsolar with 2 x 1.5kWc (Voc 170V) solar panels and a 340Ah x 48V battery. On the MPPT, I notice that the current PV power non return to zero at night. It stays around 10-16W. Disconnecting PV panels using the PV braker don't change anything (it is not the moon light :).

If i use the remote plug to switch Off/On the charger, the unit return to 0W.

At night the PV voltage is around 50,6V (near the battery voltage currently 51,3V)

The FW is the last 1.37 version and the MPPT is 1or 2 month old.

Any Idea ?


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power to grid calculation 3 phase system


in the dashboard you have power that is going to the grid and power that is taken from the grid.

in my system a 3 phase system. ( 3 x multiplus 2 , smarthsunt, mppt, ccgx an ac coupled pv system.) is there a little problem withe the calculation af the power.

when i sending power to the grid on phase 1 lets say 1 kw and i using 1 kw on phase 2 the energy meter from the grid stays on 0. what is normal in this case.

but in the victron dashboard its counting the 1 kw that i am sending on phase 1 on the to grid counter.

and the 1 kw that i am taking from te grid it is counting on the from grid counter.

is it posible to disable this an to use the same calculation that the grid meter is using ?

phase compensation is enabled in the ess system now.



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>10kVA and dedicated production meter

I'm designing a 3-phase ESS system based on 3x a Multiplus-II 5000 with the solar panels feeding in on the DC bus.

3 times 5000 VA brings the total inverter kVa >10kVA and as such is no longer considered a "residential" installation in Belgium and requires special permits and requirements.

One of these requirements is the instalation of a dedicated production meter. This meter is supplied by the grid operator and needs to measure the AC energy produced by the installation.

As the loads on AC OUT, might receive power from AC IN as well, it is not OK to connect such a production meter directly to AC OUT.

The only suitable place is directly behind the inverter and this is not an exposed connection on the Multiplus.

Does anyone know if making a tap directly behind the invertor for connecting a production meter is feasible to do?
Or are there any alternatives possible?

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How to remove power meter from the GX list


Recently I changed my PV inverter to Fronius.

It does not need a power meter to report production.

At the same time I installed EM24 as a grid power meter and removed EF340 used for old PV inverter.

Now I have 2 power meters in my GX settings menu but one is no longer in the system but still in the setup is as used to measure PV inverter production on AC out.

Can this be cleaned up somehow?

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a quoi correspond le A CA out dans Victron connect ?


J'ai dans mon système un Quattro avec ESS en mode manuel, une cerbo GX, et une raspberry pi qui commande mon onduleur via la cerbo GX, et un pack batteries. Tout cela connecté à un réseau AC. Je suis donc branché sur le DC (pour les batteries) et le AC in-1 du Quattro pour le réseau.

Lorsque je me connecte à l'onduleur sur VE.Connect via le MK3, il est affiché une consommation sur le réseau d'une centaine de watt et une injection AC de 60W environ en simultanée, ce qui est impossible puisque je n'ai qu'un seul branchement AC qui sert d'entrée et de sortie. de plus l'onduleur est allumé mais a une consigne de charge de 0W a ce moment la, et j'ai bien une puissance injectée sur la batterie de 0W.

Pour la consommation sur le réseau je suppose que c'est en partie du à l'énergie nécessaire au fonctionnement au Quattro, mais je ne comprends pas d'où provient le 60W d'injection et comment cela est possible ?!

Merci pour votre aide.


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How do I see energy usage monthly (the most accurate way)

Hi ladies and gentlemen. I need your help here.

I have installed EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 MPPT150/100 for my client. I need to charge them the electricity they use only. Every month We have to go there now and use the old power meter and go there manually write down their usage and charge them there has to be a better way.

1- something that integrates with VRM so we can bill them remotely without going onsite. This is pure off grid system nothing fancy. Accurately charge what they use.

thank you so much team.

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How to change the CT ratio on the EM24

How to change the CT ration on the EM24

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