Phoenix Multiplus charger/inverter compatibility with LiPo batteries
On a recently acquired boat, I would like to replace my six AGM deep cycle 335Ah 6V batteries with three ACES AL12V400HFA-BT LiPo 400 Ah batteries. These batteries have internal battery management, and the following specs (per cell, and there will be three of them):

capacity 100 Ah
Cont. Discharge Current 100A
Peak Discharge Current 350 A
Max charge current 100A
Rec. charge current 10-50A
Nominal Voltage 12.8v
BMS cutoff voltage 10v (internal BMS)
charge end voltage range 14.2 - 14.6v
charge characteristic CC / CV

I would like to know if the following battery charger will work with these batteries:

Shore Power charger/inverter: "Victron Phoenix Multiplus 12v 3000VA 120A VE.Bus Inside”

If not, I would like to know what equipment changes need to be made in order to use the LiPo batteries.




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Is there a Victron Quattro 24/3000/120-50/50 120V

Or is there and where can I find them? Id go with the 48 volt version but that makes it difficult to charge the house bank off the engines as the dc/dc chargers are all 12/12, 12/24, 24/12...

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Battery / inverter recommendation

I am going to be installing an Onan QD5000 into my race truck motorhome but also want to run off batteries whenever possible ie. overnight and whilst on the road travelling (the generator will be great for big loads i.e tools etc when needed but obviously cant be running all the time and while travelling) we will be running 230v appliances (Fridge, TV, led lighting, microwave, combi boiler, charging phones / laptop).

I am looking for recommendations for batteries to look at and how long would i should expect these to last? agm vs lithium - id rather use agm due to costs. (im not sure what my average consumption will be as i haven't finished building the truck yet) and also what sort of recharge time would i get out of the generator to the batteries.

Adding to the above, what inverter would be best suited? and also are there any other related products i will need / will be of value to have.

thanks in advance.

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Can an EasySolar be parallel with EasySolar / MultiPlus / Phoenix / Quatro

Two EasySolars (5kV / 48V) can be configured in parallel.

But is it possible to configure an EasySolar (5kV / 48V) parallel with an MultiPlus, Phoenix or Quatro (of 5kV / 48V)?

I don't know what kind of firmware / chipset these other models have. But it seems a bit redundant to combine 2 EasySolars (to have 2 times the build in MTTP capacity / 2 times a Color Control).

I need more output then one EasySolar can provide.

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Phoenix Smart Charger does not restart after low temperature shutdown

My PSC IP43 charger is setup to stop charging the LiFePO4 battery when temperature drops below 5°C. It uses data from BMV712 via smart network to get battery temp.

The charger did shut down at 4°C as expected. But it does not restart even after heating the battery compartment up to 8°C.

Is this a bug in the charger firmware or did I miss something?


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How efficient is my Victron 12/500 inverter?

Does anyone have a link to a graph or something? :-)

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Inverter/Charger Setup - Moving from VE.Bus BMS to Smart BMS 12/100

Hello! My current setup is using a VE.Bus BMS and my MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80 was configured to that. I remember I had to install an assistant for the VE.Bus BMS. I wonder what I'll need to do now. Should I uninstall the assistant? Do I need to do something at all? Thanks!

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Feature request: kWh consumed counter with reset button

Hi all

It would be nice to have a kWh counter for consumption out of the inverter that I can reset (set to zero) by pressing a button before doing something. Ideally, the counter could subtract a base load (kW) that the user could type in. This feature is different from hourly kWh consumption as my usage would not align with hours.

VRM or CCGX console would be fine.

I want to know the kWh consumed for certain processes like running the washing machine, electric kettle or doing some welding, etc.

Thanks for considering

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Victron Inverter current draw with no load...


I have a Victron 12/500 inverter and have noticed about a 0.85Amp draw without any load. Is that normal?



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Phoenix inverter 24/5000 230v only green LED flashing

Hi, I have an issue with this inverter.

2 times this month.Suddenly, the AC out shuts down. And there is only the green LED "inverter" blinking (with a battery is full). To restart the system I have to turn the system off and on.

MCU Firmware: 2614430

PIN 245020000

Best Regards,


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Phoenix 12/500 surface bulging

My Victron Phoenix 12/500VA (brand new, not yet installed) has suddenly developed a palpable and visible bulge on its front surface (see photo). I can’t find any information on this online. What is this, should I bother installing it or does it need service right away? All advice appreciated!



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Multiplus 24/3000 fan is running 80% of the time while charger is on float

I have recently installed new batteries on my Multiplus 24/3000 and since then the fan is running most of the time, while the mains power is on and the charger is on float (i.e. no heavy charging should be happening). Why could that be? I had very depleted batteries before this and in the 6 months I have been running them the fan would hardly come on when in float mode. Nothing changed in the settings of the multiplus, only changed batteries.

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Phoenix 12/375 ECO mode not working with 150W mixed load

I am having trouble with my Phoenix 12/375 inverter eco-mode even when running the latest version v1.17 software. I am running a 150W load consisting of multiple capacitive and inductive (mainly pond pumps) loads and according to my pluggable power meter running a power factor of 0.98. (I have adjusted the power factor using capacitors in the load to achieve this value for efficiency sake.)

Even with that 150W load the eco-mode does not work. It performs the scan but does not power on the inverter. I have tried adjusting the eco mode search time up to 1.5 seconds long (which does not seem to work at all ie no increase in on time while searching). I have the threshold setting at the lowest value of 15W and have tried increasing it to 25 W but it makes no difference.

Edit update: I forgot to mention that eco mode works fine on that inverter using just a single resistive 140W load (old fashioned PAR-38 globe) but doesn’t with the mixed load described above

Any suggestions on how to get this working would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Phoenix 12/500 ECO mode not working

Hi everyone! I've searched trough the forum and the manual of my Phoenix 12/500 but I can't find the answer to my question. I start to think my Phoenix 12/500 is faulty but perhaps anyone here knows better.

I want to use the ECO mode so it won't drain my battery. I've set the lowest limit possible (15watts) but when I switch on the LED lights (8 bulbs of 4watt = 32watt) then the light won't go on and the inverter keeps switching off like it detected no load.

You can see the light go on for 0.5sec every 3sec (that are the default settings) but they won't stay on. I've played with the interval settings so it checks every 10sec for a load en the check duration is 8sec. This results in the lights to go on for 8sec, and then turn off for 10sec.

During the 8sec, when the lights are on, I can see on the BMV that it draws 32watts. When I add more lights to a total of 48watts the problem remains the same.

Why won't my lights stay on even tho I'm way above the minimum 15watts?

Thank you very much in advance!

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Phoenix 24/250 inverter

Hello, Are the phoenix 24v inverters output either 120 or 230v with a simple adjustment? The description table seem to indicate that. I want a DC 24V to 230VAC NEMA inverter, 180 or 250W would work. I can find plenty of 24v to 120VAC but not 24v to 230VAC.

Any guidance or comments would be much appreciated.


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Multiplus compact displays "low battery" and won't start


I have a 200ah 12v system with a multiplus compact inverter. Recently, my inverter shut off and displays "low battery". I was changing cables (I shut everything off and disconnected the battery) and I think it might be the probable cause.

Problem: it hasn't started back up yet, despite the soc being 100% and voltage not falling below 12.9v. I've given it days and "low battery" still displays on the controller.

Main question: Can I fix the issue without having the MK3 or is this something that I need to fire it back up?

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Phoenix multiplus 12/3000/120 remote ON/OFF

I have a Phoenix Multiplus 12/3000/120. This specific model

is there any way to separately control the charger and inverter for a two signal BMS like on the new models?

thanks for any help.

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Quattro 48/10000 and Phoenix 48/1200

Looking at power for a future electric/series hybrid boat, plan to use a Quattro 48/10000 (plus a 10kVA generator) with 30kWh LiFePO4 battery bank for main propulsion system and 230V supply to mains appliances.

However when the boat is unoccupied and off-grid the Quattro consumes quite a lot of power (60W spec, people have reported up to 100W which is 2.5kWh/day), too much to be recharged from solar and more power than the loads which will be connected.

In this case the 230Vac loads will be relatively low -- freezer, Cerbo GX/Touch 50, wireless router for remote access/control, alarm and so on -- so I'd like to use something like a Phoenix 48/1200 to power these, since zero-load power is only about 10W. I can see two ways of doing this:

1. Connect both to same 230Vac supply and switch between Quattro and Phoenix using Cerbo GX

2. Have separate "always-on" 230Vac supply to just these appliances from Phoenix and just turn Quattro off when not needed

Will option #1 (easiest for wiring) work? Will the Quattro output have to be physically disconnected (switch? contactor?) from the 230Vac when it's turned off or can it be left connected when the Phoenix is turned on? Same question for the Phoenix, left connected or disconnected? Can the Cerbo control the switchover? How big a "dead time" (no power") will there be if changeover is done by enabling/disabling Quattro/Phoenix (can't have both on in parallel) at the same time?

Has anyone tried anything like this before?

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Victron Phoenix inverter 12/3000 stuck in overload

I left the inverter on overnight and in the morning the “overload” LED was solid red. I thought that maybe overnight there was a shortcut. So I disconnected the load (nothing was turned on overnight) and turned it back on. LED still solid red. Is anyone experiencing the same problem? Or a way to reset the unit? Thanks in advance

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I have a poenix 48/1200 inverter. did not shut off at low voltage setting as programmed.

I have a phoenix 48/1200 inverter, it was hooked up to lithium lg chem batteries. The low voltage setting was 38v. The inverter kept draining the batteries to 13.7v. They are now garbage. Why did the inverter continue to discharge the batteries when it was programmed to shut off at 38v?

Is the inverter faulty? Does it need to be replaced I don't want to replace 6.75kw of battery for a second time. This was a costly error. The inverter worked well for 2 years.

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Phoenix Inverter 12/800

The 240V power sockets wired to the Inverter are showing Reverse Polarity when tested. I then swapped over the the L & N wires, but still indicates Reverse Polarity. How do I remove this?

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Can I connect two 24v phoenix 3000vac inverters on single 48v battery bank?

Is it ok to hook 2 inverters each take on (first) 24v and (second) 24v in a 48v battery bank? The two will combine to create a 240v split phase.

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MPPT to inverter without batteries

Hi everybody,

I'm currently searching for a way to power a load of 5A/230V with a few solar panel. According to my calculations, I should buy 4 solar panel of 360Wp, to power the 1150W needed. I want those solar panel to be connected to a MPPT and an inverter without any batteries between those two. The installation is completely PLC-controled and I want to power my load only when the sun shines. I will have a contactor to connect my load and my solar panel together.

Is it possible to connect my solar panels to an MPPT and in an inverter without batteries between ? I' do not have any acces to the electrical-grid.

Thanks for reading me,

Granville. A.

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Phoenix inverter 24/3000 230v overload LED flashing with no load then shuts down

Hi, thanks for letting me join your community. Apologies that my first post is a problem question, but hopefully as I learn more about these devices I will be able to contribute something as well!

I recently purchased a used Phoenix 24/3000 inverter with the following identification information:





MCU Firmware 1812144

PCB 010021

PIN 24/3000



It worked perfectly for the first two weeks, but now it has developed a fault where it will not power-up. I have not overloaded it (max load has been around 1000w and fan was heard cycling normally).

The symptoms are that immediately after switching on (even with output terminals disconnected) it does one of the following:

  1. Produces correct output voltage for about 4-8 seconds with green LED on and overload LED flashing, then shuts down with only the ‘Overload’ LED is lit solid.
  2. Does not power up at all and only the ‘Overload’ LED is lit solid.

I’ve checked all the obvious things like battery connections and voltage at busbars, tightness of all nuts/bolts in the DC bus, re-seated all internal connections between circuit boards, looked for any obvious internal damage or signs of overheated components on the PCBs. There is no evidence of thermal stress on the PCBs or transformers, no corrosion or any other damage.

There are no unusual noises, just the usual quiet hum of the transformers until it shuts down.

I was hoping to get some useful diagnostic information via the RS485 port and Victron software as I have a generic RS485 to USB converter, but I cannot find the pinout for the connector on the control PCB, nor the baud rate used by this device.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Blue power control shows "check device" or “switched off” instead of "charger", "inverter” or "switched off"

I am using a Victron Blue Power Control to operate an Easyplus Compact 12/1600/70. On the Blue power control screen the EasyPlus was automatically (years ago) named "PHOENIX MULTI". I could normally toggle between charger, inverter or (when switched off:) switched off. All I see now is CHECK DEVICE or SWITCHED OFF. Fortunately the charger and inverter are still working properly with the check device message shown. What to do to solve this?

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Multiplus not charging after battery wired backwards

I am having a lot of problems after someone mistakenly wired 2 of 8 batteries the wrong way.

How can I go about diagnosing if the Multiplus unit is destroyed, can be repaired or needs to be replaced? The batteries are no longer charging via 110 and the inverter does not function, however the inverter may not be working simply because it's not charging enough. Currently, as far as I can tell a connected windgenerator is, in fact, charging the batteries, although obviously not completely. At this time, the "charger" light on the face of the panel is blinking. The Digital Multi Control indicates "mains on" and "float" are lit.

Specs are:

Multiplus Compact 12 volt | 2000va | 80amp

8 Lifeline AGM batteries GPL-4CT, 6 Volt in (2 banks of 4 batteries each)

There are two labels inside the unit, although I do not know which one indicates the model number





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What is the max Amps I can charge my 300Ah LifePo4 bank and can I use 2+ chargers?

I have a bank of 3 x 100Ah Victron Lifepo4's all connected with a shunt, a BMS, bmv 712 and a battery protect 12/65 for charge protect. Atm I have the victron 10A and 30A chargers connected via the BP12\65 in parallel to (hopefully) get 40A of charge.

I am looking at swapping the 2 chargers for the new Phoenix 50A charger but was wondering what the max Amps was that I can charge my back with and if there was any risk in leaving the 10A charger connected to give 60A?

Does 2 chargers mess with the Bulk, Abs, Float cycle? I presume not as most of us have solar with MPPT too which is similar?

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Charging expensive Li-Ion Bike batteries in a safe way via Victron inverter while riding

I just bought 2 E-bikes with a Bosch Performance motor 65 Nm, a 500Ah Bosch battery and a 4A Bosch charger.

I want to charge the batteries with the Bosch charger 36V-4A / 230V-1,5A inside the camper while driving.

For this I want to connect the Bosch chargers to the 220 V Schuko output of a Victron Phoenix 12V / 500Watt pure sine wave inverter.

Which gets its energy from the Victron 130 Ah Gel Deep Cycle battery on-board battery. This battery is powered by the alternator of the Fiat engine from 2012 and by 2 solar panels of 120 Watt each via a Victron Bluesolar MPPT 75 V / 15 A charge controller.

My question: is this a safe way of charging the expensive Li-Ion Bike batteries?

And are there in this charging configuration things ready for improvement ? Or does anyone foresee other problems?

PS. Another question is which of these 2 configurations is better or safer?

Victron Deep Cycle Gel accu 12V/130AH

Victron Bluesolar MPPT 75V/15A

Victron Phoenix omvormer 12V/500Watt

Victron Deep Cycle Gel accu 12V/165AH

Victron Bluesolar MPPT 75V/15A

Victron Phoenix omvormer 12V/800Watt

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Gateway for Phoenix to communicate of CAN with Orion BMS

I'm looking for experience around controlling Victron inverters over CANBUS. I was told by Orion that their Jr BMS could shut down discharge to protect my battery over CAN, but would likely need some sort of gateway.

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