connect BMV 700 by VE.Direct to EasySolar II GX- what more must I do?

I have already the EasySolar II GX and the BMV-700, both up and working but not connected to each other.

However I don't get State of Charge information in the Remote Console or VRM portal. The only place I get SoC is on the BMV-700 display.

Since both the EasySolar II GX and the BMV-700 have VE.Direct ports, I have bought a VE.Direct cable, hoping that if I connect them then I will start to see SoC remotely.

My questions:

1. Must I wait until the EasySolar is shut down before connecting the cable?

2. Once the cable is connected and EasySolar is back running, is there anything I need to do to get the two talking to each other?

3. Will connecting them in fact get me the benefit I am hoping for? Or is there something else I should be doing?



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VE direct to NMEA2000 using a BMV702 and CCGX

Have a VE Direct to NMEA 2000 converter connected to a BMV702 and the NMEA2000 network and I can see the battery voltage and Amps on the NMEA2000 network all is well

Now we have installed a CCGX Fw2.23 and connected the BMV702 via the VE direct port to the CCGX and the correct battery details apear.

Now comes the issue

I then plug the VE direct to NMEA 2000 converter into the CCGX and no data is seen on the NMEA 2000 network

on the CCGX the VE direct to NMEA2000 unit is not seen in the device list

I have tied a secound ve direct to nmea2000 unit just in case I have a faulty one still the same

The targeted result is to see volts and amps on the NMEA 2000 network

has anyone got any suggestions

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Phoenix Inverter 12/375 - Venus OS - show AC Loads

Hello, I am new in the forum and german. so excuse my english. I have a Phoenix Inverter 12/375 with the lastest firmware 1.21 connected via to a venus os 2.65-3 on a raspberry connect to the vrm portal. Both, the portal an the venus shows the loads as a factor of 23 Watt like 23, 46, 69 and so on. Why the loads are not the right value? is that a problem by the firmware or general? Will that be fix in the future?

Thank for an answer and I wish a happy weekend.

Greats from Berlin, Germany Norman

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Phoenix Inverter 12/375 - Venus OS - show AC Loads

Hello, I am new in the forum and german. so excuse my english. I have a Phoenix Inverter 12/375 with the lastest firmware 1.21 connected via to a venus os 2.65-3 on a raspberry connect to the vrm portal. Both, the portal an the venus shows the loads as a factor of 23 Watt like 23, 46, 69 and so on. Why the loads are not the right value? is that a problem by the firmware or general? Will that be fix in the future?

Thank for an answer and I wish a happy weekend.

Greats from Berlin, Germany Norman

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VE.Direct LoRaWAN with Kerlink WMC (Wanesy Management Center) LoRaWAN Network Server

Hi everyone,

We are designing a small portable unit and we have integrated the VE.Direct LoRaWAN – module with the SmartSolar MPPT charge controller in order to monitor remotely our system’s performance.

The system was operating flawlessly with the TTN Network. However, now we have jumped into the Kerlink WMC (Wanesy Management Center) LoRaWAN Network Server and we cannot figure out how to interconnect the VRM Portal with the WMC.

Could you please guide me through the integration procedure?

Thanks in advance


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VE.Direct LoRaWAN module connected to which LoRa Network by default?

To which LoRa Network does a "VE.Direct LoRaWAN module" connect by default? TTN? If yes will the devices out in the field switch to cluster V3 automatically?

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How to turn a MPPT charger off to stop overcharging lithium batteries

With Lithium batteries you need to not keep them full charged for long periods. So you need to disable the solar chargers. There is command in to do this (ID 0x2000 device mode charger off) but the manual says this should only be used for maintenance. If this is true how should you turn the charger off? You could reduce the charge current or voltage.

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Cerbo GX and 702 and Multiplus - confused

I'm more than a bit confused.

I've just installed a Multiplus, Cerbo GX and BVM702. Multiplus is connected to the Cerbo via a VE.Bus cable, 702 to Cerbo via VE.Direct.

The Cerbo Remote Monitor shows that both the MP and BVM exist. They're also shown on VRM.

However, using VictronConnect via either BT or Wifi the only device that shows up is the Cerbo. I don't see the inverter or monitor.

I had *thought* the Cerbo would let me see and configure these devices. I've since been told I need a Mk3 for the MP. Bought it and when it is connected I do have access to the MP in VictronConnect.

But what about the BVM? Why can't I see that in VictronConnect via the Cerbo? How do I configure that short of using it's screen?

At this point the Cerbo is doing far less than I expected. So clearly I was or am confused about what it can do.

Any education greatly appreciated.

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Charge Mgmt - 8 x Smartsolar, GX, BMV, Multiplus

I want to run one charge profile for my Lithium batteries, controlled by both voltage and current fall off.
This means

a) Networking it all together

b) Having a charge profile

Victron seems schitzophenic with their communications protocols. VeDirect, VENet, VEBus, VECan, VE Smart, USB
6 methods. Wow.

So lets assume you have solar with shading. So you want to have one MPPT per panel, to maximise output. That means lots of small controllers. And you want to connect to CerboGX for control.

How would you connect 8 x Smartsolar MPPT in a smaller size to CerboGX?
And once / if you did, you then also need to connect BMV-712 for battery current sense
And also Multiplus II as that charge profile also needs controlling.

The docs for VE.Smart (BT) indicate that the MPPT's will work together, but they are overridden by VE.CAN. Which is not supported by small units.
CerboGX does have BT, but does not support VE.Smart

You can connect VE.Direct to CerboGX via USB adapter, but no info on max qty, or if this will allow control of charge profile

And no discussion in CerboGX of Li charge profile control over Multiplus. Though us hinted in VE.Can info - but Multiplus(ii) doesn't support VE.CAN

Victron - how to make sense of centralised charge profiles for lithium? (Assuming batteries are not VE.Can Victron)
Or - even if they where.

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BMV-702 vedirect not working ?

I tried to connect my BMV-702 to custom GX (raspberry pi) using VE.Direct to USB interface. No device recognozed. I also tried connecting to windows pc where I just get error usb device is not working incorrectly etc. I tried with a all new VE.Direct to USB cable and excatly same behaviour. What could be the problem,

Henning Hendolin asked

0 Answers to USB cable versions

Hi, I want to buy a to USB and I came across two versions. below. Can anyone explain if there is any difference?

- potential future incompatibility?

- which one is the latest version?

Many thanks



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BMV712 to SmartSolar 150/35 VE Direct connection -- Is a cable more reliable than Bluetooth?

When connecting the BMV712 to the SmartSolar 150/35 can I use a VE. Direct cable between the two or do I have to use Bluetooth? And, is the cable more reliable or is the Bluetooth so rock solid that you wouldn't think about using a cable?

I'm using the BMV712 battery temperature reading to cut off charging through the SmartSolar 150/35 in the condition of batteries below 40 deg F, and I want as robust a connection as possible.

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Smartshunt + VE.Direct LoRaWAN are compatible to send SmartShunt data to VRM Portal?

I think to connect a Smartshunt with a VE Direct LoRaWAN, to read remotely the battery State of Charge and other parameters Smartshunt may send to the VRM Portal.

Is this a legitimate, feasible use case supported by Victron? Anybody tested this configuration?

I read VE Direct LoRaWAN manual but I do not see compatibility with the SmartShunt. Thus my questions above.

Below an excerpt form the VE Direct LORaWAN manual:

Product compatibility

This module has one VE.Direct port and is compatible with:

  • All MPPT Solar Charge Controllers which have a VE.Direct Port
  • BMV Battery Monitor 700 series
  • BMV Battery Monitor 712 Smart series
  • Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct models

The module is not compatible with our Peak Power Packs - even though they have a VE.Direct Port.

More information is also available on our website:

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Help / advice needed for new parallel system

Hi, I am trying to design a system for a catamaran,
have the following doubts:


1- 9xMPPT shall be connected via Ve-Direct/USB through USB Hub to Cerbo GX? or can they interconnect in Bluetooth? or just one via ve-direct and the rest within same BT?

2- Shall a smart sense be installed on the LifePo4 Batteries? on engines and generators batteries?

3- on the batteries connected to the phoenix charger, shall i install battery sense?

4- Ve-direct to Phoenix Inverter will make display its data?

5- Lynx 1000 and lynx distribution for quattro or Smart Shunt 1500?

6- smart battery protect 220, can i install 3 in parallel to have a limit of 660?

7- can i install a battery protect between busbar and main switch of each quattro to connect on/off in case of fire, cause the main switch will be difficult to reach?

8- remote panel is need to be connected to BMS in order to control quattro to just charge?

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SmartSolar MPPT 150/70 and BMV 712. Both are BT. Do I need a VE. Direct cable? If so, what does it add to functionality?

I have a new uninstalled BMV712 with BT and SmartSolar MPPT 150/70. I plan to use my phone/BT to see what is going on for charging, capacity, etc.

What purpose would connecting them both via a VE direct cable do? Would I gain any additional information? Do the two devices talk to each other over the VE or is this via Bluetooth?

I.e. should I buy a long VE cable and connect them?

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Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct: 32k or 64k firmware image, which one do I need?


I have a Phoenix Inverter VE.Direct 12V 375VA 230Vac that is suffering from a failed firmware upgrade (at least I believe this is what the blinking LEDs are trying to tell me).

Looking at for firmware flash images, it seems that there is a 32k version and a 64k version for my device (12V 375VA 230Vac). The 32k version would be the one with A211 in the name, the 64k version would be the one with A241 in the filename.

I could not find A211 or A241 anywhere on the inverter. Does anybody have any hints that helps in picking the right firmware image?

Thanks in advance :)

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VE direct usb not recognise by windows 10

I want to connect a Victron Phoenix inverter to my PC via a VE direct USB cable but in the device Manager of Windows 10 , the device is unknow ? How can I solve this problem . What kind of driver must be installed ?

Thanks for your answers

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#10 Alarm system time sync error , #1 device switched off random reboots

For last couple of months my system ( 3 x 5 KVA Quattors in 3 phase with BYD 10 KWH) randomly resets ( all the quartos go offline and come back on)

#10 Alarm system time sync error, #1 device switched off commonly seen.

Initially, I Suspected network cabling so replaced with CAT 7 high-quality cables and cleaned the network sockets with contact cleaning fluid

Also, checked if all DC connections are tight ( they are )

There seems to be no pattern to these switch offs ( observed at 2 am in the night and also during afternoon or evenings ) -

The system works fine for a couple of weeks and in one day I could face one or more restarts with associated error logs

All firmwares are the latest except Quatro which are on V430 ( latest is 464 i believe)


1- Is there a detailed log somewhere indicating which unit is causing the shutdown

2. Should I upgrade quattro firmsware to rule out any other issues

3. Is this the issue of any external EMF affecting the network cabling ( they run parallel to the power cables - not in my opinion as CAT 7 are each pair individually shielded )

Class F channel and Category 7 cable are backward compatible with Class D/Category 5e and Class E/Category 6. Class F features even stricter specifications for crosstalk and system noise than Class E. To achieve this, shielding was added for individual wire pairs and the cable as a whole. Unshielded cables rely on the quality of the twists to protect from EMI. This involves a tight twist and carefully controlled design. Cables with individual shielding per pair such as category 7 rely mostly on the shield and therefore have pairs with longer twists.



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Why are VE Direct to USB cables so expensive?

I'm helping a friend setup a Victron system and paying $30 for a USB cable is painful and a hard sell since we have to buy them for every device to connect it to VenusOS.

Are there any generics of these cables?

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VRM Remote firmware update freezes at status 'Querying VE.Direct devices...'

VRM firmware update freezes at status 'Querying VE.Direct devices...' after succesful update of the first SmartSolar Charger VE.Can 150/70 from v1.06 to v3.02.

There is no error message generated except the warning 'Installation too busy, realtime date link disabled'.

The SmartSolar Chargers VE.Can 150/70 are connected with VE.Direct to Venus GX v2.60

Any suggestions to fix this to update the leftover chargers without using local Bluetooth and without the need of travelling to the site in Corona times?

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Can you read data from Venus GX via VE.Direct to USB interface?

Hi all

does anyone know if it is possible to read data from a Venus GX (or Octo GX) via VE.Direct to USB interface - the same way it is possible to read the data from a MPPT?

And if yes, what would happen if I connected 2 MPPTs to the GX - would it be possible to read the combined data?

Thanks in advance for your help/input

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2 Ve.Can MPPTs 1 Ve.Direct

I have a client with a 150/85 Ve.Can MPPT and 1260w of panels but he wants to add 840w more. Both of which charge the same battery bank. The current 150/85 is connected to a Color Control GX via a Ve.Direct cable. If I add another Ve.Can MPPT and use a RJ45 to connect them in parallel will the Ve.Direct to the GX display the information for both MPPTs?

I know that a RJ45 would of done this to the GX per the manual, but I can't find anywhere if the Ve.Direct will work the same.

Or should I just use the Smart Networking to put the MPPTs in parallel? And if I do that will the Ve.Direct send the info to the GX for both controllers?

The two MPPTs will be on different arrays and have thier own wires. It's just a pain to run another Ve.Direct or RJ45 to the GX, plus it will save the customer on labor cost.

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Can I disable the "remote control" feature of SmartSolar RX pins?

I have two SmartSolar MPPT controllers connected via to a homemade circuit. If my circuit pulls the RX pin to ground, by default the controllers will interpret that as a "remote control off" and disable charging.

Can I change this behavior? on one of the controllers I can set the RX port to control load output, and that works for me because I am not using the load output; but the other one does not give me that option (since it has no load output).

I tried disabling remote control via - through register 0x0202 - but the devices appear to ignore my requests to update that register (they will accept and reply successfully to the command, but the register value does not change).

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VE.Direct Cable connecting Phönix 12/800 and Smart- or BlueSolar MPPT

Hallo PV Friends,

is ist possible to configure two devices via one Bluetooth Connection ?

My idea:

Can i connect my Phönix with my BlueSolar MPPT using the normal simple VE.Direct cable with the effect:

to configure both thru the established Bluetooth Connection from the BlueSolar MPPT ?

Or is it only possible to use a separate USB VE.Direct Cable or Bluetooth Dongle on my Phönix?

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VE.Bus BMS, SmartSolar MPPT Ve.Can and Can verses VE.Direct connection

I have a 2 x SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 150/70 rev2, Smart lithium, MultiPlus, BMS, Cervo, etc, all Victron.

I have not found any clear documentation about the functionality one gets when connecting the SmartSolar MPPT via VE.Can or VE.Direct.

I connected them originally via VE.Can and no screens on the VenusOS would show if the MPPT's where working as a single pair, networked and in sync, or would get BMS Charge Disable signals from the Cerbo.

I have them connected via VE.Direct at the moment, and in the Cerbo there is now a "Networked operation" screen, under each charge controller. However BMS control is still No.

Is there any documentation or guidance that exists about the best protocol to use to connect the controllers and the benefits and features of each.

I really want to know if the BMS Charge Disconnect signal is passed through from VE.Direct to the MPPT's, can they work as a synchronised pair, can they get charge current (non ESS setup) from the Cerbo, etc.

Many Thanks

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Cerbo GX with 4 ve direct connections?


I have a job existing with 3 MPPTs connected with a Cerbo GX and need to add in a shunt.

Reading the online manual for the Cerbo GX it only supports 3 devices due to cpu power limitaions, but my supplier said a 4th one running off the usb to ve direct will work.

The lynx shunt is too exspensive and not practical here. Should I get the depricated vbc shunt or go for the 4th to usb connection?

"The listed maximum on the `Performance` section in above table is the total connected VE.Direct devices such as MPPT Solar Charge controllers. Total means all directly connected devices plus the devices connected over USB. The limit is mostly bound by CPU processing power. Note that there is also a limit to the other type of devices of which often multiple are connected: PV Inverters. Up to three or four three phase inverters can typically be monitored on a CCGX. Higher power CPU devices can monitor more. "

Or am I interpreting this note incorrectly?

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Connect bluetooth dongle and a usb at the same time?


I have a BMV 700 with a Bluetooth dongle. anyone got a methodology to get the data out to a usb as well without pulling plugs every time to swap?

For want of a more elegant solution, I'm thinking a 3 pole changeover switch might do it if I cut the cables? - I'm hazarding a guess the ground could be common.

I use the Bluetooth to check the battery status from the shore. (Boats on a mooring) but I would like the data to go the the onboard signal k server when underway, which I then log in graphana. (I'm not aware you can use the bluetooth to accomplish that but maybe you can)

Thought I would ask, as I don't want to go cutting perfectly good cables up to experiment.


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Very loose (physical) connection between BlueSolar MPPT and VE.Direct cable


I have a BlueSolar Charger MPPT 75/15 in my camper van. I bought an additional VE.Direct to USB cable:


Connecting the cable works and I can read the data from the solar charger on my raspberry. However, the connection between the cable and the solar charger is very loose. Even with the slightest touch, the cable falls out of the plug on the solar charger side. Is this normal? Does anybody else experience this problem? Is there anything I can do?

Thanks a lot!

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VE Direct issue?

I have 2 ve direct 48 volt inverters, 375 and 1200 watt. When they are idle the fans never run. When the temperature is above 55F the area near the on/off switch gets hot. I've solved this issue by placing a 60mm fan blowing into the intake vent...right by the switch. Anybody else put their hand on these, above the switch after they've been on a while...and at idle? Not in power save mode.


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Fixing Damaged VE.Direct to USB Cable

I have a VE.Direct to USB adapter that unfortunately got caught in a cupboard door. The PCB inside looks ok and looks like you could solder back on the 4 USB connections. What I am wondering if anyone knows which one is which? I'll give it a try. What I think is (from left to right) is:





Thanks for any help!



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