MPPT 100/20 FUSE

Hi everyone. I have SmartSolar MPPT 100/20. And I have two questions: should I put a fuse between the controller and the battery? I know that there is already a 25A fuse in the device, but I do not know which line is protected by PV - MPPT or MPPT - BATTERY or maybe both or just LOAD? And second, is it true that if I disconnect the battery with solar panels connected, I will damage the charge controller? Regards Chris

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Parallel solar array wiring configuration

I am trying to figure out the best way to wire my solar array. I will be running:

6 x 370W Trina solar panels with my Smart Solar MPPT 150/100 TR (Batteries are 24v). Photo attached of PV panel specs

Each panel has a max short circuit current rating of 11.37A. So I was thinking of running a 15A MC4 fuse for each panel. But the part I'm not sure about it how many cables I should run.

For example, Should I run smaller cables from each individual panel down to my electrical box, so I would have 12 cables (6 pos and 6 neg) running down to my electrical cabinet. (This seems like alot of cables...)


Should I join the panels into 3 pairs of 2 with MC4 splitters, so I would have 6 larger cables (3 pos and 3 neg) running down to my electrical cabinet


Another configuration?

The cable run from the furthest panel from the electrical cabinet is just under 10m. So obviously whichever way I go I need the cable to be large enough to carry the current (in this case at least 15A for one panel, due to fuse size) over that distance for however many panels are feeding it but also small enough to be soldered into an MC4 connector.

I know that in some cases people use like a junction box to join the panels, but I really don't like the idea of a box being on the roof in the weather to get moisture etc inside of it. I'd prefer them to all join in the electrical box which I am planning on doing.

Sorry for the long question. Just trying to find out the proper way to do things. If that's completely different from what I'm imagining, I'm willing to embrace it.

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Battery protect 220A, voltage drop

Have a BP 220 unit. IN-pin connetcted to plus on Li bat with fuse inbetween. Also connected to IN-pin there is a multiplus and a smart solar connected.

When I add load through the BP I got voltage drop when turning on smal consumers from 13.4 to 12.9v (lamps). When using bowthruster och windlash the system shuts down totaly.

If I remvoe the BP everything works fine, what is the problem?

I have bought a second BP and I got the same behaviour with that one.

Best regards


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SmartSolar 150-100 / Error 39

Hello everybody,

I just checked physically tonight all my installation, and after switching off the emergency breaker, I got an error 39 ! Currently the Smartsolar detects the correct voltage, but the voltage battery remains blinking "24", and I can change it to 48. BTW, it is currently at night,. so no power coming from the panels.

First time I see the error, and I don't know if it is informationnal, of if for any reason the Smartsolar would have been damaged.

Any comment, information is welcome, thanks, Michel


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How to Fault find is it issue with MPPT, the Solar Panels or the Battery?

I have a strange situation and I am not sure how to do the fault-finding.

I have 2X 150W Solar Flexible Monocrystalline Panels connected to a Victor MPPT Smart Controller 75/15.

Admittedly the panels were cheapies off Ebay for £50 each.

Together with the Victron they connect to 4X Trojan T-105 6V Cells which form a 24V set.

I am using default factory settings for the Victron as the numbers seemed pretty close to the Trojan requirements

It has all been working for about 3-4 weeks and I have been impressed with the system.

This shows the history, all good


Suddenly this weekend, the MPPT is not able to charge the batteries up high enough to transfer from Bulk to Absorption so it just sits there trying to charge.


In this image, this is the highest I could get the battery to (27.06V) I couldn’t get it any higher?

I am concerned that this will damage the batteries as it is still pumping amps into them.

Previously the Max voltage I got out of the two panels was approx. 44-45V, but now it seems to only run at 35V.

My path so far

  1. I disconnected the MPPT, connected a battery charger and charged the batteries up, then left over night and they held good charge which makes me think its not the batteries
  2. When I bought the panels I also got cheap PWM controller with them. I swapped out the Victron with the PWM and it appeared to be doing the same ie still runs at about 35V on the Solar and wont get the battery volts any higher
  3. This leads me to believe I have developed a fault with the Solar Panels.

Am I running enough grunt in the solar panels to do the job?

The Panels are rated at


Optimum power : 152W ± 0.25W

Working voltage: 18.1V±0.3V

Working current : 8.1A ± 0.15A

Short circuit current : 8.3A ± 0.15A

Open circuit voltage: 21V±0.8V

Times Two as they are in Series to drive enough volts to charge 24V system.

The Rating for the Trojan batteries is the 24V column: -


Do I need more panels? AM I short on required power?

Is 150W X 2 enough or do I need higher rating? Or do I just need better quality Panels?

Thanks in advance


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Acceptable Controller for my PV Array?

I'm having 2x150W (Vmp=17.9V and Imp=8.4A) panels installed IN SERIES to my boat (12V batteries), which is much more energy than I need.

I plan to use MPPT 100/20, which is limited at 290W in its input and 20A at its output.

Victron's spreadsheet calculator shows at 25C a theoretical maximum output current (at MPPT) of 24.5A, limited to 20A.
At 5C, this same current would go up to 26.2A.

I'm totally OK with not being able to use the full 300W power of my panels (MPPT limit=290W).
But my concern here is possibly causing some long term damage to the controller by exploring this 20A output limit too often.
Should I avoid this situation to keep the controller safe and healthy?

Thank you!

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Connecting smartsolar with bluesolar in the same system

Hi All,

I have a off-grid system where I use the smartsolar 250/85A charger. Is it possible to add a bluesolar 150/85A with the system? Or the two technologies cannot work together? Noting that I already have installed a cerbo GX and 3 multiplus inverters.


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2 x100w panels and a 75/15 blue smart controller

My out shows 10kwh, I've no idea what normal should be? any help

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Yet another Series-Parallel question: 6 * 100W panels on Sprinter RV

Seeking advice on optimal setup (6 * 100W on RV roof-top, taking shade into account)
Here are the specs on the 100W panels:
Voc = 25.4V, Vmp = 20.5V
Isc = 5.23A, Imp = 4.95A

Here are the options I'm considering so far:
1) 1 MPTT 100/50 Controller: 6 panels in Parallel.
2) 1 MPTT 100/50 Controller: 3 Sets of 2 Panels in Series, with the 3 Sets connected in Parallel
3) 1 MPTT 100/50 Controller: 2 Sets of 3 Panels in Series, with the 2 Sets connected in Parallel
4) 2 MPTT 100/30 Controllers: 2 Sets of 3 Panels in Parallel per controller
5) 2 MPTT 100/30 Controllers: 2 Sets of 3 Panels in Series per controller
6) 3 MPTT 100/20 Controllers: 3 Sets of 2 Panels in Parallel per controller
7) 3 MPTT 100/20 Controllers: 3 Sets of 2 Panels in Series per controller

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Solar Charger - MPPT 450/100 bulk, float equalisation parameters

Hello, have a

Solar Charger - MPPT 450/100

connected to a 12S4P battery bank made of Nissan Leaf batteries.

The nominal voltage of each cell is 3.65V and would like to charge at a maximum of 4.05V per cell and discharge up to 3.40V per cell.

What should be the ideal float, bulk, equalization values?

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BMV 712 SOC reads "--", Inverter reads "lo", No BMV history

I'm converting a Ford Transit 250 into a camper and just finished setting up my electric system last week.


BMV 712 Smart Battery Monitor

MPPT 100v 30A Solar Charge Controller

(3) 100Ah LiFePO4 Battle Born batteries

Giandel 2200W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Sterling 60A B2B Charger

Progressive Dynamics 60A 12v LiFEPO4 Battery Converter/Charger

I've been reading forums and doing a lot of research and can't figure out why the Battery Monitor state of charge just shows 2 dashes (--), and there's no history (Deepest discharge - 0Ah, Discharged Energy 0.0kWh, etc.). It's been this way for about a week now.

Also, when I turn my inverter on, it beeps continuously and says "Lo", indicating low voltage protection. Yet my 12v system runs and works fine (water pump, lights, fan, etc.). But when I turn the inverter on to use my GFCI outlets, they don't work. And again, I can't tell what my SOC is.

I've gone through the battery settings in the Victron app and changed everything to the recommended specs (see attachment).

Could anyone please point me in the right direction?

Thank you!



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SmartSolar VE.Can 150/70 not temperature compensating.

Hello All,

I have a Cerbo GX connected via VE.Can to a SmartSolar MPPT 150/70 VE.Can and a Lynx Shunt 1000 VE.Can. I have DVCC enabled as well as SCS, SVS, and STS. I have found that the MPPT changes charging states correctly according to the readings from the shunt. However, it is not compensating voltage according to the temperature reading from the shunt. The MPPT seems to be compensating from the initial ambient temperature as the standalone strategy. The MPPT has v3.05 firmware and the shunt has v1.08. Any help would be appreciated.

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GX Error #48 DVCC with incompatible firmware after SmartSolar FW Upgrade

I have Multi 12/3000 FW 481, Cerbo GX FW 2.66, BMV-712 FW 4.05, Smart Battery sense FW 1.05, and two SmartSolar 100/50 controllers. After I upgraded the MPPT controllers FW to 1.56 my Cerbo GX started complaining about "#48 DVCC with incompatible firmware". Anyone has any idea why? The installer that installed the system is quite useless, - he even did not update Multi FW, so I had to go through all FW updates myself...

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power and current data missing: Smartsolar MPPT status in VictronConnect App

There is something very odd happening here, even though the system works ,there is no data for current and power in the VictronConnect App status the firmware has been updated to the most recent version .I am able to determine that the system is working because if you look at the history, all the data is there however status is zero.

Has anybody encountered this before?

What is the solution? comments and suggestions are welcome

The details of the installed system are

24x 250w Trina solar polycrystalline solar panels

1 X 5KVA Victron energy Multiplus inverter 48v 230V

1x 150/85 Tr VE CAN MPPT Controller

12 X 12v 200ah Lead Acid batteries

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SmartSolar pairing fails

Can't pair SmartSolar controller with iPhone. Using default PIN of 000000 (six zeros). iOS 14.4. SmartBMV works using PUK and then setting PIN.

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Calulating amp-hours from MPPT watt-hours?

I turned off my MPPT for several days and let my 100 Ah LiFePO get down to 13.1v with a small load. Turned solar back on and waited until it reached float stage (2+ days later). My MPPT stats say it took 1060 watt-hours to get back to full charge.

Now, I know watts are IxV. However, what should I use as "V" to calculate the total Ah needed to get back to full charge? Actually, the difference between 13.1 and 14.0 is only about 5 Ah (81 VS. 76), but I'm curious.


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Quick MPPT Nominal PV Power Question

I'm looking to purchase a Victron SmartSolar Charge Controller 250/100.

I currently have six 12v lithium batteries and four 24v 320w solar panels (4×320=1280 total watts). The 250/100 manual states that the Nominal PV Power for a 12v is 1450 W and that the Nominal PV Power for a 24v is 2900 W.

My question before purchase: Since my solar panels (PV) are 24v, does that mean I could increase my solar panel total wattage up to 2900 W or is it capped at 1450 W because of my 12v batteries running a 12v house electrical system?

To avoid confusion, please note that I DO understand that I would also need to stay under the Maximum Open Circuit Voltage of 250 V (that maximumPV wattage isn't the only concern) and that the SmartSolar Controller is capable of converting 24v PV to 12v batteries.

Thanks for your time. I can't afford to make a mistake here, so I just want to be sure that I can add more 24v solar panels in the future.

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How to add a lithium battery to a Boat setup

Hello, I am having some challenges trying to incorporate a LiFePO4 house battery into my boat. I would like to know will I kill my alternator/rectifier or cause other problems ie for MPPT solar controller or LiFePO4 with the setup in the attached diagram?
please not that I do not want to change out anything in that diagram now only add items where necessary

Many thanks for your expertise and suggestions


thanks Dan

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RS Smart Solar 48/6000 Error 53

A customer (off grid electrician) has purchased a RS 48/6000 and home owner is reporting Error #53 (low output voltage). Batteries are Sonnenschein 12v 185A blocks, two strings of 4. Installer may have left low battery cut out at the default setting of 43v. Could this very low batt voltage be contributing to this error. We have recommended the installer checks low batt cut off recommended by Sonnenschein data sheet (possibly up around 48 to 49v minimum), but until that happens, your thoughts are appreciated.

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How to configure DOD of AGM battery with MPPT 150/35

Hello everyone and thanks in advance for any reply to my questions.

I made a small solar system at home in my garden as a test purpose for future use on a camper van.

The system is made by:

1 poli solar panel 24v 280watt 5 busbar

1 mppt smartsolar Victron 150/35

1 AGM green power 12v 100ah battery

1 novopal 12v 1500watt inverter

Wires from solar panel to MPPT and from MPPT to battery is awg 8

I would like to know:

1. The battery manufacturer, for longer life, suggests to not discharge the battery more than 30%. where do I configure the DOD (depth of discharge) of my battery so that it never discharges more than 30%?

2. Why does my Victron connect app show that solar panels generate a maximum of 100watts per day while my panel is a 280watt?

3. Should I add a another battery connected in parallel?

4. Can I add another identical solar panel and how should I connect it (serial/parallel)?

When I did measurings with loads connected I was reading from the Victron app a total of 31watts in a sunny day while I was running a 250watt mixer connected to my inverter and having turned on a 5watt 12v led lamp directly connected to the battery.

Any help is appreciated.

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Call MPPT 75/10 solar stats with Pi


Little bit of a noob but hoping someone can guide me or point me to an already existing page...

Currently using a Pi 4 which is powered by solar and running Raspbian OS with CCTV software (Nx Witness)...

what I'm wanting to know is, can I create a script that will allow the Pi to send a ping/call to the MPPT 75/10 (via USB) and in turn the MPPT fires back the battery, load and incoming solar then wanting to use these stats to monitor the remote units.

Our software doesn't work along side with the Venus images etc

Thanks Guys

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MPPT 150/100-Tr VE.Can mit Startproblem


an meinem Laderegler 150/100 sind jetzt 6 Module mit je 340WP angeschlossen. 3 Module in Serie. Leerlaufspannung beträgt somit ca 120 V.

Leider fängt der Laderegler jedoch nicht an zu arbeiten.

Wenn morgens die Sonne aufgeht und die Solarspannung langsam ansteigt, dann sieht man, wie bei ungefähr 57 Volt Spannung (Akku hat ca 53V) der Laderegler ordnungsgemäß startet.

Allerdings ist es dann noch so dunkel, dass keine nennenswerte Leistung da ist und der Laderegler nach wenigen Minuten wieder aufhört.

In der Zwischenzeit ist es dann ja schon ein wenig heller geworden und die Solarspannung liegt dann bei z.B. 90 Volt.

Das Problem ist nun, dass der Laderegler dann auch nicht mehr von alleine wieder anfängt zu arbeiten.

Nur mit einem Trick kann ich ihn dann noch zum Arbeiten bewegen:

Ich klemme dazu die Module vom Laderegler ab und schließe danach ein Labornetzteil wieder am Laderegler an. Das Labornetzteil ist eingestellt auf 60 V und 5 A Strombegrenzung.

Nach kurzer Zeit fängt dann der Laderegler wieder an zu arbeiten.

Dann schließe ich das Labornetzteil wieder ab und schließe unmittelbar danach die Solarmodule wieder an. So arbeitet dann der Laderegler den restlichen Tag problemlos, bis sich am nächstem Tag das Spiel wiederholt.

Zum besseren Verständnis folgendes Video:

Ich währe für jede Hilfe sehr dankbar.



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I am not seeing any solar wattage on victron app 75/15 controller

Not seeing any solar wattage display on Victron app.
Have 75/15 controller.


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Why is the input current limit changing the PV Charger (DC Current) during feed in

Why is the input current limit changing the PV Charger (DC Current) during feed in, if I am using a number less than 7?


Multiplus II 48/3000

3 x Pylontech US2000

SmartSolar 150/35 with 2.1kw PV

Venus GX


AC coupled PV with 10kw

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MPPT 250/100 Tr Maximum 390W panels

Obviously a newby here, I have 28 390 W Canadian solar panels and would like to know if I can connect them to my smart solar MPPT 250/100 in 7 strings of 4 connected in series.

The Isc is 10.17 A

Voc 48,2 V

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Solar Charger läd nicht obwohl Batterie über 6°C ???

Hallo zusammen,

wir haben unser System als ESS - "mit Batterie soll geladen bleiben" konfiguriert. 1,5 kW Solar an SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/100 - 300Ah Victron Lifepo alles auf 12V Basis. MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80-30 und Color Control GX.

Jetzt scheint die Sonne, die Batterien werden bei Bedarf entladen oder übers Netz geladen mit den eingestellten max 50 Watt - soweit alles gut.

Aber wieso läd der PV Charger nicht, bzw. wieso wird überhaupt das Netz beansprucht?

Ich bin sämtliche Parameter durchgegangen und finde Nichts dazu. Die zwei Tage davor lief alles perfekt.

Hat jemand eine Idee????



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MPPT 75|15 Bluetooth

MPPT 75 | 15 with Bluetooth by mistake I deactivated the Bluetooth from the VictronConnect application now I cannot see the MPPT 75 | 15 in the list of devices on the mobile phone how can I reset? Thanks.

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MPPT 100/50 Controller not connecting

I have a solar charging system with 2 banks: 4 panels on the roof and 2 on a wing at the stern. They connect to 2 x MPPT 100/50 controllers charging 3 x 200Ah Lithium batteries for house supply.

This morning the controller for the roof panel reads "connecting" and I have not been able to rectify this. On visual inspection nothing has changed, all connections look good. The installation is only a few months old. Powered everything down at breakers and restarted but no joy. Found no reference to this error message in the manual.

The bulk light is on and flashes once every 10seconds or more. The wifi connection to the roof panels shows normal operation.

Hoping someone can help or send a link to steps to fix. TIA



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