Orion TR Smart 12 | 12-18 isolated wiring question

I want to install the Orion TR Smart 12 | 12-18 isolated not because it is isolated but because an 18A non isolated version is not available. I am planning to use it to charge my start FLA battery from a LiFePO4 house bank when needed. My question is can the two negatives be combined as shown in the attached drawing.



Orion wiring detail.pdf

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Orion Smart: How to controll the "engine on" function for multiple outboards??

Hi community,

I have a boat with 2 outboards connected to a AGM starter bank. From here I would like to charge my lithium bank using 2 x Orion TR smart 12/12-30.

I have read about the voltage settings for starting and stopping. All good so far.

The problem starts if I run only one of the outboards (trolling etc) both Orions will start and overload the one 50ah alternator.

Is there a signal from each outboard I can connect to the Orions on/off port? What type of signal is accepted? On / off voltage or just short cutting? Do not know what the Yamahas provide.

I also have the Cerbo Gx connected to the NMEA 2000 so maybe the relays can be used if the cerbo understands which outboard is on/off?

For info I have the following equipment;

- 2 x 100ah lithium batteries c/w bms (aio)

- 2 x Orion Smart 12/12-30

- Cerbo GX

- Smart Shunt

- Smart MPPT 100/30 + solar panels

- 2 x yamaha f225

Hope there is someone out there with the same setup that can share their setup.


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Orion TR Smart non responsive

Hi Everyone,

On a recent installation we have an Orion TR Smart that has a rapidly blinking BT&ON lights simultaneously (blue and green). It is also missing from the local devices on Victron Connect.


Twin engines with dual 12/12/30 per side. All installed and configured the same with minor differences voltage cut in and cut out. All other B2B Operate properly.

I've tried disconnecting the unit from power for a little over a minute and reconnecting. Same results.

Is there an official reset procedure? any other ideas before I process through warranty?


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Smart alternator setup


I have the smart dcdc 18amp charger and my daughter has a vehicle with a smart alternator so after reading the book and trying to understand I have a couple of questions if someone could answer please.

1: do I just use the software to do the setup

2: do I just use the ignition setup and run an extra wire so the charger picks up the ignition when turned on

3: do I use both.

now from what I can see her vehicle drops below or battery voltage as when it’s running I read 12.8v at the battery and when she turns it off it drops to 12.75v.


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Catamaran charging 1 Lifepo4 bank with 2 Alternators via 2 Orion TR smart charger

Hi all,

I am upgrading my cat with one 840AH LifePo4 battery bank. Main charge source is 2000W solar via 3 x 50/100 Victron Smart MPPT and 2nd is a 2000W Honda generator via the Multiplus 3000VA. 3rd charge source are the alternators with each 115A Mitsubishi on Volvo D2 50hp engines.
per alternator I want to use one Orion TR smart charger.
Can I just connect the 2 Orion’s directly to the main Busbars which are connected directly via fuse and shunt to the 840AH LifePo4 bank? Or do I need Diodes in between Orion or alternator so the 2 alternators don‘t fool each other or is something else needed?

Thank you


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Victron Orion Smart DC-DC Isolated Charger Battleborn Charging Issue

URGENT HELP NEEDED!!! Leaving tonight.

We replaced our stock 2017 Sprinter AMG auxiliary battery with one - 100Ah Battleborn battery. The Orion DC-DC 12/12 -30 isolated charger is not charging the Battleborn. (It charges just fine from shore power.)

Read somewhere here to disable the smart alternator, did that. Selected "Regular".

Our Sprinter had a cutoff relay E36, we bypassed it, thinking it was the problem. Did not help.

The starting battery's voltage shows 14.16V when the van is running. Not sure why the input voltage shows as 13.8V. Wire size is AWG6.

Please send troubleshooting suggestions. I can post extra pictures if needed.





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Charging setup for flooded lead acid batteries using the Orion tr smart charger

I have installed an Orion Tr Smart, 12 12 - 30, DC to Dc charger in my travel trailer. It is charging two 225 ah 6v lead acid flooded “golf cart” batteries wired in series to make a 12 v battery bank. I would like to set up the charging profile for these batteries on the Orion charger, but I see that there is no preset for the battery bank that I have.

can anyone suggest a preset or a manual set up for my batteries?

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Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-Volt 30 amp horizonal mount

Just received an Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-Volt 30 amp DC-DC Charger (Non-Isolated) intending to replace the existing battery isolation relay under the passenger seat in my 2019 Mercedes Sprinter based RV. Reading the installation manual it says to mount the TR vertically (wires down) with 10 cm above & below. There is nowhere near that much clearance for vertical mount under the seat. Until reading the manual I had planned on mounting it horizontally to the metal floor where there is good clearance in all directions. If I can't do this, my best solution is to return the Orion unused and find a different DC-DC charger. But I really like the features of the Orion TR Smart.

I understand the reason for vertical mounting is to allow for heat convection upward. But would it be possible (maybe with a 12v thermal fan) to mount it horizontally? I don't want to experiment since I'd rather return it unused if this isn't practical. BTW, relocating the charger to another location really isn't practical since it would involve too many modifications to existing wiring and might void the RV's warranty. The location under the seat is ideal since it has all the wires needed an is between the two battery banks.

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Orion-Tr Smart, VE.Direct and integration with GX devices?

Hey there, as I commented on the blog post,

"I'm curious if future versions will have VE.Direct or some sort of integration like that with GX devices? Currently, it seems that the MPPT and MultiPlus are able to coordinate their total charge rate with external BMS via the GX devices. But it seems that the Orion-Tr does not participate in this?"

I'm wondering if there's a way to integrate the Orion-Tr Smart chargers with the CCGX. In particular, as far as I understand, GX devices can coordinate with external BMS via CANBus to determine the charging parameters of a battery. It seems that the Victron MPPT and Victron MultiPlus can respect these limits via VE.Direct and VE.Bus respectively, which is great and a big reason why I bought this BMS and the suite of Victron product.

Now I'm considering purchasing Orion-Tr Smart chargers, however I noticed that they don't have any VE.Direct connectivity, or any other VE connectivity aside from the Bluetooth one. Is something like VE.Direct, VE.Bus or VE.Can planned? Will Orion-Tr Smart chargers integrate with GX devices?

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Orion TR Smart 12|24-15 Alternator Instal

Good day

I have two 70 Amp 12 Volt alternators on a buss bar feeding a Orion TR Smart 12|24-15 Unit.

The Orion is set at Lithium default (I have Lithium House Bank).

The problem is that the Orion does not switch on (charger).

This is on this Victron Connect App.

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Orion DC-DC overheating

My Orion Tr Smart 12/12-30 Charger runs hot, and the output current folds back considerably. Anyone else with this problem? When cold, it will output 33A. When hot, it will fold back to 26A or less. Parts of the case may exceed 134dg F, in a cool (60dg F) environment. By adding a 80CFM fan above the fins, the case temperature is lowered by 20 degrees F, and the unit will continuosly output 30A. It would appear that the heat sink is undersized. Comments?

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Orion TR Smart DC-DC - Charge is Disabled

Hello all,

Struggling with my motorhome set-up. The B2B will not charge the leasure battery. I just get "charge is disabled". The voltage seems to cycle up and down on the input, regardless of the engine running or not.

I have tried every setting I can think of to change but now I am at my wit's end and starting to suspect it hasn't been installed correctly.

Could anyone offer any advice please. Thank you.


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12v AGM leisure battery charging from van alternator

Hello, i have a Ford Tansit van converted into a camper and i would like to charge my leisure battery from the alternator. I was thinking of using the Orion-Tr dc to dc charger. Would this be enough, or is this even a good ideea? Or is there another way of doing it.

Thanks alot :)

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Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger 12/12/18 - Battery Voltage

I am intending to install a Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger 12/12/18 to charge an engine AGM battery from a lithium bank.

Also in the system is a Multiplus, BMS12/200, Cerbo and a Touch.

Two questions:

  1. Will the Orion report the engine battery voltage so that in can be seen on the Touch 50, or would I need a separate Smart Battery Sense?

  2. Would the engine battery benefit from a temp sensor being fitted?


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Orion-Tr Smart 12v to 12v DC to DC Charger 30 Amp directly off 7 pin

I am being told I can charge my Lifepo4 batteries using an Orion-Tr Smart 12v to 12v DC to DC Charger 30 Amp directly off of my trucks 7 pin wire. My truck is a 3500HD duramax, and I believe the charge wire is 10ga. The fuse is a 30A fuse under the hood. I want to be sure I am not going to burn up an expensive alternator or wiring. Does this sound correct? Thanks!

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overcharging and victron orion DC-DC Tr smart 24/24-17 (400) in parallel 2 units

Trying to understand/figure out how to avoid overcharging of LiFePo4 batteries. If the charging profile is left at the default profile, and the vehicle is occasionally stopped and started on a undetermined schedule, so that the charging profile begins over again every time, how does the smart charger prevent overcharging? As I recall every time the charger loses the input voltage, the charging algorithm begins again with bulk charging. Could this lead to overcharging the lithium batteries (also in parallel)?

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Use a Orion TR Smart to charge a Lifepo4 via the leisure batteries

Hi in my MAN TGE Van I would like to use the Orion TR Smart to charge my new Lifepo4 battery through the alternator/leisure battery. So far this is a common setup. What I'm missing is a solution for shore charging. Is ist ok to connect the shore charger to the starter battery and then the load the Lifepo4 battery through the Orion TR Smart?

Best Kirsten

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Blue Smart IP67 with Orion Tr Smart for AGM and Lithium

I have a Blue Smart IP67 shore power charger on my group 31agm truck battery linked to my Victron smart solar and a 100w panel. I'm going to add a 12v lithium 100ah house battery soon. Can I add in the Victron Orion dc-dc charger in the mix? If I leave the Blue Smart set to charge AGM, will the Orion and MPPT charge the Lithium house battery? Or do I need to disconnect the shore charger from starting battery completely?

It's my daily driver, so keeping the starting battery charged isn't really a problem, but the Blue Smart charger is already connected there with a 4awg wire running to the back of the truck connecting to the MPPT.

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Wiring sizes for Victron Energy Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-Volt 30 amp 360-Watt DC-DC Charger, Isolated

Good morning,

I had a quick question regarding wiring gauge for the charger.

I am installing the charger in my travel trailer and on the input side (pickup truck) I am connecting it to my starter battery on my pickup truck (I have a 220A Alternator). FYI - I am not an electrician or mechanic and wanted to check what I am doing is safe and will work with the Charger.

With that the total cable run is 10-12 meters which according to the Victron manual is 16mm2 (6 AWG), however, other references call for 4 AWG. This is based on cable run length (10M), 40A max load at 12V. Will the Charger accept a 4 gauge (AWG) cable?

Please let me know if you have any questions. I have attached a diagram for your reference.

Thank you very much for your help.

Have a great day.

Best regards
Eric Patten

Truck Side Dc to DC Charging Diagram.pdf

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Is it ok to share input and output ground on Isolated Orion TR Smart?

Hi, I have an Isolated Orion Tr Smart on my van and currently running a long positive 6awg wire from rear of the van to the alternator battery. Is it ok to ground both input and output to my chassis ground on the back of the van to prevent running a long negative wire to the front?

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Orion Tr Smart 12/12 30a not Bulk Charging

I have just installed for a customer a Victron Orion Tr Smart 12/12 30A Charger to an RV.

We are charging 2 x 240ah LiFeP04 batteries in parallel.

There is also a Victron Smart Solar 100/30 Charge Controller connected in parallel.

The problem is that the Orion will not bulk charge at all, if I isolate the solar output and the Orion is left to do the bulk of the work.

I have checked the inputs from the vehicle and ensured the Orion will turn on to charge at the desired voltages. However it starts to charge - then displays a sudden drop in input voltage and stops charging. I have tried 2 different vehicles and monitored their voltage to confirm it is not actually dropping below the threshold.

If I turn on the Solar Charger it (the Solar Charger) immediately starts bulk charging (approx. 22A).

When the Solar Charger is doing the bulk charge the Orion will start working in absorption mode. But if left to do the bulk charge will keep cycling on and off.

It has the latest firmware V1.06.

Reading the threads it seems many are still having similar issues with this Orion Charger. Can you please advise how to rectify it?

I look forward to your response.

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Connecting smart bms to other victron items

I have just purchased LifePo4 victron smart batteries and a smart bms. Am I right in thinking that I use a non inverting remote cable to connect the bms to my cerbo gx and use dvcc mode to control the mppt.
also where does an Orion tr smart 12/12-30 go in this situation???

My thought was the Orion output goes to the ve+ post of the battery and the remote (h) connected to the bms, likewise the mppt output connects here also and is controlled via dvcc parameters.

I have a smart battery protect that I am putting between the ve+ post and my loads (bus bar) but see that it is one way hence the questions ref the chargers.

Hope this makes sense and thanks in advance for any constructive advice given.

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Alternator Visual Input GX device. DVCC compensation for alternator charge.

Hi, I am looking for a very visual input for the alternator power source,

I am considering buying an Orion smart charger for the alternator, to have everything compensated and properly measured, but to my surprise DVCC can't include the alternator charge, neither with the "smart" charger that I thought was meant for this use.

Also, In my case, I share the boat with my father (67 y/o) and my brother, and they don't have that big technical knowledge, would be great to be able to see the alternator charge as another "device" in the bubbles graphs, to be easier to see at a glance the alternator charge.

Same applies for VRM Portal.

Victorn has gone very far to make this great products that we love, and can't leave it there, It's just a very little step in the natural direction to integrate this and make the perfect combo.





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MultiPlus Trickle Charging in combination with Orion Tr Smart


we have a standard MultiPlus 24V installation with Lithium batteries (24V) in a truck camper (very similar to the Victron van install, but 24V). To charge while driving, we are using an Orion Tr Smart autodetecting if the engine is running. So far, everything works fine.

Now, I was wondering, if I can use the trickle charge output of the MultiPlus to charge the starter batteries during longer phases of not driving? We are using a cooling box in the drivers cab, that I can't directly connect to the house batteries...

- Is the trickle charge output a proper charger with settings for the starter battery type?

- Would the Orion Tr Smart detect trickle charging as an engine start, due to the increase in voltage? Am I creating a loop this way?

- What would be an alternative?

Thank's so much for you input!

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Does Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A Non-isolated need a Diode for aux battery?

I am planning a Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A Non-isolated for my campervan conversion (solar panels and aux batteries bank of 480A). I want to maintain the 2 circuits (main-engine-starter + solar-appliances) isolated from each other, so the starter battery is not affected by over-consumption of the aux battery, and charge the aux batteries from the alternator when car engine is running.

Do I need an extra diode/relay/something to keep this 2 circuits isolated, or does the Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A Non-isolated charge already in one direction only (main-->aux)?

Thanks in advance for the support!

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Orion-Tr 12/12 30 lead acid charging

Hi, I have four Exide duel er500 batteries linked in parallel. I cannot find any information regarding the settings for the dc-dc charger for bulk, absorption and float. And help or information would be much appreciated.


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Will an Orion Isolated work with both the input and output ground being the same point?

Unit installed in my camper, not in truck engine compartment. Was using separate grounds and all was ok. Charged fine and bluetooth worked. Had to "common" the grounds due to tail light problems on my camper and now bluetooth light doesn't come on. Didn't have time to troubleshoot, so asking this questions before I do.

Thanks, Ralph

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Orion-TR Smart - input and output to same source

Background: I'm considering a boat setup where an Orion-TR non-isolated would charge a Lithium house battery from the lead/acid starter battery (standard setup, per Victron docs). The house battery is also charged by an Victron MPPT Controller/solar panels. I would like the solar/mppt to charge my starter battery in an emergency. I think I can achieve this by (a) disconnecting the Lion House batt and (2) setting my 1-2-both connector to "both". These two steps together would connect the MPPT to the starter battery and isolate the house battery, giving the starter battery the full solar charge.

This emergency setup would leave my Orion in-line and out-line both connected to the same battery terminal (the starter battery positive). Is this safe to do? The manual says that all models are short circuit proof, so I'm thinking yes, but I'm not sure this situation is actually a short circuit.


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