Your evaluation before installation

Hi Folks

Before installing my system in my motorhome, I wanted to submit to your experiences on this installation.

The green part is the support panel. The cables pass through the rounds to pass to the rear. This forms like a door with a hinge to facilitate assembly and to carry out subsequent additions of elements. The dimensions of all elements are exact dimensions in mm. The thin cables are in 2.5mm2 or VE.Direct or USB, the medium ones in 16mm2, the batteries in 35mm2. The battery fuses are 175 ANL. The red lines are + or Line or Phase, the black lines are - or Neutral.

No cables cross and the support panel is 80 cm x 60 cm, made of fireproof wood. Did I miss something in this assembly diagram?

I thank you in advance.


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Strange behavior of the battery in cyclic use ..
My low to medium quality agm battery lasted well for almost 3.5 years. 1000 shallow cycles, every day. Now i just replaced it. The battery was kept constantly charged 99% of the days with absorption of 2 hr at 14.5v, and floating at 13.8v, with compensation of -18mV per degree centigrade, and sensor directly on the battery. 
I noticed a very curious phenomenon: Approximately every month, that is, every 30 cycles of dod 15%, the voltage and therefore also the capacity, decreased slightly. Approximately -0.1 \ -0.15 v with the same discharge current. The only way to restore full capacity, and voltage, was to do a 40% dod discharge and then a full charge. In this way, the working tension returned to its original level for another month or so.
BASICALLY, very superficial cycles slightly deteriorate the capacity periodically, while an average deep cycle restores the lost capacity 
I have not found this phenomenon in any book or manual ... not even on "energy unlimited". 
What is it due to? I thought about slight sulfation, or cell imbalance, or light stratification of elecrolite(but "energy unlimited" say that stratification is impossible on agm battery) .... I also noticed the same phenomenon when using a flooded thin plate battery in the same way for a while. 
How can it be prevented? Or is it inevitable or normal?

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Why is my SOC resetting to 100% every time my SmartSolar starts charging?

I'm struggling with system always resetting to 100% SOC when the solar charger kicks in. I've tried to increase the absorbtion voltage slightly (0,25V above the same in MultiPlus), but it still resets. Today it was showing 82% and as soon as the solar charger kicked in it reset to 100% again.

I have the following setup:
1x 300Ah lithium battery + 105Ah AGM starter battery
2x 160W solar panels
SmartSolar 100|20
MultiPlus C 12|1600|70
SmartShunt 500A
Cerbo GX + Touch 50



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Please help with my Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/35


I have a battery bank (48V) consisting of 8 x Fullriver DC400-6 (

In the system I have a Victron Smart Solar MPPT 150/35, and I can't find any Battery preset that fit the Fullriver batteries:



I really need help to get this right, and believe "user defined" and "Expert mode" must be set.

Since I obviously are no expert, I need help with the following sections (in the app and battery settings):

- Bulk

- Absorption


- Voltage compensation

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Settings for Fusion Batteries?

I've got a 24V set of Fusion Traction for a my offgrid house in WA

7PzB525H Lead Acid 2v

I understand its a 27V float

What about Absorption, max Time, Equalization

My understanding is these batteries require no top up even though the cap comes off??

Am trying to get a hold of Fusion directly, but there is no answer and the email doesn't work

Are they still operating

Many thanks

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MPPT 100V/15A - Safe setup to set and forget?

Hi all!

I recently bought a Victron MPPT controller and I installed it yesterday at a remote location that gets attened once a month.

I have fed it with two 300W panels in series giving me 80V@10A (Overkill I know but those are the panels available to me)

I have installed 10A circuit breakers on both the Positive and Negative before the PV feeds into the Controller. Cable for the PV is 4mm2

I have the Controller charging two identical lead acid truck batteries in series - their capacity would be 300 to 400AH combined. Setting is at 24V. Cable for the charge cable is 10mm2

Using bluetooth I set the charging algorithim to the "Default 2" setting at the advice of an off the grid electrician.

Can you guys give me advice as to how safe this setup is? I am primarily worried about the Charging Algorithim as the descriptions didn't seem to fit exactly with my battery hardware.

Thank you!

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What conditions makes my multiplus go from float to storage

I have a multiplus 12/3000/230 connected to a 390Ah AGM bank with a maximum of 0,2C charging current. Some times when the depth of disharge is not to deep, the charger goes to rapid from float to storage. The charging current can be as high as 7A/13,8V float when charger goes over to storage mode. I have read that it should take 24 hours before the charger goes to storage mode. On my charger this happens after a few hours if DOD when the charging started was less than 20%. The result is 95% SOC when the charger goes in storage mode. What conditions should be met to go from float to storage? The multiplus is used as inverter/charger in a sailboat.

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Stop charging lifepo4 when battery is full

Hi, I am new to the lifepo4 market but has read a lot about it. In almost all articles about charging it states that you should charge your lifepo4 until its full and then stop charging. But the chargers i have found almost always implement the three stages, bulk, absortion and float (allmost all articles say that you should not float a lifepo4 battery). I am planning to by a battery (not victron) with an external bms with hvc and lvc to cut off loads and charges at certain volts, but i would rather have the charger to sense the voltage and can be programmed to stop charge at a selected level, and use the hvc more like an emergency brake. Is this possible with any not-so-expensive victron charger? Will i encounter any problems if i use the hvc to disconnect the battery from a blue smart charger that is plugged in to AC?

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Change over switch

Can I use change over switch. To direct power from 200w solar panel to two seperate batteries with there own charge controllers. By just wiring solar panel in then 1 and 2 places on switch to batteries. Thus enabling me to charge battery of choice. Steve

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configuration with dip switches, Multiplus setting charging voltages?

Can I change charging voltage using the dip switches on Multiplus 24/3000? Thanks

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is it possible to use two different regulators for the same battery ?


I have one victron mppt 100/20 regulator. I will replace my old solar pannel by two news solar panels that can't be mixed with my old solar pannel.

I have an old stecca regulator (not mppt) that could be used with my old solar pannel.

There a 4 12v Batteries serially and parallely connected (24v).

Is it possible to use both regulators to load my batteries ? Or will it be a problem because victron will load a 24v+5v approx and choose sope voltage strategy depending on the batteries load Whereas the old stecca regulator will have maybe a different load strategy ?

What will happen ?

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How do I know if my Orion is charging?

Hi there,

I am trying to figure out some basics of my system. I have a 12 12 / 30 Orion that is not the “smart” newer one. I have it hooked up to a remote switch so that it turns on (green light) when the alternator is running.

I have a battery monitor hooked up as well. When I shut the batteries off and turn them back on it always says “100%” regardless of how much was used previous time. Im guessing 100% is just whatever is currently in the battery bank when battery monitor starts up?

I just want to see if the Orion charges and how much! Any tips much appreciated.

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Wiring 3 parallel batteries with IP22 w/3 outputs


I have a smaller motorboat with 3 parallel batteries. 1 starter and 2 consumer batteries.
I have bought an IP22 Blue Smart with 3 outputs, and I wonder how to connect them to the charger correctly.

I have made an figure of how I suppose is the correct way, but I am unsure if it really is that simple?
Should I add fuses on any of the wires?

Thanks a lot in advance for your support.

BR - Pjet Barn

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The Best Battery Protection Equipment

I have a Multiples inverter/charger. I use it to charge my three parallel strings of 24 volt Trojan batteries. When setting up the inverter's DC cut-off voltage, pre-alarm voltage, etc., I used the the SOC voltages given by the battery manufacturer. Obviously these voltages are open circuit voltages. My question is, is the inverter capable of compensating for the difference in open-circuit voltage and the voltage under load/charge when deciding, for instance, that the battery's SOC is where it should sound the pre-alarm or cut-off power?

What is the best way to go about protecting my batteries against low discharge. I would like to consider all options and know about their pros and cons. The batteries are also being charged from a small array of solar panel using the Victron MPPT charge controller. Obviously right now the inverter/charger doesn't know that the batteries are being charged from solar as well, and if possible, I would like to interconnect the two so that somehow I can maximize my utilization of solar power by giving priority to the the solar charger.

Thank you in advance.

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Battery SOC 100% but still charging?


In a solar system i have 2 packs of both 4 exide 330A gel batteries. Together this forms 2 sets of 24 volt batteries.

This setup is charged by solar panels connected to a MPPT 150-60 and a Multiplus compact 12-1600 is connected as well.

The system is monitored by a BMV 700 and this is connected to a color control gx.

Settings for the BMV are:

- Ah 660

- charged voltage 28,4 volt

My question:

Why the BMV tells the battery is 100 percent charged while the voltage is around 26,70-26,85 and still charging around 8 amps??

Shouldnt voltage readout be like around 28 volts and charging amps around at max 0,5 or so?

ThAnks in advance!

Best regards, Piet

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Which MPPT charger to use to charge a 48v, 60v & 72v ebike battery?

Hi all. Which Victron MMPT charge controller is apprpriate to charge a 48v 14ah ebike battery? How about charging a 60v or 72v ebike battery? Thanks everyone.

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Ip65 stuck in storage mode

I have an ip65 blue non smart charger and a mppt solar controller installed in my offroad caravan. I noticed that my agm battery almost competely discharged while plugged into 220v. The ip65 still being in storage mode. Thought it could be as a result of mppt controller but parked under roof so solar also not charging.

Is the ip65 not supposed to wakeup and move to bulk? Any ideas what could cause this and how to fix? Ip65 is non blue tooth so cannot update settings.

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Help... 3 PV arrays, 3 MPPT and 2 battery banks

Hi - I have 3 separate solar arrays, each feeding into its own 75/15 MPPT which then feeds 2 separate battery banks (which can be individually selected or linked with a selector switch)

I guess my question is should/could all this be run on a single VE network? (I have 2 shunts, 2 BMS, 2 smart protect, 2 battery sense and 2 LiFePo 100Ah batteries)

My other question is if I link the batteries in parallel, which battery should I put the smart battery sense on? or shich should I connect to the BMS or use both?

Many thanks for all your help


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Battery maintenance charging voltage

I have a Multiplus setup at my cabin with two AGM sealed batteries wired for 24v. I decided to remove the batteries when I winterized the cabin since I was concerned about charging when temps were below freezing. I had planned to maintenance charge them at my primary home during the winter but put it off. Now hoping I didn’t mess them up too bad and eeger to get them on a charge.

Question is can I hook them to a 12v charger in parallel while I have them off the system for winter? Or should I pick up a 24v charger to keep the batteries series charging in sync? Planning to purchase a blue smart charger as an “offline” charger but figured a 12v charger would have more purpose when not charging the cabin batteries.

Thanks Bob

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Suitable charger


I'm looking for a suitable charger for 4 110AH batteries (Victron BAT412101084) which are in a 24V group (220AH).
I also have a SmartSolar MPPT 75|15 connected to batteries.
The batteries are located in a boat as service batteries.
From time to time the batteries are also charged by a diesel engine via a battery isolator.

Can anyone recommend a suitable Victron charger?

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Temperature Compensation

The data sheet for my batteries (link below) states a temperature compensation of +/-3mV/degree C. The default setting on my Smart Solar MPPT 100/30 charger is -16.2 and when I search the forums everyone elses seem to be in the teens or twenties. Is it reasonable for mine to be 3 or am I misreading something? Also, the current setting is -16.2 how do I make it a +/- value?

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Battery Protect 220A + Phoenix Smart IP43 problem

Ι have a Battery Protect 220A on a LIFePo4 system that controls the charging

The Battery Protect is set at Li-ION mode

The BMS is not Victron

The charger of the system is a Phoenix Smart IP43 50/3

The problem is as follows

The Battery Protect is off (via the BMS – charge is complete)

Connect the Phoenix Smart to mains power

Enable the Battery Protect (The BMS thinks it is time to recharge)

The Battery Protect throws error E1 (Short Circuit Detected)

The above is not the case with other charger (but the charger is 25A – not 50A as the Phoenix Smart)

If the Battery Protect is enabled before the Phoenix Smart is connected to mains power, then no error on Battery Protect. Everything works as intended

The battery protect has a peak current of 600A, so I was not expecting this

Any suggestions?


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Busbar Copper Directly on Battery Terminal


Hello - Looking for some clarification on batteries in parallel wiring using 110 stock copper of 1"w x 1/4" thick by proper length for clean terminal installation. I understand the cables need to be on opposite ends of the bank (Postive/Negative) as described in a diagonal use case. I will use heat shrink on each bar and have a piece of plexiglass over it for a nice visual and additional safety.

My question is what length of cables are needed to be matched? Is it the length of each copper bar on the positive + the length of the positive cable to the Lynx Power In has to be equal to each copper bar on the negative + the length of the negative cable to the Lynx Power in? Or is it just the Cables coming off the back and not the bars? Or something else?

Thank you.

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Float VS 100% SoC

Hello again everyone, finally I can monitor my system by VRM YOU CAN SEE HERE.

I have this brand new:


2) QUATTRO 48/10000/140

3) 5EpzS floaded lead acid battery 775Ah(C5) 48 V



a) 59.7 Vabs, 55.2V mantain (in MPPT);

b) 85% SOC when Bulk finish, 775Ah battery capacity, 1.00 charging efficiency (inVE.Config of Quattro)

I don't have BMS and the battery monitoring is performed by Quattro Inverter.

Now, in this couple of sunny days the battery reached abs voltage then performs a couple of hours in abs and then reach float but... when it is in float the SOC is 90%-93%. I would expect to read 100% on CCGX and VRM portal.

All is updated to last firmware.

What could be the problem?

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Centaur chargers and quattro inverters

I am just learning about the Centaur chargers and wondering when it would be useful on a boat. I planned to have a quattro inverter taking power from a generator and shore power. The inverter would charge a house battery bank. There are also solar panels connected to an mppt controller recharging the batteries as well.

A few more pieces, an orion-tr controller to regulate power from the alternator into the battery bank. And lastly the Centaur. From what I understand it is like a mini-generator that will charge the batteries from either ac or dc input.

Here is my question. Could I use the Centaur as a failsafe? The Centaur would get input from my inverter, and output to the house bank. My intent is when the batteries are empty, solar, shore power, and generator are off: the Centaur will click on as a backup and charge the batteries as kind of a last resort? My intention is this in conjunction with a BatteryProtect would be the ultimate last resort to protect my house bank from cycling to deeply or leaving my boat without power. After everything ran out, the BatteryProtect would just cut the batteries off.

I ask because it seems like a lot of connections to the battery bank, with the orion-tr, the inverter, the mppt controller, AND the centaur. Can this be done safely and have I understood and applied the use for the Centaur correctly? I also worried a bit about the quattro AND centaur both being connected to the house bank while connected to each other. Could this potentially cause problems? I realize the inverter would not attempt to charge the centaur during low power situations like battery only, but wanted to check for sure.

I plan on being at anchor a lot, and my batteries will be the only source of power for extended periods of time, like months. Just when the generator/alternator/solar is not on of course.

@Matthias Lange - DE

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Batteries do not fully charge with my new Victron Charger

I have 2 deep cycle 102amp batteries almost brand new.

I recently purchased 2 x 15amp victron chargers for my batteries but when i plug the chargers on they charge the whole night and stay on float which does not show fully charged on the app.

Look like they charging 80%. Bec the scroll does not show full.

Why is this so? Am i doin something wrong?

Why is it taking so long to charge 102amp batteries?

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MPPT 100/30 not completing charge

I have the MPPT 100/30 feeding my 2 6V flooded wet lead acid batteries with a Magnum 1012 inverter. The system worked fine for 18 months and now this winter I'm not getting complete charge in days that it was charging to 100%. The system is in a cabin with infrequent use and temperatures are around 0-4C.

Day one: drew the batteries from 85%-69% and the next day they only recovered to 74% in full sun with 11.64V min. 13.59V max. 69% min.- 78% max. charge .....(Yield 770Wh, 244W, 43.51V)

Day two: drew the batteries from 78%-59% and the next day they only recovered to 74% in full sun with 11.55V. min. to 13.64Vmax. 59% min. to 70% max. charge..... (Yield 1.00kWh, 263W, 42.05V )

Day three: drew the batteries from 70%-54% we left that day with the batteries at 54%

With this trend the system will fail if we are there for a week and it does not closer to 100% recovery in a full sun day.

What do I check?

Why the change?



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Charging Lead Carbon Batteries

Hi, could you please tell me what charger settings I will require to charge Victron Lead Carbon batteries with my new Victron MutiPlus inverter/charger. Thanks.........Martin

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Gel AGM Hybrid batteries

I am looking at Maxon 6v 465AH Gel AGM Hybrid batteries for my project.

Does anyone have any expirience with hyprid batteries?

Does came accross the specifications like Peukert and temprature compentation values?

The only information I could get from Maxon is on this data sheet:


I want to use them in a 24v setup together with

- Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/60

- Victron MultiPlus-II 24/3000/70-32 230V

- Victron Orion-Tr Smart 24/24-17A (400W) Isolated DC-DC charger

- Victron Battery Monitor BMV-712

and I am interested if somone can help me with the settings for the solar and multiplus charger.

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24V Panels to 12V bank SmartSolar using MPPT 100/50

I have 4-12v solar panels planning to run series-parallel pairs 24v into my SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 and out to 4-12v 200Ah AGM battery bank.

This is for an RV boon-docking setup and I will be using my existing 12v 3000W inverter for now. So until I upgrade, is there anything aside from less overall efficiency I am missing or should be concerned about with this setup?

thanks in advance for any input!

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