Feature Request: Option to scale VictronConnect for Windows

My friend has the screen size on her Win10 Laptop set to 150%. (For her old eyes.) As you can see in the screen shot, the standard VictronConnect window does not scale to fit. Nor can I scroll it.

It would be nice to have the option to choose a different size of the window, or, as a minimum, to have the window show scroll bars.


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Feature Request: Option to decline automatic "update" to VictronConnect

So, it's obvious that there are evil people in the world who hack computers. While VictronEnergy doesn't seem like it would be much of a target, I don't like that VictronConnect automatically updates itself without my Permission. Suppose, for example, that a hacker gets into VE's computers and uploads a malicious program or Ransomware? Then Malware would automatically download into thousands of users' computers.

I would like the option to decline an auto update. I my case, I would prefer an alert that an update exists and I will go to the VE site and download it myself. (Checking a hash, stored on a different server.)

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VictronConnect Alarms and VRM Questions

Hello. I have a Victron Smart battery monitor and Solar Controller. I'm receiving alerts about SOC and Voltage in VictronConnect App (Android) despite the fact that I seem to be within the configured alarming parameters. Pictures below. Does anyone else have this issue?

Also, I just realized that the app is not designed to show notifications in the phone's notifications area. They only show in the app itself. What is the best way to make an enhancement request to Victron to actually alert in the notification area? This would be very helpful and a big way of unknowingly letting the batteries fall below a certain level.

Finally is there any way I can remotely monitor these devices without a GX product?

Thank you!




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Einstellungen Virtueller Schalter oder andere Einstellung um IMMER SolarEnergie zu nutzen?

Hallo zusammen,

unser System besteht auf 12 Volt Basis, 2x 150Ah lifepo mit BMS, SmartSolar Charger MPPT, Victron MultiPlus C 12/2000/80

Wieso kann das System nicht dauerhaft am Netz 230V hängen und wenn die Sonne scheint wird einfach anteilig die PV Einspeisung durch das Netz ergänzt???? also zB.: 500 Watt Solar - 1200 Watt Verbraucher liegen an, 700 Watt wird aus dem Netz bezogen - und das ganz automatisch?

Das wäre doch logisch.. aktuell schaltet das System die PV Anlage einfach komplett weg und nutzt nur das Netz - und über die VS (virtuelle Schalter) Funktion kann ich ja nur einstellen wann sich das Netz komplett zuschalten oder wieder wegschalten soll - das ist doch quatsch.. dann beanspruche ich doch permanent die Batterien... oder ist setze die Udc usw. so knapp, dass das Netz permanent zu und wieder ausgeschaltet wird

Gibt es irgendwo - die Einstellung oder wenn es nicht anders geht einen Trick wie anteilig IMMER automatisch die Solarenergie genutzt die zur Verfügung steht???

Bin für jede Hilfe dankbar!

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'expert mode ' bug in mppt firmware v1.46

when you go into expert mode in v1.46 , and set the maximum absorbtion time it makes no difference e.g set to one hour it still runs absorbtion for 2 + hours . next time you log into the MPPt you have to turn on expert mode again , so it looks like any changes just don't get saved.

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Configuring Multiplus with Pylontech Batteries (Possible with just CerboGX and Touch 50)?

I have a solar kit I bought recently with a Multiplus 48/5000/70 and a SmartSolar 250/100. The system has a CerboGX and Touch 50. The battery bank is 4 Pylontech US3000.

I was reading the Victron-Pylontech compatibility article, and just watched a webinar on the topic, but I'm still unclear.

To make sure all my Victron components are configured properly according to what the batteries need, can I just use the VictronConnect app via my smartphone? Does this operate via some sort of bluetooth connection internal to the CerboGX?

Or do I need to buy the Smart Dongle or MK3 USB separately?

Doesn't the CerboGX and Touch50 replace the need for the VictronConnect app or at least replace the need for the SmartDongle/MK3-USB?

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Victronconnect version 5.38 upgrade integrity failure on mac os x

I am trying to upgrade to VictronConnect version 5.38 on MAC OS X Catalina 10.15.7 and get the following error in install.log

NSLocalizedDescription = "The update was canceled because the application integrity could not be verified.";

NSURL = "file:///var/folders/cd/1_xk8ltj19s9w2ntv0x4m5fc0000gn/C/com.apple.appstoreagent/com.apple.appstore/68CD7984-70E3-4936-BD28-7BEE9D1A92B0/mzps2756741891086010680.pkg#com.victronenergy.victronconnect.mac.pkg";

PKInstallPackageIdentifier = "com.victronenergy.victronconnect.mac";

Anyone else seeing this ?

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overcharging and victron orion DC-DC Tr smart 24/24-17 (400) in parallel 2 units

Trying to understand/figure out how to avoid overcharging of LiFePo4 batteries. If the charging profile is left at the default profile, and the vehicle is occasionally stopped and started on a undetermined schedule, so that the charging profile begins over again every time, how does the smart charger prevent overcharging? As I recall every time the charger loses the input voltage, the charging algorithm begins again with bulk charging. Could this lead to overcharging the lithium batteries (also in parallel)?

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Forgot the Victron connect bluetooth password but no PUK to reset it...


one of our clients has a 12/2000 Smart inverter. He has forgotten the buetooth password. I trşed to find the PUK code but it does not exist on the product labels (neither on the back side nor inside the inverter)

How can I obtain the PUK code. Product label is attached.



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Smart Shunt history features


currently im tracing down some intermediate current spikes while my vehicle is not in use and the Smart Shunt seems to be a good addition to this and also in the future. I wonder about the history feature using the app, can I

- Retrieve time resolved data on current over the last e.g. 12h using the App? So I could connect twice a day and get a good idea on when and how much current is pulled from the battery. I cant stay connected all the time using my phone for obviuos reasons.


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Octo GX & EM24 Energy meter connection, separate USB RS485 required?

Hi !

Does the Octo GX require an USB-RS485 converter to read the EM24 energy meter or can i connect the EM24 directly to the Octo GX A,B terminals?

Thanks for your feedback!



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Why does the Smartshunt connect to everything Bluetooth except PC?

Pc connects to smartshunt, pin recognized, and pc has locked the item as available.

But victron connect does not see it.

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24V3000VA120 Multiplus configuration using Victron Connect

Using Victron Connect Demo Mode. Setting up Multiplus 24V3000VA120V Inverter Charger. System includes two SOK 12V206ah lithium iron batteries in series and eventually a 100/50 Victron Smart Solar Charge Controller. Off grid application with Honda 3000eu generator and 4 335W PV. In the demo mode I have completed the following setup. Screen shots provided below. I plan to have SOC at 100% but demo limits it to 85%. Note all photos are only for the multiplus. Any input greatly appreciated.





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Bluetooth SmartSolar "Fetching Data" loop

Hi, after some recent update, the app get stuck in "Fetching data" loop. i can see it gets some data, as the background is blurred and the waatage retreived updated. after a few loops, it disconnects and trues to reconnect. this was working great until recently.

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Security Issue / Password / Bluetooth / SmartSolar MPPT 100/20

Hello everybody,

I was somehow surprised as a friend of mine demonstrated to login into my SmartSolar with the default pin 000000 - I directly changed the password (which was not set to default) to a new password - but still he was able to login.

The app on ios confirms the password change - it even confirms that the old password / pin is not set to default.

Firmware SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 is v1.39
Firmware VictronConnect on IOS is v5.7

Any hint or idea is welcome


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VictronConnect v5.38 crashes under Windows 7


I was using VictronConnect v5.34 on my W7 laptop without a problem.

Needed a FW 481 for my new setup and downloaded v5.38.

After installing it, I am getting VC crash.

Do I have to buy a new computer every time there is a need for new FW? :(

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: VictronConnect.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 6023f8e3
Fault Module Name: vebus.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 6023f82f
Exception Code: 40000015
Exception Offset: 0002e93c
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1045
Additional Information 1: bc98
Additional Information 2: bc984099c4cbac2c77f9a4c20f934beb
Additional Information 3: a377
Additional Information 4: a377ddca709b255581150703740ee45a

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Cant connect via Bluetooth to MPPT 75/15

Device appears in mobile app but will not connect. Disconnected from power and PV with no luck. Uninstall app and re install no luck Keep on asking for pin 000000 (3 times) and then create service report

How do I send the service report to you?

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Dual USB devices on Multi II GX?

Hello All,

I am busy quoting client on an Easysolar II 3kVA device and I want to add 2 x USB devices to the system, ie, a Wifi long range module as well as an ET112 meter for the "non essential" loads.

Now I have heard that one cant add 2 x USB devices onto the single USB port of the Easysolar? In another installation we tried a USB hub, but it kept on freezing the Multi, was a big problem.

Can anyone clarify or assist with another way around this.

All the best.

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Venus to MultiPlus, where to set load off if battery voltage X

Dear All,

Objective: View and or change the "cut load off" if battery voltage = X volts using Venus GX connected to Multiplus.

With PC, VictronConnect software and data cable this can be set.

Devices are remote, not possible to go with PC.

Where in menu for Venus GX connected to say MultiPlus can I view and or change this setting to cut the load if battery voltage = X volts?

Thank you.

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VictronConnect quits unexpectedly

When I close down VictronConnect (click on left-most red traffic light, top left of window) more often than not it crashes with the macOS error message "VictronConnect quit unexpectedly.". I'm running version v5.38 on my MacBook Air running macOS Mojave 10.14.6. I can't remember if I saw the problem with the previous version of VictronConnect. All other apps are behaving normally.

Clearly this isn't a major problem, just a bit of an inconvenience, but it'd be helpful if it could be investigated and resolved.


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I have smart solar charger and want to log on victron connect

there is written no need to pairing but when i open victron connect i see the solar charger and when i click on it ask me for pairing and not taking 0000 nor 1234 and after that not possible to load

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VictronConnect and Samsung Tab A tablet

Will the VictronConnect app work with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet running Andoid 9 Pie OS and bluetooth to a BMV712? I have an older Windows tablet that I loaded the app on and while I can bluetooth pair to the BMV712 the app will not connect to it. This is apparently a known issue with Windows and VictronConnect and doesn't appear that there will ever be a solution for it.


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VictronConnect (macOS) firmware update failed on Multiplus II

Yesterday I tried updating the firmware on my Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 (then on firmware 459), using VictronConnect 5.11 on macOS Mojave (10.14.6).

This is what happened -

  • There is a Venus GX plugged into the Multiplus II, and I plugged another UTP (RJ45) cable into the Venux GX as it was easily accessible. I initially only wanted to change the charging efficiency setting on the Multiplus II.
  • I saw that there was a firmware update, and followed prompts in VictronConnect to update. I was still connected via the Venus GX - correctly / incorrectly, I don't know.
  • The update failed with Victron Connect saying it lost connection to the Multiplus - for a short while a combination of LEDs was flickering on the inverter, and then it reset itself (or something) and was working again.
  • I took a short time myself to recover from my own kernel panic.
  • I realized that veflash asked you to connect directly to the inverter, and not to have anything else connected. So, I disconnected the venus gx, connected directly to inverter via the mk3.
  • I tried the firmware update again - to v463 - and this time Victron Connect crashed on the mac. The inverter just had the "bulk" LED on.
  • I had another kernel panic myself. After a while I switched the inverter off, and on again - and it was fine.
  • I decided that this was enough fun with Victron Connect on mac, and updated via veflash to 2628465.vff - successfully.

I am not sure what the issue is with Victron Connect, but I did not try updating the firmware a third time...

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venus os mppt on night

I have venus os on raspbery and mppt smartsolar. everything worked normally until yesterday. only once in the evening mppt disappeared from the list, but rvm works. in rvm I see it works, but it is not listed in connect. it also turned off the dc output. so be it only overnight. I didn't change anything in the settings...

Marko asked

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How to get PUK code?

I need to change my PIN codes from the defaults but the Connect app wants me to enter the PUK codes which are on the actual devices. The devices are installed in a motorhome and so the labels are not accessible. How else can I get the PUK codes?

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Network Total Power field is way off. Worked correctly the other day.

Right now my three controllers power is adding up to about 700 watts if you view them individually. But the new network power field is very wrong today. I verified all three are networked with green checks. You can see in this screen shot that one panel is putting out 242 watts, but the network field is showing 64 watts total. One of my controllers was showing 64 watts, but the third was over 300w at the time. Total should have been close to 600 watts.


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Can VictronConnect run in background and keep screen active?

I use the graph data displayed in VictronConnect (connected to the BMV-712) on my phone/tablet to monitor trending data for various states of charge and draw. However, this can't be done over any reasonable period of time without the device screen timing out (or having to adjust the screen timeout on the phone/tablet) AND/OR while toggling between other apps.

1) Is there a way to allow VictronConnect to run in the background and collect data so the user doesn't have to re-connect to the BMV-712 when toggling between apps on a phone/tablet? If the VictronConnect app is backgrounded, the app must reconnect to the BMV-712 which resets the graphs.

2) Is there an option to keep the device screen on/active while the VictronConnect app is foregrounded (for example like google maps/streaming apps, etc do). If the screen times out, the app must reconnect to the BMV-712 which resets the graphs.

If the answer is "not possible" to both those, I'd like to file a feature request.


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Hallo, ich habe Victron Blue Smart 12/25 IP67 und finde diese Ansicht nicht

Hallo habe mir gerade für die Versorgung von 2 x Excide 85 Ah Gel Akkus das 25 A Ladegerät für meinen Bus gekauft. Leider finde ich die Übersichtliche Anzeige auf dem iPhone mit der z. B. bei Amazon geworben wird nicht.


Was mache ich falsch oder welche zusätzliche App. muss ich dazu installieren. Die normale Victron App in der sich auch die Demos befinden habe ich installiert und sie funzt auch.

Vielen Dank im Voraus.


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Bluetooth connection problem with Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro and VictronConnect


I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone with Android OS. I am consistently having Bluetooth connection problems. Cuurently I have 4 Lifepo4's and 1 Blue Smart chargers in range. Every time I connect to a device and go back to the main screen of Victron Connect the device I connected last time turns to grey and I cannot connect back to it without turning on and off the flight mode. Is there a permanent solution for that?



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Multiplus 2000 Buzz and Current Draw and fans.

I have a new, out of the box Multiplus 2000, 12V on a test bench setup. Feeding it is 280AH of Lithium @ 13.5V. I start the inverter and it's quiet. I put a load on it via a heat gun and it immediately starts a loud low frequency buzz. The heat gun pulls 70Amps of from the pack measured on the BMS and a DC clamp meter, but Victron Connect shows -43 Amps. All connections are tight and double checked. Wire Gage is correct.

There is also a fan and temperature fault issue. When both fans come on during inverting or charging, they struggle to blow at full speed and emit noise (not wind noise, a fast clicking is the best way to describe it) and the Multiplus eventually goes to temperature fault then shuts down some time after the fault. Before the shutdown, I unplug one fan (top of board, Right Side Fan) and the remaining fan jumps to full speed, as normal, with no clicking sound. I plug the right fan back in and both immdiately go to clicking, slow down and appear to struggle. The fan voltage on the top connector with no load is 8V DC.

Anyone have any ideas?

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