Expanding ve direct

Hello all.

I have cerboGX and I will like to expand ve direct ports

Question is -

If I get octoGX is possible link to cerboGX to create one network ( installation) or

It will work as separate system.


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Calculating Battery Capacity Percentage

How is the percentage battery capacity calculated on the Victron Connect and how often is it being updated? I have a new installation with a Victron Multiplus and Cerbo CX with a MicroCare MPPT (South African product) and, although the voltage is shown correctly on the Victron Connect, the percentages are, as far as I am concerned, completely wrong. This causes the system to function incorrectly, as far as I am concerned. With the batteries (Lithium Phosphate) almost fully charged, the percentage charge is shown as 20% causing all the power consumption to be fed from the grid.

The MicroCare MPPT has a RS485 output and if I could find out how to incorporate that into the Cerbo CX, it may help.

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Cerbo GX stops reporting after Firmware update to 2.66

I installed a new Cerbo GX connected to a SmartSolar Mttp 75/15 and connected it to VRM. It was reporting nicely until I upgraded to 2.66. After the update, I received no data to VRM and was unable to connect via Remote Console. I reverted back to 2.51 and it started reporting again. This same thing happened on another Cerbo GX +SmartSolar MPPT I set up a few days prior.

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Multiplus 1200 stopping when connected to Cerbo GX

I am trying to connect a Multiplus 1200 to a Cerbo GX

When i connect the Ve.bus to the Cerbo the Multiplus stoppes working. It immidiately goes up again when the cable is taken out of the Cerbo. What am I doing wrong ?

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Easy Solar & Cerbo


I just recently installed Easy Solar with Cerbo and GX Touch along with an AGM supercycle battery into a Mercedes Vario bus converted to a camper. Everything looks ok but I can't get the battery % to appear on the GX Touch so I have no idea of battery state. I connected to SP and fully charged the battery which I thought would then feed the info to the Cerbo through the battery controller in the Easy Solar but that hasn't happened. I have a lead coming from the vehicle battery to the AGM to charge it when driving.

What I am wondering, is there a way to get this working or do I need to install a smart shunt? If I do need to install a smart shunt will this connect to the cerbo via bluetooth or do I need connect with a VE connect cable?

It would be disappointing if I need a battery monitor on top of the Easy Solar.....

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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Orion Smart: How to controll the "engine on" function for multiple outboards??

Hi community,

I have a boat with 2 outboards connected to a AGM starter bank. From here I would like to charge my lithium bank using 2 x Orion TR smart 12/12-30.

I have read about the voltage settings for starting and stopping. All good so far.

The problem starts if I run only one of the outboards (trolling etc) both Orions will start and overload the one 50ah alternator.

Is there a signal from each outboard I can connect to the Orions on/off port? What type of signal is accepted? On / off voltage or just short cutting? Do not know what the Yamahas provide.

I also have the Cerbo Gx connected to the NMEA 2000 so maybe the relays can be used if the cerbo understands which outboard is on/off?

For info I have the following equipment;

- 2 x 100ah lithium batteries c/w bms (aio)

- 2 x Orion Smart 12/12-30

- Cerbo GX

- Smart Shunt

- Smart MPPT 100/30 + solar panels

- 2 x yamaha f225

Hope there is someone out there with the same setup that can share their setup.


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Dual Victron Multiplus, same battery bank, separate AC out.


I need some assistance. I´m installing a setup composed of a battery bank (lithium), 2 smartsolar MPPT, 1 Cerbo GX, two Multiplus II - 48/5000. (240VAC)

The system is installed and it is working fine, but I can´t find a way to only have one inverter/charge working. I understant that when configuring the inverters in split/parallel/three phase, if one shuts down, the other one also turns off.

But one this case, I don´t need to combine the power of both inverters. I have the AC-out´s connected to a swich on the AC switchboard in which we use either one inverter, or the other. So we would like to use the inverters as indepent as possible.

Right now, I have them connected to the Cerbo GX, each with their own VE.BUS cable. I´ve tried chain one VE.BUS cable from one inverter to the other and then to the Cerbo GX, but it is the same, I cannot use one inverter without the other.

Is there any workaround to this? We just want to have more redundancy with the setup, we don´t need to have the combined power of the inverters.

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Cerbo switches off at night ?

Hi all,

Question regarding the Cerbo. Somehow the Cerbo seems to switch off at night. This has happened 2 nights after each other now. The batteries are both full and the modem is connecting fine as the modem is able to ping a reply. So that works fine. The modem is on the same battery as the Cerbo.

The starter battery is also on, because i am able to query the alarm and it responds back.

The only thing i,ve changes is that i,ve installed a multiplus and added the Cerbo touch 50 screen.

Strange... Is there some kind of power save setting ?

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Cerbo GX Sensor Recommendations

I'm super excited to find that Cerbo GX can monitor my batteries, solar, AND tanks. My stock KIB sensors are nearly useless, reading 2/3 full until gray water starts coming up my drain, signaling 100% full. It's pathetic.

Does anyone know what sensors I can use that will give accurate level readings and work with Cerbo GX / GX Touch? I would like fresh, gray, black, and propane sensors that work with Cerbo GX.

Will this work? Do I really need 4 sensors for just the black tank?!? https://www.etrailer.com/dept-pg-RV_Sewer-pt-Probe_Sensors.aspx

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Can I switch off my Multiplus 48/3000/35-50 with the cerbro GX?

Hello, is it possibke to swich of my Multiplus 48/3000/35-50 1920 with one of the relais in the Cerbro GX remotly?

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On AC power Cerbo GX not properly registering AC consumption from grid.


Dual Multiplus-II 3000/12/50a 120x2 in parallel

Cerbo GX with GX Touch.

I have the rooftop air conditioner running a few TVs on and some lights. But am only reading (as you can see in the photo 248w. I can also turn on the microwave and a heater and it doesn’t seem to change much. How can I get the AC to show proper usage?

Thank You in advance.

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'Tank overview' page with Cerbo GX tank level inputs only

In the manual for the GX Tank 140 there is a beautiful 'Tank overview' page that can be enabled. The Cerbo GX have four tank level inputs that I want to use and I don’t want to add a separate GX Tank 140.

Can the 'Tank overview' page be enabled when I just use the Cerbo GX tank level inputs and don’t use the GX Tank 140?

Or must the the GX Tank 140 be connected to the Cerbo GX to be able to activate the Tank overview' page?


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GX Error #48 DVCC with incompatible firmware after SmartSolar FW Upgrade

I have Multi 12/3000 FW 481, Cerbo GX FW 2.66, BMV-712 FW 4.05, Smart Battery sense FW 1.05, and two SmartSolar 100/50 controllers. After I upgraded the MPPT controllers FW to 1.56 my Cerbo GX started complaining about "#48 DVCC with incompatible firmware". Anyone has any idea why? The installer that installed the system is quite useless, - he even did not update Multi FW, so I had to go through all FW updates myself...

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How can I set up a manual switch on the Touch 50 GX to activate / deactivate a Relais on the cerbo GX


In would like to switch on the wate heater using an external Relais. This Relais should be activated by the internal Relais of the Cerbo GX. As this is possible i am wondering how i can get a ”switch” or icon on the screen of the touch 50 like the one for the fuel pump. I do not find it very Convenient that i need to go into the settings to activate or deactivate.

Ideally it would be shut off If a certain temperature is reached by using a temperature probe Connected to the cerbo.

Do anyone have an idea how to get this done?



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Cerbo Gx relay outputs

What voltage and power can be applied over relay out out on Cerbo GX? Assummed that the relay output is passive contact. Is the relay out a pulse or can it hold? Is external relay to power consumer required?

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Cerbo GX analog inputs vanished

My Cerbo GX now shows no analog inputs. I had two temperature sensors working great up through yesterday.

Yesterday I cut the cables on both the temp sensors and spliced in an additional 2 feet of new AWG 14 cable. When I hooked it all back up it was working.

I did make one other change yesterday, which was to install a VE CAN to NMEA 2000 cable. It is working fine.

Today the temp sensors are not recognized and in fact there is a completely blank page under Settings / IO / Analog inputs. No temp sensors, no tank sensors, nothing at all (no entries with the usual "disconnected" state).

I've gone through several reboots, pulling/restoring power, removing/reinstalling the temp sensor terminal block, with no change. Also updated to firmware 2.66...and tried reverting to 2.63 as well. And I tried rebooting it with everything disconnected except the touchscreen, same result, no analog inputs.

Has anyone else experienced this? Are there recovery steps to restore the analog sensors?

I didn't see a factory reset option on the Cerbo. Is it hidden somewhere, or does putting it in Demo mode achieve this same result?

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GX Tank 140 can it work on ground and signal inputs only

If I have level sensors already wired in to my 12V system with 0-10V outputs, can I connect just the signal wire and ground from my sensors to the GX Tank 140 and not take the 12V power from the unit.

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Cerbo GX Celsius to Fahrenheit Issues

I know that it is ridiculous that we still use Fahrenheit in the US and the rest of the world uses Celsius. That said, there seems to be at least some provision from Victron that allows this to be switched and I would like to figure out how to do it. I have switched it everywhere that I think I can but still have mixed results. The VRM (mostly) works in displaying F over C but even then, there are bugs it seems. You'll notice that my sensor "Inside Temperature" is in F so that's good:


However, if I got to the advanced tab, sometimes it's in F and sometimes it's in C. Note that the Shunt Temperature Sensor is in F but the Battery Summary is really in C and just appends the F after the Celsius value. What's even stranger, if I wait 10 or 15 minutes, the Fahrenheit value will magically appear in the Battery Summary. Go back to the Dashboard and then back to Advanced and it shows the Celsius value again and you have to wait for 10 minutes for it to change:


Finally, I can't for the life of me get the console to show it correctly ever. This is the most bothersome for sure. Since most of the time I won't have internet access, I installed the rather pricey GX Touch 50 to display what is going on at a glance. I was planning on adding sensors for my fridge and freezer after adding the Victron Energy Temperature Sensor for GX Devices for ambient inside temperature as well. However, I simply can't get Fahrenheit to display on either the remote console from VRM or the actual GX Touch 50 so I'm holding off on that for now. Intuitively, I would think that you would select the temperature sensor from the device list and change it in the setup as shown but there is no provision for that.


There is a provision in the app shown here (this is an older screen shot, I am running the v5.41 and still having the same issue):


I've searched this forum, the Facebook forum, called tech support at a US dealer and I simply can't figure out how to get F displayed on the Touch GX. Is this simply not a feature for the Touch GX? Is Fahrenheit only available in the VRM? At a minimum, I think there is a bug in the VRM as shown above with the Celsius value stamped with an F after it in the Battery Summary. I've been really satisfied with all of my Victron components otherwise. I have to imagine that there is a way to show Fahrenheit on the Touch GX though. I can't be the only person on the planet with this issue so my guess is that it's me! If anyone can provide step by step here, that would be amazing! Thank you!

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Data Logging on External card not working ? FW 2.60

Hi everyone ! Not sure if I am missinhg something or misunderstood the way the data logging works with the Cerbo GX FW 2.60 and external storage. As you can see, the MicroSD 32GB is perfectly detected, but no record seems to be stored on it


The data is correctly sent to the VRM portal every minute, so not sure if the SD card is automatically flushed when the data is transferred to the VRM.

It will be interesting having it also stored on the MicroSD, so the data can be analyzed with other tools.

Thanks, Michel

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Starter battery voltage monitoring with isolated systems

Hi there,

I currently use the aux input on my BMV-712 and the Cerbo GX/VRM to monitor the start battery voltage in my boat. Being an aluminium boat I am making a few changes to the system to ensure that electrical systems are isolated from the hulls and that the start battery system is fully isolated from the house battery system. This means that the aux input on the shunt won't be able to read the start battery voltage any more, as they won't have a common ground.

What other ways can I get the start battery voltage into the cerbo GX and VRM for monitoring purposes?

A little more detail on the system if it helps:

- 2 x 25.6V 200AH Smart Lithium

- BMV-712

- Multiplus 5k

- 4 x MPPT 100/20

- Cerbo GX

- Orion 24/12-70 for running 12V house loads

- Swapping the Orion 12/24-20 for a Orion TR Smart Isolated 12/24-15 for charging the house from the start batteries

If only the Orion TR Smart could do communications over BT or VEDirect this would be easy.

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Cerbo GX or Color Control GX and Monitoring Bow-Thruster Batteries

Hello everyone.

My yacht's Victron install will have two Cerbo GX communication-centres and screens, for monitoring all batteries, tanks, pumps, inverter/charger, AC, alternator temperature, etc. The bow-thruster, anchor-winch and capstan winch will be powered by a pair of 12V lead-calcium batteries, in series for 24V. I am looking at the Skylla-TG 24/50, or perhaps the Phoenix 24/25 for charging these batteries from shore power.

It appears these chargers do not have data connectors. The Skylla-i models have VE.Can connectors, which would make integration with the Cerbo easy.

So if I stick with the small, simple and lower price Skylla-TG (or even lower Phoenix), how will I get bow-thruster battery SOC data to the Cerbo? Perhaps with a BMV-702? I won't need the 712's Bluetooth given the Cerbo. I could use the second monitor of the 702 for the engine-start battery.

If I use a BMV-702, what will be displayed on the Cerbo GX screen? I imagine I'll be able to set it up so I can see the bow-thruster battery-bank SOC, but will I see the current flow in and out, from the charger to the batteries, from the batteries to the consumers?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Best 48v BMS

Hi everyone,

I am expecting a shipment of 16x280Ah prismatic LiFePO4 cells. It is my first experience with non-lead acid batteries. I understand that I need a BMS, but there is incredible selection and profound difference in cost between models. I currently have a Cerbo GX which I understand has two data busses, a CAN bus and a proprietary VE.bus. This paragraph is the entire sum of my BMS knowledge, +/-.

I want to find a BMS that integrates maximally with the Cerbo. I'm happy to pay for quality. I don't necessarily need it to be a "supported" solution by Victron, as long as it integrates well. In another group on DIY Powerwalls, Batrium seems to be the most popular name in BMS. Is anyone running a similar system to what I've described, with a Batrium BMS?

What other options do I have? I'm also impressed with REC-BMS, but it's very pricey. A couple other ones I've glanced at are 123Smart BMS, Tiny BMS, Chargery BMS and DIY BMS. Also Daly?

The two most important things to me are 1) safety and 2) integration with my Victron products. This will be a 16s, 48v (although it's not a strict design requirement) LiFePO4 battery with low-moderate current requirements (probably something like a 3000 watt inverter). Thanks for any input!

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What is Venus OS? ...for beginners

I know that Venus OS is the program running behind the scenes on the GX devices, but I would like to be able to explain to my bus conversion customer what the full capability is. He will buy the CerboGX in about 2 hours if I can explain it well.... no pressure, ha, ha...

Is there a manual, or a statement that states the full intent or ultimate capability of the GX devices running Venus OS? I have configured several CCGX's so I know what the capabilities are, and I was really happy to see Victron integrating tank sensor inputs into GX devices, so I think I'll be able to install a lot of these in customers' systems... I just want to be able to explain the capabilities to them, so they know why they need a GX device.

Thanks in advance,


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Multiplus, Digital Multicontrol and Cerbo GX


When I connected the Digital Multicontrol AND the Cerbo at the same time to a Multiplus 3000 it stops working.

If I only connect one of the 2 it starts working again.

Is this normal? can I only connect one of the two? any tips.


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Can I add victron datafields to my Simrad/Navico plotter?

Can I add datafields from Victron GX to the infobar on right side? I would like to have voltage value and solar PV charger value. Other NMEA2000 equipment can be implemented in the sidebars.


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Temperature sensor on Cerbo.

Hi all.

Does anybody know if the temp sensors of the BMV 712 - 712 works on the temp connectors of the Cerbo? I do

I have connected the sensor wires to the connector block on the Cerbo, and also the sensor otself to the positive bolt of the battery clamp. but it keeps saying disconnected. However it does show in device ( Temperature sensor that it is connected). It also shows a sensor voltage of 5.76 V.

Am I doing something wrong ? Is this the right sensor for the Cerbo ?

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Cerbo GX Will not accept 58vDC wil not start

Just tried to start my Cerbo GX from busbar, nothing happens. I could boot it from a 12v dc lifepo04 battery. I was able to connect via Bluetooth etc.

That’s not a viable solution, so I found a 24v power supply. I also tried a 48v power supply. Now it’s hooked up to a 12v power supply

On all power supplies, it starts flashing red in WiFi, after half a minute it stops and nothing else happened.

Putting Ethernet cable In, the led’s will stop blinking when the WiFi led stops blinking

tried To reset, but it doesn’t help

what to do?

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Dummies guide to Cerbo - NMEA - Raymarine

I have read several posts and the manual but I still can't make sense of how to get the Cerbo data to display on either my Raymarine I70 or Axiom display!

i have the app working through the Raynet cable which is nice but I also have the NMEA cable wired from Cerbo to the Seatalk NG network (NMEA2000).

I am looking to get tanks and battery data out.

I can see everything listed on the under the NMEA listings on the Axiom but can find them when i tr to add to a new page.

I have read several posts on here regarding changing Device instances on the Cerbo or having to telnet into the Cerbo and change the Data instances i find the manual rather ambiguous!

has anyone done it and can give me an idiots guide please?

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FEATURE REQUEST: Clearer formatting of MAC Addresses on Stickers

Tiny thing, but something I am sure will be appreciated by all installers:

On the sticker on the Cerbo, can we change the formatting to add a space or : after each set of four characters to make it much easier to read and check?

Eg. Instead of "d412430b4fa1" it is printed "d412 430b 4fa1"

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EM24 Smart Meter read out over Modbus TCP/IP


the Smart Meter connection to the Victron controller via Modbus RTU (RS485) is only wisely in case you have a short Way between the Smart Meter and the Victron Controller.

In case you have a long way or different buildings the connection over TCP/IP is required.

To prevent to install a separate RS485 Bus Cable. (using structured cabling !)

Installation Example:

#######Buildings-A############ ###Buildings-B###

EM24 -->RS485-->Modbus TCP Gateway---------TCP/IP---------------->CerboGX

Now the Question:

How can i add the Smart Meter Connection via Modbus TCP/IP to my Cerbo GX?

(FW 2.60)

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