Victron 3000, 30 amps vs. 50 amps, Shore vs. Solar, Batteries not charging when off, of course

New to the group. To lay the groundwork for the question:

  • We have a 50 amp fifth wheel.
  • We bought the unit used from a private seller, very happy overall.
  • The solar / Victron was installed by the seller or he had it done.
  • We have 4x Battle Born 100ah LifePo4, 4x 190W solar panels, 2x MPPT, SmartBMV and the Victron 12/3000/120-50
  • We (the wife, the dog and I) are fulltimers, three months now!

We have been, in the past three months, mostly on shore power, and always on (confirmed) 50 amps. We found that one of the monitor panels (not listed above) showed us at 30 amps continually. Reached out to seller, he indicated that if I had the inverter on, I'd be limited to 30 amps. Turned it to Off, and I'm back to 50 amps and I can run the air conditioners. Excellent for the Texas heat we'd been dealing with.

Two days ago, we relocated to a park, and were fortunate enough to park in the shade. Sure, solar will be very much reduced, but that's okay: we have 50 amps.

Tonight...the generator kicked on. Turns out we ran down the batteries to 50%. Direct DC usage in the rig, like lights, whatever else is straight DC, ran them down. With the Victron set to off, the shore power doesn't recharge the batteries. If I turn the Victron to just "Charger" (not Inverter), it will recharge the batteries, but I will still be limited to a 30 amp system.

This feels wrong to me. I'm a programmer, have been for 30 years. I'm decent at debugging, but I haven't examined all the the wiring and gotten a deeper understanding of the layout. It just feels wrong that it's this way.

When we have good sun, the batteries always get charged up the next day, even on cloudy days. We've been here, in the shade, for... two full days, I think.

I'm trying to determine if one or more of the following are true:

  • Is this a standard solar implementation scenario? That there is only ONE possible charger/converter to replenish the batteries installed at one time?
  • Is there a possible wiring / schematic / system design oversight or bug. (I don't have a schematic yet, I have reached out to get one, if available.)
  • There would have been an original charger/converter installed on the rig, before the Victron, etc. was installed. Does anyone ever have that still wired into the system?
  • Really, my only choices are "have sun" or "be limited to 30 amps even when 50 amp shore power is available"? This cannot be right.

I'm trying to determine that, if the Victron being on limits me to 30 amps, is there a different way to charge the batteries when on shore power? I know my question might be difficult to many without y'all knowing more about how it's wired up. But I'm hoping I kept my questions as free of the implementation as possible and focused on generalizations, and typical scenarios.

For the moment, there's a chill coming into the area tonight and I don't need two A/C's. I'm okay with the 30 amps for now, and I'll get my batteries replenished. Not a long term solution.

I truly appreciate any help anyone can put forth, or any education I can glean out of your answers. I did do extensive research into solar, DC, AC, converters/chargers, inverters, MPPT, etc. before we bought the rig. I feel sort of comfortable in my general knowledge. I was a little sad I didn't get to do the install myself so I'd REALLY know it, inside and out, but the deal was just too good to pass up and our seller was a pleasure to work with. But I lack the intimate knowledge that installing it myself would have gained.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

- Will B.
Somewhere in Kansas at the moment.

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Buck Boost low temperature charging

Hello, I am using

Victron Buck-Boost in combination with Victron LifePo4 200Ah battery and VE Mini BMS and I want to ask:

1) Does Buck-Boost cut-off charging when it detects low battery temperature from VE Mini BMS?

2) Or do I need additional Battery Protect between Buck-Boost and Battery?

I am asking, because I'll be using my vehicle frequently in sub-zero temperatures and I want to prevent battery damage that can be caused by charging in sub-zero temperatures.

Thanks for reply,


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BMV and internal Multi battery monitor

Hello everyone. I have a system composed of the following elements:

1 Venus GX (Firmware 2.33)

1 Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 (Firmware 456)

1 BMV-712 Smart (Firmware 4.03)

1 Smart Solar Charger MPPT 100/20 48V (Firmware 1.46)

4 Battery 105Ah in series, 48V

The battery is being monitored by the BMV:

Settings → System setup → Battery monitor → BMV-712.

I have two operation problems:

1) During discharge without grid (off-grid), with a C4 rate, it did not respect the configuration of the cut-off value of the state of charge that was SOC = 50% in the BMV. In repeated tests the cut-off voltage value was around 47.40V.


2) During recharge, the process does not respect the values set in the VEconfig3,



As shown in the image below:


The bulk stage was started with SOC = 95% instead of 80% and the load current was 5A instead of 10A.

In the following link: say

“Note that the Battery Monitor setting in VEConfigure3 is irrelevant. For systems like this, changing this setting will have no effect on the charge - or any other parameters - in this type of system.”

In this case, when using the BMV, how can I configure the parameters for the loading stages?

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BatteryProtect and Charger placing issue

Hello All,

I'm a total newbe and I tried to find a solution for my problem.

For my sailboat I've bought a Victron Battery Protect to prevent the battery for draining.

When I am in a harbour I connect my battery to a 10A Charger. When I am sailing the battery is connected to a solar panel.

Because I red a lot about the wrong installation of the battery protect due to positive current from out to in I'm a littlebit confused where to place the batteryProtect into the system.

Can it be installed at the location of the Master Switch? I'm not really interessed in overload the battery. Underload is my main concern.

I hope some of you can help me in the right direction.

Kind Regards,

Koen de Kruijf


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BMV 712 hook up with charger on other end of trailer

My trailer has the batteries in front and the plugin in the back. I installed the shunt in the battery box in the front and hooked one end to the NEG of the battery and the solar panel/trailer load box to the other end of the shunt as well. I also hooked power from the POS to the shunt B1 and the midpoint of the two 6v batteries to B2.

My question is. there is a power supply in the rear of the trailer that has AC input from outside plug to a PC type power supply that has 12V cables that go directly into the power box also in the rear of the trailer. I think that ALSO charges and tops off the batteries in the front.

will this work correctly? will it show charging via this PC style AC power supply?

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Multiplus goes direct to float

I have a new 12/3000/120 230v being charged by a 5kva generator off grid. I have new 750 amps of open lead acid in 2c cells. After the first charge my multi plus goes direct to float, I have taken 275 amps from them so they should go to bulk?

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Blue Smart IP65 and IP22 can be connected in parallel with another charger?

Let's say a 12 V AGM battery bank is charged by a big, powerful but terribly inefficient "BULK" charger that runs for a limited time up to 14.4 V Absorption, but this charger wastes 50W when IDLE / Float, even when the battery current is less than 100 mA. The Bulk charger can be set to turn off at end of Absorption.

Could I use a Blue Smart IP65 (or IP22) set to Power Supply Mode at 13.5 V in parallel with the Bulk Charger, just to provide a more efficient Float stage?

Would the 14.4 V Absorption of the Bulk charger cause damage to the IP65 or IP22 set to 13.5V?


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Generator won't charge batteries anymore

I have a multiplus charging byd batteries connected to an auto start generator, everything has worked fine for two years and then one day it just decided to only supply power to the load and not charge batteries the auto start also stopped working not long after that. Could it be a color control issue?

Many thanks

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Can Victron Blue Smart (3 outlets) charge lead-acid battery and Lifepo4 battery at the same time?

Hi! I'm converting my motorhome to Lifepo4 board batteries. However, my starter battery is still lead-acid. Can the Victron Blue Smart with 3 outlets charge batteries with different charging characteristics simultaneously? If not, is it OK to charge my starter battery with Lifepo4 CC/CV characteristics?

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Multiplus 12| 1600 | 70 Not Charging

Received new 1600 unit today. Will not charge.

I plugged it in directly where are 3000/120 was, which worked.

VEconfig for working 3000


And VEconfig for non-working 1600



Seems to indicate that it does not like the Freq in.

I had updated the firmware out of the box.. but that is all... (note is a unique lithium battery and dc voltage which i have configured many times on other V product).

Is there something I else I can check , or does this need to go back to dealer?

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Alternator Charge Current Estimate at 13.8 Volts


I am planning the upgrades to lithium for my motor home. And I'm trying to estimame and budget for whether I NEED a battery to battery charger or if I can get away with just alternator charing through the BMS.

Looking to start with:

1 x Victron Lithium 12V - 100Ah Smart and CL BMS 12/100

I know i can limit the current using fuses on this BMS to protect my alternator.

Reading the litrature for the battery it recomends charge voltage of 14V to 15V. 14.2 being needed for cell ballance.

I'm only getting 13.8 volts from my alternator and I'm worried I wont be able to charge (or top up ) by lithium batterys without adding a B2B which can boost the voltage.

My question to anyone who can help me is:
My alternator only puts out 13.8 volts.

Will I still be able to charge the lithium pack at a sensible rate with a marginal voltage difference and below the recomended charge 14.0 charge suggetion?

I'd like to be able to top off the batteries at 50Amps from the alternator - is this feasable without boosting the voltage using a b2b?

Not knowing the internal resistance of the lithium pack I can't calculate the sort of charge current I could expect.

Does anyone have some first hand guidance of charging from alternators of lower voltage ?

thanks for the help



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Blue Smart IP22 Charger Configuration

Hi there,

I just wanted to check that the 'Blue Smart IP22 Charger' can charge Two 'Relion 100ah LifePo4' Batteries at the same time? If I run them in Parallel, do I just feed the cables to one battery?

Also I have a Victron 'SmartSolar MPPT 100/30' Can this charge simultaneously with the IP22? I am also using the Victron 'Battery Monitor BMV-712' trust this is all compatible?

Thanks a-lot for your help.

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Charging Lithium batteries from alternator

some examples show lithium batteries being charged directly from alternator. others show lithium battery being charged via DC-DC converter. Which is the correct/ preferred method? I was under the impression Lithium batteries required specific charging profiles?

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Can MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70 firmware be updated through VE.Connect?

Hello everyone. I have a MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70-16 on firmware version 154. Is this firmware out-of-date? Can this Multi's firmware be updated using VE.Connect, or do I need to use the (deprecated, dangerous(??)) VEFlash method?

Reason for wanting to update:

In addition to the Multi, the system has a BMV-702, CCGX, and 2x MPPT 100/50. The MPPTs charge a 12 volt ReLion lithium-ion battery bank from two separate solar PV arrays.

I would like to tell the MPPTs that the battery voltage is what the BMV-702 measures, and not what each MPPT senses at its "battery" output terminals.

This is because in bulk charging there is a discrepancy of as much as 0.7 V between MPPT and battery voltages, depending on charging current. Under float conditions, the discrepancy tends slowly towards 0.1 V. The voltage drop from the MPPT output terminals to the battery's terminals is presumably due to the cabling, fuses, and isolator switches, none of which can be changed.

I want the MPPT to receive battery voltage data from the BMV-702 (or maybe the Multi) to solve this problem.

I read here that I can do this with the CCGX using DVCC and SVS. However, when I tried this I got an error message saying that there is a firmware incompatibility issue. Since all firmware in the CCGX, the BMV, and MPPTs is up-to-date I conclude it must be an issue with the Multiplus' firmware.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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configuration with dip switches, Multiplus setting charging voltages?

Can I change charging voltage using the dip switches on Multiplus 24/3000? Thanks

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Victron IP22 30a 3 output wiring

Hi Everyone, my first post, i hope you can help. In my van I have 2x 110ah leisure batteries wired in parallel and bought the IP22 30a 3 output charger my question is which is the right way to connect it to the battery bank. 1- only use one of the three outputs to charge both batteries as they are in parallel or to use two outputs one to each of the batteries? Also can the negative from the charger go to the main negative bus bar connected to the batteries negative and ground to the chassis. Hope that's clear enough.

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BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 - PV power jumping up and down to zero in bulk
  • BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 Charge Controller 12/24V 15A
  • 2 * Solarmodul 100 Wp 52 x 115 x 3,5 cm monokristallin
  • 2 * Varta Professional Dual Purpose AGM 840 095 085 (LA 95)
  • Pössl Camper

Dear Victron fans,

After the last update of the firmware to 1.50 and with factory values, I noticed a strange bulk behavior: The curves are rising and falling (jumping) in seconds, sometimes down to zero (see screenshots). As a result, it took a long time to charge the battery. Oddly enough, the charging process seems to be normal when the engine is running and the battery is being charged (at the same time).

  • does anyone know the phenomenon?
  • maybe it has something to do with the upate?
  • maybe this is normal?



  • the engine is off


  • the engine is running


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Charging batteries,service,start,thruster


Hi everybody , above is sketch of charging circuit on my boat (without breakers , fuses etc..)

I would kindly ask for some advice.Service battery is AGM and start and thruster normal lead acid high current batteries.

1) is it OK to use alternator(via argofet) and solar charger together(especially on AGM battery) ?

I am planning to add one more 220Ah battery in parallel for service and install more solar panels(about 500 - 600W in total)

2) is it OK to use same 3 years old battery with new one , or should i install both new batteries?

3)Would it be better to use GEL batt instead of AGM for service use?

4)I have to install higher power solar charger, should i charge only service batteries , is it mistake to charge start and service from solar?

5)Is it OK to charge GEL batt with alternator(via argofet) , or with alternator and solar together?

Thanks a lot for any help

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Question on Wiring Diagram for Phoenix Smart IP43 (3)

I'm planning to use a Phoenix Smart IP43 with 3 Outputs to charge one starter battery, one service battery and a bow thruster battery. There is already installed a Argofet 100-3 to charge the batteries with the alternator.

There is a download of a sample wiring diagram for the IP43 which comes very close to the one that i need.

But there's one thing which is not clear to me:
In the wiring diagram the Phoenix Charger is directly connected to the 3 Batteries but the Outputs of the Argofet are connected behind the Main Switches of the Batteries, so that they are disconnected when Main Switches are off.
What is the sense of wiring it in that way? The Outputs of the Argofet could also go directly to the Batteries, or not?

The background is that the connection from the Argofet to Starter and Service Battery would only be an few centimetres but when connected behind main switch it will be much longer.

Many thanks in advance for answers.

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Victron Phoenix Smart IP43 12/50 (3)

Can I charge lithium and AGM batteries simultaneously or do all the batteries have to be lithium or AGM/Gel etc? I have good AGM but want to start replacing with lithium as they fail. I am looking for a charger that will allow me to do this.

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1 Answer

How to force charging batteries at night from grid on an EasySolar with an ESS configuration ?

Actually, my problem was that my SOC was toping at 89% and the EasySolar didn't accept to charge the batteries anymore.

After a little discharge, (SOC at 84% this morning) it finally accepted to charge them.

Now the question is "Why does the EasySolar don't realize that the battery is full ?"

Is there a way to reset the soc at 100% ?

Please tell me if I am in the wrong way of thinking.

Config : EasySolar 3000VA 48V - 500AH LeadAcid Batteries - 2000W solar panels - set up 1 month ago.

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4 Answers

Connecting Victron BlueSolar PWM Light 12/24V-10A input to AC/DC converter

I tried to connect Victron BlueSolar PWM Light 12/24V-10A input to 24V,5A AC/DC converter, instead to solar panel.

I came upon a problem. My 12V,40Ah battery is being charged really slow. After 4 days, it was still charging in bulk mode. It should be charged in 8h or so.

Is it even possible to quickly charge battery this way?

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Can PV power from a grid tied inverter be regulated to optimally charge batteries if connected on AC input.

Good Day

I have been looking through the various manuals and assistants on the Victron website and forums but i am still not sure if the configuration i desire is achievable .

I currently have a Solaredge 3 phase grid tied inverter which has 7kw of panels connected to them. This was my initial setup which did not have any battery backup and any additional Pv produced was fed back into my local grid for which i received a credit . ( installation was November 2018).

Load shedding has become a serious issue in South Africa and the need for backup became increasingly important. I then installed 2 x off grid 5kva Axpert inverters with an additional 6kw of panels and 7 x 3.5kw pylontech batteries (24.5kw in total ). We separated all loads requiring backup to a single phase and the inverters were connected in parallel. Pumps , underfloor heating , water heating elements are connected to the other two phases still.

To cut a long story short i was extremely disappointed with the inverters performance and functionality and i have decided to replace them with 2 x Multiplus ii 5000 inverters. I will purchase the other additional items like the MPPT , cables , ET340 meter, etc. From my understanding the Cerbo ( still due to arrive in SA by end of May ) would be used to control the whole system and everything links into them.

Would the Victron system be able to differentiate between Power that is bought from the grid and PV power from my Solaredge inverter on the AC In side of the Multiplus to regulate the amount of power used to charge the batteries . Ideally no power from the Solaredge inverter should be fed back into the grid if it can utilize the PV power more effectively to charge the batteries.

I have noticed that the Victron inverters can receive PV data from the Solaredge inveter. Can this info be used to optimize self consumption or would the data be purely for viewing .




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Why does charging voltage need to be higher in lower temperatures for lead-acid batteries?

I came across this blog entry which basically says that, for lead acid batteries, lower temperatures require higher charging voltage. Can anyone please explain why this is true, or point to an authoritative source?

I did ask this question on Chemistry SE a while ago, and those guys seem to be of the opposite opinion: higher temps need higher voltage.

Intuitively I disagree with them and agree with the blog post: lower temps need more power to move molecules around, remove sulphate crystals etc. But I seek a definitive authoritative explanation.

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How to download data from SmartSolar MPPT 150/70-TR VE.Can?

Sinc I could not use the VictronConnect on Android 4, I had also problems with my Huawei Y6s because it did not show the dialog, where I have to enter the PIN... Was solved, by changing the text size!

OK, now I can see all data from my SmartSolar, but how can I download it to my Huawei Y6s, Lenovo TAB4 8 or my Thinkpad T400?

Thanks in advance


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1 Answer

Mppt 100/15 charging problem

Hi Community,

I have some problem with my new Mppt 100/15 blueSolar charger. The charger doesn't charge my battery ? Can you help me ?

Follwing parameter.

2 Büttner Panel MT SM 110 MC

1 Battery 180Ah Lithium LiFePO4

1 MPPT 100/15 BlueSolar charger

Solar volt: 20,93 v

a = 0a

Battery volt = 13,19 v

setting in mppt charger: i use the default profil: Lithium Iron Phospate (LiFePo4).

12 Volt setting

max ah: 15a

The last 3 days, my camper war parked in sun.. But the battery is not load for a second.

Thanks for your help


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3 Answers

BlueSolar PWM-Light doesnt auto reconnect

Dear Victron support,

I have set the BlueSolar PWM-Light to Load = battery following (mode C).

After the battery is <11.2V the load is disconnected, but when the battery is > 13.1 V its not automatically reconnected.

How is this possible?

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ENtstörung Victron 75/15 MPPT

Guten Abend,

ich Betreibe ein 120W Modul und eine 100Ah Solarbatterie gemeinsam mit einem Victron 75/15 SMART Laderegler. Den Lastausgang habe ich auf einen Philipi Sicherungskasten aufgelegt. Hier gehen dann entsprechen die 12V Steckdosen, Lichter, und Autoradio ab. An der Steckdose habe ich heute eine Verstärker (Teufel Rockster) angeschloßen und über diese Verbindung wurden sehr starke Störungen eingeschleift das dieser erst brummte und dann anschließend abschaltete. Gestern bei bedecktem Himmel gab es keinerlei Störungen bei gleicher Konfiguration. Kann es sein das auf dem Lastausgang nicht entstört ist und das pulsen der Batterie hier übertragen wird?

Gestern war die Last höher als die Einspeisung am Solarmodul. Ich überlege gerade hier einen großen Kondensator aufzuschalten um diesen Lastausgang zu entstören. Kennt jemand diese Phänomen oder hat schon einemal jemand den Lastausgang im Oszi betrachtet?

Andere Vorschläge?

Liebe Grüße


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