Cerbo GX Turn off Wifi?

My Cerbo GX (v2.63) is connected via an Ethernet cable to the router (very stable now). Is there a way to turn off the WiFi on the Cerbo GX?

I've been looking in the menus and this forum, find references to the reset button, etc. but still confused if can turn it off.

Thank you

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Has DC system - how to setup alt chargers

I have a Cerbo GX, 24v system, Quattro 8000 with a SmartShunt for the 24v. I also have a 12v system with a bmv that is powered using 2 Orion 24-12 TR chargers. The 24v side is also charged using a 12-24v Orion TR when the alternator is running. How do I show the correct voltage and amperage in the GX for both the 24v battery and the DC display?

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Cerbo GX Gas Alarm Question

New to this so please bear with me.

Does anyone have any thoughts on configuring a gas alarm with solenoid shut off valve via the digital inputs and relay port on the Cerbo GX? I'm looking at a gas alarm setup (BEP Gas Detector) with two sensors and solenoid but its working out very expensive, £300+. Wondering if there may be a better way to use a simple gas detector and solenoid (gas rated) for this with the Cerbo GX?

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Simple wiring diagram for temp sensor inputs Victron ASS000001000 to Cerbo GX

I have a Cerbo GX and Color GX screen. I want to add temperature sensors for my two batteries. 1. Does the sensor go on + or - terminal of battery? 2. Appears only one input on Cerbo and there are two wires from sensor? How do I connect wires to Cerbo unit. Thanks!

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Cerbo gx using two solar chargers to charge one battery

I have a cerbo gx, rec bms, a 100/50 mppt, and a 150/75 mppt. Started with just 100/50 everything worked fine. I added the 150/75 and 2 Panasonic vbhn340sa17 panels got a DVCC firmware 48 warning. I went to the VRM portal to update firmware both mppt were on my device list but trying to up date the firmware it said there were no undateable devices. I deleted my 150/75 to see if that would fix the problem. It didn't. Now I can not get it back on my device list. The 100/50 has now disappeared from my touchscreen and is not sending data to the VRM and is not in the cerbo menu. help.

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VRM Portal / temperature sensornot updated

When I look at Cerbo GX via VRM, the last measured temperature is displayed and remains the same (even after a few update cycles, every 15 minutes) while the sensor has been removed from the Cerbo an hour ago..... In the Cerbo it says "disconnected" which is correct but why isn't the info updated in VRM?

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How to change the data instance for BMV-712 in NMEA2000?
Is it possible to change the data instance for BMW-712 using the Yacht Devices Can Log Viewer or do i have to use root menu and command lines on Cerbo gx?

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How to display battery voltage from two BMV-700s on Raymarine Axiom 7?

I have two BMV-700s hooked up via VE.direct to a Cerbo GX. I have the Cerbo GX integrated with a Raymarine Axiom 7 via the network port AND VE.can. I can access both BMV-700s via the Victron App on the Axiom. I can get only one of the BMV-700s to populate the Battery 1 data box on the Axiom. I can't get either BMV-700 to populate the Battery 2 data box on the Axiom. I read the instructions and can change the data instance of each BMV-700, but I can't change the instance to 1. I can change the instance to 2,3,9, or 0, but I can't change it to 1. I used Actisence NMEA Reader and a NGT-1 to change data instances. All equipment and software has been updated to the latest rev.

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Audible Alarm on Cerbo GX / Touch is very faint

Any way to turn up the audible alarm on the cerbogx/Touch 50? Its so faint I can't hear it. My wife, who has amazing hearing, can barely hear it.

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Raymarine integration in nk2 network with several Victron devices that send battery data.

I have several devices in nk2 networks that send battery data such as Multiplus, MPPT, rec-bms and smart shunnt. Without modifications, only two batteries will appear on Raymarine instruments. (I have 3 battery banks) Based on testing to display battery data correctly on Raymarine, we have used a programmable interface and changed "device instance" and "data instance" to see how data is presented on Raymarine display. Changing the device instance as described in the Victron GX manual chapter 11.5.4 does not change anything on Raymarine instruments! (Tried this from the venus os menu as well) When we change the data instance, the battery is presented correctly. This was also the case on thread eg posted about 1 year ago about data instance. The question is why device instance is made available in menu on Venus os and manual describe that change of data instance is not recommended?

Anyone have experiences to share that can confirm this? Do other manufacturers use device instance for numbering batteries?

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MultiPlus & Cerbo GX & Mk3 to USB

I have a MultiPlus, Cerbo GX, BM712, Mk3 to USB, and a VE Bus smart dongle. I used the smart dongle and usb to mk 3 before I purchased the Cerbo GX

I have everything plugged in and running ok, but was wondering if its ok to plug the Mk3 to USB in to the 2nd VE Bus port on the Cerbo GX. And I presume I cant plug the VE Bus smart dongle into the Cerbo GX as it only has two VE Bus ports. Is that correct.

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Can I access all device settings through a Cerbo-GX

Hi all, I'm quite new to all Victron products, but planning on purchasing a Cerbo-GX (with Touch 50) with a Multiplus, MPPT, Shunt, BMV and BP. I was wondering if I need to buy the smart-versions of these products (with Bluetooth connection) for easy installation or if I can just as simply access these device settings through the Cerbo-GX. If that is possible I can also buy the 'normal' versions instead of the 'smart' (Bluetooth) versions of these devices.

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What does the CerboGX add if I have Smart Dongle, Smart Shunt, Smart Solar MPPT and Multiplus?


I'm trying to sort out if I should add a Cerbo GX. If I don't plan to use a GX touch in the system what would I be missing if have a VE.Bus Smart Dongle, a Smart Shunt 500A, a pair of Smart Solar MPPT and a Multiplus Inverter? I am accessing everything via Victron Connect over Bluetooth and use the MK3 for configuration which is disconnected once the system has been commissioned.

Would there be a better solution for monitoring these components? I'm not sure I would hook the system up to the internet for portal access except for remote support.

Thanks so much for any guidance on the best way forward.


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SeeLevel II Cerbo GX Connection

I reached out to Garnet to understand which kit I would need to utilize the NMEA2k capabilities of the Cerbo GX. They told me to look at this version: 709-N2K NLP and they would sell it to me directly. I want the Cerbo GX/Touch 50 to be able to monitor the tank levels using this system. I want fresh, black, grey and propane monitored. How does this need to be setup so I can use the Cerbo GX/Touch 50 to display the information vs the display that Garnet has that comes with the kit?

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Maximale Anzahl von MPPT Laderegler an einem Cerbo GX


ich habe eine Solaranlage mit 2 Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/45-MC4 für Ost/West Ausrichtung. Verbunden über VE.direct mit einem Cerbo GX. Dieser ist wieder mit einer MultiBox II 48/5000 und PylonTech Akkus verbunden.

Jetzt möchte ich meine Solaranlage erweitern mit 2 Solarmodul String in anderer Ausrichtung.

Hierfür benötige ich 2 weitere Virtron SmartSolar MPPT 150/45-MC4.

Kann ich diese 2 Laderegler mit an die Cerbo GX Box anschließen?

Ich habe ja nur einen weitere VE.direct-Anschluss (3 insgesamt). Oder gibt es weitere Möglichkeiten (z.B. USB) zum anschließen die ich nutzen kann?

Würde mich über Eure Tipps freuen.

Viele Grüße


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Cerbo GX WiFi/Bluetooth connection not working

A couple of month ago I installed a Cerbo GX to monitor my Multiplus 24/3000/70.

Everything worked fine. I setup the system using WiFi with a 4G router.

I now added a MPPT 150/35 and a Smart Shunt to the system.

During the installation I switched the whole system off (220V and 24V)

MPTT and Smart Shunt are connected via VE-Direct cables.

After switching on the Colour Control unit showed the MPTT and started using the Smart Shunt for Battery monitoring.

However the WiFi connection does not work any more.

In the setup menu of WiFi I switch the "Create Access Point"on.

The entry "WiFi"netwerken shows "Geen WiFi adapter aangesloten. The Wifi router is up and running.

I tried to connect to the Cerbo GX via Bluetooth, but also that connection fails.

In the Cerbo GX setup menu Bluetooth is "On

The WiFi light on the Cerbo Gx unit is blinking, the Bluetooth light is "Off"

Switching on/off or removing power from the Cerbo GX does not help.

Cerbo GX software version: v2.63

Any suggestions how to get this working?

Thanks in advance

Jan Boskemper

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Cerbo GX wifi issues

Hi all,

so the cerbo GX and Wi-Fi connectivity including connection to a mobile hotspot.

i have been reading for a while about some Wi-Fi issues, so thought i would pop in my experience.

most cerbos i have fitted, do not want to connect to Wi-Fi or a hotspot. however I have found, that if I roll back the firmware to V2.56 I do not experience any connectivity issues.

this seems to be working for me and the last 5 cerbos fitted connect without any issue.

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VRM reporting Low Battery when Battery is reported as 26.7v

I have just noticed that VRM is giving me a Low Battery in my VE.Bus Warnings and Alarms as per the attached.


The MultiPlus is configured as per this


The system is constructed from 4 x 12.8v / 200Ah in a 2P2S configuration. At no time did the value get below 25V.

I cant find what triggered this, any suggestion on where to look or do I have a bug?

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Cerbo GX Relay DC Voltage and Amp rating.

Hi everybody,

I need to be able to switch Off / On a small PC running on an ORION 24 / 12VDC 5A. The PC itself uses around 15W.

Is it possible ? And is it better to connect the ORION 24VDC side to the relay or the 12VDC side ? Thanks for your help.

BTW, it will be great to get the precise specs for the relays, as nothing is available in the manual.

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1978 Airstream Argosy 30ft. 6 Questions inspired by the electrical plan.

Airstream Dream Rev1 .pdf


My names Jesse Fuchs and I own a 30ft Airstream Argosy that I have stripped down to the bones, and I am slowly poking away at rebuilding while Covid-19 has closed my local watering hole.

It’s about the time to start planning the electrical system so I can size the wire, fuses, and disconnects. I have cruised the forums the last year and know that these are tough places for someone to drop into looking for guidance, especially if I have overlooked something important or decided to buck any of the current trends, alas, I am reaching out for help from the Victron Gurus. I apologize if something is obvious and I have missed it. Please bear with me.

I have attached the basic Electrical plan. The first thing you may notice is that, for cost reasons, I have decided to not use Victron batteries. I just cannot justify spending 12 000$ more.

This brings me to my first question.

#1 Other than connecting to the Lynx Shunt and monitoring the batteries temperatures with the Cerbo GX what am I missing?

#2 I want to simplify the system and stick with Victron so I have decided to opt out of using the Simerine monitoring system. One thing I really like about the Simerine is that it can monitor current draw of loads. Am I able to do this with the Cerbo GX or any other Victron equipment and then see a visual on the GX touch?

#3 This is more of a solar question, but I have organized the solar panels in 3 strings of 2 series panels to avoid shading issues. Should I use one MPPT 100/50 or three smaller MPPTs in parallel?

#4 I have done some very loose math and according to my load audit, for 3100w I am 100 ah short and a bit overkill on solar. I just want to avoid roof penetrations in the future so I would rather upsize. If there is a more efficient way that is glaring at anyone that I am missing? I’d love the tips.

#5 I do have a BMS 12/200 but thought that it was easier to go with the Orion 1212. If anyone needs a BMS 12/200 or it actually can be easily integrated for tow vehicle charging, please let me know.

# 6 Will there ever be a way to incorporate the Garnet seamaster levels into a Cerbo without having to utilize all of Kevin Windrems hard work?

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networking options for MPPTs and shunt

I am rebuilding the charging system on my boat (700 Ah Firefly battery bank). I have two 150/70 VE.Can MPPTs and a smart shunt on the ground return. The MPPTs are VE.Can cabled to a cerbo GX and the smart shunt is connected to the cerbo via a VE.direct line. The 1200 W solar can deliver up to 100 amps at peak into the batteries. A few questions:

1) is the network between the MPPTs and shunt done over Bluetooth or does the cerbo broker the conversation using the VE.can and VE.direct feeds? I much prefer hard wired connections

2) depending on (1), I may need to downgrade from a smart shunt to a shunt that has analog sense outputs that can be used by my new wakespeed 500 alternator regulators, as they don’t yet have support from Victron to get the VE.can data from the cerbo (per wakespeed rep). I love my smart shunt but without analog sense wires I’d either have to put another shunt in series or just swap out the smart shunt for an older one with both VE.direct and analog out.

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CerboGX Generator Start/Stop Time band

Is it possible to have this function only run in a particular time period? For instance between 10:00hrs and 15:00hrs.

I've two contactors which I wish to control on NO/NC based on state of charge. For instance using the CerboGX start/stop I can stop when SOC >98% and start when SOC<95%. In reality its an inverse operation in that by Stoping I am actually energising one contactor and by starting I am energising another.

I noticed there are some quiet hours settings which I have tried to use with the time period but with no such luck. Can quiet house stop the logic from functioning? For instance set to 15:00hrs to 10:00hrs?

I know this function was designed to start/stop a genset but I wish to use it to control an external circuit. Much appreciated if some one knows how to time bind this function. @mvader (Victron Energy) any ideas?

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Skylla IP65 controlled by CAN-Bus via Cerbo GX configuration problem

Hi Community,

I have two Skylla IP65 paralleled and connected to a Cerbo GX via VE.Can and one "other" BMS for a LiFePo4 battery, also connected via BMS.Can with 500kBit/s or via the same Ve.Can bus with 250 kBit/s. Works both.

The Cerbo GX shows all three devices. Also the Cerbo shows values from the BMS for Charge Voltage Limit (CVL), Charge Current Limit (CCL) and Discharge Current Limit (DCL). I can see all three values in my BMS configuration tool also. Thumbs up!


Both Skylla IP65 don't react! I tried:

- Connecting only one Skylla
- Setting Parameter #31 BMS to "Yes" - which results in an error #67 "BMS communication lost"
- Switching DVCC on and playing with some parameters

No matter what I do - the Skylla chargers do what they want instead what the BMS wants...

Does anyone have a similar configuration up and running, especially with a Skylla charger?



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VRM display old data with Cerbo

Yesterday all data in my VRM portal was perfectly fine. Log in today and see data from yesterday and no updated information. Message says old data.

Setup is 2 x 150/70 MPPT charge controllers connected to Cerbo with touch screen.

Visual inspection from touch screen shows no errors on devices. Connected to one of the MPPT's via blue tooth, correct voltage and daily information was displayed. Noted it was on version 1.50 and updated successfully to v1.54.

Is this a Cerbo version thing? VRM portal outage? or other? any help greatly appreciated.

Location Sydney, Australia, date 22nd February 2021.

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Can the cerbo gx monitor DC-DC chargers

I am considering a cerbo gx and touch setup for my vehicle. I can't see anything in the documentation about using it with the Orion dc-dc chargers. Are they compatible? And will the cerbo gx monitor them.

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Cerbo GX to GX Touch 50 Extender

I’m going to be installing a Cerbo GX and a Touch GX 50 (along with an entire solar and inverter set up) in an Airstream. The location where the Cerbo GX will be installed is on the opposite side of the trailer from where the Touch GX 50 will go, and running the HDMI cable across will be nearly impossible. However, there is an existing unused CAT5 cable running between the two locations.

Is there any reason I couldn’t use an HDMI+USB over CAT5 extender between the two?

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Cerbo GX Remote Console connection issues after FW update to 2.62

Yesterday I updated my Cerbo GX from firmware 2.60 to the newly released 2.62.

Cerbo GX is connected to my Internet router using WiFi.

Several times already (first time it happened yesterday, while looking into the Cerbo GX settings after the FW update) Cerbo GX was not accessible using Remote Console via LAN for several minutes.

After a few minutes I can access it again (without doing anything to fix the issue).

When this happens, on VRM there are no updates for a few minutes (VRM portal log interval is set at 1 minute).

Not sure if this is a WiFi issue (haven't got a chance to try it with a LAN cable since updating the FW) or if Cerbo GX freezes for a few minutes and that is why I can't access it with Remote Console over LAN.

The WiFi and Bluetooth LEDs are blinking normally even when this happens (or I did not catch them in time).

Yesterday, after the first time it did this, I did a Cerbo GX reboot (from Remote Console menus), but again it had the issue today: once when I tried Remote Console from a phone and second time when I tried from a PC (both devices were in the same LAN with Cerbo GX).

I never observed this problem with 2.60 firmware.

Anyone else has this issue after updating the firmware to 2.62?

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Ich würde gerne an meinem Cerbo GX an den 4 digitalen Eingängen Alarmfühler installieren.

es geht um Alarmfühler für die Öffnung von Tür/Niedergang, Wasser in den Bilgen, für Rauch/Feuer und CO2.

Ich würde mich über einen Tip freuen, welche Fabrikate bei welchem Händler sich dafür eignen. Brauchen die Fühler eine Energieversorgung mit 230 V oder wie bei mir an Bord 24 Volt?

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Cerbo GX with GasIt and Votronic Tank Senders?

Hey. Does anyone know if the Cerbo GX is compatible with the following tank sensors?
Votronic 12-24 K (waste water), Votronic 30-110 K-FL (fresh water), GasIt tank sender (LPG)
The Votronic sensors are capacitive (like most motorhome water sensors)

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How to increase the battery discharge on an ESS with MultiPlusII48/500/70

Installation: 3-phase with 3 x MultiPlusII-48-5000-70, Cerbo GX, EM24, ET112, a grid-tied inverter connected to phase L1-ACout1, BYD LVS. All loads connected to L1-, L2-,L3-ACout1. The grid-tied inverter delivers 1,5 kW, 24/7, and is part of a fuel cell system. ESS assistant defined.

Targets: Use ESS to optimize self-consumption peak loads with average consumption appr. 9 - 10 MWh per year, self-generation 13 MWh per year, base load appr. 400 W. Don’t use grid for battery charging. Allow feed-in, if battery is full. Use stored energy to replace grid in case of LOM detection.
Background: Installation location Germany (highest energy price in Europe, peanuts only for feed-in), stable grid,

EM24 for grid energy (not really necessary), ET112 defined as PV-inverter, separate bi-directional measurement (mode b)

VEConfig3: Load current 7 A (1,5 kW - 400 W = 1,1 kW available for charging; 3 x 7 A x 50 V= 1,1 kW), lithium battery, ESS assistant with
LiFePo4 with other type BMS, battery capacity 16 kWh, recommended values for BYD LVS
Cerbo GX set up: BYD LV on CAN-bus, DVCC on, load current limit 20 A, phase compensation, minimum SOC 20 %, shown active limit 50 %, grid set point 1100 W (= 1,5 kW - 400), PV-inverter no set up.

There is a set up possible according to Cerbo GX manual for limit charge power from AC1. In fact the Cerbo GX set up (2.62) doesn’t offer it. How can I activate it?
It would be useful to have it particularly in Germany, see targets and background.

How can I further optimize self-consumption during peak loads, e.g. increase de-load current of battery, or other actions?

The data shown by Cerbo GX console and in VRM portal don’t make sense to me.
Examples: The information about grid, loads, PV-inverter and battery isn’t really balanced apparently PV-power is missing, historical value to grid and production isn’t zero in fact (see attachments).
What can I do to correct?
But one fact is clearly displayed: The minimum effect by the current from the battery.


I would appreciate everybody’s support very much.


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