Three phase phoenix inverter system with separate batteries

I am designing a 3-phase system with 3 phoenix inverters, with separate batteries for each phase.

I suspect that this might cause a problem with the CAT-5 data cables between the units.

Is this data link galvanically isolated? Is it differential with sufficient common mode rejections? Or would it be necessary to common the battery negatives for it to work?

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Solution for combining eco mode and digital thermostat


Is there a way of combining the eco mode and refrigerators with digital thermostat? I understand from a Facebook-group that mechanical thermostats work, but probably not a digital one.

Cheers Marcus

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Phoenix 12/3000 parallel running individually

Hello people, I have 2 victron Phoenix 12/3000 I recently purchased for my boat. One wasn’t quite enough to handle my cooktop and oven if both running maxed out. I probably could have got by with just one but I like the thaught of redundancy. I’m still not sure if to run them parallel or on seperate ac circuits. If I parallel the units do they both have to be on to operate? Or if I’m not going to be using much power can I just turn the master on and leave the slave off? Just a thought I had and couldn’t find an answer in my reading so far



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Phoenix 12/375 remote switch not working

Just bought a Phoenix 12/375 and want to use my Smart Battery Protect to control the remote switch on the inverter. The inverter is connected directly to the battery and a cable from the SBP output is connected to the left hand terminal of the remote switch.

Do I leave the remote link wire in place or should this be removed?

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Phoenix inverter 24/5000 and VE.Bus to NMEA2000


We have purchased a Phoenix 24/5000 inverter in order to integrate it with our system using a VE.Bus to VE.CAN interface and a VE.CAN to NMEA2000 interface. Is this connection possible as we didn't receive anything in our CAN bus system. In what status we have to put the Remote Switch?

We know this connection is deprecated and we are going to use the VE.Bus to NMEA2000 interface instead.

Thanks in advance.

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3 Phase and/or Parallel with 24/1600 Multiplus and Phoneix Compact


I'm kind of preparing my Vision, and trying to get all the Stuff together that i need.

so Questions popped up for me.

Question 1:

Can i combine the

Plastic-case-Multiplus-1600 <-> Metall-Case-Multiplus-1600 <-> Metall-Case-Phoenix-1600

either in parallel or to a 3 phase combination ?

I know that i have to look up for the "Type "

"All units in one system must be the same type and firmware version, this includes same size, system voltage, and feature set. The type is indicated by the first four digits of the firmware version number. "

So, but how would i know the "Type" before i buy them ? or can i anyway count that no matter what hardware-version i buy i can update them to the same Firmware number.

The Quote does not clearly point out that the same "Type" means it has to be the exact same Product expl. "Phoenix 24-1600"

Its totally clear to me the the different Device have to be the same Woltage and Wattage and all have to own a VE.Bus.

Question 2:

In Case i combine 1 Multiplus with two Phonix in parallel...

...can i use the Charging function on this one single Multiplus in the parallel Combination then ?

greets and Thanks


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Low Battery Alarm Phoenix 24/250 even battery is full


We have in use an inverter Phoenix 24/250.

We continuously get "low voltage alarm" on the App, even so our battery is full. No LED blinking or noise!!! We tried all settings, no chance. It switches off because of low voltage!!!

Thank you,

Keep Safe and Healthy in these disturbing days,

Greetings from Jubail, Saudi Arabia

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Off Grid System for Music Playback

Hi I am a real audiophiliac bitten by the hi-fi bug.

A month ago I lent a Goal Zero Yeti 3000. The Goal Zero is a generator running on batteries. I lent it because I would try to see if there was any improvements in the sound quality running my tube amp and dac off grid. I was using the 230V output but without the charger running.

The sound was much better, but the Yeti 3000 was having some very noisy fans.

So I want to build my own system of some good parts.

When playing I am using around 380w so I figure I could buy a 24V 100Ah LiFePo4 battery and have energy for 4 hours music with a DOD of 50%

I would like to start charging the battery automatic at a given voltages so I don't drain it to much.

So what product(s) should I buy? I have looked at the Phoenix Inverter Smart 24v 230V output, is this the right choice for me?Phoenix Inverter Smart

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New Victron Pheonix 48/3000 inverter - loud hum and lots of glue inside

I just got a new Phoenix 48/3000 smart inverter.

A couple things I'm not too impressed with and want to get a 2nd opinion before contacting the company I bought it off.

The way the main toroid is glued to the components to the side of it is very messy, I'm not sure if this is normal? Has anyone else seen the inside of one of these? See the pictures attached, is this normal?

Also, there's a loud humming sound coming from the toroid when under any load, from 150va up to 2000va, it gets louder as more more loads are connected. Again is this normal?



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unresponsive MULTIPLUS 12-3000

Just got my multiplus installed, completely unresponsive tho, move the [only one switch] switch up and down with no response from the machine. See anything wrong here? battery voltage is good at 13.5v, multi has voltage at its terminals and totally unresponsive..... bought from solar panel store, online dealer in Colorado.

I have ac input and 2 ac outputs wired, haven't introduced any 120, wanted to boot up the system under battery power first.....

Was really looking forward to using this to replace an AIMS inverter charger..... HELP!


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Phoenix Inverter 12/3000 'on' LED flashing and 'overload' lit without load

Any idea of what could cause this error message : 'inverter on' flashing and 'overload' lit. This happens as soon as I switch on the inverter, even with the AC out cables disconnected. If I let the unit disconnected from batteries overnight, I get about 2 minutes of 'inverter on' lit, no overload alarm and then, again without load, I go back to same error status. I have opened up the unit after the problem occurred and visual inspection of all components offers no clue. Connecting other battery gives same problem.
Any lead? Many thanks.

This is a 2012 unit on a sailboat. It has worked fine till now.

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Missing ground from inverter in system (off-grid cabin)
  • Victron MPPT 150/100-TR
  • Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor with shunt
  • Dewalt DXAEPI1000 1000-watt inverter
  • Four 6V 225AH AGM batteries wired as series/parallel to present 12V
  • Four 400W Jinko solar panels in series/parallel
  • Battery cut-off switch
  • 150A circuit breaker
  • Two 20A inline fuses to the PV

I've created an earth ground outside and I've attached it to the marked ground connection on the MPPT, as expected.

When I connect a TP-Link HS300 power strip to the inverter, it does not indicate that there is a system ground. Likewise, if I plug into the inverter an APC brand UPS, it shows a red LED for "system ground fault".

The manual on the Dewalt is shy on earth grounding; I'm guessing that the product is normally used in a car. Normally, the negative on the car is the car's ground... but just not an earth ground.

Any thoughts?

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[Van] - Do I need both Victron Smart Controller AND a Inverter/Charger combo?

I know I need a SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 Charge Controller and an Inverter.

My Q is: do I need the Victron Inverter/Charger combo or just an Inverter?

With appreciation,


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Earth bonding inverter output in a camper installation

I have installed a Phoenix 12|500 inverter into a panel van camper conversion, with the DC input side connected to the 12v leisure battery & earth connection bonded to the metal chassis of the vehicle.

On the output side I am running a fused (3a) 3-pin plug into a two-gang RCD-protected plug socket, providing short circuit protection in the instance of a live fault raising the potential of the chassis to 230v and some poor soul stood on wet earth outside knocking on my door.

However I am left wondering what overcurrent protection there is on the output side. From what I understand in the product manual there is no continuity of earth (chassis) bond from the input to the output side. Ought I make an additional connection to the vehicle chassis on the output side to facilitate overcurrent operation of the 3a fuse in the case of an appliance fault?

Happy to answer queries and share pictures if beneficial. Thanks for helping with my head-scratcher..

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Phoenix 12/375 remote on/off control by Smart Battery Protect

I only occasionally use my inverter and it is connected directly to my battery. I also have a SBP65 which feeds all my other loads. I saw a diagram in the latest SBP manual that shows a connection from the output of the SBP to the left hand side remote control of the inverter. This then allows the SBP to control the inverter.

My question is what size cable should be used for this connection and should it be fused?

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Phoenix Inverter Smart 1600 - do i need a battery protect?

Do in need a physical Battery Protect when connecting a Phoenix Inverter Smart 1600 to a lithium battery?

Can I achieve the same thing with the remote ON/ OFF on the inverter controlled from miniBMS to protect against low voltage?

Can I achieve the same thing using the configurable Low Battery Voltage Cut-Off and re-start settings?

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Lost top cover Phoenix 24/25

Hi folks, a really simple (or maybe not) question. Any idea how I can get a replacement top cover (the one that covers the fan vents) for a Phoenix 24/25 charger. The UK agent wasn't able to help. ta, Graham

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Phoenix Inverter + Venus GX + Pylontech/BYD?

Hello I have a client who wants to purchase a Phoenix 3000 Smart Inverter, they currently have a 48V battery bank. If my client purchases a GX device such as the Venus will they one day be able to upgrade to Pylontech or BYD batteries even though the Phoenix 3000 Smart uses VE.Direct and not VE. Bus like the multiplus?

I found the below link in the community but the answer was about the multiplus not about the Phoenix.

I'm assuming the answer is *no* since the below link says all VE. Bus Inverter *are* compatible.

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Battery Protection for Lithium with REVERSE CURRENT for multi Charger/Inverter

I have an older Phoenix Multi 12V2500VA120A Charger + Inverter in a system that I would like to upgrade to LiFePO4.
Trouble is my batteries have an older BMS without over/under voltage protection and the BP series cannot handle bi-directional current from the charger and to the inverter.

Any recommendations for simple and inexpensive voltage protection system that can integrate with the current hybrid inverter/charger setup?

Bonus points if you can suggest integration of low temperature charge protection as well.


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Phoenix Multi plus 12/3000/120 - not charging

Hi, I have a multi plus installation in a narrow boat charging 4 sealed lead acid domestic batteries, I’ve noticed that the unit is not displaying any charging indicator leds when connected to the shore line in both ‘on’ and ‘charger only’ modes. It has worked in the past at this marina. I’ve followed the trouble shooting in the manual, reset the thermal trip, mega fuse is ok, swapped my shoreline supply to a different source. Next step would seem to be changing the dynamic and weak Ac settings using a laptop. Before I try this, is there something obvious I’ve missed / not thought of as it’s worked in the past. There’s no error lights present and when the unit is selected to ‘charge only’ it appears to self test, all lights flash once, then the green ‘mains on’ light flashes 11 times. On the 11th flash the ‘float’ light illuminates as well for a split second before both then extinguish. The inverter light then illuminates for a second and then extinguishes as the ‘mains on’ led illuminates steady - with no charging indication leds.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Quattro 10kVA switching on and off for no reason

hi All,

I am experiencing the second 10kVA Quattro inverter to malfunction after 3 weeks in service.

The setup: stock standard Pylontech ESS setup with 150/100 MPPT DC Coupled.

The symptoms

The quattro wil turn on for 7 seconds then


it will drop AC OUT power for 12 seconds then the cycle would repeat itself.

The ESS configuration is correct and a copy from other sites.


There are no alarm logs, no notifications and the system worked well for 3 weeks.

I have tried to reupload the configuration with no success.

all Firmware is on the latest release, inverter firmware 474

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No low battery alarm on inverter

Hi there

I have bought a Victron Phoenix 12/500 and having problems with the low battery alarm. My batteries get low and completely die without the alarm being sounded. Do I need turn on the alarm in some way? Going through the manual, there doesn’t seem to be any instructions on how this exactly works.

Any help would be appreciated


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Phoenix Inverter Installation Fan Direction

I am about to fix the inverter to a wooden wall.

First: Unlike the the instructions for the MPPT which says not to attach to wood, so I offset the MPPT 1cm from the wooden wall on a piece of stainless steel. tThere is no such guidance for the 12|1200. So is it OK is fit directly to the wooden wall?

Secondly is the orientation. I'm thinking of mounitng it vertically with the control panel facing up but this would only be optimum for cooling if the fan sucks air throught the unit and so bring cooler air in, rather than sucking air into the unit from the top, which would be warmer. As I have yet to see the fan operate, which way does the air flow?

Thirdy. I have asked before and recieved no answer, even by email. I have the Britsh output but the socket is upside down in that the cable from the plug blocks proper access to the power button. Can I open the unit and turn it around?

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Phoenix Multiplus Error when disconnecting 220V appliance - Overload, Low Battery and Temp error


On our boat we have a Phoenix Multiplus 12/1200/120 which used to work fine. Currently it goes frequently into an error condition when disconnecting a 220V appliance, with three leds switching on on the control unit:


low battery


I tried to diagnose the error as we are on vacation and need the 220 V for our cooking appliance. Initially I assumed it was due to low battery (even though our battery voltage remained stable and the battery monitor indicated 75% load approx.)

Charged our battery pack with the generator, waited for the Phoenix to cool down. Tested the inverter using a small water heater. Current draw 100 Amps at 12 Volts. Ripple measured at the battery peak 300 mv at start of the heater. A pretty constant 260 mv while the water heater was in operation. No errors recorded.

Once the waterheater stopped operating I could hear what sounded like a relay switching a couple of times in the Phoenix Multiplus. The ripple current came down to zero but peaked at about 50 mV and 100 mV while I the Phoenix unit made the switching sound. Subsequently the PHoenix went into the error condition (Overload + low bat + temp).

What surprises me is that the error is generated when the inverter switches off. I had seen it earlier when pulling the plug from an ipad charger for example.

Any advice on what could be the issue?



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Schwankende Stromaufnahme Phoenix Wechselrichter


ich habe einen Phoenix Wechselrichter 12/500 im Einsatz, soweit ganz gut.

Meine Beobachtung ist folgende: Bei gleichbleibender Last, eine einfache 40 W Glühbirne, schwankt die Stromaufnahme aus der Batterie über die ganze Zeit mehr als 1 A auf und ab. Ist dieses Verhalten normal oder liegt bei meinem Gerät ein Defekt vor ?



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Automatically switch on Phoenix 12/500 VE.Direct on recharged battery


is there a way to turn on the Phoenix 12/500 inverter at a defined battery level (or voltage)?

I have a small island system with 240 Wp charging a 55 Ah/12V LiFePo via SmartSolar MPPT 75/12. This is running fine so far, but I often have a fully charged battery with no way to discharge it on the 12 V system (which I use to charge smart devices and notebook computers). So a lot of sun energy is wasted (charger in float mode).

So I installed a Phoenix 12/500 inverter that now runs a fridge most of the time. I also installed an automatic transfer switch, so the fridge gets landline power in case the battery is too low for the inverter. This also works fine.

But now the inverter discharges the battery completely and then it does not turn on again, when the battery is full again. But I would like to switch off at 20% battery level (so I have enough spare for my more efficient 12V system) and automatically turn on at 80% battery level (so the inverter just kicks in, when I risk to run into a 100% full battery)

Is this all possible with the two Victron devices or will I need to read the battery level with an Arduino via from either MPPT or inverter and then switch the inverter manually on and off via the remote control port of the Phoenix?

Thank you very much


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Connect Phoenix Compact 12/2000 to Venus GX

Can I monitor the consumption through the Phoenix Compact 12/2000 inverter with my Venus GX?

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Victron Phoenix Inverter Compact 12/1200 to run 0.8 kW waterpump...


As said in the title, I planed to run 0.8 kW waterpump with a 12/1200 phoenix inverter compact. The pump run "only" about 15s everytime. So, my questions:

1°) Does it suit ?

2°) What kind of battery should I use (some special solar batteries I used are marked: "Initial current = 40Amps)


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How much airflow per watt of inverter load?

As much as I'd love to mount my Phoenix 12/1200 in free air, it just has to be in a compartment. I can add all the fans I like, though. How much is enough?

The Phoenix datasheet quotes its "max" efficiency at 92%, I'm going to be a little pessimistic and figure 85%. If 15% of 1200 watts is turning into heat, that's 180 watts I need to move.

Hey, that's pretty similar to the TDP of an average PC, which is adequately cooled by a pair of 25cfm case fans, so I figure something like 50cfm ought to do it. I'm looking at a fan rated at 62cfm, maybe I only need one of those.

There MUST be a more rigorous way to figure this, but all the formulas I find require you to know things I don't know, like the thermal resistance of my heatsink. (Okay, that's internal to the Phoenix, and anyway, it has its own fans so I'm lost at how to even begin.) Does my cocktail-napkin math sound sane, at least?

Also, since I don't have the unit in-hand yet, does anyone happen to know which side of the Phoenix is its intake and which side is the exhaust? The manual says not to mount it with the fan on top, but I can't tell from the photos which side that even is.

Thanks in advance!

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Phoenix inverter droppin Battery Voltage under load and cuts out

My inverter on board of my boat is connected to a healthy 525 AH battery bank and works fine with low loads connected. However, the moment I use my 1600W espresso machine, it drains the battery banks voltage to 10.3 Volts and starts cutting out. Any idea what could be wrong? There is no other load connected when I am doing this. Thanks a lot. Sonke

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