Brand new LiFePO4 with low temp alarm out of the box

I bought 4 Victron 200A Smart LiFePO4 batteries and one of them has a low temperature alarm on the Bluetooth app right out of the box. It is obviously a false alarm since it's alarming for -162 degrees Fahrenheit! Of course that alarm will trigger self-protection and not allow charging. I've also inquired through my dealer, but is this something that has been seen before? Is it fixable? Like by Victron support remotely zapping it with a firmware update or something (maybe wishful thinking)? Or will I need a replacement? The other three show "Ready for Use". Any insight is greatly appreciated. I'm on a time crunch in getting this installation completed, so the thought of one of the batteries being faulty and needing replacement is less than ideal.


Same screen with alert acknowledged to show cell status:


One of the other 3 "good" batteries:


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Smart Charger + MPPT Charging

I have a 150/60 MPPT with 600W solar connected to my house bank, there are also 2x Phoenix Smart Chargers (50A 3+1) each have an output to the house bank and the engine battery, one has an output to the 12-24v charger for the bowthruster.

All are connected with VE.Direct and where possible Smart Networking.

I'd taken my batteries off shore power and isolated the MPPT to run the batteries down a bit to check their voltages. When I switched everything back on I noticed that the MPPT was in bulk and the 2x chargers were in absorption, the voltages were the same however the MPPT was putting a lot more Amps in. I'd have expected the house bank output on the chargers to be the same as the MPPT.

Should I change the set up so that one charger does the house bank and the other does the engine and bow thruster?

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Batteries in Parllel

Dear community,

I have a question concerning connecting batteries in parallel. Specifically I have 2 Victron Energy 165Ah Gel batteries and want to connect them in parallel to have an overall capacity of 330 Ah. I have several questions

a) Is this possible without any precautions, can I just connect the batteries in parallel, + to + and - to -? Since the inner resistance of the batteries is basically 0, won't there be an enormous current when I connect them or does this just work? Or do i need some sort of current limitation or so?

b) What kind of cables would you recommend? I assume they should have the same thickness as the cables provided with my Multiplus Compact 800VA?

c) Where should the temperature sensor be connected?

d) If I had a second Multiplus Compact 800 VA, can one be connect to one battery, the other one to the other battery and then the batteries connected (assuming e.g. differen sources of power, i.e., wind power on one inverter and solar at the other inverter)? Or does this make no sense?

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Why did my battery die

Why did my battery die.

I'm asking this question to find out what went wrong and how to correctly maintain solar charging of AGM VRLA type batteries in a mobile scenario.

Setup purchased Dec 2018 (14 months old)

1 x Victron 75/15 mppt
1 x Victron battery temp sence
1 x 100 watt solar panel.

Batteries are in parallel, charge cable from mppt is connected to + on one battery and - on the other.
The mppt settings from new have been, absorption 14.3v float 13.7v. Having some concerns over this near default setting about 3 months ago I changed these and made a new user defined standby setting which allowed the battery to achieve a float without major charge. info here

The van has been used very little, 3 camping trips, a week each time and 10 other times overnight all with minimal discharge from a 45 watt fridge and a few other small gadgets.
January last was the third week trip to forster, it's then I noticed my discharge was more than normal down to 12.7v and charging back to float was hard to achieve, a bit concerned I started to wonder what was happening.
today with settings on default the voltage wouldn't rise above 14.1v and bulk charged up to 6 amps through the day, after chasing symptoms on line I physically checked the batteries and found the one without the victron temp sencer was hot hot hot, cooked. The other with temp sence was warmer than normal at 35 degc, I suspect it's been warming by leaking power to the dying one, I disconnected the batteries and checked voltage cold battery 13.19v the hot one was12.9v and checked an hour later 12.6v.

I must say I have spent hours of research trying to do everything for this not to happen and here I am, so I ask the question why did my batteries die.

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LiFePO4 can i transport them charged?


i have purchased 2 LiFePO4 batteries (12.8V, 60Ah) i have a smart charger in my office.

the batteries will be installed in my house which is 30 min drive from the office.

Since i can connect the batteries to the Multiplus (and then configure it) only when they are fully charged, can i charge them in the office and transport them to my house? (safety concern)

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ESS with Grid meter function/control with backup power

We have been experiencing something interesting with the Grid meters, specifically the ET112 and ET340. At one of our sites we have a 5kVa Multiplus II, with the ET112 Meter connected on the input of the inverter (basically after the Main breaker from the Grid in the DB). Between the inverter and the meter is all the "non-essential loads".

On the output of the inverter is all the essential loads. We installed the meter to try and enable the Victron to back feed excess solar power to the "non-essential" loads, without back feeding to the grid. This worked great, but what happens in the evening intrigues me.

The battery power of the system gets "dumped" to the "non essentials" during the evening, leaving no power for the essentials to run on at night. The battery reached the discharge floor before 7 at night, but when we removed the Non essential loads from the meter, the battery discharged normally and last the whole night.

My Question is: how can we prevent the battery from being "dumped" back to the "non-essentials" and only allow the backup power to supply the essentials/inverter output. I have been scanning through the manuals but i do not see this mentioned anywhere. Can someone be so nice to assist? Please?

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Battery Settings for MPPT 75/15 and S685L

Hi Folks,

I was wondering which are the best settings for the Platinum S685L connected to a smartsolar 75/15. Platiunum does not explain exact settings on their website ( I am using gel victron deep discharge 2 setting now. Would you recommend another setting?



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I am just beginning and want to use solar in my tiny house.

I have no idea what I am doing. Can I use a different type of battery brand with a different type of solar panel system brand? I need all the help anyone is willing to offer.

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US2000 and US3000 combination possible

Hi, does it work if i start with an US3000, that i later add an US2000 to the system....or an US2000 requires an US2000 and they cannot be mixed up?

Kind Regards


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Beratung bei der Batterie Wahl?

Hallo alle zusammen,

ich bin auf der suche nach neuen Batterien für mein Netzunabhängiges System.

1xMulti Plus Compakt 12/2000

2x BlueSolar 100/50

1x BMV-712


Aktuell habe ich 2x 12V 260Ah c100 / 230Ah c10 Wartungsfreie Nass Batterien, die Batterien sind 1,5 Jahre alt.

Ich bin mit diesen Batterien total unzufrieden, da als die Batterien neu waren habe ich max 20% vom C10 herausholen können (ca. 80Ah), inzwischen bin ich nur noch bei 40Ah dann ist Schluss.

Hauptlast sind 2 Kühlschranke a 60W. und eine 20W Springbrunnenpumpe

Gelegentlich mal aus ne Kaffeemaschine USW.(Spitzenlast ca. 1,8KW)

Welche Batterie Art würdet ihr mir empfehlen.

Welchen Batterie Hersteller?

Wo am Bekomme ich eurer Meinung nach die Batterien am günstigsten?

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Anyone using Yiyen or Meritsun batteries?

Hello Everyone,

I’m thinking of using Yiyen or Meritsun batteries for my fairly large project. I know that they are not officially supported. I also looked into RJ Lithium but the factory said their batteries don’t work with Victron. Anyone using any of those?
The Victrons which I have already are the MPPT 250/100 and the Quattro 10,000. I know Pylontechs are supported but that’s way down my list because of cost.

I’m open to other suggestions.

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VRM: More battery info (Cycle Count, avg. SoC)

Is there a chance the VRM could compute and show the "effective cycle count" of a battery in a shown timeframe - and/or total? Seeing this raw SoC is nice and informative, but in order to estimate % Lifetime left, there are some crucial infos missing.


A moving average SoC for the past 30/90/... days would also be helpful.

So showing something like:
300 Full Cycles eff.
85% SoC avg

would be helpful to observe aging of batteries at the monitored site.

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ESS - Strange behavior when fully charged

I have a problem with my Victron.

When the batteries are fully charged, Victron is switching between charging and discharging. at 100% SoC it starting discharging about with 250W for few seconds, then slowly reducing the discharge, then switching to charge again, charging with 250W slowly reducing the charge and start discharging again. There is excessive PV power so the discharge is going to the grid. See video below.

Just in case I'm also attaching my settings from VE Config:



Is it "normal" behavior? is it healthy for the batteries? Should it just charge to 100% and stay there until there is not enough of PV power to balance the load???

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D.C. current in the external protective earthing conductor

I have read in some Victron manuals (MultiGrid and EcoMulti) the sentence:

"This product can cause a d.c. current in the external protective earthing conductor ".

Can you please give some technical information to understand why this happens?

Can it happen to more devices, such as MultiPlus?

Thank you!

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What’s an accurate multimeter?


I will be taking current and voltage readings at the battery terminals, the battery strings, the charger terminals and the PV strings. For that, I think I need a multimeter. The question is: what brand of a self-contained meter can I buy online, especially on Amazon? I’m in the US.

Victron seems to sell only Energy Meters which, I suppose, are limited. Moreover, a GX device is required.

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Why does charging voltage need to be higher in lower temperatures for lead-acid batteries?

I came across this blog entry which basically says that, for lead acid batteries, lower temperatures require higher charging voltage. Can anyone please explain why this is true, or point to an authoritative source?

I did ask this question on Chemistry SE a while ago, and those guys seem to be of the opposite opinion: higher temps need higher voltage.

Intuitively I disagree with them and agree with the blog post: lower temps need more power to move molecules around, remove sulphate crystals etc. But I seek a definitive authoritative explanation.

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ET112 meters

Hi all,

I have 2 ET112 meters on my PV & B install - one of them is measuring the generated energy from my PV and the second is import / export grid meter. As it stands both signals are then RS485'd into my CCGX controller.

Due to a spare unit becoming available - i am now going to add a second battery system (not victron) to my home and so need the same signals into my new battery. ( i will then configure the 2 systems so that they work together rather than compete with each other - but thats a later issue).

Can i effectively take 2 x outputs from each ET112 to save me fitting any other meters / CTs for the second battery system?

Your thoughts / solutions welcomed please - thanks in advance :)

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Smart Shunt VE.Direct to MPPT 150/85 VE.CAN

I have a MPPT 150/85 VE.CAN on the way. I purchased the VE.CAN option to eventually integrate with my N2K network.

I am looking for a battery monitoring system. A bit overwhelmed by all the VE options. I am leaning towards the smart shunt, but honestly dont have a good grasp on pros/cons on all the options (BMW-712, lynx, etc). My requirements would be well met short term using the connect app, but long term i want to have the data on the N2K network. Can the smart shunt integrate into the MPPT via or bluetooth connection? If so can the MPPT relay data to the N2K network? It appears that a GX product can do this, but would rather not add another expensive part to the system...

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User-defined settings not recognized.

I have a smart 150/60 charge controller. Initially it was set on rotary dial 2 for my AGM batteries. The battery manufacturer wants a third of a volt less for the absorption and float. I created a preset and it doesn't work. I tried expert mode and that didn't help either. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? I'm trying to reprogram it with Bluetooth which is supposed to override the rotary dial. Thank you for any help you can give me.

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VRM stats, Solar "To battery" graph


Just checked my stats in VRM portal and on the dashboard in the "Solar" stats it is not showing energy going to the battery. My system is set up as bellow:


My Multiplus-II is using excessive solar power to charge batteries and that is working correctly, but in the stats everything has been counted as "Direct use" :


just a small 0.02kWh has been shown as "To battery" which is wrong. At the time when I took the screen shot, the battery has been charged from 84% to 100% and at the moment excessive solar power is going to the grid which looks like it's been calculated correctly. Any idea why is it not counting "To Battery" energy correctly???

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System shutting down when batteries reach around 26 degrees..

We have a fairly new set up on our narrowboat with 2 X 150 AH Lifepo4s. Charging from engine or solar. We are using a relatively low amount of power, and the batteries have barely been below 80% charge. A couple of weeks ago we noticed the system seemed to shut down for no obvious reason. At the time we thought it coincided with new appliances being added, eg a 12v fan or using a new tool/phone charger (via the multiplies). Now it is more frequent and we think is linked to charging and battery temperature. It happens when we enable the solar to charge or when we run the engine to cruise or heat water in the calorifier. And it always happens when the batteries reach around 26 degrees or go above this. The red LED (Cell <4V or temperature) on our VE BUS BMS comes on at the same time. Whatever it is, this doesn't seem like it should be a problematic temperature, but as soon as the system shuts itself down we're then powerless to do anything; either to investigate the issue, or to use basic on board facilities.

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MPPT 100/20 internal breaker

Hello all, hope this community can help.

I have a van that has all loads (except inverter) going through the solar controller (MPPT 100/20). They are properly fused with a blue sea systems fuse block and there is a fuse between the block and controller as well. Occasionally when I start my diesel heater the whole system resets. Everything blinks off for a second before coming back online as if there is some internal breaker being blown in the solar controller. No fuses ever blow. I've tried adjusting the load settings in the controller to account for any sudden voltage drop being the issue, problem its intermittent so I'm not sure if changing those settings has solved it or not. I have lithium batteries so sag should not be the issue but if I turn off everything else then usually I can start the heater without the system resetting.

Hoping you can shed some light on this issue for me. Thanks

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Pylontech battery earthing

Hello, I am installing Pylontech batteries and cabinet on a DC coupled system, multiplus 2/48-5000... I noticed that there is continuity between the negative battery terminal and the Earth point on the battery case, which is then grounded to the case with the supplied earth cables. The battery cases Earth point, does this need a separate Earth rod/point or does it share the same Earth as the inverter and AC system?

Thanks for your answers....

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Battery 712 monitor showing slightly high voltage?


Have just installed a 712 battery monitor to 12v battery bank. Voltage seems to be showing a little high?

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"Charge only" drains starting battery

I have a MultiPlus 12 | 800 | 35. With Corono the bus was just standing there for days. After say 4 days I found that my starting battery was drained (also auxiliary battery). That happened at least 3 times. Then I saw that the MultiPlus was set to "charge only". After switching to "off" no more problems.

All the time the car was not connected to an external AC source.

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Problems with BMV-72 smart monitor and with solar charge controller 30|100



So ill start with the BMV-712 .. as soon as i connected it to my battery bank 2 100AH 12V battle born batteries in Parallel it gave me a midvoltage warning .. i couldn't find anything on the internet that applied to my specific problem

Now the charge controller.. when i look at the app it says 0watts when my battery switch is on and my battery isnt fully charged and therent isnt a sun in the sky .. is that normal ?

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I have an "OFF" Battery State

I am wondering what is the problem. Can there be any other solutions than bad connections and/or connectors?



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Sonnenschein A602/1130 Solar NGS6021130HS0FC battery setup

Soon I'll have new batteries: Sonnenschein A602/1130 Solar NGS6021130HS0FC (2V x 24).

My system:

2 x MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100

48 x 150W Solar panels

2 x BlueSolar MPPT 150/70-Tr/MC4

Color Control GX

Dear Victron team,

can you help me specify parameters, which I should input into each Multiplus to operate these batteries correctly:

1. State of charge when Bulk finished.

2. Battery capacity.

3. Charge efficiency.

4. DC input low shut-down.

5. DC input low restart.

6. DC input low pre-alarm.

7. Absorption voltage.

8. Float voltage.

9. Charge current.

10. Temperature compensation, mV/deg.

11. Sustain voltage during the first 24 hours of sustain.

12. Sustain voltage after 24 hours of sustain.

13. ESS setup - Cut-off voltage for a discharge current:

0.005C = ? V

0.25C = ? V

0.7C = ? V

2C = ? V

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Multiple LiFePo4 banks in parallel

Hi all,

I'm currently designing a home solar system that will use Winston LiFePo batteries to store excess energy.

To keep the initial costs down, I'm going to use 16x 300Ah cells in series to make a 48V 300Ah bank. I'll be using the GWL BMS123 to manage the batteries.

This bank will be connected to a Victron Quattro inverter and 18x Solar panels via 2x Victron MPPTs. I'll also have a Colour Control GX module setup in the ESS config

I'd like to design the system in such a way so that I can add additional battery banks of the same type later in parallel to the original one to give more storage. As far as I can tell, this is possible with the BMS123 system, I'll just need additional BMS kits per bank. However there's a line from the manual which has me confused

Multiple battery packs parallel
When you have to connect multiple packs parallel, you need 1 complete BMS per pack. You can connect the signal relays on each End Board in series. For instance: with 3 packs parallel, you can run the charging signal through from the first End Board Charge relay to the second Charge relay and through the third Charge relay. This signal can switch an enable/disable or power relay. The same goes for the Load relays in series.

If anyone has any experience with this kind of setup, can you please help me figure out what they mean by connecting the relay signals in series?

Also if there's any other advice for connecting banks in parallel, I'm all ears

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ECO multi Inverter.

Hi Everyone.

I have two Sunny Boy inverters (about 10 years old) for a 3kw/h system that is split on two sections of my roof. I would like to install a Victron Ecomulti to conserve some of the excess power that is generated during the day. Am I able to connect the ECOmulti to these inverters?

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