When is the Multiplus II 12V released?

Should we expect a multiplus II for 12V installations??

I'll need a multiplus for may, and I don't want to be buying old specs

(As I did buying. color control in November instead of the new Cerbo).

Il need the 3000VA version,

Also (it is for a boat) that currently has an old charger that I want to replace, and does have three outputs, the multiplus may have up to 2 outputs, right? I can always solve this with a cyrix

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Multiplus II failure due to lizard

Hi Victron staff and community,

I live in rural Central Queensland, Australia. This morning I woke up to find no power. The red light was showing solid on the Multiplus II. I turned off power, isolated the inverter and decided to remove the front cover to see if anything obvious had happened.

So I found, a ghecko (mini lizard) had thrown himself across the transformer secondary tracks on the top of the main PCB. (see photo).

It seems the ventilation holes at the top of the enclosure are quite large and I believe that is the only way he could have got in.

I spoke to my Victron distributor this morning and we established this is not a warranty issue and apparently I'm up for a lot of $$$s for repair. (the main board is quite severely burnt).

The point of my post is to make Victron staff and others aware of what can happen in some parts of the world due to small critters.

I believe a suitable remedy would be to place and secure a fine mesh above the ventilation slot at the top of the enclosure, probably a $5 fix. Well worth it to save a $1700 inverter.

Other than that, I am very impressed with Victron equipment integration and operation, totally gutted at a bit of bad luck and looking forward to getting the unit fixed and back up and running.


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ESS - Multiplus2 - not discharging battery

Hi All,

This system has been running for just under 1year and has been working just fine.

I have multpilus2 3000/35 grid tied(UK) + ET112 (grid meter) + Cerbo GX(got one of the first one :) ) + self built Batrium BMS Lithium (8KWH) Battery Storage via CAN-BUS + 4kw PV AC on AC1 in (growatt) so no connection to GX

During winter I've left it on Battery optimised with battery life so the battery didnt cycle much if at all, mostly it stayed at 80% SOC

I decided to add the AC Current sensor - single phase - max 40A - CSE000100000 on the AC in side to data log the Solar in VRM portal as I have always missed having this extra data

The Multiplus2 is on FW 470

Cerbo was on 2.58 but decided to upgrade to 2.60 recently - not sure if this impacted the issue i will detailed below

ESS assistant is installed and was the only assistant installed.

Node RED is connected to the GX but isnt used currently and is shut down but works

So to add the AC current sensor I researched as always the correct method and set the DipSwitches all correctly and wired it into Aux 1, I used VRM portal to download and add the assistant via VEConfig3. I got the message that ESS assistant was not upto date and this is where things might have gone weird. I didnt realise that i should right click the assistant and upgrade, instead i removed the assistant and re added it using the same setting, making sure before i removed it to review and note down the settings used. Adding now both the new ESS and AC current sensor setting and exit and saving the file.

Uploading it through the VRM process is proceed to flash it to the Multiplu2. it ended with an error which i didnt note down but it was along the line of error writing assistant config (sorry cant remember it excatly)

I checked everything and saw I now had the PV Inverter box on the GX console but it was on AC out, so I downloaded the config again and swapped in the assistant to AC in and re uploaded it this time no issues or errors.

The PV inverter now correctly showing on AC in, I left it to do its thing for 24h and saw it was then during the night showing 0W on the PV inverter

As I have now recently upgrade to the Agile Tariff on Octopus energy I wanted to ready the setup to be able to charge the batter during the night and discharge during the peak times of 4-7:30 PM (this has always been the big plan but you know covid and all that....

So now I set about ESS and and moving from the option Optimised (with battery life) to optimised (with out battery life)

But no discharging of the battery is happening and im not sure why.

What I have tried so far.

using VRM i downloaded the config of the multiplus2 and removed all assistants and re uploading, then download again and re add the assistants - no change

using mk3-usb connect VEConfig3 to connect and remove all assistants and send data, i got a msg asking as ther eare no assistants to remove the config stored on the multiplus2 I said yes. I then re added the assistants and send the config. no errors or issues. - still no change though no batter discharge.

using the GX console - redetect the multiplus and reset - no change still no discharge

I have removed the AC current assistant - no change still no discharging

I have noticed that the GX device is keeping the ESS settings so I can see its keeps the config some how and knows the battery life state it was previously using.

I’ve tried rolling back to GX ver 2.58 but this didnt help - no change still no discharging.

I've tried fully charging the battery with keep battery charged and switching back to optimised with and with out battery life and can see its dropped the min soc to 75% - no change still no discharging.


typically the sun has come out now and i've got a full battery and no where to store it :) so I know it wont discharge now as its exporting.....but trust me it doesnt and i will later upload a new pic showing it importing with out using the battery to invert back to Ac in 1

If I set the switch position to inverting only it inverts to the critical loads with out issue. this does seem to surgest it wont invert to Ac in anymore...not sure if this is key...I rember previously this setting still inverted to AC in 1 but it was a while ago i tried this setting as its not often used if at all in this setup.

no Schedule charging is set enabled

ESS config is as below:



Grid feed in is below


If I set with battery life i show the follwoing:


If I disconnect the GX from the MultiPlus2 even at night it wants to charge the battery, not sure i remember it doing this previously.

So somthing is up and im not sure how to fix this one.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long read :)



Turning the oven on shows it doesnt want to invert back to Ac in 1


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Multiplus II shuts down about 60 seconds after grid failure

The behavior is described here https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/40800/multiplus-ii-shuts-down-on-grid-failure.html but the cause is the version of the ESS-Assistant

My configuration:

Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50; Firmware 470

VENUS GX; Firmware v2.60

3 x Pylontech US3000C

The shutdown occurs when I configure with ESS-Assistant version 017A. If I configure with ESS-Assistant 0174 no problem whatsoever.

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Victron ESS + ET112 = slow response


Recently I've installed ET112 grid meter on my system (which was using CT sensor previously) and I've noticed that the Multi is very slow on response to load. Currently my system looks like this:


The grid set point is set to -10W. The multi needs a good 15-18 seconds to stabilize after large load kicks in and another approx 15s to stabilize after load drops off. Check the video from VenusGX (the load is switched on at about 16s of the clip and switched of at 43s of the clip):

Is that how it should be? The difference in the load is just about 1.4kW, why is it taking so long to handle that?

Previously I was using CT Sensor extended with Cat5e cable to over 25m long, the system looked like this:


The response to load was pretty much instant. I've recorder video using the same load as on the previous one (load switched on at about 10s and switched off at 23s of the video):

The system need seconds to stabilize

Also you can see a clear difference on the Grid use graph from VRM portal:



As you can see, with CT sensor the system is very close to grid set point, with ET112 grid meter it is way off and hardly ever stay close to set point. The situation is even worst during cloudy day when PV power is fluctuating (you cen see it on my other youtube video).

Is it normal behavior? It looks like Multi can handle this load easily, the problem seems to be in the feedback from the grid meter (or algorithm when ET112 is in use). Is there anything I can do to improve this reaction time??? Please advice.

Kind Regards

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Victron Multiplus 2 48/5000 question about Mppt and batterie


I'm planning right now a Solar System as a island with power suport from the grid with following components

Victron Multipluss II 48/5000

MPPT Victron 150/100 MC4

Solarmodul 15 pieces Trina Solar 375WP MONO Halbzelle TSM-DE06M.08 (II)

3 rows 5 parallel connected

VENUS GX Raspberry Basis

EM24 Energy Meter DIN.AV.3.X.IS.X

at first is the 150/100 Mppt the right size for the Solar-panels !?

can i run the system at first to start without a batterie backup

Bye Andre

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MultiPlus II overload on grid failure

I have a MuliPlus II 5kVA 48V which I installed to mitigate regular load shedding. The system has been idle for about 6 months after which it has had a trial by fire of about 20 events in the course of 2 weeks. It handled everything great except for on 2 occasions where the MultiPlus tripped and reported an overload as the grid failed. In both cases the load was minimal at the time of the trip +- 200W. In both cases I reset the system and reconnected the exact same load and the system came up fine.

Can anyone explain how this can happen? Is it possible for the grid itself to cause something that is reported as overload condition?

A portion of the cable run that feeds the Multiplus power from the grid shares a conduit with the cables that return power to the house. Could this be an issue (ie an induced eddy current)?

Thank you.

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Multiplus II discharging battery under min. SOC

Hi !

My Multiplus II sometimes discharges the battery with 4W or 9W when min. SOC has been reached. It switches between 0W, 4W and 9W in undefinable minutes, or even hours. I´ve set the min. SOC to 15 % .

As I looked into the system after about 12 hours later, the battery has been discharged to 11 %.
I don´t know if it would go under 10 %, because system started to charge at 11% at morning.

I´ve installed the system just a few days ago, so I don´t have much experience with it so far.

Does anyone face the same issue ? Did I set somehing wrong in the setup ?

System is running in ESS optimized mode without battery life, no scheduled charging.

1xMultiplus-II 3000
Venus GX
2x Pylontech US2000 4,8kWh
AC coupled PV-Inverter Fronius IGTL 4.0 connected to AC-in



Thanks in advance for your help !



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2 Multiplus II mit jeweils eigener Batterie in einem System? / 2Multiplus with own battery each in a system


mein bisheriges System:

1 Multiplus II 48/3000 mit AGM-Batterie auf Phase 3 Einspeiseseitig mit Gavazzi Meter sowie Venus GX und 2x Fronius Galvo 2,5 1x Phase 3, 1x Phase 2, Konfiguriert auf Nulleinspeisung.

Nun habe ich noch eine Nickel Eisen Cadmium Batteriebank 48V/280Ah hier stehen. Diese würde ich gerne mit einem weiteren Multiplus in das System mit einbinden (Einspeiseseitig leider nicht möglich, muss in einem Verbrauchszweig erfolgen)

Hat jemand eine Idee wie man das ganze Sinnvoll gestalten könnte?






my system up to now:

1 Multiplus II 48/3000 with AGM-Battery at feeding point phase 3 with Gavazzi Meter (3phases) and Venus GX and 2x Fronius Galvo 2,5 1x Phase 3, 1x Phase 2, zero feed in is configured.

I have another battery (Edison with Cd type) 48V&280Ah which i want to adapt with another multiplus to the system (not at the feeding point)

Any idea for this problem?

Thanks a lot!



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ESS: Can Pylontech batteries limit inverter output during day when SOC 100% and loads run off solar?

The site has a 7200w solar array.

20 x 360w solar panels

250|100 MPPT


2 x 5kva MultiPlus II inverters in parallel.

3 x US3000 PylonTech (under Victron recommendations)

It is an ESS system. (Optimized with Battery life)

after SOC is 100% , when consumption goes >2500w in the day, the panels don't cover the consumption. Can this be because of the continuous discharge rating of the Pylontech batteries? or is this not the issue?




@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) @Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff) @mvader (Victron Energy)

Can you help, been struggling to find the solution to this problem.

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Multiplus 2 new install help wit a few issues

Good Morning Guys

I have recently installed a Multiplus ii 5Kva with a Dyness 3.6kwh battery pack to help with critical load during load shedding.

I have also installed a Victron MPPT Charge Controller (older version) 150/70 with just 2 Art solar 370 panels for now to test.

I also have a Colour control installed.

My issues are:

Inverter is on Sustain/ passthrough and does not kick in for load shedding?

I managed to make up the cable for the Battery pack and found it in CC but after changing to 500kb bus the older Charge controller looses connections it prefers 250kb what do i do here?

Friday in Durban we had a major storm and my network switches blew, after this the CCGX ethernet port is offline, normal functionality is working etc just no remote support, one new error i see is data corrupt. any ideas what is going on here?

I didnt have a Victron guru to program it for me as yet as install was done in late Dec, my electrician still has some work to do in separating loads etc.

Can someone in Durban be able to come out and have a look for me help with my issues etc?

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3-Phase MultiPlus II ESS System with an additional MultiPlus II for battery charging

Dear Victron Fellows,

I have the following use case for two almost identical installations:

On the already existing 3-Phase ESS installation using MultiPlus II Devices, the battery should be charged in case of a grid failure and in time of insufficient PV power.

The installation already has the following devices:

  • 3-Phase ESS installation using 3 MultiPlus II 48/3000 operating in parallel to the public grid (230V)
  • 3-Phase Fronius AC PV converter connected at the critical loads AC Output of the Multis and controlled by frequency shifting (MG50)
  • CCGX
  • BYD B-Box 10.0 connected by VE.CAN to the CCGX
  • MPPT Solar Charger connected by VE.direct to the CCGX

A single phase 5kVA 230V Diesel inverter is available. It should be used to provide the power for the charger.

Is it possible to charge the battery using an additional MultiPlus II connected to the CCGX?

Can the Multi be connected to the CCGX and does it receive the relevant battery information BYD BMS information (DVCC)?

According to the following question it should be possible. And that is what I would expect and I think is the reason of DVCC.

Asking my dealer to verify the answer he told me that it is not be possible to connect the additional Multi to the existing CCGX, because the additional multi would need its own controller and needs to operate independent from the ESS system.

He suggested to connect the Multi by the relays (LINK). This would not be an preferred option for me because I would expect the charging process to be more optimal if it is controlled by the batteries BMS.

If the additional Multi can not be connected to the CCGX, would it be possible to add another Venus device and connect the CAN Bus to this device for retrieving the BMS information?

Best regards,


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Multiplus II 48 v 5000kva / 70 shuts down - Overloads with weak grid

We have been having problems with an Inverter shutting down every few days since installation, we have updated the Firmware on GX, Solar Charger, the Inverter and the BYD battery but still it continues.

The Grid voltage is erratic which is why we installed this system so that we could have a reliable supply, but it has been anything but reliable and the client is becoming concerned.

There is no one at the property so the battery is running between 90% - 100% all the time but I have noticed that the Victron system is reporting Overload and low battery with around only 40w – 75w load on the system, the batteries do not trip off and only requires the Inverter to be switched off and on again to get it to start working again which will sometimes run for a week or two without problems.

I have increased the Grid disconnect voltage so that the voltage does not drop to far before the Inverter takes over the supply, I have also tried adding Capacitors to the DC side to smooth the DC voltage to try that but that did not improve the running either.

I need to know is this just a problem with the Multiplus II or would the older Multiplus also do this?

Is it possible for Victron to login to look at this system?

Multiplus II 48 v 5000 KVA

BYD 14.5 kwh Lithium Battery

Smart Solar 150/70

GX running ESS

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MultiPlus II: dynamic load cut-off voltage


is there a setting for a "dynamic load cut-off" in the MultiPlus II? I'm using a 24V system (with lead acid batteries) and i've set the cut-off voltage of the inverter to 22.4V (via the MK3 interface). This is working good, but i'm looking for a setting, wich "calculate" the cut-off voltage under a load condition.

For example, if i there is a 2kW load, the battery voltage will drop down to 21V (but that is ok, because there is a load). The inverter should not cut-off this load. But with my current settings, the inverter cut-off the load under 22.4V...

Could you please give me a hint? Or is this not possible with the MultiPlus II?



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Multiplus 2 - Under Voltage Ride Through

Does anyone know if the Multiplus 2 is UVRT compliant for use in South Australia under their new inverter requirements?

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Help look over Multiplus 2 schematic - Reward

Hello everyone,

I need someone, who is very experienced with the Multiplus2, PVs, lithium Ion battery and Grid Connection, to look over my schematic in a zoom Meeting. I will give you 10€ as reward. Someone, who speaks german would be good. Contact:casosa1@outlook.de

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[Solved] Honda eu10i not syncing to multiplus (revised: no generator syncing)


I have hooked up a new Honda eu10i generator to an EasySolar 3000. The CCGX identifies the generator is there, but will not accept any charge. It attempts to sync with a click, but disconnects instantly. Current limit is set to 5A, but it doesn't even get that far to load the generator.


I have tried all of the settings in the generator faq; weak ac, UPS disabled, etc.. but have not had any luck.

Current non working config is attached;


Any help would be great!



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Can Multiplus share ground and neutral of 50 amp service with leg that goes straight to panel

I’d like to be able to utilize 100 amps of power (50 on each leg) when plugged into 50 amp service. 1 leg will feed through multiplus and power half the panel. The other leg will feed directly to other half of panel. Can I simply splice off of neutral and ground coming into RV from 50 amp service and route 1 neutral/ground pair to multiplus with line 1, and the other neutral/ground pair to panel with line 2? Thanks!

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Multiplus 2, load the Battery function not needed

Hello everyone,

we are using a Multiplus 2. In our case it should only invert the power from the battery and take power from the grid, if necessary. It is main task is not to load the Battery! In order to load the battery, we use a PV. I could not find anything about turning off the Load function. Please help

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Cannot connect to multiplus 2 GX


I cannot connect to my GX, it’s completely disappeared.

I had the VictronConnect app, and accidentally turned off a connect option- has this turned off the GX?

I don’t have a cable to connect to laptop.

How do I connect/switch it back on?

NB- it does not show up as local network at all anymore.

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Multiplus 38/3000 startet nicht mehr nachdem die Batterien entladen waren

Nachdem die Batterien entladen waren hat der Multiplus abgeschaltet. Der Multiplus wird über einen MMPT Laderegler der PV Anlage gespeist. Er fing nach kurzer Zeit an sich an und direkt wieder abzuschalten. Irgendwann war der Mutliplus ganz aus und lies sich nicht mehr starten, obwohl mittlerweile wieder die volle Batterieapannung anliegt. Gibt es im Gerät eine interne Sicherung?

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MULTIPLUS II - AC1out & AC2out

Hello All,

Question ONE

Please assist me in an answer regarding the two AC outputs on the Multiplus II

I cannot find a definitive answer to my question

An installation would have a Multiplus II, PV, SmartSolar controller and Grid connection

This is the way I understand it:


AC1 supplies critical loads. These critical loads will be supplied by:

a. PV

b. Battery

c. Grid

... and irrespective of Grid being live or not (ie no break) unless there is no PV and battery has discharged.


AC2 supplies NON critical loads

AC2 is disconnected should the Grid fail

AC2 WILL supply loads from PV should PV be present, alternatively, from the Grid

AC2 WILL NOT supply loads from Battery

Please assist me and also point me to literature on this. Possibly I have not searched well enough.

Question TWO

The maximum throughput current on a Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50 is 50A

Is the 50A SPLIT between AC1 and AC2

or is it balanced to a maximum of 50A

eg: AC1 30A and AC2 20A - To get to a maximum of 50A

Many thanks in anticipation

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MPPT 150/60 + multiplus II GX 5000 : not charging suddenly while switching to absorption mode

Good afternoon,

I wish people reading an happy new hear, wishing you all the best, sunny days and success in your projects.

Since 11:52 am my solar installation stopped charging my batteries.

I checked remotly my installation as I wasn't at home and I noticed the PV charger was missing on the VRM online display.

My batteries stopped charging at 11:52 exactly when the installation switched from bulk to absoprtion mode.

before I had this view :


since this morning I have that one : chargeur PV is missing


when I look the graphs : the PV yield stops at 11:51 this morning


It matches with the end of bulk step and begin of absorption step


When I came back home (at night), I noticed the bulk led of the MPPT is blinking in blue on every 4 seconds


I check the PV field fuses, I even removed them all , i tryed to re search the MPPT charge controller via multiplus interface, and restarted the software in the multiplus interface. I also removed and plugged again the ve direct cable from multiplus and from MPPt solar charger... nothing managed to find again the standard display.

Note my intallation is around 7 months old, it works fine until today while I was away from home...

I am very afraid to kill my batteries.

What do you think I can do to solve this issue?

2 months ago, I changed my internet provider box, since then I cannot manage to get Lan connection, I only managed to setup wifi connection between multiplus and internet box. When I plug the cable the IP connection is on and off every seconds (when I do ping muliplus.IP. adress -t, I get 5 times ok, then 10 times tiemout, then 1 time ok, then 5 times out... not sure there is a link but maybe the communication interface has a failure and finished its life at 11:52.

Thank you again for your support : I am looking for a solution even to protect my batteries if I need to buy a need charge controller ( how can I charge them and switch off the installation until I receive the new MPPT charger) or a better solution : manage to recover the MPPT solar charger function.

Thank you for reading,


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ESS 3 phase 3 with external control, one phase sometimes ignores setpoint

I might repeat myself but i am scratching my head and the problem is not solved.
My ESS is 3 phase, with Multiplus-II 5000 on firmware 474, Venus on 2.60. I use external control.

Sometimes one of the Multiplus units on one phase apparently decides to ignore the setpoints and starts doing odd things .. with the result being a wild ride between feed-in and consumption.

The situation resolves after some time, but that can take an hour or so. The other multiplus'es follow the instructions without issue.


this is the problematic phase only, SP is setpoint.
The overview of all 3 phases for a longer interval is here:


you can see that normally the inverter follows the instructions well ..

Any advice appreciated.


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Multiplus-II ESS with Genset and ATS

I've got a Multiplus II 48/5000, and am planning to install a second Multi, with capacity to bring all of the loads onto the ESS. At the same time, finishing installing a 1500rpm generator that is connected via an automatic transfer switch with the grid connection.

My objective is to use the ESS as a buffer for when the AC loads exceed the capacity of the grid, and then switch to the generator. This is both during a power outage (loss of mains) or when there simply is not sufficient power available from the grid (which routinely occurs in the winter months). The generator is sized sufficiently to power all of the AC loads, as well as provide capacity to charge the batteries.

What is the best method for connecting to and/or monitoring the ATS and generator, so that the GX can call for the generator to start/stop, and to not backfeed from the Multis to the genset? Or, do I need to control the ATS and genset externally from the GX?

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MultiPlusII Overreading Grid Power Value

I have a single phase 15kw system with three MultiPlusII inverters in parallel. There is no grid meter. The system is linked to four 150/100 MPPTS, with ESS set with battery life. I have noticed that recently the VRM Portal and the Cerbo shows that the incoming grid power (AC-In L1 Watts is in the region of 1.4-1.7kw, but the AC Input is 222Vx-3,5A (-777W) and the Wattage on AC-In L1 is showing 1755W, which is way higher. The Same is true for the output. What is causing this completely incorrect reading on the Power?

I have ESS set with a GridPoint of -200W, but the system continually shows a draw of around 1.4kw.

I have attached images from the Cerbo GX.


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Never position the appliance directly above the batteries.


Is this also the case for LiFePo4 battery and if it has a plastic cover ? Is this rule not more for lead acid batteries that eliminates gas ? I have a Multiplus II


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48 volt Multiplus

I am trying to run my aircon from my inverter. The air on uses about 1600 watts and I have a victron Phoenix 1200 which is not sufficient. If I purchased a 48 volt Multiplus 3000 would this charge my 3 12 volt battery bank. I want to stick with 12 volt of possible.

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Charging 48V batteries from alternator


It's been some time now that I'm trying to find a solution for my next van installation.

I first came with this diagram with 2 victron 12V LifePo4 (24v): https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/65042/wiring-diagram-for-a-van-install-with-multiplus-ii.html

Now I would like to use the Pylontech 48 V batteries and a Multiplus II 48V/3000 for efficiency, price, form factor, ...

I searched for a 48V buck/boost around 50/100Amps and found nothing affordable and easily available. I do not want to install a second 48V alternator... At least not at first, I have a strong 250A 12V alternator.

The basic schematic would be as follow:

- A "small" inverter under the hood would allow to feed the Multiplus at the rear of the van without needing big wires (and losses).

- The inverter would be activated with a D+ signal to avoid discharging the start battery

- The installation would be very simple

- I could easily "tune" the amps drawn from the inverter with the AC input current limiter of the Multiplus

Is it possible ? do you see any problems with this kind of setup ?

Thanks !


Basic diagram without solar, Cerbo GX etc etc etc.




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