I have a blue smart IP22 12/30 Interrupted over and over again

I have a blue smart IP22 12/30 my battery bank is 4 300ah lifpo4 battery's,

I have set the charge voltage to 14.6v with the custom setting as recommended by the battery manufacturer.

removed the charge time limit as its a large bank.

The charger charged to 1kah and has moved to absorption charge at 14.6v but keeps being interrupted over and over again after charging around 0.5AH.

what is wrong have I set something wrong or could there be a fault with the charger.

Regards Rob

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BlueSolar MPPT - Batterylife algorithm thresholds


We're using BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 for solar street light application. The LED source is connected directly to the load output of the charger.

I know, that the Batterylife algorithm is changing the load disconnect/connect voltage thresholds, according to how the battery was charged. But what are the actual thresholds for the 12V system, what is the absolute low/high disconnect/connect voltage and what is the daily increment, if the battery was not charged again?

Knowing this would help a lot configuring the light, taking into account the voltage drop in the cables, and also solving some issues with cases where light doesn't switch ON at all.

Many thanks and kind regards,


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Power Difference between values shown by Smartsolar and Smartshunt (Battery Monitor)

There are huge differences between the Values I get from the MPPT and the battery. Everything is luke warm to ambient temperature. Cables are not an issue - they are total overkill.
The Smartshunt values are independently verified by a very good BMS.

Anyone can shed some light on the situation for me?

Power Solarpanels: 34.07V * 13.4A = 456W

Power Battery: 27.27V * 16.30A = 445W

MPPT efficiency loss: 2.4% That's ok


Meanwhile, the Smartshunt shows verified 407W!!

Where are the missing 38Watts??


I am using LiFePo4 at low C rates - so round trip efficiency is virtually negligible in light of the losses I am trying to figure out.

Update: I've measured everything, thank god that I've the equipment for that since values vary in the milliseconds.

The only thing that does not match at all is the purported Solarpanel amperage output. Voltage seems pretty accurate. As such 1.4A were reported, when there were really 1.1A. A 21% difference!

That makes me really fed up and unless that is my specific unit I am gonna make sure that other people will become aware of the kind of product they are really buying.

But that doesn't explain everything. The only thing certain is that there are no real physical losses present.

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Is there any setting for soft start gradual battery Charging?


I would like to program the inverters to charge the batteries gradually for the first few minutes. As default the Victron Quattros starts to charge the batteries at full power straight away and on big systems this can put strain on diesel generators. Is there any way to do this?

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Charging a 12V Lifepo4 battery. Who has the key to this mystical knowledge?

I have bought a lifepo4 12.8V 40Ah battery from an unknown but experienced manufacturer for a small project, that was not too expensive to wake the kraken and dragon of my spouse.

It came at 13,33V and looked very tame.

I charged it with a blue smart ip65 12/15 charger on lithium configuration and low current (4A) instead of 15A to wake it up softly.

The manufacturer prescribes a CCCV load profile with cut off voltages of 14,6v high to 10V low. But Victron thinks that 10V is too low. They told me to cut off at 12,5V. And load with 14,2V.

I think Victron uses a more conservative load profile. Maybe to protect the battery from unballanced cells in these high limits? Is that right? Or does that have another reason? Lifepo4 is lifepo4 right?

The first charging got to 14,2V for a little while, but then very quickly started ballancing at 13.5V. Is that normal?

So now the battery is 13,5V... Which is good I guess for storing the battery? When I look at a voltage chart of 12V Lifepo4, that is about 90%SOC? I have enough capacity to do what I want, so that's ok.

But I need to calibrate an Aili battery monitor (I know it might be rubbish but I want a little experiment). So when the battery is 100%, I have to tell the monitor by pushing a button that it's 100%SOC. But how do I know whether the battery is completely charged at 100%? On the voltage charts of lifepo4 I see that 13,5V is not 100%, but the smart charger brings the voltage automatically to 13.5V, and I don't want to start messing with the configurated values...

I also have a smart battery sense, a smart battery protect on load side, a battery protect on charge side, and an mppt 75/15 for a solar module when I install everything. Some are new, some were of a previous AGM project (that's why the chargers are 15A, instead of 10A which would be preferable for a 40Ah battery). But without a shunt, these victron appliances can't determine the SOC, so they can't help me either, although they all blink very willingly.

Any suggestions to educate me on this and protect my precious investment from my erratic ignorance, and help me to set this battery monitor please?

Would it calibrate itself when the battery reaches full capacity again? Even when the voltage drops again to 13,5 V?

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Torqeedo 24-3500 Charging

Could a Victron 12-24v dc-dc converter i.e. Orion-Tr 12/24-5, or Non-Isolated SMART 12/24-15, or Smart Isolated 12/24-10 / 12/24-15 to charge a Torqeedo 24v battery?

We would wish to charge a Torqeedo 24-3500 from an existing 12v house system with Victron MPPT solar controllers and a pair Aceleron 100ah LiFePO4 batteries in a parallel bank.

Using the Orion would save having to step up to mains with and inverter, and then back down to battery voltage with their 350w mains charger... which seems inefficent and extra equipment for potential points of failure.

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Best way to charge vehicle battery

I have a van install with solar MPPT charging when it's sunny, EasyPlus Inverter Charger charging when I am connected to the shore power, and B2B charging from the alternator when driving. So that takes care of the leisure battery. But how can I best charge the vehicle battery when I am parked up without shore power? I wonder if I can use a second B2B configured in the opposite direction (they are designed to be used in either direction but obviously not one single unit at the same time). Excess solar energy would be drawn from the leisure battery (I have used this method previously but at that time I didn't have a B2B from my alternator to charge the leisure battery). If not, I have also looked at Battery Maintainers. I am concerned about what happens when it is sunny (so there is solar MPPT charging the leisure battery, the vehicle is running with the alternator charging the leisure battery, and the solar/leisure also charging the vehicle battery through the second B2B or the Battery Maintainer. Furthermore, I have Battery Protects on both the charging and the load sides of the leisure battery and I have read that there can be issues with reverse current (but I can't get my head round where this kicks in). Despite being an electronics engineer by 4 year apprenticeship and understanding Kirchoffs Law of current at a junction, I am very concerned about the possibility of doing something stupid which could jeopardise my very expensive van install (all Victron-based including a £2K Lithuium battery). Can anyone help with any degree of certainty please?

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Victron LiFePO4 cell voltage not balancing


I have 6 batteries in a bank comprised of Victron 300amp LiFePO4 batteries. Two of the batteries have voltage balance issues. The problem shows up 2 ways:

1 - When charging reaches Absorption one cell is behind the others. The battery is at 14.2v but the cells are at 3.62, 3.62, 3.61, and 3.35. I have this same condition on another better. One is Cell 1 the other is Cell 4.

2 - When charging reaches 98% (per the CCGX display) the troubled cell is running very fast to 3.74v while the other cells are at 3.40, 3.37, and 3.37. The BMS does its job and stops charging. The voltage drops down to 3.6 then the charger kicks back on and the cell quickly rises to 3.74 and charging cuts out again. This repeats until the battery reaches 14.2 and goes into absorption.

I have the following components and firmware:

* Lynx Shunt 1000A VE.Can - v1.08

* SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/85 rev2 - v1.53

* Quattro 12/5000/220-2x75 - v474 Product ID 2633

* CCGX - v2.53

* VE.Bus BMS

Per the advice of the Victron certified installer I have deeply discharged the battery bank to 30% SOC per the CCGX display dropping voltage to 12.8v while under some load and charged it back to 14.2v and absorption. The cells do not appear to be coming up in line with the rest of the cells in the battery.

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?


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Victron MultiPlus 12/2000 Not Charging

Hello All.

Occasional reader; first time with a question.

We have MultiPlus 12/2000 and Smart BMV-712 controller installed in our sailboat, which has been connected to 240VAC/50amp shore power for the past 2 weeks. Our house batteries 2 new RELiON LiFePO4 batteries with 600 amp hours total capacity. We also have 4 Solbian solar panels linked in via their own Victron MPPT controllers

The problem is the batteries are not staying fully charged by shore power. During the nights, when solar isn’t making a contribution, our batteries drop down to 75-85% State of Charge, and they are discharging when I check the system in the morning before the solar panels kick in.

When I look at the MultiPlus first thing in the morning, the amber light is flashing indicating “The AC input voltage is switched through and the charger operated in float mode.” If I reset the MultiPlus by either turning it off for a few minutes or going from Inverter mode to Charger only then back to Inverter, the system starts charging and the amber light goes solid indicating “The AC voltage is switched through and the charger operates in bulk or absorption mode.” The batteries will then charge to 100%

If I do nothing, the solar will kick in when the sun gets high enough and the batteries will charge to 100%.

Please help me understand what’s going on here. Thank you.


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Supercycle AGM Recondition voltage?

Anyone know the Victron recommended Supercycle AGM Recondition voltage?


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12v vs 24v battery bank

I have a 100/50 CC with 3 100ah agm batteries with 10 100w panels I currently have the batteries in parallel, I plan to get 10 new 100ah agm battery eventually, so to maximize my charging capibilities what should I run? Can I keep the system 12 or should I go 24v I see a lot of people saying both.

Thanks guys

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Quattro Compatibility with REVOV Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

I currently have x15 Quattro48/10000 set up in a 3-phase configuration (5 units each phase). I am looking to retire the existing FLA battery bank and replace it with Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries.

The supplier I have been in contact with is REVOV who claims that their batteries will work with Victron Quattros as they have other installations running a similar setup.

Does anyone have any insight or experience with REVOV batteries and if they work with the Quattro devices? I have attached the information on the REVOV batteries for reference.

Thank you.

1life REVOV_LiFeC8_Product_Specs_Oct2020_v9 (1).pdf

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Is there any Victron device that allows me to mix LiFeP04 battery sizes?


I am dealing with a van upgrade that has a single existing 110 Ah LiFeP04 battery. The system will be upgraded with multiplus, smartsolar mppt, orion, cerbo

The target is to have a 200 Ah battery system and we are currently considering several options.

- Adding one 110 Ah battery. (The state of the current battery os unknown)

- Replacing the system with 2 x 100 Ah batteries (Space is limited and we would like to avoid this solution)

- Replacing the system with 1 x 200 Ah. (Preferred solution so far)

If we go we option 2 or 3, I was wondering if there is any way to re-use the old battery even if amp and size are not the same? Could it somehow be hooked up to the system without reducing the performance of the new battery(ies)?


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How to add a lithium battery to a Boat setup

Hello, I am having some challenges trying to incorporate a LiFePO4 house battery into my boat. I would like to know will I kill my alternator/rectifier or cause other problems ie for MPPT solar controller or LiFePO4 with the setup in the attached diagram?
please not that I do not want to change out anything in that diagram now only add items where necessary

Many thanks for your expertise and suggestions


thanks Dan

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VE.Smart Orion-Tr Smart networking

Any update on VE.Smart networking for the Orion Smart Tr DC to DC chargers? I'll have an MPPT and two 30A DC to DC chargers and it would be excellent if they all knew each other on the same battery bank.

[moderator's note: edited to show "VE.Smart Networking" rather than "VE.Bus Networking"]

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SOC not working on Multiplus 2 48/5000/70

I have just setup my new Multiplus. The SOC just reads NA. Looking at the battery monitor in the remote console it says automatic. I have tried changing that to Multiplus as well as it still says N/A.

As its brand new (only been running a few hours does it take time to come up with a reading? I dont have a BMV or anything just the Multiplus 2.

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Orion 12/12-30 Isolated with BMV712


I've had a bit of trouble finding example diagrams for using the Orion 12/12-30 DC-DC charger with the BMV712 battery monitor. Could someone take a look at this diagram and tell me if I'm on the right track...?



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Practicality of using two parallel connected Orion TR Smart 12/12 -30 to speed up charging.

Practicality of using two parallel connected Orion TR Smart 12/12 -30 to speed up charging of two parallel connected 100 Ah LiFePO4 batteries. Alternator of our van is not smart, 105 amp. Concerns: 1) Will this amount of load on the alternator overwork it too much? 2) Will the alternator only be able to deliver such a small additional amperage with a second Orion that the addition of a second unit is not worth it? 3) Is there a way to know how much charging amperage is available from an alternator without over-stressing it? 4) Would it be smarter to install a larger capacity alternator?

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MPPT 75/15 not regulating charge

Hi all

I have a rather simple question I believe and I think I know the answer to it as well. But I would like to hear some more experienced opinions. :-)

I have 2 MPPT 75/15 on my boat. One is managing a solar panel on the Davids and also has a fridge connected to the load output. All settings for the battery is properly programmed. (Absorb 14.82, float 13.5, Equalization 16.2 / Trojan 1275 Batteries) One of the two controllers is keeping the max voltage of 14,82V and the other one doesn't. I am 100% sure the settings are correct. Apart from that one controller being toast, what could be the reason for not regulating charge correctly?

Thanks a lot for your opinions.

Cheers Fou

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multiplus 1600/70 not charging properly


I am trying to charge a 200 amp 12 volt lithium battery bank with 20% SOC and the multiplus does charge with no more than 25 amps and tapers off real quick.

on my victron connect software I have set the charge current to 50 amps.

also it went into absorption mode really quick.

when I change the lithium setting in the victron connect software to normal lead acid battery charging I am getting a red alert stating: high temperature alert.

does anyone have an idea what might be wrong??

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Charging batteries from external charger

My system comprises two connected MultiPlus Compact invertors with back up charging by means of Honda generator. A small lizard chose the wrong time to enter one of the invertors (I was charging from generator) and was fried causing damage. The invertor works fine but will not allow me to charge externally. I have been advised that I need to send the invertor to a Victron repairer. I cannot do this as I need electricity! Is it possible to charge from generator through just the undamaged invertor- changing the wiring to suit. As a short term solution, can I attach external charger to the batteries (in-situ and connected to system) without causing damage to system. If I can, will battery charge meter still be accurate

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BlueSmart Chargers Temperature Compensation

I was hoping to see Battery Temperature Compensation added to the advanced features of the IP22 and other BlueSmart Chargers, rather than environmental temp. Some of us have our batteries outside where they are exposed to extreme temps, but keep electronics inside. It would be preferred to get battery temp via bluetooth, from a SmartSolar MPPT Controller, BMV-712 or other Victron device. Is Victron considering adding this function? It looks like the Phoenix IP43 might support this feature, but I am limited to 120V.

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BMV 712 reports wrong voltage on engine starter battery all good otherwise.

8 house batteries on sailboat are being reported correctly by BMV 712, engine crank battery is always low versus reading direct at battery with meter.

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Difference between centaur and Phoenix charger?

Stuck in Panama without a charger, I installed a 12/50 Phoenix charger. My 1050 ah AGM bank can take so much more than 50a. I also want to run my watermaker off my Phoenix 3000w inverter which draws ~90ah. If I’m running the genset while making water I’m putting in 50 ah by way of the charger but drawing 90ah and therefore still pulling a significant amount from the battery( base case scenario 40ah but usually more). If I installed the centaur 12/100 I would be putting in 100ah into battery with genset on. Then I’d meet my power needs of 90 ah to run my watermaker plus a little extra to put in the battery bank (all hypothetical based on efficiency and other items drawing but you get the idea). Question. Does my logic make sense? What is the difference between the Centaur 12/100 and the Phoenix 12/50 besides charging amps?

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How many amps on float mode for agm battery?


How many amps should Orion TR 12/12 30 be pushing into Victron AGM battery on float charge?

When float charge starts I am getting 5-6 amps in for the first 30 minutes and then slowly down to 2.5 amps but that would take an hour or so,

Would that mean the battery is still getting charge for the first 30 minutes?


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Trickle charge output on Phoenix IP43 1+1

Hi all

I have a Phoenix smart IP43 12/30 1+1 charger which is set to charge a bank of Smart Lithium batteries using the builtin profile.

The vehicle also has a 12V calcium starter battery which I was hoping to trickle charge with the second output, but I can't see any documentation on what algorithm gets applied to this (just that it's a 3A current). Is it the just same profile (in my case lithium 3-stage)?

Beyond probably not being high enough voltage to do a complete charge, is this likely to cause any problems for the starter battery? Even just something to stop it going completely flat would be useful.


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Blue Smart IP22 Charger: No characteristic absorption curve


I need your help. I have a problem with my Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12/15.

The charger should charge a lithium battery (4 x Winston cells). I have set the absorption voltage to 14.2 Volt. The highest cell is at 3,568V. So there is no OVP situation.

In the absorption phase the current should drops at constant voltage: But after about five minutes, the current and voltage jump wildly up and down in the absorption phase.


What is the reason for this behavior and why doesn't the current simply drop further towards 0?

Thank you very much.

Best regards


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Question on BMV and Battery Capacity Setting

Hello everybody, I wish you all well!

I have a question I hope you can help me get answered.

Suppose I have a 100Ah battery and a BMV Battery Monitor.

Suppose I want to keep this 100Ah battery at a minimum charge of 80% (for reasons of well being of the battery).

To make this clear to me, Suppose (again, sorry) I want the BMV's SoC to tell me 0% when it has in fact only reached 80% ...

2 questions:

Would I accomplish this by setting the battery capacity (of my 100Ah battery) to 20Ah?

Would this ("faulty" setting) create havoc in any way (I mean would this stop my batteries from properly charging, cause it to self destruct or cause any other devastating activity?

Thanks for your thoughts, I'm trying to understand how to set up this thing to my personnel liking.

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ArgoFET unused output ok?

I have twin Cummins 6CTA 8.3 motors with 150A alternators. I purchased 2 ArgoFET battery isolators to recharge the house bank from the alternators. I purchased the 1 input, 3 output battery isolators (starboard engine starting bank, port engine starting bank, house bank) however I think I only needed the 1 input, 2 output battery isolator.

It seems simpler to have the starboard alternator recharge the starboard starting battery and the house battery, and the port alternator recharge the port starting battery and house.

Can I leave an output on the battery isolator unused with a rubber cap on it? Or are they designed to require being wired to a battery?

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