Battery voltage readings

We have an MPPT 100/30

at night it reports a zero or near zero battery voltage. This cannot be right as we still have power. During the day this reading is 13 to 14 volts.

Any idea what is happening?

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Victron Multiplus could be used offgrid??

All this time I believed the Multiplus needed any sort of AC input to work as an inverter, but I just read that the Multiplus could be used on offgrid applications or if there was loss of power on the grid. Does this mean the multiplus actually works like a Phoenix inverter if there's no AC in?

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Quattros in parallel system not accepting shore power?


We have a system set up in a motorhome, consisting of 2 Quattro 24/5000/120 units in parallel. We have a single 120v circuit running loads inside. The system works great in ON mode, running off the batteries.

When switching to Charger only with shore power on, I'm getting a flashing 'Mains' light on the master for about 10 seconds, then a loud relay noise and the lights go dead. The slave is flashing 'Float', and keeps flashing after the master goes dark. Stays like this until restarting both units. Will work fine in ON mode, just using inverter only.

I have a Color Control GX hooked up, and it is not showing any details about shore power. From what I'm reading it looks like it doesn't like my shore power, but can't figure out why. Tests 119.6v at each inverter on AC-In 2. Tried adjusting current with Digital multi control, no change.

Thanks for any ideas - system is as follows:

12.8 LifePO4 batteries

Digital Multi Control

Ve.Bus BMS

Ve.Bus Mains Detector

2x Quattro 24/5000/120 units - setup as master/slave parallel, both have Vebus BMS Assistant

Color Control GX

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COMMISSIONING Quattro/Eco4840p Powerplus with BMV

I've just installed lithium Eco 4840p powerplus battery with Quattro

i have 6 x 4kw batteries + bmv and want to set up with latest firm ware and settings with 2 solar chargers 250/70 mppt and color controler. Included is auto generator start

Ive installed plenty BYD set ups and haven't had to many problems so hoping ther was some directions similar on victron website some one and point me towards.

I have all battery parameters from power plus ready to fill out.

This being a Aus Battery can some one help with the steps of programming as i see this a great option going forward

COMMISSIONING Quattro/Eco4840p Powerplus with BMV with color controller and two SMART SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLERS 250/70 MPPT asked
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Multiplus not using full shore power limit

Running the air conditioner in the RV with AC input current set at 15 but muliplus will only use around 9.5 and is using power assist to make up for this. See screen shot 1


If i turn off power assist it will then fully uses shore power and even has a little left over for battery charge. See screen shot 2


I have tried turning on/off the weak ac and the ups functions. How can i fix this? I need to have the power assist on so even though with it disable it does pull the full amount from shore current. With it off i am unable to run other interment ac loads.

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Can I parallel a Phoenix with a quattro?

Can I parallel two Phoenix 5000's with a Quattro 5000?

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How resistant to harsh vibration are victron products in offroad trailer

I see a lot of installs of victron products in camping trailers, rvs and caravans etc. There is even a documented victron “van” install design.

i live in Africa, have used multiplus in my house for years, but am considering installing one in my offroad safari trailer.

Before i do, can anyone comment on their performance in this environment of very rough roads, corrugations, pothole tarmac etc.

The trailer suspension is probably a little harsher than the towing vehicle to add insult to injury.

Thoughts appreciated.


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Can I use the MPPT with a small panel to maintain my gel batteries while not in use for long periods of time?

I have a setup consisting of 2 x 330Wp panels connected to a blue solar 100/50 controller to charge 2 x 190Ah 12 batteries. This setup is for an off-grid cabin that will not get use during many months (6-9). During these months, the 330Wp panels will be disconnected and stored. The question is: Can I use a small 20W (21.5Voc) panel to maintain the batteries topped during these 8-9 months via the MPPT charger?

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MultiPlus 12/2000/80 tripping Shore RCD

Hi Folks,

I have installed a MultiPlus Compact in my camper set up, it's all working fine on 12v but when I connect shore power, the RCD on the shore power supply trips within a couple of seconds. When I disconnected the Earths from the PE input/output everything works as it should and nothing trips.

I have the body of the unit earthed to the body of the van. I have tried it with the incoming earth from shore power earthed to the van and not earthed to the van, but this doesn't seem to make any difference.

Do I need to change the settings of the relay?

Any help appreciated.

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MPPT not charging during Multiplus absorption (DVCC)

Should DVCC allow the MPPT to charge when sun is available, even when the Multiplus starts a charge due to low SOC early on a sunny day?

I've found the Multi will still be in absorption and the MPPT will go to float, but decides not to bother with any output, even though it could.

If i turn the MPPT charge off and on (in Victron Connect) it will try to charge for a few seconds but quickly cycle through Bulk-Absorption to float and give no output.. Only when the Multi goes to float does the MPPT start charging.

I'm using DVCC, + Ignore AC, both MPPT absorption and float voltages are higher than the Multi's

Could it be overheating? Today was hot and the batteries showed a peak of 37 Deg C, or maybe an incorrect setting, I.e. reduce the Ignore AC charge to end after bulk, but that's not ideal until we have more solar?

Or a symptom of the MPPT adaptive charge, either way i thought DVCC should tell them both what to do, as the Multi decided to use the AC In mains to charge when there was enough sun to cover the end of the absorption phase :( ..?


VRM link:


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configuring smartsolar 75/15 with 2x Multiplus 3kva/120; temperature sensors; inverter overloads

Greetings, this is my first post here, so hopefully this does not reveal me to be a complete moron. I recently set up a power system (VRM link) in my fifth-wheel camper consisting of the following:

2x 300 AH Victron Smart Lithium batteries,

2x Multiplus 3kva/120 inverters in 120/240 VAC split phase,

2x SBP-220s (one as a load disconnect and another as a charge disconnect, as there are multiple DC charging sources),

6x Smartsolar 75/15 MPPTs with a 200w/24V nominal panel connected to each,

Orion-Tr Smart 12|12/30 DC/DC charger,

BMV-712 with shunt,

VE.bus BMS, and

Cerbo GX with GX Touch 50 display

(I've included a picture of the system as well as a rough diagram of the connections as well -- I know the mounting of the MPPTs looks suspect but there is a large circular hole drilled in the plywood behind each for ventilation, and there are about three inches of clearance between the plywood and the ceiling above it)

The MPPTs are connected to a USB hub which, in turn, is connected to the Cerbo. Everything seems to be recognized just fine and I can see all the system parameters in both the Cerbo's menu and VRM. DVCC is enabled (see screenshots below).

I have the following questions:

1) The MPPTs' charging states did not appear to be exactly synchronized, so I set up a network between them. Then later I learned about DVCC and enabled it. What is the proper way to synchronize the MPPTs (and the inverters and Orion charger, if possible) in this configuration? As you can see in the VRM screenshot the inverters and the MPPTs are not in the same charging state. Did I screw this all up?

2) I do not have a temperature sensor currently installed, because I assumed that since the batteries measure their temperature internally that they would report this information to the BMS which would, via VE.bus, communicate it to the rest of the system. But now that I've looked at the cables I see that that there are only three conductors between the batteries and the BMS; perhaps one is ground, one is charge disconnect, and the other is load disconnect. I have the temperature sensors that came with the inverters but I do not have the one that is compatible with the BMV ( ) -- is there an advantage to getting the latter or should I just use one of the inverter sensors? Is there some other/better way to do this?

3) One of the goals for this system was to be able to function as a UPS for two 15 kBTU/hr air conditioners (one on each phase). The inverters are currently set up with "switch as group" unchecked because the trailer will sometimes have a 120/240 VAC connection and at others it will only have a 120 VAC (i.e., zero line-to-line voltage) connection. In this configuration with "UPS function" disabled, if I have the two air conditioners running and cut the AC input, both inverters will throw an overload. What then seems to happen is they make attempts to restart at 30-second intervals, and generally on the third attempt they're successful and the air conditioners start back up. If I instead enable "UPS function", I can cut the AC input and the inverters will maintain power to the air conditioners without interruption. However, in this case, the system will not recognize single-phase 120 VAC input so even when such input is connected they will continue inverting. They will only recognize the 120 VAC input if I disable "UPS function", but then the overload problems occur. What's bizarre to me is that whether "UPS function" is enabled or disabled, if I am running the system without AC input (i.e., inverting), I can start both air conditioners without overloads. The overload only occurs if the air conditioners are already running when the AC input is suddenly cut and "UPS function" is disabled. I have used a multimeter to measure the DC voltage difference at the batteries and at the inverters when I cut the AC input with the air conditioners running; it does not get even close to the "DC input low shut down" value, and there's no perceptible voltage difference between the batteries and the inverters (i.e., I don't think it's due to poor connections -- and all inverter and battery cables are 4/0). Is there a way to get the fast-switching that seems to prevent the overload from occurring while also retaining the ability to use 120 VAC and 120/240 VAC inputs interchangeably?

Any thoughts on any of the foregoing questions (or general comments/recommendations on the configuration or layout of the system) would be most welcome (I know the wiring is a bit of a mess; still finalizing things). Or if you're just generally facepalming at this setup please let me know that as well -- I'll take harsh feedback over burning up $15k USD any day!






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Multiplus 24/5000 ignores 3 pos. remote switch

I have a Multiplus 24/5000 running on Victron lithium batteries with a VE.Bus BMS and Cerbo GX. I have wired in a 3 position switch for remotely controlling the unit, seeing as the Cerbo can't do it if you have a VE.Bus BMS.

It seems that the 3 position switch option doesn't work either. With the switch on the Multi set to ON, the unit will invert with the remote switch in either the ON or OFF position, however it will respond to the "CHARGE" position. I've checked my wiring and it's correct. You get the same behaviour with the terminal block removed completely.

Is this the same limitation of only one device being able to switch the Multi, with the BMS overruling everything else?

Would a Digital Multi Control also not work?

This seems like a pretty major oversight in the design.

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Quattro overload 30 cycle consant power

I have listened to the video .

I wish to confirm that when the inverter enters the reduced voltage output mode the current remains constant and the voltage falls as required to keep the inverter running at maximum current.

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Wiring 2wire auto genstart on Multiplus-II Gx


The alarm relay on the inverter has




My start module will start generator when the 2 wires are closed, and stop if circuit is broken.

Does this mean that my 2 wires should go to NO and COM on my Multiplus?

activating the relay will switch/close NO thus closing the circuit, have I Understood this correctly?

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Grid Failure alarm does not reset properly after grid restoration

I have enabled Grid Failure alarm on the Venus GX coupled to a Multiplus. When Grid failure occurred I immediately got a notification email. When Grid was re-established I also received the VRM Notifiier email which said Grid Lost has changed to Grid Established . All good. 12 hrs later grid failed again but I never received the notification. Other parameters which I have setup to inform me when grid fails such as " no input AC " did work and I got the notification. When looking at the Alarm Logs on the VRM Portal it does not even show that there was a grid failure at the second occurrence. During the second grid failure period I looked at the Remote console and there was a Grid Failure alarm flashing . So it seems one has to acknowledge a Grid failure alarm before it will retrigger a second alarm even after the alarm has cleared . Seems like the Grid Failure algorithm needs to be looked at . asked
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Multiplus Compact not charging, inverting & no 120V.

Our 12/2000/80 Multiplus had been working fine until ~5 days ago. Now only the alarm LED light is on, we have no 120V AC at the outlets but still have 220V on shore power. The BMV 800 is reading 12.6V and our SOC is down to 59%. The last full charge state was 5 days ago, the day we disconnected from shore power in preparation for hurricane Isaias landfall. Returned next day to reconnect shorepower and no charger/inverter.

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Quatro 15KV, MPPT 250/100, CCGX Pylontech Batteries on 51% low battery alarm on Quatro

I got a low battery alarm on the CCGX V257


The quatro V433 is longer function and the state is FAULT


I tried to reset the system a few times, no luck

Batteries look okay

Please advice

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Multiplus AC Ignore, can a BMV712 send SOC?

I have a Multiplus 24/3000/120 that I want to prioritize solar charging from a SS-250/100. Grid power is available, and is to be used as a backup for solar issues.

I am using BattleBorn 12V LiFeP04 batteries in a 2S2P configuration.

I have found the voltage setting option for AC Ignore to be unusable with LiFeP04 batteries because voltage doesn’t fall as precipitously with SOC as it does for lead-acid or AGM chemistries. For example, at <30% SOC, voltage is still at or slightly above 26VDC.

I have a BMV712 monitor on the system, and wondered if it can be paired with the Multiplus to provide SOC data. Any info, along with required cabling, would be most useful.

Otherwise, it appears my only option is a rather expensive addition of a Color Control GX or Venus GX.

Thanks in advance!

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Fighting Gremlins - Electrical Cutoff at 1:30 am

Honestly, vague title because I'm unsure where to even begin. We've been parked for a few days in Yellowstone National Park in the US. Historically we run 5-6 days on batteries alone (setup details below). Recently I completed a solar setup that I 'thought' was working well, or maybe currently think so? I'm not sure. After 2 days of being parked at Yellowstone in a relatively shady spot and arriving with full SOC of 14.59V on the Battle Borns, 'something' tripped in the system and shut me down. The Multiplus had a low battery alarm, the BMV showed 57% and something like 13.35V. The SmartSolar controller said that the battery voltage had dropped to 9.12V which is obviously well below anything a LiFePo4 battery should ever see. This tripped the battery guard, took me a little bit to locate the failure, initially thought it was the transfer switch because I've had a few issues with that. The battery guard appeared to have done its' job, albeit at the cost of the battery guard as the only way I was able to restore power was to bypass it. No apparent temperature issues, outside temp was 84F and inside the trailer was probably 78ish. Batteries are inside, under the main bed.

Fast forward another 30ish hours, we went to bed and night temperatures drop fairly rapidly. Around 1:30 am my wife woke me saying it was too quiet, she couldn't hear the fridge running. Pulled up the BMV app, it wouldn't load. Checked the screen of the device itself and it was shut off. Inverter was completely off despite being in "ON" position. Silly me, left the multimeter at home so I didn't have a way to manually read the voltage. First thing this morning, we packed up and left Yellowstone to run some errands including buying a multimeter as well as dump/fill the Airstream. Once solar started kicking in around 8:30 am, we started getting some intermittent functionality of 12V users as one would expect. The BMV eventually turned itself back on with a voltage of 13.05V, so not "actually" a low voltage or even 0% SOC. Air temp was chilly last night but not "that" chilly considering the batteries are inside, outside was in the 45-50F range while we were probably 55-60F inside.

As we speak, we're in an RV park outside Yellowstone connected to shore power to get a full charge all over again, but more importantly for cell service to connect to you guys and try to troubleshoot something. I've attached some photos as well - apologies in advance for the kabalsalat! I've tried cleaning up a bit, but definitely have room for further improvement.

Just not even sure where to begin troubleshooting because readouts have been looking normal despite the weird events. Solar this morning was 50ish watts in our shady spot in Yellowstone, ramped up to 515 watts or so once the day got a bit later and we were outside the park. Currently plugged into shore power and charging batteries at 1200W. Are there additional historical logs I can pull from either the BMV or the SmartSolar? The app-based readouts are pretty basic.

A bit about my system overall:
2003 Airstream
960W renogy panels, 6 x 160W each hooked up in Series-parallel configuration (two sets of 3 panels in series, then paralleled into the MPPT)
800 Ah BattleBorn batteries, 8 x 100 Ah each

BGA-225 battery guard
Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120v VE Bus

Victron SmartSolar Charge Controller (150V 45A Tr)


Go Power! TS-30 30 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch (shore power & battery charge primary, secondary is from the inverter)





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Automated Multi-mode charging

Does anyone have any information on connecting Quattro Inverter/Charger, 30A 12v dc-dc Charger and MPPT charger in parallel to charge the same battery bank, from multiple sources without manual switching

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Multiplus 24/1600/40-16 all three LED's flashing

I have a brand new Multiplus 24/1600/40-16. When powered from mains or battery, the Inverter, Charger and Alarm LED's on the front flash continuously.

The battery voltage is 26.4Vdc (measured with multimeter), but in VictronConnect it reports 46.7Vdc and the status is Fault. I have upgraded it to the latest firmware (475), but it has made no difference. It won't charge the battery and is reporting a battery ripple fault whether the battery is connected or not.

Should I return it to the supplier, or is there something else I can try to fix the problem?

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Multiplus 12/3000/120 cooling fan never stops

The unit was installed in 2012 and since then has had periods when the cooling fan runs continuously for no reason. In between times the fan never comes on, for example the last year or so, but now it has started again, day and night, relentless, other than that the unit seems to be functioning correctly.

To be clear, this happens when on shore power ( charger only ), and when on battery power ( inverter on ). In all cases there is no load whatsoever on the unit, either charging batteries, or from the mains, and the temperature is low - one time the ambient temperature was 11 DEG C ( winter ). My usual trick was to turn off the inverter for 20 mins or so then when turned back on all would be well, but that didn't work recently ( see below ) :-

The last year or more the fan has not run, then 32 hours ago we ran the washing machine from the inverter, the fan came on under high load, as I would expect, fair enough. But since then the load has been low ( 1A drawn from 12v input ) and the fan has been running 90% of the time.

I will try the power cycle trick again in the hope of getting a good night's sleep, otherwise any helpful ideas are welcome !

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Multiplus and Low Temp Charging Control

I can't see anyway to do the following, but as Lithium Batteries get more and more popular and the Multiplus range grows, surely this is going to get more and more a need?

When the battery temp drops below around 5C, you don't want your Lithium Batteries to be charging. But how do you prevent that whilst still being able to use them, AND be able to use the 240V Supply when hooked up?

Is there any way to disable the Charger function while still keeping the 240V input active for passthru and Power Assist when using typical LiFePO4 Batteries and not adding extra BMS systems. (I would have thought that would/should have been possible to program within the Multiplus?)

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BMV vs. BMS for Loads

If I use a BMV 712 to cut loads to my lithium batts via a batteryprotect, do I still need the BMS involved for loads as well? Ideally, I want to cut my non-critical loads around 30% SOC but want to make sure that my batts are still protected from other issues. Can't quite find how do that.

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How to connect an external 3 position switch - (Remote simple 3 way switch)

I seem to have a similar issue as the user @trololirko (post-link) and @Posse

I bought a simple 3 way switch from a local hardware store:


And I connected it in this way, with a Yellow, Red and Blue cable, to the Multiplus 12/800/35


Now i read in the manual that the 3 way switch must be connected to the terminal L:



I guess we do it like this, right?

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turning quattro on / off from the remote console

I have a Quattro connected to victron smart batteries with a VE BMS. I don't have the multi control.

I would like to be able to switch the quattro between ON / OFF / CHARGE ONLY remotely via the VRM app. Just for example if i forget to switch it when i leave the rv

Currently i can't switch the Quattro via the CCGX - in the console tab it says it is not possible because i have a VE bus BMS connected.

How do i go about this please?


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Battery protect connection to multiplus

I'm having some difficulty understanding how I can connect the BatteryProtect (12v/65a) with the MultiPlus 12/800/35. The MultiPlus when charging should go to the IN but when it's inverting it should use OUT, you obviously can connect both on the BP. It's says clearly in the manual that you shouldn't use chargers on the OUT terminal but how about consumers(aka the inverter mode) on the IN?

The schematic on the Victron site is way too elaborate to translate to my setup. Can I just connect the MultiPlus to the IN of the BP?

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ESS system doesn't react not balanced to high AC-load

Hello Specialists,

I run since several weeks a 3-phase ESS installation with Multiplus-II 3000, 48V, a grid based 3-phase PV and a 8 pieces Pylontech stack with US2000. It works quite okay and perfect. But based on certain circumstances it has behaviours I don't understand. I hope somebody can have a look and give my feedback.


On L3 is charging a Nissan env-200 with about 3,6 kW. Based on the remote console I see that the systems buys AC energy from the grid L3 with 1,2 kW and 3,2 kW is discharged in DC from the batteries. PV is very low, is equal to 0. The ESS system delivers/buys in total about 4,4 kW energy for a total AC load of 3,9 kW and with respect to yield of converting DC to AC I think this balance is correct.

I understand that a Multiplus-II 3000 is only able to deliver 2,4 kW AC which fits perfect with the grid buy of 1,2 kW to the total of 3,6 kW load on L3.

Question: Why is "no-traffic" on L1 and L2?

There was some time ago a similar discussion from @gnagflow but I couldn't find there a final solution. As I didn't wanted to hijack his thread I made my own question. But in this thread there was the hint:

... you have to turn phase compensation 'off' to get ...

I tried both settings the standard, "total of all phases" as recommended as standard


and "individual phase"


but it didn't change in behaviour of L1 and L2! It looks to me, that the Multiplus for L1 and L2 are in standby, isn't it?

I checked what could cause this "unbalanced" answer of the ESS-system. There was no battery discharge limit, it was set for 200A, the battery temperature was normal with 22°C - I have seen in the past discharge value of the batteries up to 180 A for high 3-phase AC loads, so each Multiplus is able to use individually 60 A to do it's job.

In Victrons ESS documentation there is mentioned:

"Phase compensation enabled (default & recommended)

ESS balances the total power (L1 + L2 + L3) to 0 W.

Intelligent optimization of the balance between the phases

ESS intelligently optimizes the balance between the phases -
as far as possible."

"as far as possible" - Where is my missunderstanding or my problem?

What can I do to puzzle it out?


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ESS System Phase Compensation Help

i installed 3x MP2 3000VA /48V. Updated Firmware to 2629474. made ve quick config, setted all settings. made the ess assistant in each MP. Now i try everything but the whole system acts like phase compensation is disabled although it is enabled. each inverter does only deliver so much power as required on the specific phase according to the grid meter. No idea why the compensation setting in the venus gx is not working. Please help!!

AC L1,L2,L3 is connected to MPNr.1-ACIN, MPNr2-ACIN, MPNr3-ACIN. The system is useless. If the electric car is plugged in on one phase with 7kW it only delivers max. 2.4kW from one inverter, if no other loads are switched on. If someone cooks on L2, i only get 2.4kW from the inverter on Nr.2.

I read all installation manuals, the training video on the Victron professional side, there is no hint what is wrong, looks like a software bug on the Venus gx!



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Quattro 24/8000 turns off when connecting anything to VE.BUS

Dear all,

I have a strange phenomenon.

When anything is connected to the VE.BUS ports the Quattro switches off. You can hear it trying to switch on again but it won't.

I have an old Microprocessor Quattro.

Devices I have tried to connect to the VE.BUS:

- Digital Remote

- Victron NMEA2000 interface

- Cerbo GX

I have tried changing the RJ45 cable - no help.

As soon as I deconnect the RJ45 cables, it switches on and stays on. Functions normally.

Kind regards!

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