Venus gx VRM portal battery voltage data

Hey everyone,

I’m looking to get battery voltage data as a data point on the vrm portal, I can see the information on the 1hr chart but not on the daily or weekly information it only shows me battery capacity %age

as the BMV 712 only really give you an estimate battery capacity I like being able to look at battery voltage as data point as a fail safe. How could I make this happen? This is what I want to to see but across all points of time history.

Thanks in advance x


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Autotransformer output not 120v

Hello. Is my brand new 100a autotransformer defective?! It is putting out 120v and 114v on each leg.

Can I fix this? What do I do?

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Issues with different voltages input into victron regulator

I have a victron 100/30 regulator. My two roof panels supply 48v into the regulator.

I want to add in portable panels when the roof panels are in the shade, but these will be 24v input into the same regulator.

Any foreseeable issues with this setup?

Jcee Bull asked

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Adding a step up for my 230V boat. Help!

I have a European 230V boat that is now in America. All my systems will run on 50 or 60HZ so that isn't an issue. I just need the easiest and most cost effective way to convert the dock voltage from 110v to 230v. Do I use the isolation transformer or the auto transformer?

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Argo FET 4.4V voltage on input terminal with no alternator running

I have acquired a yacht wired with three 12V batteries on outputs. With the engine shutdown and no alternator running I have 4.4 Volts on the Input terminal and alternator circuit - I am not wiring the "energise" terminal. Is this usual or indicative of defective isolation as I am experiencing battery capacity leakage on one battery bank when not using the system for several weeks.

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Is it posible to set an alarm with two separate conditions

Hello everyone,

as my batteries already twice caused a low voltage alarm (although above 80% SOC) after some days with little sun, I would like to set an alarm for the voltage in combination to the current, i.e. "voltage < 24V while current < 10A". Anybody can think of a possibility to set such alarm or should I send a feature request to Victron?

Greetings from Colombia,


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Charge limit voltage (CVL) precision

I have a question about Charge Voltage Limit (CVL) when using BMS connected via CAN bus. In my system (VenusGX and Multiplus II) I'm using BMS connected via VE.Can (Batrium BMS). I would like to set Charge Voltage Limit (CVL) to 56.75V, but it looks like precision is fix to just one decimal place, so I need to set it to 56.7V or 56.8V. Is there a way to have 2 decimal places (e.g. 56.75V). All settings in VE Configuration tool have precision to 2 decimal places, why CVL (and CCL as well) is different???

Kind Regards

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Solar Laderegler Mppt 75/15 lädt nicht.


Ich habe den Laderegler Mppt 75/15 neu eingebaut.

Er zeigt mir immer eine Solarspannung von ca. 12-13 Volt an.

Ich habe die Leerlaufspannung gemessen ca. 21-22 Volt die Kurzschlussstromstärke beträgt ca. 3,5 Amp.

Ich habe gelesen das die Solarspannung mindestens 5V höher sein muss als die Batterie Spannung.

Aber das Gerät zeigt nur eine Solarspannung von 12-13V an obwohl eine Spannung von 21-22 Volt vom Panel kommt.

Ich hoffe es kann mir jemand helfen.

Schöne Grüße


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High voltage on MPPT 75/15 battery output, when BMS closes due to temperature

Dear all,

I try to figure out, if the behaviour I see is per design or not. In my van I have installed a Victron LifePo4, a BMS12/200 and a MPPT75/15 with 2x110W solar panels. Due to the current cold weather conditions (<5°C), the battery and the BMS shutdown the battery charging.

Whenever there is sun available, the voltage on my BMS load and the MPPT battery output increase to ~17V. I assume this is due to the battery shutdown for charging. As soon, as the battery is open (>5°C), the voltage decreases to a normal level.

Is that expected? I thought the MPPT will reduce somehow the voltage when there is no charging in progress.

Why I am asking the question? If put the MPPT battery charging minus on the BMS load pin, where all my other load is also connected to. Now I have ~17V on all my devices, as long as the battery is shutdown. Is my design correct or do I need to change something?

best regards,


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BSC IP67 Volt und A Anzeige fehlerhaft?

Hallo Zusammen,

habe hier ein BSC IP67 Ladegerät an einer Victron 90Ah LiPo hängen. Ladestand der Batterie ca. 50% (BMV-712) bei 13.11 Volt (Multimeter). Wie dem Screenshot zu entnehmen ist das BSC IP67 da anderer Meinung.


Habe jetzt auch mal alles von der Batterie abgeklemmt und nur das Ladegerät angeschlossen. Gleiche Situation.

Hat wer eine Idee?

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Are my MultiPlus II VE Config charger settings correct for 4 x Omnipower 200Ah batteries?

Just want confirmation on my settings. Help will be appreciated. The ones in bold I'm most worried about.

Stop after excessive bulk checked

Lithium batteries unchecked

Storage mode checked

Use equalization (tubular plate traction battery curve) unchecked

Charge curve Adaptive + BatterySafe

Absorption voltage 57.60 V

Float voltage 54.60 V

Charge current 35 A

Repeated absorption time 1.00 Hr

Repeated absorption interval 7.00 Days

Maximum absorption time 8 Hr

Temperature compensation -72.0 mV/deg

Battery Specsheet: Omnipower-240.pdf

The system is a MultiPlus II 48/3000/35-32 with 4 x OmniPower 240AH batteries as a backup system. I'm using the BMV700 as a battery monitor. Venus GX.

jond asked

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MPPT 150/85 TR uses wrong battery voltage

How do I get the MPPTs to get battery voltage from the batteries themselves, the lynx shunt, or the CCGX? All of these things have the correct voltage but the MPPTs are sensing 14.x

I have the following setup. CCGX, Victron LiPo 300amp batteries, Quatro 5000, Lynx Ion 1000 shunt, 2 MPPT 150/85 TR, D400 Wind Generator, dual Balmar 220 amp alternators.

My MPPTs are sync'd in a Bluetooth network and connected to the CCGX via USB. I thought they would get the batteries state from the CCGX. For some reason they detect 14.x voltage and go to absorbtion way too early. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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Solar charger 12v to 24 v

I want to change my mppt controller (150/60 mc4)

From 12 v to 24 v. I will use the same lead acid battery. Do I need to change settings in the controller or will it do it automatically?

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Help with MPPT SmartSolar #39 Input shutdown due to battery over-voltage when connected to DC Power Supply

Image screenshot here (photo would not upload)

This error is occurring ONLY when connecting MPPT to a 12v single or string.

Using MPPT charger to perform distribution tests on parallel wiring.

Power source is 48v bridge rectifier, error reiterates with 24v 1500w switch mode.

Battery voltage is indeed switched to 12v, error reiterates with another AGM battery in the exact same way. No error with 24v or 36v strings, MPPT starts bulk immediately.

Have also tried with another MPPT out of the box, same problem.

Battery voltage is 11.50v

Thank you

Renz asked

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Smart solar 100/30 Voltage Too High Momentarily
I turned off a device connected to my solar setup today and when it powered off I heard a beep. Upon further inspection I realized it was the high voltage alarm on my inverter turning on momentarily. I turned the device on and back off and realized from looking at my battery monitor that the voltage was jumping up to 15v or more for a split second (my lifepo4 battery is charged to 14.6). when I the load goes away. I also charge this battery from a sterling battery to battery charger, so I turned off the solar charge controller and started up the vehicle to start using that charger exclusively. When I turned off the device, this time the issue did not happen.

I should also mention that when the load is turned off and the voltage spikes, the three lights on the front of the charge controller flash.

It seems to me that the solar charge controller is causing the problem? It only seems to be happening after the latest update? This is a brand new problem. We have been using this device for a couple of months without any issues till now. Very strange! Any advice would be appreciated. I have to disable it for now which stinks, but at least I have a backup charging method.


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2 issues have occurred a few days ago.

1. App does not find device until solar panel disconnected and reconnected. Both iOS and android tried.

2. Battery voltage fluctuates widely (5-15v) util light is turned on then it settles.

I have tried 3 min reset. All wiring checked. It all worked for months before.

Any ideas?

Thanks Julian

JulianG asked

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Victron 712 not showing voltage

I recently installed the Victron 712 in my RV, I have 4 6 volt flooded batteries connected, I found a diagram on your site showing the correct configuration to the 6 volt batteries and I am set up with that configuration. The issue I'm having is that the app only shows 0.03 volts on the Voltage. I've checked the voltage with a volt meter to see the output and it correct. Any help would be appreciated

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Voltage drop on cable to BMV 712


I have just put the BMV 712 smart into operation.

I use the 10m cable to the shunt which was included in the package.

When I measure the voltage on the shunt (between B1 and ground) I get a correct value (in this case 13 Volt).

But the BMV 712 only shows 6.6 Volts and the display flickers (apparently the voltage is too low for operation).

I checked the cable to the shunt, the cable between B1 and battery plus and the fuse contacts. Everything seems to be ok.

What could be the problem here?

How can I solve the problem?

Thanks a lot

warm greetings


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24V or 48V system for an island using 2 ModelS-Modules, with the future option for PV


I am wondering if I can go for a 48V setup and MultiPlus (C/II) with my 2 ModelS modules.

Initially I will only have an island, which will either be charged by shore power, or a Generator.

I however want the option to add PV in the future, and might initially be limited on the available space for PV modules (probably 1-3 only).

So the question is:
How many PV modules would I need to feed a 48V system trough a MPPT charger?

The question is not, if the PV will have enough power to keep the batteries charged, the question is, if the PV will have enough Voltage to feed (whatever amount of energy from the sun) trough a MPPT charger to my batteries in a 48V setup.

Thank you for reading.

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AC High Voltage output

Hello All; i have a victron Quattro 48/15000/200 inverter. The output Voltage is becoming more than 325 V. This was almost ruining my appliances. The inverter high temperature light starts blinking later and the system will restart. There is a high pitched sound from the system as well.

I could not figure out the problem yet, and i appreciate your help.

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Quattro 48/5000/70-100/100 120V Bulk and absorption LEDs flash synchronously and Vdc shown at VE Configure monitor is different to the battery actual voltage

Problem description:

After installation the equipment performed fine, completing the battery charging cycle. After the first grid AC power outage it switches to the inverter function and supplied energy from the batteries to the loads for about four (hours). When the grid AC power returns it switched to the charger function but showing continuous LED light in the mains on indicator and the bulk and absorption LEDs flash synchronously (simultaneously). Low battery is shown shortly on startup.


After switching off and on the equipment the error indication remains and the batteries are not charged. After recharging the batteries using an external charger and reconnecting them to the Quattro it doesn’t start using the manual switch.

Using VE Configure III the Quattro restarted and it shows that all default setting are OK. However the monitor shows DC voltage Vdc = 24.9V which is completely different to the 48 V measured using an external voltage meter. The SoC bar I the monitor also shows the battery charged . Bulk and absorption LEDs remains flashing synchronously.


Can anyone provide any orientation about this failure and its resolution procedure?

jrrujano asked
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How to correct or repair a BlueSolar MPPT 150|35 that is reading battery voltage wrong

I have a working installation of a BlueSolar 150|35, v1.16, connected to 2 parallel series of 3 250W/24V panels. The battery bank consists of 5 pairs of 2 batteries, each battery a 110VA 12V stationary battery. The system has been working for almost 2 years without any problem. Four days ago, this changed:

- the system did not have power anymore to run a water pump

- because the battery voltage was too low, about 22.5 Volts

- the MPPT was stuck in 'float' mode really early in the day and because of this, never charged to batteries

Yesterday I managed to (re)connect the MPPT to a Linux machine using the VeDirect RS232 connector. Connecting using minicom, baudrate 19200 and 8bits, I got data frames from the MPPT, below a copy of one of them:

PID 0xA04B
FW 116
V 27320
I 300
VPV 101460
CS 5
H19 159940
H20 36
H21 723
H22 23
H23 400
HSDS 314

This tells me, that the MPPT thinks that the battery voltage is 27320 volts. One minute after seeing this, I measured the battery voltage using a multimeter. Battery voltage is 23,3 volts on the multimeter. The MPPT software seems to stay in float, because of the high voltage it measures.

What are my options ?

- is there a way to re-calibrate the voltage measurement of the batteries ?

- is it safe to re-configure the treshold voltage, set it to a higher value, like 30 or 32V, in the hope that it will go to float when the battery actually has 27 or 28 Volts ?

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Can I slowly increase generator input current

We have an off grid system that has a 20kVa generator, we’ve set maximum input current at 58amps which it can handle comfortably, but it doesn’t like going from nothing to this in such a short space of time from signal to start there is a small delay then the load comes on very quickly would be really good if you could set it to rise from a low input to your final input limit over a period of time that could be set say a minute or two? Think it would be good for the health of all components in the system? Is this possible?

jacko asked
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Mppt charge controller leaking battery voltage to pv input connectors?

Hi, I have a Mppt 150/70 Mc4 and it has been working great for the last 4 years. I have the Bluetooth dongle so I can monitor the PV array out put and then the load.

But now something strange is going on.....

When the sun was setting I noticed the voltage didn't drop to below ~25v. Even when I disconnected the Pv array the voltage is the same. For some reason the Pv voltage is more or less set to the same voltage as the batteries (24v).

It's like the battery voltage is leaking out to the PV connectors. Not until I disconnected the batteries, the controller stopped "charging" (blue light on). And now when I connected the batteries back the voltage for the PV array is again ~24V. I checked with voltmeter that the voltage I was reading on the app was coming to the Pv connectors and it is.... Please help! Is it still safe to use? Is it broken? What can I do?

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Voltage bouncing with Multiplus 12/3000


Hi everyone,

I installed a brand new Multiplus 12/3000 yesterday with 4 Lion energy 1300 lithium batteries. I used all 4/0 cabling and the ones between the batteries are exactly the same length. I'm currently hooked into a stable 50 AMP plug on my house and have a BMV-712 installed. I also have the Smart Dongle. My absorption and float rates are configured at 13.9. When monitoring voltage from the BMV or the Smart dongle, my voltage is bouncing hard between 13.5 and 14.3. If I change the absorption rate to 14.4 or 14.6 per Lion Energy, my voltage will bounce between 14 and 15 volts. I was told my voltage should be stable and not bounce like this.

Below are the steps of troubleshooting I've been able to do thus far and looking for assistance, as I'm not an expert by any means.

- Updated software to v469

- Turned off 150/100 MPPT charge controller(I don't have panels yet anyway, but just in case)

- Voltage is bouncing at all the batteries with multiplus charging in absorption

- With inverter off, Voltage is stable at 13.6ish volts at all batteries individually and off parallel leads

- Turning inverter back on, voltage bounces again at each battery and main leads from battery to inverter

- Changed absorption charge rate in multiplus settings, 14.4,14.6, etc.. still bounces, but higher

I'm not sure what else to do now and looking for troubleshooting guidance. Should I open up the Multiplus and measure the voltage coming out of the terminals where the battery leads come out of? Should that voltage be stable?

Thank you,


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How may I change output Voltage of Phoenix Inverter Compact ?
In user manual is reported that Inverter Voltage is adjustable (210-245V).

Because i have an automatic switch commutating inverter vs. grid, sometimes happen the main differential switch turn-off, letting me without energy at home. Grid voltage comes at 247V, default setting for Phoenix Inverter is 230V, so I need to make equal the values, to avoid falling down of energy.

How may I set up a Voltage higher than 230V?

Many thanks if you can help me.

partenope asked
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75/15 Battery Voltage Difference vs Actual Battery Voltage

Actual battery voltage 11.2 at terminals on Victron, software reads as 14.1. New firmware installed, did not have this issue before. Optima Yellow top, temp comp off. Any way to calibrate this?

Mr Roboto asked
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is it possible to explain my why do we talk about 12V, 24v or 16V solar pannel ?

I don't understand these voltage values because these values are quite never provided by manufacturers. (sometimes by vendors).

I have been told that we got this voltage values based on the cell number.

36 cells => 12 V

60 cells => 16 V (not sure)

72 cells => 24V

but I don't understand what could we do with these values. is it "approximatively" the voltage of the MPPT voltage ? I 'm not sure as my victron 100/20 always indicated Vmax value around 36V-39V for my 24V solar panel.

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BMS -High Voltage Alarm Venus reaction to it


Two Quattros - setup in SplitPhase, ACin1 has a generator, ACin2 has the grid

Four MPPT Solar controllers with a total of 56 panels

Large 1400Ah Lithium Battery managed by Batterie's internal BMS that communicates with Venus via CAN-BUS.

Venus is configure: with ESS, sell to grid,


When the BMS send to High Voltage Alarm to the Venus, and the Venus sends me an alarm, but does not seem to be doing anything to stop charging the battery. There are six devices that can charge the battery. (2) Quattros and (4) Smart Solar Charger MPPT, they are all controlled by the Venus. How can I get the Venus to hold on charging until the alarm is off.

If the alarm is present for a long time the Batteries internal BMS will disconnect the battery from the system, I have seen strange voltages of 60V to 66V DC, in the DCbus.


Carlo asked
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SOC setting for absorption

If SOC % is usually not correct then why can't the setting for when bulk finishes be a voltage setting instead of a percentage setting? Is that possible victron?

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