Venus GX-Deleted on VRM

Hi! i have a venus gx that was installed on one site and added on VRM now i have used the same gx on another site ,deleted it on vrm , but when i try to add it again on VRM it says :error the site with the specified VRM portal ID or IMEI could not be found.

I have tried resetting the network setting to factory default it makes no difference, i still cant add the gx on VRM please help

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BetaGen / DSE Integration
I have a BetaGen 7 generator with a DSE 7310 control panel, to be installed in a narrowboat. (See The boat will use Victron batteries and controls.

I see that Fischer Panda have established interfaces with Victron kit, but is the equivalent interface to DSE/Beta generators either available or in development? I am loathed to start developing one myself if this would be duplicating effort.

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Device id changes on venus gx

Hello all,

I have a venus gx and a battery monitor, a smart 100/30 Mppt connected to ports. I also have a gps and smart 100/20 mppt connected to usb port via usb hub. All devices working and communicating properly with venus gx. However, 100/20 gets device id sometimes 288 and sometimes 289. Therefore, I have mixed data on vrm. Do you have any suggestions to correct it or prevent it to happen?

thanks in advance,

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Connecting Venus to Ve-Can MPPT [old Model ] and Pylontech

Good day. My client has 2x150/85 ve-can[ old model] and pylontech batteries.I need to connect with venus. Under the service settings, I use with Can-Bus 1, Can-Bus[ 500kbits/s and it does pick-up the pylontech. Now here is the problem, Can-Bus 2, VE-Can, and Can-Bus 250 Kbits is supposed to work.NO SUCCESS. Please advice.

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Unable to set Venus GX to Two way communication

HAve got my system Venus GX , Multiplus and BMV on the VRM portal but cannot find a menu where I can set the Venus to two way communication in order to update firmware on BMV 702 and to enable Remote cConfigutaion of the Multiplus firmware is version 155 asked
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How to reduce data consumption on VRM

Hello everyone ! I would like to reduce the monthly consumption of data on VRM, I'm using a VENUS GX and a GSM GX. The parameters configured are: auto updates disabled, interval between logs 4h: for this parameter, I have the impression that VRM is updated every 10min despite having set to 4h. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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Can I connect more than one BMS to the Venus GX?

I'm trying to connect 2 batteries from 2 different suppliers

  1. A pylontech battery with a builtin BMS that connects directly to the Venus GX
  2. An additional battery with a separate BMS that can also connect to the Venus GX

Can I connect these 2 batteries (through their individual BMSes) at the same time to the Venus GX?

How does the Venus GX manage 2 BMS inputs?

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capacitance tank monitor

Been looking forever for a way to monitor my captivate tank sensors with Venus but only thing I have found is restive.

Short of anything thing from Victron when SiMarine adds NMEA2000 to PICO and their tank senders do you think I will be able to interface. NMEA2000 is a standard protocol right?

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PV Inverter on AC-Out, connected but not showing up/no AC Load total shown

Solar Edge PV inverter connected to the AC-Output side of my split-phase+parallel Multiplus installation. Monitoring is working, you can see the device pushing updates every couple seconds:



But the AC Loads totals are obviously incorrect, and the inverter is nowhere to be found... There is about 2000W draw on the Loads side:


I've tried rebooting my PV inverter, and VenusGX several times, tried to rediscover the inverter but couldn't really find a way to remove it - or my old inverter. Is it time to reset the VenusGX and start fresh or something like that?


PV Inverter is the newest "CPU" version, 4 that is controlled via SetApp on smartphone, and has no LCD screen or buttons whatsoever.


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VENUS GX WI-FI connection problem


My Venus does not built up the WIFI.

I had the connection 1 time successfully but since then I was not able to find the WIFI again.

I have tried to enable the WIFI (reset for 1sec) and reset to standard settings (reset for 4sec) but the green and red LEDs still shine continuously. (no blinking...)

Does anyone know a way to built up WIFI again?

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Feature Request/Bug Report: Venus GUI Diagram incorrect topology

Hi, I am now using Venus to monitor my system. However, I was surprised to see that the diagram of connected devices is incorrect. I am guessing it was done to try and oversimplify things for beginners?

This is how my system looks right now:


Firstly, this diagram has inconsistently applied design principles. The AC inverter load is not connected to the battery, but rather to a central "busbar", so by that formalism, the DC load also should be.

Secondly, this diagram prevents the system from being accurately represented, for example in the case where the solar system is producing enough power to simultaneously charge both the battery and power the DC load. In that case, this diagram depicts the power going through the battery first, and then to the DC load, which physically wouldn't happen - electrons being moved from the solar charger would literally never pass though the battery.

Would it be possible to correct this diagram? I am being driven mad by this nonphysical depiction. This is how I believe it should look:


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VRM connection of two power systems (12 & 24 Volt)

Hi all, could not find any info on this specifically. We have three (3) battery systems on our sailing catamaran. Engine start (actually 2 sets on a catamaran) 12 Volt crank AGM. 24 V LiPo Victron smart & legacy 12V AGM for some lighting and 12V only consumers (VHF radio, Fusion Amp, mast lighting, computer DC charging ports etc.). The 24V system is fully 'featured' and is connected to VRM by a VenusGX (using hotspots on mobile phone). This works extremely well and am happy. From the legacy side there is a BMV712 and 12/3000 Multi (SW ver 2609413) which I can monitor locally via Victron Connect to 712 but cannot see the Multi in any fashion. (We are a MAC house and no connection via serial port.

As I understand the doco if I try to send two system info via a single GX I will get erroneous info.

Can anyone advise how I can get the older 12/3000 Multi connecting to VRM? In the future if this dies then I will replace with a simpler 24/12 VDC converter for charging the 12V system but not for the moment. It was not thrown out when we upgraded to the 24/5000 Multi.

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Victron Quattro with Fronius primo Software and integration to Venus gx

Hi, First post so please be gentle!

I have a secondhand Victron Quattro with version 19 software and a battery pack. My plan is add a Venus a Fronius Primo (new)and some secondhand panels.

I am trying to set up a zero grid setup (as secondhand parts) Will the quattro communicate (version 19 software) with the Fronius and be able to to run zero export?.

My plan was to use the grid for economy 7 charging and when using more than 4kw limit on the inverter(or batteries flat) I assume that the Venus will show the energy flow in all directions?

Thanks for peoples inputs



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Add SOlaredge PVinverter to VRM

Hi everybody,

I tried everything I could think of to add my solaredge PV inverter to the devicelist in the VRM portal, but without result. The Solaredge would be compatibel with Victron but I don't get it to work. What do I miss.

Today I installed a switch to be sure both the inverter and the Venus are in the same network.

Anyone who can help me??

Kind regards, Henk

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ESS without GX device?

I have a Multiplus a Venus and many other Victron sensors my questions is: Is it possible to used the MK3-USB to control the ESS command "Grid Set Point" on the Venus?If so, Can I avoid using the Venus to set the "grid set point"?

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Wifi adapter "disappeared" from Venus?

For a year, my Venus worked fine through a wifi connection to my network. Sometime while upgrading a few other devices, the wifi connections in the Venus have disappeared. The configuration (Settings/Wi-Fi/Wifi networks) shows "No Wifi adapter connected". I have upgraded the firmware to the latest version.

Note that when it first "disappeared" I was trying various reboots and power offs, and I managed to get the settings to appear briefly, and then they disappeared again. I have not again been successful at getting them back every again

The device is about 2m away, with clear line of sight to the router hotspot.

Any ideas how I should go about fixing this. I use an Ethernet cable, but I do want Wifi to work as I need to move the equipment


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Mobile alarms for venus and multiplus 2

Are there any tips for the best way to get mobile alerts for an installation, particularly for alerting when grid power is lost and the system starts/stops inverting.

I have created an alarm for ve bus status with a 60s threshold but emailing seems erratic.

nickdb asked

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CCGX and Venus GX in the same CAN bus

HI Sirs,

Is it possible to use CCGX and Venus GX in same CAN bus ?

I have CCGX in my system, but my 3rd charge controller is connected via VE direct to USB and there is black outs every now and then. Also I would like to add temperature sensors to my setup.

So, Idea is to add Venus GX and connect 3rd charge controller to Venus via VE Direct. ( = 2 separate GX units)

For this, I guess I need battery info from Pylontech via CAN bus also for Venus GX, right ?

For monitoring I have to monitor these GX devices independently, OR use Grafana for monitor these units at the same time.

Thanks :)

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I'm looking for a simple solution to avoid overcharging the batteries.

The installation in my camper is as follows:

Multiplus Compact 12/800/35 (shore power / 220AC appliances)

SmartSolar MPPT 150/35

PV Array with 3 solar panels serial 174W 12V

Venus GX

Orion TR 24-12V 30A (Engine running 24V)

As I understand from the documentation, ESS may not be configured. When stationary, I want to have the priority to the solar load and then from the grid if necessary and available. I guess that this is the HUB-1 configuration from the Venus GX configuration. When driving, priority solar and then engine.


If I read it correctly the Multiplus will monitor/manage the Bulk/Absorption/Float/Storage algorithm of the MPPT.

The Orion TR smart is configured up to now (before the installation of the Solar PV) that it will start charging with the engine detection running >26V.

My Question: How to configure/wire the Orion to avoid overloading (respecting the SOC/algorithm) the batteries as it will have 2 algorithms to charge, one triggered by MPPT and the other by Orion. eg: when the batteries are full and no consumption, or when batteries are loaded from solar....

Electrical scheme attached below.

And to be complete, firmware running: Venus v2.54; Multiplus v473; MPPT V1.50; BMV (household) V4.03

bearbendum electrical 1.pdf

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Behavior of system in cold weather


I am trying to understand how cold weather will affect the system.

Venus GX
SmartSolar 250/100
BMV-712 Smart
Smart BatteryProtect 48v-100A
2 Pylontech US2000

How will the system behave if cold for the battery to charge or discharge. I assume that the BMS will tell the Venus GX that in turn controls the SmartSolar to stop charging the battery.

So down to my question, will we still be able to run DC loads direct from the SmartSolar that is connected in parallel to the battery (when the sun shines of course) without this conflicting with the battery charge or discharge?

Or will all power from the SmartSolar be stopped?

Mikael asked
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Two GX device on same system, is this possible ?

Hello Sirs,

I can not find the clear answer... Yes or No

I have already CCGX on my system, but I would like to add second GX, Venus GX or Cerbo GX, in order to get more relay functions and also to be able to monitor ambient temperature and Air Con temperature.

I really don't want to remove CCGX out of the system, because its installed next to my setup and it is very handy.

So, is it possible to add second GX device ? :)

Thanks in advance.

Br, Kimmo

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VenusGx - mA draw on USB Port?

Hello Community!

Does any one know how much current can be drawn from the USB Port or the 5V DC Supply of a VenusGX device?

I looked at the specs and docus, but cannot find anything about.

Unfortunately I can not power a RaspberryPi from it :(

best wishes

Bernhard Matschinger

Bernhard Matschinger asked

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Venus GX Modbus TCP forwarding Solaredge PV production?

Hi !

I'm using openWB to charge my EV. Unfortunately the Solaredge PV inverter allows only one concurrent TCP connection.

That means if the GX device is talking to the Solaredge the communication to the openWB is blocked.

But I've seen in the Modbus TCP menu of the (Venus-)GX that there is an entry for the SE PV inverter. I checked so far the documentation of the GX but without success.

Can anybody explain me what this means? May be I can use it to retrieve the production of the SE via the GX device.


Thanks !


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Venus GX - Power Supply

I'm going to buy a VenusGX + ESS installation and now started to read the manual. From what i see there is a power input with wide range of Voltage. So i could simply plug it parallel to the multiplusII (sourced by the 48V battery) or....and this is more my question go directly via 12V power supply from the AC network....(AC in) not out.

Does this also make sense? any disadvantage....

Also, if somebody knows - what is the most efficient voltage to go into the VenusGX....12V, 24V,.....

And what is the required Amps.....i'Ve seen a 3,15A fuse in the cable prepared.....

Kind Regards


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ASS000001000 temperature sensor range

What is the operating range of the ASS000001000 temp sensor for the Venus GX? I am wondering if it can be used to monitor alternator temperature (up to 130° C).

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wire sizing for connecting flow meter to Venus GX


I have purchased a flow meter which can be connected to the Venus GX. Unfortunately this flow meter is around 50m away from the Venus GX. I am aware that the wiring will need to be of a greater diameter due to voltage drop.

Does anyone have an idea what the diameter of the cable should be? From a number of calculators it seems that 1.5m2 cabling is sufficient.


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Venus GX, custom names on tank and temperature sensors?

Is it possible to set custom names on the temperature sensor inputs on the Venus GX? Where now it just says: Generic temperature sensor (1) and (2).


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Connection Polytech US2000/US3000 - VenusGX (RJ45 - Ehternet Kabel?)

i have two differing statements of my dealers. One ment that between US2000/3000 there simply comes a normal Ethernetcable/LAN, the other one ment its specially pinned, some are crossed over.

Can someone tell me what is correct, normal LAN cable or special cable? If so, can i cross an normal LAN cable to make it myself?



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Pylontec UP2500 Venus GX not recognise with Victron Can Bus Cable Type B


As from May 25, Victron has a new firmware 2.54 GX Venus where the new update is for Pylontec UP2500 24V

I have the following installed in May 26, 2020

Venus GX firmware 2.54

MultiPlus 24/5000/120-100 with firmware 473 (connected with VE.Bus)

BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/70 (VE.Direct) with firmware 1.50

I have 2 X UP2500 24V pylontec batteries and i use the Can Bus cable Type B from Victron (yes the cable is correct inside even i tried reverse)

After installing everything it does not show up in my device list, my can bus is set at 500kb and my DVCC is on.

All steps were exactly done how it was told in the Victron website, but I cannot see the batteries in the device list.

Any help and comments are welcome. asked
Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Can't connect to Venus GX

My Venus GX worked before I switched router and local IP-adresses . I can't find my Venus in the DHCP table at my new router and I can't recognize the Venus wifi access point.

Have tried to reset all network settings to factory default by pressing the button between the GND/Tank 3 connections according to the manual section 5.4.2, The led is flashing green about every seceond.

Looking forward to get some help.



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