Not seeing Pylontech US2000B (Battery Monitor) in device list


I have the following equipment installed:

1 x Quattro 48/8000 230V

2 x MPPT Smart Charge Controllers 250/100 MC4

8 x Pylontech US2000B Batteries

1 x Venus GX

The batteries are connected to the Venus through one Can port using the VE Can Cable Type B and the dummy plug is inserted in the other port. However, the Venus isn't recognising the Pylontech, it isn't shown in either the device list for the installation (usually shown under battery monitor) or in the device list section of the remote console.

Can-bus profile is set to Can-Bus BMS (500 kbit/s) and DVCC is enabled. Venus is on firmware 2.31 and Quattro is on 459.

Battery monitor under System Setup is set to Automatic but it appears to have auto selected the Quattro on VE Bus and the BMS is set as Off and doesn't give me the option to change it.

Please help me to enable the Pylontech BMS to act as the battery monitor.


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Lithium super pack installation to kayak

I have just received my first lithium battery (12V/60Ah lithium super pack) to power electronics at my Hobie fishing kayak. I'd like to place battery under my seat for safety purposes, but in that case it needs to be put in on its side. Manual and Victron tech support just says it needs to be upright, but trying to learn why? In normal circumstances I draw out about 1,5A/hour and recharging can be done in uprigt position. Really wanting to know problems what sideways installation could cause as that placement of battery would be ideal and not making my kayak too bow heavy if battery needs to be added in bow box and increase risk of tripping over in tail waves.

Looking forward to hear your comments about this case.

Antti Kymäläinen, Hobie fishing team, Finland


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3-phase Multiplus II system, am i thinking right?



i am planning a solarsystem whit 3x VE MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 ( se more in picture) for a 3-phase system.

I have made a simple wiring diagram over how i´m planning to set it up, am i thinking right?

- I want a 3-phase, for example the heating system needs 3-phase to work.

- UPS-funktion of the whole household

- i want to use as much solar energy i can for myself, more optimised for winter then summer.

- not designing the system to be optimised to sell as much power i can. not selling at ALL right now.

- want to use ESS, have lead-acid batties right now, planning to upgrade to lithium a.s.a.p.

- yes a electrician will connect it all.

I was just hoping a "victron-guru" could take a look and see if i´m totaly off or just maybe close to actually thinking right :-)

// Jocke

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switching between shore power and Multiplus 12/3000

Hi all , looking at building a system with a 12/3000 Multi-plus and battery bank, Question is will I need to build a switch into the system when i hook up to shore power or will the Multi-plus automatically sense shore power is connected and switch its self? and the second part is shore power fails will it auto switch or will i have to manually swithc back ?

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240v Split Phase on Boat

Our boat has 50A 120/240v shore power and a 70A 120/240 generator when we are not on shore power, with a gen/shore switch that feeds a standard 120/240 AC breaker panel. I would like to wire an inverter setup inline (passthrough) between the selector switch and AC breaker panel. The boat does not have an isolation transformer. I understand that I will be limited to 50A.

One option connected the selector switch to a 50A breaker, then a 230v inverter (tweaked to 240v), then an autotransformer and then to the AC breaker panel.

The second option uses two 120v inverters stacked, no auto transformer, but inline like option one.

Is this sound? And which of the two options is better? I understand with option 2 the loads will not be balanced, but that is ok, I will not need more than one inverters worth of power. Also, what about grounding?

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2 x quattro 1 boat. Not coupled

Question on grounding and AC safety.

I'm wondering about bonding from chassis of inverters to the negative of the boat. With one inverter this makes sense and is the done thing. But with 2 with a potential for one of them to be inverting (neutral to ground) and the other in pass through (earth is neutral of other inverter or worst case reverse polarity negavite is live!)

Anyone with experience in this set up?.

This boat is set up with 1. 5kva quattro to run essential computer power. and general services from another 5kva quattro. They are not linked.

They have separate battery banks and both supply separate ac panels but share AC ground.

They are fed from either shore power or generator.

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delivered system assistance with opening and configuration

Hi, i just got the Victron system delivered. I need to open and configure it. How can i get support from victron?

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Isolation transformer earth connection

Hi all,

Just confirming here that when my boat is floating on the water there should be a link from the input PE terminal to J34a.

So, the earth wire from the shore power supply flex is connected to the input PE terminal and I make a small wire up with a female spade connector from this input PE terminal and connect it to J34a?

This transformer is not the auto 115v - 230v switching model

Many thanks

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3 phase Microgrid with Fronius (AC and DC coupled) Output 2

I was wondering how the Output 2 on a Quattro or Multiplus 3 phase micro-grid with Fronius works. If the Fronius is on Output 1, how do the Victron inverters make Output 2 operate? Does it operate as it normally does in a normal three phase installation without Fronius?

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Where is the 100/30 SmartSolar Controller ground connection?

Hi, I am installing an MPPT100/30 Smart Solar charge controller to a small camper trailer. There is no 'earth' as such in the existing wiring as the battery bank of two 100 a/h deep cycles is wired direct to common positive and negative busses. Is it necessary to connect the body of the controller to the negative post of one of the batteries?

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Quattro Parallel Operation

Dear Members,

My first post on the forum and I would be very grateful for any guidance/confirmation that can be provided.

We have just upgraded our boat and the biggest challenge and cost is going to be upgrading the electrical system onboard. I do have a 9.5kva generator and shore power when available. Battery bank is 12V and provides power for all “essential” operational equipment. I intend to provide all other consumers at 220V.

I’ve read that the Quattro’s are capable of parallel operation and intend to upgrade and install 2 x 5000W 12/220 units in parallel providing approximately the same power as the generator and more than normal shore power at 15/30A (I also get a little redundancy if/when issues arise).


· Can I run shore power and split to both Quattro’s? I believe the answer is yes

· Can I run generator and split to both Quattro’s? I believe the answer is yes

· Can I take the 220V output from both Quattro’s and common them up before running the common power supply to my 220V distribution board? The point I need guidance on

Best regards


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Phoenix Inverter 12/3000 not powering up

I have the Phoenix Inverter 12/3000VA installed into my van. I have got a leisure battery to power the inverter. When I turn the inverter on all 4 LED lights flick on and turn off instantly. I have checked the battery with battery tester, all is ok. Inverter doesn’t power up


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ENtstörung Victron 75/15 MPPT

Guten Abend,

ich Betreibe ein 120W Modul und eine 100Ah Solarbatterie gemeinsam mit einem Victron 75/15 SMART Laderegler. Den Lastausgang habe ich auf einen Philipi Sicherungskasten aufgelegt. Hier gehen dann entsprechen die 12V Steckdosen, Lichter, und Autoradio ab. An der Steckdose habe ich heute eine Verstärker (Teufel Rockster) angeschloßen und über diese Verbindung wurden sehr starke Störungen eingeschleift das dieser erst brummte und dann anschließend abschaltete. Gestern bei bedecktem Himmel gab es keinerlei Störungen bei gleicher Konfiguration. Kann es sein das auf dem Lastausgang nicht entstört ist und das pulsen der Batterie hier übertragen wird?

Gestern war die Last höher als die Einspeisung am Solarmodul. Ich überlege gerade hier einen großen Kondensator aufzuschalten um diesen Lastausgang zu entstören. Kennt jemand diese Phänomen oder hat schon einemal jemand den Lastausgang im Oszi betrachtet?

Andere Vorschläge?

Liebe Grüße


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3 phase generator used in single phase off-grid system with 3 parallel Quattro 48/10kva

Hi Guys,

Just would like to know if it is possible to use a 3 phase generator charge feed input into 3 Quattro's that are in single phase parallel arrangement? ie use one phase per Quattro to charge DC onto common DC bus connected to BYD 30kw system. cheers

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Dual Throw Circuit Breakers

I am looking at a Victron MultiPlus 12/3000 on a yacht. I currently have a little baby Pheonix inverter. It will be shore power connected and invert from the the battery house bank.

I seem to vaguely recall when I researched inverters that one of the switches on the circuit breaker panel for many other brands was dual throw - but that Victron Inverters didnt need to worry about this (was it because Victron inverters and phase match shore power and inverted power?)

Have I remembered this correctly - that I dont need a dual throw breaker?

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Installing an Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC charger non-isolated

Hello, I intend to use an Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC charger non-isolated as the battery to battery charger in a motorhome that uses a Schaudt Electroblock EBL29 and currently has 2 Exide GEL 80Ah leisure batteries fitted. Can I install the charger horizontally rather than vertically as suggested in the manual?.

Thank you


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New quattro install trips pylontech battery

Hi all.

Please could you assist me or point me in the right direction.

I have a new quattro 8000va and 1 x 250/70 smart solar mppt and 1 x 150/60 smart solar mppt and 1 x venus GX. I'm trying to power up everything with a pylontech 3.5kw battery, so that I can configure the settings. I am able to power up the mppt's and venus no problem, but as soon as I try to power up the quattro, it trips the battery alarm. The battery is well charged with about 60-80% SOC.

Many thanks in advance.


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BMV 712 Smart Monitor dosnt work


Hey ,

I have Problems with my BMV 712 . Im Sure that i haf install everything correct, but the Monitor dosnt work.

Energy flows.

The battery Pol of the Shunt is connected with the minus Pol and the load Site of the Shunt is connected to the System ground.

+B1 -> Battery1 +, +B2 -> Battery2 +

I send the Monitor back, but the seller says it Works. He Send another Shunt, Same Problem ...

I Switch the phone cable, still nothing.

I tyried ist with other cables for the +B1/B2, also nothing.

now i Test the „Energy Flow“.

Shunt - to Shunt +B1/B2 has no Connection, i was mit able to get the 12.8V.

Anybody and idea ? What did i wrong?

Sorry for my english, thanks for help !



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Help choosing charge controller and what will i need to change to maximize solar charging

I have a 2021 eclipse attitude rv that has (2) 210 watt solar panels roof mounted, with a Zamp Solar ZS-30A 30 Amp Digital PWM Solar Charge Controller. This trailer is new to me and have tried to do alot of research on solar/ chargers. I was looking at the victron 100/50. I am not sure if this is the correct choice, I am currently seeing 30 amps of charge rate but will not keep that up until the lifepo4 battery is charged, it will kick into float very early in my opinion. I also plan on adding (2) panels but not for a awhile. also what wiring changes will i have to do to the solar panels to use the victron charge controller? thanks for nay help

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Hello everybody,

I have a Victron Quattro 5kVA/120V setup with a MPPT 250/100 and lithium batteries BYD B-BOX PRO 10.0. AC INPUT 1 has mains electricity of the grid.

I want to use the AC INPUT 2 not with a convencional generator but with the output of a eolic system that is installed in the same place, with another battery bank. The inverter output of this system is: 8kW / 127V single-phase (máx output current 63A).

I didn't find any question here about a hybrid system (solar+eolic) like that. The Victron setup will be the same as with a generator in the AC INPUT 2?

Is there anything else to pay attention besides the configuration?

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Changing the Administrator of a VRM installation


I am trying to add a new installation on the VRM portal. It is the Victron Ethernet Remote.

After entering the IMEI device and pressing the "Request Access" button, the following message is displayed:


How can I find out who is the administrator of the device and his email and add myself to the administrators?

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Products and configuration to support both 110V/220V outputs using single lithium battery bank

I'm the planning phase of purchasing a new 5th wheel and equipping it for boondocking on a regular basis. The manufacturer I'm looking at purchasing just released an option for using a residential LG mini split HVAC system, but this systems needs 220V power. The rest of the coach would use 110V power. Is there a Victron product / configuration that would provide both a 110V and 220V outputs yet inverting from a single Lithium battery bank that could be charged via shore power and/or a generator? Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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12v system cable Size

hello guys have build a system , on paper so far, have the parts just need to check cable size and that everything is correct, open to any info/ suggestions 22 March for Graham-Page-5.pdf

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Mounting multiplus 500va-1200va inverter

Hi I am looking to mount my multiplus 500 inverter/charger and am really tight of space. I was hoping I could mount it downwards directly to the floor, rather than upright - is this possible? Can't find anywhere in manual.



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Victron set up battery drain

Hello All, im looking at building a system very similar to this but looking at it will the Solar be charging the Starter battery? 1.2KVA-12V-MultiPlus-230-Volt-system-example-with-Argo-Fet-and-MPPT.pdf

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Multiplus Compact 12/1200/50 pulsing in inverter mode

My unit seems to charge batteries ok via a generator. However, when I turn off the generator & run unit in inverter mode it seems to 'pulse'. i.e, it produces mains voltage intermittently in pulses of 10 seconds then stops momentarily before re-commencing. Any ideas? Thank you

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10KVA Quattro Inverter -

Question. 1
My 10KVA inverter periodically changes over into inverting mode even though the mains
power supplying the inverter is not switched off? my supplier (installer) says this is because the
incoming AC supply from the municipality is 'Dirty'. AC waveform seems ok to me.
+- 220v to 240v continuous.

Has anyone had or seen this behavior before?


Question. 2
My batteries have also been giving me issues lately and the supplier replaced 2 of them last week
since they failed their load testing cycles
These are 8x 12v Victron AGM batteries. 2 x (4 x 12v) in Parallel with each other.

I noticed on one of the charging cycles after we had a municipal power failure the Batteries discharged to around 50v then the power came back on but the inverter tried charging the batteries at 52v this charge voltage should have surely been between 55v to 57v ?

Has anyone had this behavior before ?


Thanks in advance

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Filax 2 Problems and Faults

Hi there,

I have a new Phoenix 12/1200 inverter powering a 140 watt computer setup through a new Filax 2 transfer switch.

The inverter is connected to the priority source side of the Filax 2 and shore/mains power is connected to the alternative source side.

This works fine but I have noticed some odd quirks of this setup.

-Both power sources need to be connected and ON for the Filax to successfully begin feeeding power from the inverter.

-If the whole system is off (mains power disconnected, inverter off), after switching on the inverter, the filax will not allow current to flow from the inverter until the mains is on.

-Leaving the inverter on all the time fixes this issue, but has a 2 amp standby current draw.

-Reversing the setup works fine! Mains to Priority, Inverter to Alternative. Everything works perfectly.

So, i suspect the issue lies with the inverter/filax combintion. Perhaps the filax is too sensitive and detects a voltage/frequency drop of the inverter first startup and cuts out. The inverter runs 16mm2 power cables which are 1m long.

Oddly if i disconnect all loads from the inverter (monitors etc) the filax will successfully start without mains power connected, but after connecting loads carefully, it disconnects. Connecting mains power 'reassures' it that everything is ok and then all is fine and cut-in cut-out works perfectly.

The irony of this fault is after a full power down, you would need to steam back to port to connect to the mains, to reconnect your inverter.


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Torque specs

I've seen this asked before after searching without an official answer from Victron so I'll ask it again. How do we find the proper torque specs for Victron products? I need them for the 500a shunt and the SmartBatteryProtect 100a and I can find values in any of the documentation. Every other product I am using for my install has proper torque specs in the installation documentation, I am really surprised its this hard to find them for my Victron products.

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Wire gauge recommended - Orion Smart TR and 100/20 Smart MPPT

Planning out my install for the above two components. The Manual for the Orion calls for 10mm2 wire (<2m) and the MPPT calls for 6mm2 10AWG. When I look at Ancor's site for marine wire, 10AWG appears to be 5.26mm2 with a max amps of 60A. There is no 10mm2 wire so my choices are 6AWG (13.3mm2; 120A) or 8AWG (8.37mm2 and 80A) the 8AWG seems to be more than what the Orion could possibly output; though on the input battery side, the alternator could in theory output 120A.

1. Can the orion even accept 6AWG wire as into the input?

2. Would it be acceptable to use 8AWG on the Output side (with appropriate fusing)?

Am I misunderstanding the recommended cabling?

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