VRM grid lost alarm will not clear

I labelled my Quattro AC input 1 as ‘shore power’, then set up an alarm rule on my CCGX where all input labels (not available, grid, generator, shore power) were enabled.

When I disconnected my shore power, the CCGX and VRM gave me ‘grid lost’ alarms. I acknowledged the alarm on the CCGX and reconnected shore power but it took a reset to clear the CCGX, and I can’t clear it on the VRM.

I’ve tried deleting the rule and setting up a new one, re-labelling my input as ‘grid’ to see if that’ll clear it - no luck.

Any advice appreciated - would like to clear from the VRM.

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No data on VRM ?

Dear all,

No data on VRM despite successful registration of the CCGX

This is the first time this has happened to me, what could be wrong or what should I do? CCGX firmware 2.66. Ethernet connection and and I tried with another ethernet cable. Please see image below, yet it's connected.


- the power plant works fine. It was commissioned on February 16/2021 and I connected to VRM on April 12/2021 (the house was in the final phase of construction, it had no internet when I commissioned).

- power plant with PV 21kWp, 4 x MPPT 250/100 + 1 x MPPT 100/20_48 + 3 x Quattro 48/5000 + 7 x Pylontech US3000.

Thanks for your help.

Yonas Kiflom


Thank you in advance for your help.

Y. Kiflom

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VRM Dashboard Information

Good Evening.

I am currently busy with a site analyses, on one of my installations . On VRM the Dashboard when working through my consumption figures , i notice something that does not add up. When Viewing a single month for example March 2021 i can see the consumption everyday from the 1st to the 31st . When i am looking on a month to month basis the dates indicate from the first to the 29th , this is the same on all the months , the date's are not until the end of the complete month. Is the information for the month as per the dates indicated or does it actually reflect a complete month.

Regards Johannes Cronje



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IN - OUT frequency difference on VRM


On VRM I see a frequency difference between IN and OUT in advanced view.

Grid is present.

Can this difference be somehow explained?




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LoRaWAN/CCGX Backlog data

I have a CCGX installed on a solar powered vessel in a very remote area. I want to connect a LoRaWAN Module so the CCGX can connect to the VRM when the vessel is docked.

Will the backlog of data, that is logged when the vessel is in remote locations, be sent out when the LoRaWAN connection is re-acquired at docking? The LoRaWAN Module manual says it does not offer this capability, but will the CCGX not automatically transmit this data backlog?

I could use a WiFi connection at berthing but there is large distance from the riverbank to the nearest WiFi router. Therefore a LoRaWAN would be a more reliable option.

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ESS multiplus II 48/5000 Strange behavior. charge/discharges continuously


I have a Multiplus II 48/5000 GX, ESS system Parralel connected with current sensor. Everything is connected on the AC-IN. There are no loads on the AC-out. I have a solar inverter but no current sensor for that. It has a 18 cell LiFePo4 battery with JK-BMS. There is no communication between the BMS and the Victron GX.

Mostly it works fine, but sometimes (not always) when there is not enough solar It has a strange behavior. On my BMS I can see that It switches to charge/discharge continuously within a second. (+10A/-10A). Also you can hear that the inverter is has to work hard. The ventilation is working. The Victron dashboard shows also something weird:

The "mains on" and "inverter on" blinks. The bulk led is orange. But this is a situation that is not possible. It is getting more power from the grid and battery than it needs power for the loads.

The battery percentage is also showing wrong values because of this problem.

When this happens, I can solve it by turn off physically the Multiplus and power it back on. Or, everything goes back to normal when the sun can provide enough solar power to provide the loads and charge the battery.

Could this be an error in my settings?

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Doubt about Victron adapative charging algorithm
I don't understand victronenergy's adaptive algorithm well.
Victronenergy says that the absorption time should be longer with a very discharged battery and shorter with a slightly discharged battery.
But why?
whatever the previous discharge, when the battery reaches the absorption voltage, eg 14.4v, it means that it is at 80% charged.

Case 1: 100 Ah 0% battery, charged with 10 A charger. After 8 hours of bulk, it will be around 80%. And the absorption begins.

Case 2: 100 Ah 60% battery, charged with 10 A charger. After 2 hours of bulk it will be about 80%, so as in case 1. And absorption begins.

Why, according to the victronenergy algorithm, must the absorption of case 1 last 8 hours, while the absorption of case 2 must last 2 hours?
Why,if both batteries are about 80% charged when absorption starts?

According to electrical physics, providing a constant current of 10 amperes, any battery, at any level of discharge, will have the same level of charge when the absorption voltage is reached. That is about 80%.

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Starter battery voltage monitoring with isolated systems

Hi there,

I currently use the aux input on my BMV-712 and the Cerbo GX/VRM to monitor the start battery voltage in my boat. Being an aluminium boat I am making a few changes to the system to ensure that electrical systems are isolated from the hulls and that the start battery system is fully isolated from the house battery system. This means that the aux input on the shunt won't be able to read the start battery voltage any more, as they won't have a common ground.

What other ways can I get the start battery voltage into the cerbo GX and VRM for monitoring purposes?

A little more detail on the system if it helps:

- 2 x 25.6V 200AH Smart Lithium

- BMV-712

- Multiplus 5k

- 4 x MPPT 100/20

- Cerbo GX

- Orion 24/12-70 for running 12V house loads

- Swapping the Orion 12/24-20 for a Orion TR Smart Isolated 12/24-15 for charging the house from the start batteries

If only the Orion TR Smart could do communications over BT or VEDirect this would be easy.

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VRM is not showing energy sent to the grid


I moved my PV inverter from AC input to AC output of my 3F MP-II system.

I could see the energy being fed into the grid, but on the VRM there is a 0.0kWh in the "To Grid" box.

Why is that?






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Data shawn on VRM dashboard cannot be trusted.


9 days ago I asked a question, why VRM dashboard in "historical data" is not showing energy (kWh) sent to grid.


I was hopping that one of the Victron staff members will explain why it is so.

I tried to ask experts, and only one of them @Markus, found time to give his view of this problem.

I am grateful to him for his input but problem is still there, and I see it as a BUG but maybe one of the Victron staff will sell it to me as a feature. since non of them is willing to admit that it is a BUG.



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Agm victron 110ah solar charging absorption time

The article say:

"" "full charge is reached when the current decreases to 3–5 percent of the Ah rating. A battery with high

My new victron 110ah, is daily discharged with 15/ 20% DOD(12.6 open circuit voltage).

After various charging tests with different absorption times, these are the results :

absorb 2A at the ond of 1hr of absorbtion at 14.4v. After, the current drop to 0.8/ 1A at the beginning of floating at 13.8v. And after 4hr of floating decrease at 0.4 A.

If I try to extend the absorption time to 3hr (maximum allowed by my mppt controller), the current does not decrease less than 1.5 / 2 A.
In my opinion it means that it is fully charged with 1 hr of absorption, and with 3 hr I am overcharging it by generating only gas.
Other than that, I measured the open circuit voltage after 24 hours of recharging, and it is 13.14v.
Both with 1 hour of absorption, both With 2 hours of absorption, and with 3 hours of absorption.
What should I do?

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New victron agm battery accurate solar charging parameters
Hello I just bought a victron deep cycle 110 ah agm to replace the old battery after 3 years.
I would like to ask a Victron technician for the correct parameters.
I only use a solar charge with a fully configurable 30A mppt regulator.
Every day the solar energy is more than enuff to charge completely the battery. 
I discharge the battery every night on average about 20 ah.
I would like to know the correct absorption voltage and the correct duration of the absorption for my use (daily discharge of 20 ah).
Currently I have set 14.5v and absorption duration of 120 minutes with temperature compensation of - 4mV / C / cell. Floating 13.7v.
Today for example after the end of the absorption, the battery absorbed 0.8A in floating at 13.7V.
But trying to increase the floating to 14.5v, I saw that it went up to 2.6A. These is strange for me... 
Does that mean it wasn't fully charged? Or is it due to gas generation?
Then disconnecting the solar panel, after an hour the battery was at 13.5v, so it would appear to be fully charged.

The old agm, at the end of absorption, absorbed 0.8a for both 13.7v and 14.5v.
Why these difference on new battery? 
I can see all these parameters on the victronenergy smartshuunt.

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VRM portal & VRM app not working on IOS 9.3.5

On an old iPad 3 (A1416) I cannot login in the VRM portal, not via Safari (no other browsers installed) or via the VRM app (version 2.5.2). The iPad is running on IOS 9.3.5, the latest available version.

When I go to vrm.victronenergy.com no website is loading, I only get a grey background.

When I use the app I can enter my credentials but I get the following error after hitting the Login button. Error! The internet connection appears to be offline. I double checked but the device does have a working internet connection

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New feature request: VRM - custom site names, comments and groups


With ever more sites added to one´s VRM account, it is getting harder to keep in mind to which client/installer etc. a site belongs, as the name of the installation often is made by the final client or the installer who apply their own "naming scheme". One is ending up with many sites in VRM that sometimes do or do not contain the name of the client, the location or a device that is part of the installation ("Multiplus ..."). In other words: a long list of VRM-installations can be messy.

My 3 suggestions are:

1) Add a new personal field for the name of the VRM installation which is only visible to the user who created the VRM installation name, so that he can give this particular installation his own name, besides the "official name" that every user of this installation sees. In the list of VRM-installations that would be a new column, visible only to this user. For example a field called "MyNameForThisInstallation (not visible for others)".

2) Add a new personal field for comments, visible only for this VRM-user of that installation, where for example a dealer or distributor could add internal comments only of interest to them, not for everybody. Field Name: "MyCommentForThisInstallation (not visible for others)"

3) Add the possibility of sub-dividing installations into personal groups, again visible only for the VRM-User who created those (his) groups. An installer could then make groups according to the location (a city), or a client/project that involves several installations, or any other criterion. Allow a VRM-installation to belong to several groups, for example location/area, client/installer/project, year of installation, components used (inverter or battery type) etc.

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Program Color Controller

I have a Quatro System and would like to configure the Color Controller GX to dispose 50% of the battery power at a fixed time. How do I do this??

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native console for Octo GX ?

Hi Community!

What I would like to do is to connect a display or Android tablet or Android mobile phone directly to the Octo GX for accessing it's native console like implemented in the the color control.

What I managed to do:

  • accessing the remote console of the Octo GX via VRM
  • connecting a tablet or mobile phone directly do the Wifi hotspot of the Octo GX and access the web based console directly

So what is the issue then:

  • the locally connected console seems to be nothing else like the remote console on VRM. If I connect via VRM, the local console session disconnects and shows the "Reconnect" Button vice versa.

So what I need:

  • a local display somehow connected to the Octo GX, showing permanently the overal system status, CCGX color console would be sufficient.

Any suggestions?

I hope I didn't miss somthing related in the manuals?

Best regards,


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How to see time left on battery - VRM

Hi all! I've just added my smart shunt to my Venus OS and am looking at the VRM. On the bluetooth app I can see time left on the battery but am unable to find this display on the VRM portal. Does it exist, and if so, where can I find it? TIA!

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Alternator Visual Input GX device. DVCC compensation for alternator charge.

Hi, I am looking for a very visual input for the alternator power source,

I am considering buying an Orion smart charger for the alternator, to have everything compensated and properly measured, but to my surprise DVCC can't include the alternator charge, neither with the "smart" charger that I thought was meant for this use.

Also, In my case, I share the boat with my father (67 y/o) and my brother, and they don't have that big technical knowledge, would be great to be able to see the alternator charge as another "device" in the bubbles graphs, to be easier to see at a glance the alternator charge.

Same applies for VRM Portal.

Victorn has gone very far to make this great products that we love, and can't leave it there, It's just a very little step in the natural direction to integrate this and make the perfect combo.





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VRM 276 Grid lost alarm keeps popping up after clearing

I've installed a Cerbo GX connected to VRM and it gives a 276 Grid Lost alarm about every 8 hour (clearing does not help). There is a Multiplus connected but it is set to "off". I read a lot of threads here and they are talking about this problem occuring in older softwareversions (<2.60) but I've got the problem with the newest version. By the way: the error is NOT visible in remote console....

What to do?


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Compact PV & B2B System

Hi all

I hope this is not an inappropriate question

I'm designing a minimal off grid system for my 1989 LHD T25 1.6TD Westfalia campervan. I will have 2 x 75Ah SLA leisure batteries and 75Amp engine battery. I'll upgrade leisure batteries to LiFePO4 in a year or so. I'll have a single 160 Watt PV panel.

I'll use all Victron kit: MTTP solar controller, B2B charger, Lynx, Shunt and battery disconnect and 230v ac to 12v DC charger. I'll only need 500 Watt inverter to charge ebike, ideally from alternator while moving. I'll use Bluetooth to monitor.

Can you point me to a wiring diagram to help me choose exact model and calculate wiring sizes and fuses.

Any advice or suggestions very welcome.

Many thanks

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Smart Battery Sense data in VRM through MPPT75/10


My setup is Smart Battery Sense with bluetooth connection to MPPT 75/10, which has a VE.Direct USB cable to Raspberry Pi.

The MPPT can see the data from the smart battery sense, and in VRM I can see the MPPT. But I cant see the data from the Smart Battery Sense. Is this normal? I expected that the MPPT would pass on ALL data to the VRM portal.



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Timezone error in VRM

I think there is an error for timezone in VRM.

Auckland is showing as UTC+1 (Auckland is UTC+13 or +12 depending on daylight saving).


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MPPT Load output switching in vrm?

Is it possible to switch on or off the load output of the mppt in vrm or in the remote console?
I would like to use it to switch on or off remotely.

If it's not possible, would it be possible to implement?

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Apple watch app and new VRM app?

Probably not a huge priority for you guys, but could you please make an apple watch app for the VRM app?

I also remember reading about a new vrm app, is this still in the works?

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Incorrect Energy Consumption Reported in VRM

I have a strange situation.

I have been using VRM very successfully for approx 8 months and actually made use of the reported consumption numbers to size the upgrade of my battery pack in order to store sufficient power to get through a night without having to switch to the grid.

This worked very well and with the larger battery I am getting the desired effect however, it seems that when I am not connecting to the grid at all in ESS mode my consumption is not reported correctly it seems to be in the order of 30% of the actual consumption. If I look at the SOC% changes it looks as if I am consuming the expected amount of power during the night but but it seems that in both the "Consumption" tab and the " System Overview" this is not reflected correctly. Interestingly we had a few overcast days not charging battery fully and now I notice that the consumption shown is again much closer to the expected numbers.

Just as an example:

Starting with a SOC of 100% on a 50kWhr battery pack I typically use 40-45% of charge during a normal night taking it down to approx SOC of 60% indicating the use of approx 20kWhr. Looking at the consumption numbers it would indicate the use of 6-7 kWhr during the night however the battery is down to 60% and its SOC correctly reported VRM. During the day it will charge 20kWhr into the battery showing the correct amount of power charged back into the battery.

Now I see that with the overcast days not running from the battery all night the consumption shown is as expected very close to the 20kWhr although part of the night it was using the battery in ESS but not right through.

Any suggestions on why this happens and what is going wrong.
I have a Victron system with 3 MPPT chargers and a 3 phase installation with 3 x 8KVA quattro's all connected to a Victron color control. Battery is a Blue Nova battery with a can bus BMS directly connected to the color control. All individual items communicate correctly with the color control and reported numbers looks correct.

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VRM WEB Portal "widgets"

@mvader (Victron Energy),

Really apreciat all the efort for adding new information on WEB WRM portal, but can we have an option to select what we want to see?

For example me, as an end user I like to keep VRM clean, an I don't need to see information about location or about Battery monitor, basically is same information 2 times. An option that allows us to select "widgets" will be welcomed.

For example a new "widget" that will shows MPPT's individual real time production will be amazing. I have my custom app that show this info on my smart home integration, but on VRM will be a killing feature.

Thanks again for add temp sensor from Cerbo on VRM, we have now our eyes on temps!



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VRM Consumption Calculation Error on a Split Phase System

There seems to be an error in the consumption calculations and historical data in my VRM portal. An inconsistent amount of power, that based on my best guess, is unaccounted for power that has actually been consumed by the "DC Power" system and the overhead of running the inverters. I am not sure if this is due to an error in the VRM programming or in one of the equipment settings somewhere in my system (which is only a month old). My other concern is that the VRM is not taking into account both inverters in this split phase system.

I have a 24V 400Ah LiPO battery bank, which means I have roughly 9.6kWh of energy storage. I am using that as the basis for comparing what is and isn't being accounted for. I have read the VRM FAQ and understand that the "DC Power" that is reported in the live view is a calculated number based on the difference between what the inverters are using/generating, the MPPT is generating, and the amount of energy flowing across the shunt. There is no additional equipment wired between the battery bank and the shunt and I have confirmed with an ammeter that the live reporting of what is actively being consumed by the "DC Power" system and the inverters is accurate.

Here is an example of a 24 hour period in which the SOC is nearly the same at the beginning and end, but there is over 3kWh of produced power that isn't accounted for:


Here is the time during that same 24 hour period in which the batteries were not being charged by the SmartSolar MPPT, and almost 1kWh of consumption is unaccounted for based on the change in SOC:


Here is the time during the 24 hour period in which the SmartSolar MPPT was charging the batteries, and it seems that 1.8kWh of consumption is unaccounted for:


Here are the battery bank settings I currently have programmed in my Lynx Shunt per Battleborn's instructions:


My system equipment and firmware versions are as follows:

8 x Battleborn 12V LiPO batteries (configured as a 24V 400Ah bank)

2 x Victron Multiplus 24/3000/70 (Firmware: 481, VE.Bus version: 2712481)

1 x Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 (Firmware: v3.04)

1 x Victron Orion 24/12-70

2 x Victron Lynx Distributor (used on both sides of shunt)

1 x Victron Lynx Shunt VE.Can (Firmware: v1.08)

1 x Victron Cerbo GX (Firmware: v2.63)

1 x Victron GX Touch 50

Since "DC Power" is not a measured number does that mean it is not reflected at all in the VRM historical data? Is the consumed power recorded in the VRM only the AC power supplied by the inverters? Is it possible to have the total DC power consumed by the entire system be the number recorded in the VRM portal as "Consumption?"

I would greatly appreciate some input from anyone who might be able to help. I know @Teun Lassche (Victron Energy Staff) has recently been answering questions about the VRM Portal.


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BMV-702 gone from displaying in VRM Dashboard

I like the new VRM dashboard it shows very useful info for monitoring away from home. Unfortunately in the last week the BMV-702 info has disappeared despite showing as a widget in the VRM Advanced menu and showing up in the Venus GX menu. It happened when the VictronConnect App upgraded to v5.38 and next time I went to VRM Dashboard it was gone from display. any help to get it back appreciated

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Could Victron do wind too in the future?


Could Victron relatively easily add wind modes for the current crop of MPPT smart controllers?

As companies like Midnite Solar have added useful wind and water modes to their regular solar controllers, I was wondering if Victron might consider doing the same in the near future?

I would assume I am not going to get any clear answers on this, but have been building a regular solar system with Victron mppt controllers and VRM and am very happy with it.
In adding a wind turbine the obvious path would be something that ties into the same system flawlessly. Grateful for any hints ;)

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Upload offline data to VRM

Hi all, I have a system that has been offline for 2 months due to unstable internet. I have an SD card in my CCGX with the data from this time.

Can someone help me find out how to convert and upload this file to the VRM portal?


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