Battery needed?


I am about to install a mp-II 5000/48 and a Smart inverter RS 450/100.

I was wondering if a battery is needed before the system will work?

The system is grid parallel

I Will wire the 48v terminals to each other, until battery and busbar arrive.

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Where is my power going?


I have just gotten my setup up and running, and are currently testing the actual output of the solar array.

But I have found some discrepancies between what the SmartSolar, the SmartShunt and the MultiPlus are reporting.

In the "pure" charging scenario, the smartsolar reports 174W coming in, but the battery is only getting 147W.

In the AC discharge scenario, the smartshunt is reporting -2184w from the battery, but the multiplus are only outputting 1897w.

Where are my watts going? :)



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Best configuration for Narada 48NPFC100 in Multiplus II

Hello, I need help to configure a Multiplus II 3000 with 2 Narada 48NPFC100 lithium batteries in a PV system with 2 SMA Sunny Boy 1.5 in an off-grid system. The system is working fine and charging the batteries until for some reason unknown to me, the Multiplus raise the frequency and shuts down the SMA inverters (also the electricity in the house) even when the batteries are not fully charged. My supplier in Chile for both Narada Batteries and Victron Multiplus doesn´t answer my queries and I don´t trust in the batteries and charger configuration (VEConfigure and ESS) that the supplier gave me earlier. If more info is needed please ask me for it. Any help will be very appreciated.

Info from last 3 days:






PS: may be @NicoV or @Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) can help me? Thanks!!!

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Lynx Distributor Red LED - But Fuse Not Blown.


Hoping I can get some help here, I am installing 2 new Multiplus-II in parallel system and all seems to be working well except i get all LED lights as red on the lynx distributor when I have AC power on and the inverters are charging. I have tested all the new fuses just via continuity test and the batteries are getting charged.

The even stranger thing is this: When I put the 120x2 3000 12v 50a Multiplus in standalone operation, they light will be green, then turn red after a period of time, then green again, but as soon as I put them in parallel and they are both charging the batteries from AC power, the led's on the lynx distributor stay red.... I have the battery connect connected to one slot on the lynx, 2 inverters victron each in its own slot, and the final slot is taken up by my BIM to chassis battery/alternator. The batteries are connected to the Lynx shunt via the end posts. All the components have shutoff switches inbetween them.

Any help in understanding the Red LED's when on shore power would be greatly appreciated. As soon as I disconnect from Shore or Gen power the led's go off, and only the one green in the center of the distributor is lit. The lynx shunt stays green in any scenario.

Thank you!

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Requirements for outside cabinet for Multiplus II and SmartSolar

Hi all,

The Multiplus II and other Victron products are IP22, but I would like to place them outside.

I cannot find much examples of people doing that, only some pictures.

My plan now is to find some cabinet/box with waterproof door, and make 2 holes in it for fans to blow in and suck out air. These fans should be temperature controlled (and not running when cold).

I guess the next big topic is condensation. This shouldn't happen when the fans shut off when the cabinet gets below 20 degrees Celcius. And the Mutliplus will almost always be running so there is probably always enough heat to prevent massive condensation.

Anything else that I should think off?

Thank you in advance.

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firmware compatibility three phase system MultiGrid-II and MultiPlus-II

according the manual "VE.bus firmware version explained", it should be no problem, to match

2x MultiPlus-II: (software 2629481)

1x MultiGrid-II: (software 2625481)

together to a three phase system.

I use the latest VE-configuration tools, but it is not possible to do this.

An error messages in VE-Bus Quick configure tells:

Only Multis of same kind and with same firmware version are allowed!

Procedure will be restarted

Switch all devices off and press OK

What is the probleme?

Best regards


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multiplus II 5000/48 GX

Friends, I need help, I have a multiplus II 5000/48 GX, I have a problem that it will get more current from the electrical network than the batteries even if they have been charged, what configuration should I change?

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ESS multiplus II 48/5000 Strange behavior. charge/discharges continuously


I have a Multiplus II 48/5000 GX, ESS system Parralel connected with current sensor. Everything is connected on the AC-IN. There are no loads on the AC-out. I have a solar inverter but no current sensor for that. It has a 18 cell LiFePo4 battery with JK-BMS. There is no communication between the BMS and the Victron GX.

Mostly it works fine, but sometimes (not always) when there is not enough solar It has a strange behavior. On my BMS I can see that It switches to charge/discharge continuously within a second. (+10A/-10A). Also you can hear that the inverter is has to work hard. The ventilation is working. The Victron dashboard shows also something weird:

The "mains on" and "inverter on" blinks. The bulk led is orange. But this is a situation that is not possible. It is getting more power from the grid and battery than it needs power for the loads.

The battery percentage is also showing wrong values because of this problem.

When this happens, I can solve it by turn off physically the Multiplus and power it back on. Or, everything goes back to normal when the sun can provide enough solar power to provide the loads and charge the battery.

Could this be an error in my settings?

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Muliplus 48,5000,70 v generator

Hi, I have recently had a new multi plus ll-48 5000-70 installed but having issues with generator running charger. I have a generator rated at 5000kw continuous at 20amps max. The issue is the charger keeps dropping out if input amps are set above 7.5amps which only allows about 20 amps into the batteries. I was hoping to get around 50amps into the batteries with that size generator. Is there a setting that could be incorrect?

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Multiplus ii 5000 not inverting 4000w

I have a 14kw array charging a 33kw bmw battery with a 450/100 mppt , 1 60 amp mppt and a 100 amp mppt.

at the moment in testing everything is working as expected . I’m about to add a second multiplus ii 5000 in parallel but I’m first of all trying to figure out the low output of the multiplus ii and trying to see if I have missed something in my settings.

I’m running ess and I can’t see anything that would limit the output but it seems when the voltage of my battery is at the lower end the output is lower . My battery is a 12s and my bms will cut off if cell voltage goes high or low

I have the ess configured to stop discharging at 41v and stop charging at 49v

Output of the multiplus appears to be limited to around 3500w until the battery is 47-48v when the output can go as high as 4200w

my cell voltage settings are conservative and the battery is fully able to discharge 8kw right down to the 41v limit I have set

any idea why my output is not 4kw ?

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Nulleinspeisung mit Phasenkompensation mit Gavazzi EM24 an MultiplusII 48/5000/70 single phase mit Pylontech Akku

Hallo Community, ich habe eine Frage bezüglich meiner Anlagenplanung.

Ich möchte gerne meine zukünftige PV Anlage (4,8 KWp) über den WR Multi+II 48/5000/70 + MPP150/100 und Cerbo GX mit 4 Pylontech 2000er Akkus einphasig (L1) ans bayrische Stromnetz mit dem EM24 durch Ausnutzung der Phasenkompensation anschließen. 63A Hausanschluss.

Es soll keine Einspeisung erfolgen. ("Nulleinspeisung")

Vorrangig sollen die Akkus nur über PV geladen werden und bis ca. 50% Entladung Phasenkomensation machen.

Soweit ich gesehen habe benötige ich dazu eine moderne Messeinrichtung mit Zweiwegezähler und Stammdateneintragung.

Ich habe Fragen bezüglich eines Netzausfalls.

- Was passiert im Fall der Notstromversorgung bei Netzausfall auf den kompensierten Phasen ? Wird dann nur noch L1 notstrombedient ? Wie hoch wäre dann die max. Belastung auf L1 ?

Oder wird nur die AC-Notstromdose (critical) des WR z.b. für Hausbeleuchtung oder Pumpensteuerung für eine Heizung bedient ?

- bei normalen Betrieb mit Kompensation liegt die Spannungsdifferenz zwischen den Phasen bei 400V. Wie reagiert der WR bei Netzausfall und was wird passieren wenn das Netz zurückkommt bezüglich der Hausfrequenz.

Ich freue mich auf ein feedback

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consumption is showing proportional to PV inverter production


Hi a customer has the following system

multiplus-II 48/3000/35-32


zcell battery

fronius primo connected on grid side of multi

dc coupled mppt connected with

meter is ET112 connected to ccgx via usb rs485 cable.

all connected on VRM with remote access available

since the start of the year the calculations and energy flow have been wrong, at first I went to site expecting the customer to be using more electricity, but when I turned off all the circuit breakers apart from the energy system the ac load value should have been zero but instead showed around the same value as the solar production.

The multiplus was also making some strange sounds.

i have tried updating firmwares on ccgx, fronius, multiplus

see attached screen shots

any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks Tom

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New MultiPlus-II 2X 120V doesn't show full AC load on Victron Connect

I just installed the new Multiplus-II 12v 2x120 inverter. It's working great but the data I'm seeing in Victron Connect doesn't look right. For example, I'm on 50amp shore power and with one 15k A/C running in my RV, Victron Connect shows AC Loads at 231w. When I shut that A/C down, the load stayed at 231w. When I start up the second 15k A/C unit, Victron Connect shows 1,868w. It appears Victron Connect isn't seeing power from one of the legs on my 50 amp service. Thoughts?

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Multiplus ll 48/5000 parpadean todos los leds

Mi multiplus II 48/5000 se apagó solo y cuando volví a encender parpadearon todos los Leds y perdió la comunicación con él cerbo gx, por favor me podéis ayudar que es lo que tengo que hacer? Gracias saludos

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Multiplus 2 48/5000/70

Mi multiplus 2 se apagó solo y cuando encendí empezó a parpadear todos los led del multiplus y perdió la comunicación con el cerbo gx,por favor me podéis ayudar que es lo que tengo que hacer? Gracias saludos

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MUltiplus Firmware upgrade failed with "Error Connection"

Multiplus 24/3000/70

Firmware 2612154

I need the ESS assistant so I have to upgrade to firmware version 2612481.

Followed the instructions in Update firmware document and the video.

Using MK3-USB interface (VE-Bus to USB)

Connection via VE Configure: I can read all data

Upgrading via VE-Flash (version 90.05.154).and windows-10

finds auto detect port COM4

Connect Part 2 -- Error connection Please try again

any suggestions?


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Lg Chem Resu Off Grid Use?

I want to use lg chem resu in my rv with my existing multiplus II I want to know can I use Lg chem resu 6.5 to power my rv

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Can I use a Multiplus 1 like a Skylla IP44 as additional charger in a Multiplus 2 system?

The following post is talking about the possibility to use a Skylla IP44 charger as additional charger in a Multiplus 2 system without the need of any synchronisation:

Can I substitute in this case the Skylla with an Multiplus 1 in Charger-Only-Mode?

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Mulitplus II mit SAM Sunnyboy an AC out Crtical Load.

ist der MP II und er SMA so kombinierbar. Hintergrund-Info: Der SMA hat Inselfunktion und Leistugsregelung durch Frequenzerhöhung. Bitte um Beantwortung, danke.

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Multiplus II charging and discharging

Hi All.

I had a system consisting in approx. 7 kwh installed solar panels, one Fronius Symo 10.0-3, one LiPo battery of 5.5 kwh and a Multiplus 3000/48 inverter installed on Phase 1; everything works flawlessly. However, I decided to upgrade the system adding one more LiPo battery of exactly the same capacity therefore I needed a more powerful inverter to charge the batteries quickly. I purchased and installed a Multiplus II GX 5000/48. After this nightmare started. Having exactly the same settings and charging parameters, the inverter is charging and discharging on every 10 seconds no matter what other settings I modified. I found another thread where a “EasySolar 48/3000 / 35-50” is having similar behaviour but at a lower frequency between charging and discharging. I am using .481 firmware with ESS. I am finally using HUB-4 assistant that works ok’ish.

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MuMultiPlus 2 does not accept mains grid connection to AC IN - goes immediately to Disconnect state.

System comprises MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50, MPPT 150/100, Battery Monitor BMV-712, Venus GX. This is a new installation, and have upgraded everything to latest firmware.

The final system will be entirely off grid in a remote location, but is being initially commissioned in a residential area for convenience. As the backup generator is at the remote site, am attempting to use a plug in connection to the mains grid to simulate the generator, but this is being rejected by the Multiplus 2.

The AC connections currently around the Multiplus 2 are:

Multiplus 2 earth stud and the Battery 0V both connected to a stake in the ground (no connection with the grid installation)

AC OUT 1 Only connected to a 3 pin socket via and RCD, no connections to anything else

AC IN connected to a mains GPO via a 3 pin plug. This lead is about 8 m of 15 A rated caravan extension lead , no more than 1.5 mm2 conductors. I am aware this may be an issue with Loss of Mains (LOM) detection.

When the mains (within the allowed limits) is connected to AC IN,

1. If the inverter is running, it syncs the inverter frequency to the AC IN frequency over a few seconds then it tries to connect. AC OUT 1 output goes off for a fraction of a second as it tries to transfer and reverts back to inverter mode. AC IN goes to disconnect state, with no indications why it failed.

2. If the inverter was not running (due to low battery volts, or inverter turned off) the AC OUT1 comes on for a fraction of a second as it tries to transfer , then drops , and goes to AC in disconnect mode, and the Multiplus 2 is then in off state . Also no indication as to why it failed.

I have looked extensively at VeConfigure3, Victron Connect, Venus GX and VRM., and nothing indicates anything is wrong, other than the AC IN is disconnected.

Independent monitoring of volts and frequency at the Multiplus 2 AC IN terminal agrees quite well with the values indicated from Multi, and the AC current always stays very low – ie the charger never starts (it should as the batteries are quite low now), as confirmed by nothing indicated on the front panel LEDs. There are no dips or spikes obvious on the AC voltage. Grid AC voltage for my testing on AC IN has always been within a couple of volts of 245 VAC , well within the allowable limits set in the parameters.

Things I have tried include:

  1. Searching other community posts
  2. UPS feature on and off, no difference.
  3. Loss of Mains detection temporarily disabled (to prove the relatively small diameter cable to AC IN isn’t the issue)
  4. Monitoring the AC voltage at AC IN terminals – no dips or spikes found
  5. Confirmed the AC IN neutral is within a volt or so of earth potential
  6. Temporarily disconnected various parts of the earthing system
  7. Disconnected the VE bus from the Multiplus 2 , so it is independent of Venus GX
  8. On the Venus GX, System Setup, AC input 1 - tried all possibilities – Grid, Generator, Shore Power ( I suspect it is only text, and doesn’t change parameters in the MultiPlus 2)

I cannot find a comprehensive list of the causes of AC in disconnect. The ones I am aware of are average ACV too low or too high, Instantaneous ACV too high (265V) , frequency out of acceptable range , Loss of Mains Detection.

Are there any other causes of AC disconnect ?

What should I do next ?

Thanks in advance for community assistance.



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Are Multi-Plus II designed to be able to run 24/7?

I am just wondering if it is ok to have my Multi-Plus II inverter charger running 24/7 (I'm mainly talking about the inverter part, running off batteries). It's just a small AC load most of the time (lights, fridge, etc), but is this ok to have the inverter running all year round?

24/3000/70-32 model.

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Pylontech VEconfig Inverter Tab Settings conflict.

The Victron Pylontech install documentation recommends:

5.3 Inverter Settings

In the Inverter tab of VEConfigure

VEConfigure Inverter Parameter Setting

DC input low shut-down 44V

DC input low restart 48V

DC input low pre-alarm* 48V


PylonTech recommended

DC input low shut-down 42V

DC input low restart 45V

DC input low pre-alarm 45V

which is correct/best to use?



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Lithium battery bank (VE Modules) and Multiplus II

I know this question is bordering not relevant for Victron, but I may not be alone with this issue - and there are so many skilled techies here so I hope you can forgive me.

I just purchased 5x VE modules Samsung SDI 2,08Kwh, modules are configured in 12S cells 42Ah, so the voltage range is between 38,4v-49,2v.

I want to build a bank around 10kWh capacity, so the config 12S5P.

I have a Multiplus II 48/3000 wich I want to use, so the question is the voltage range suitable for the charger section of the Multiplus?

Attached an image of one module


Thanks in advance

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Multiplus II entlädt die Batterien nur bis 97%. Ohne Solareinspeisung MPPT 150/35 wird überhaupt nicht entladen

Hallo an alle.
Ich habe seit Oktober einen Multiplus-II, Cerbo GX, MPPT150/35 und 3 Pylontech US2000. Auf dem Dach sind je 6 Solarmodule an der Ost- und Westseite montiert.

Alles zusammen funktioniert soweit problemlos. Gedacht ist es als UPS für kritische Lasten (Server, Telefoanlage, Heizung, Beleuchtung, Gefriertruhe). 50% der Kapazität der Batterien reicht für den unabhängigen Netzbetrieb über die Nacht aus, bis wieder Solarenergie zur Verfügung steht.

Der SOC Mindestwert ist ist im ESS auf 50% gesetzt. Das hat aber keinen Effekt! Steht Solarenergie zur Verfügung und ist die Ladung bei 100%, wird kurzfristig die Last aus der Batterie und Solarenergie versorgt, bis der Ladezustand bei ca. 97% ankommt. (49,7V an der Batterie). Danach wird die Batterie wieder geladen. Kommt mehr Solarenergie an , als benötigt, wird in das Hausnetz eingespeist. (Gridmeter soll auf 0W gehalten werden.)Bleibt die Solarenergie aus, wird die Batterie nicht mehr entladen und bleibt bei anfangs 100%.

Ich würde gerne die Batterie über Nacht bis zu der eingestellten Grenze von 50% entladen und erst dann Energie aus dem Netz nutzen.

Das gelingt mir nur, wenn biem Multiplus-II "Netz ignorieren" aktiv ist.(Trennung vom Netz bis eingestellte Grenze erreicht ist) In dieser Einstellung funktioniert das Einspeisen ins Hausnetz aber nicht mehr. Bei guter Sonneneinstrahlung wird der MPTT gedrosselt und ein Teil der Energie geht "verloren", den ich im Hausnetz hätte nutzen können.

Die Firmware habe ich bei allen Komponenten im Oktober aktualisiert.

Ich habe schon zahlreiche Konfigurationen durchprobiert, kann aber den gewünschten Ablauf nicht erreichen. Stehe ich hier selber auf "meiner Leitung"?
Irgenwie finde ich den Einstellknopf nicht!

Für Hilfestellung bin ich dankbar.

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3 phase ESS only 1 phase working (solved)

I've done a 3x Multiplus II 5000 set up in a 3 phase configuration and noticed that when the system is set to TOTAL OF ALL PHASES in Multiphase Regulation it will balance the phases to near 0w as far possible by feeding into the grid on L1 the same as it would pull on L2 and L3. But this is not ideal if the grid meter is prepaid as the meter would charge you units for what u are pushing back. If I set it to INDIVIDUAL PHASE it only seems to feed PV into L1 and L2 and L3 dont get any PV benefit. The system consists of: 3x Multiplus II 5000, 2x Smartsolar 150/85, 14kwh Li-ion, and 8.9kwp Solar PV. What am I doing wrong or might it be better to set the 3 inverters up as a parallel system on L1 and put all my heavy loads on L1 if the system is not capable of supplying all 3 phases individually?


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Smart Charge Profile? - Lithium

Is there a smart Voltage AND Current profile for any Victron device to manage lithium batteries that looks for the Knee in the charging to determine full?

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ESS mode ignores BMS BMZ ESS-X control

I would like to ask if it is normal that ESS mode ignores BMS control from BMZ ESS X battery. Configuration 3 x MPII, 3 x BMZ ESS-X, MPPT 250/85, Fronius Symo and AC OUT1, Cebo. All devices have the latest version of FW. Unfortunately even if the BMS battery sends a parameter - CCL = 0A:




so the batteries are still charging. The charger is set according to the manual for BMZ = Absobrtion time = 1. Unfortunately = Absobrtion time is never one hour, even 7 hours at a time.


Status code # 3 should appear in ESS mode: BMS disabled charging, I've never seen it with BMZ ESS X in ESS mode. I run another 4 similar systems with BMZ ESS X and I have also never seen status code # 3: BMS disabled charging.

I'm worried about the batteries, about the safety of operation. I think I overcharge them this way and they could be damaged. Please tell me if this behavior is normal (the battery is not overcharging) or if it is an error. Thanks Ondra

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AC Current Limit when using ESS as a grid parallel system

I have a Multiplus II GX system which is installed with the ESS application. It's connected to the UK grid via a single phase 100A supply, connected to AC IN of the Multiplus.

All loads and an AC coupled solar inverter are also connected to AC IN of the Multiplus.

The Multiplus is able to balance the grid supply close to zero, charging the batteries off of solar and discharging them as required. I also have time of use tariff which enables the Multiplus to charge the batteries over night.

The issue I have is that I run a lot of loads over night in the cheap period of my tariff including a 32A electric car charger. This regularly take my load over 50A.

The Multiplus needlessly regulates its own charger down in this period and on occasion supplements my grid supply from batteries. This is needless and results in me not having a full battery bank at the end of the cheap time-of-use period.

I can't increase the current limit beyond 50A on the Multiplus or seem to disable it. It is not needed in a parallel grid connection as I have it, as far as I can see.

Can somebody advise me as to whether I have missed a setting or if this is something Victron need to consider in a future firmware update. I want to be able to heat my water, charge my car, batter bank, run my dish and clothes washers during my off peak period!

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feed in excess power not working in absorption phase

Hi Community,

my Question:

How can I manage to feed in excess solar power during absorption phase as well?

my system:

  • Octo GX
  • 3 pcs MultiPlus-II (3 phase connection)
  • 3 pcs DC Coupled MPPT Solar charge controller
  • 2 pcs AC inverters from SMA connected to the UPS side of the MultiPlus each per one phase (L2 and L3) but not yet measured with energy meter.
  • 48V lead GEL battery

how the system behaves, see image below

  • battery is in absorption, so DC voltage constantly 57.5V in this phase
  • AC power from SMA inverters on L2 and L3 is used to charge the battery
  • excess AC coupled PV power is feed to the grid so far so good
  • but DC coupled PV charger power is drastically reduced in order not to exceed 57.5V (in the image below reduced to 236W but often to as low as around 50W)
  • The available DC coupled PV power at the time would have been around 1.5kW
  • As soon as absorption phase is completed the DC coupled PV power goes up to the maximum as per solar input and the system starts feeding excess solar power to the grid.
  • see second image as well, this was an overall clear and sunny day. so no need to reduce solar pv power on lunch time. should be a "nice" daily full power PV curve.

My config:

  • DVCC enabled
  • SVS enabled
  • STS enabled
  • feed in excess solar power enabled
  • battery monitor is MultiPlusII on VE Bus

Best regards,



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