Solar Controller consumption data no longer displayed in Android app after update.
After the most recent update my solar controller (MPPT 100/15) no longer shows the consumption current in the android app.

I was monitoring the consumption immediately before and after the update. It is powering all the lights in my Airstream so it is obviously still working. Immediately after the last update it started displaying 0 and has been at that level since when it should be at 40-100 watts. The power is still being consumed, the unit is still operational, it is just that the app does not display it.

The total daily consumption is still displayed in the history section, it is only the the status page that displays nothing for load output. Solar and Battery states are still displayed normally.

Any way to revert the last update? Any other way to resolve this now?

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DC Loads Increase - with high Multiplus charge rate

Hi All

I wonder if anyone can explain a strange issue I am seeing on my system...

Set up - 3x Lithium (3x 200A), VE.Bus BMS, Venus GX, BMV712 and Multiplus (EasyPlus 12/1600/70 - set to 70A charge current max).

Example of situation / what I am seeing -

  • I leave the boat for a few days
  • with a constant load of about 1.5A on batteries
  • I arrive back at boat - and BMV says state of charge is 90%
  • all good so far

I plug shore power in - and switch Multi on - and do NOT switch on anything else -

  • it goes straight to Bulk - good.
  • If I look in Venus at the Multiplus - it says it is generating 70A - good.
  • I look at the BMV - and it says it has about 60A going in to batteries - strange
  • I expect the current going in to batteries to be about 68.5A (charge current - loads)
  • where are the other 10A going / being lost ?
  • I look on VRM and see DC Power showing my DC loads are pulling about 10A
  • but this is not true - the loads / devices are only about 1.5A
  • I have not switched any other loads on

This false high DC loads figure (about 10A) stays while charging Amp are high (in bulk). When multi goes to absorption - the false high DC loads (10A) reduces in line with the drop of charging Amps. I watch the 10A loads reading slowly drop to 1.5A as the multi reduces its charge current from 70A to almost nothing. Then - in float - the DC loads read accurately - 1.5A.

Any thoughts on what the issue is ?



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Symo Hybrids with Multiplus-2

I would like to use a Fronius Symo Hybrid in an AC-coupled system with a Multiplus-2.

Is it possible to use the Symo Hybrid for that? And if so, can i configure it to only use its inverter?

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MultiPlus always on BulK?

Hello All, I recently changed my inverter charger from a Magnum to the Multi 12/3000. It's connected to 500Ah of lithium. I'm able to monitor the system remotely using the Cerbo GX and I've noticed the inverter is sitting in Bulk charge mode 100% of the time. I've set my charge settings to 14.4 for Absorb and 13.6 for float based on info gathered online. Absorb time is set to 2hrs. Is thre a setting I'm missing that's causing this ?

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Multiplus 48/5000/70-100 #E24 Error code

Hello everyone, I recently installed a Multiplus 48/5000/70-100, and tonight everything stopped, and the code E24 (Start of system protection) was displayed on the screen of the Cerbo GX, what does this mean, and how can I remedy it? The inverter also writes assisting very often, while the grid is present, and the batteries are discharged instead of being recharged.I am sending you as attachments, the pictures of the installation, and a screenshot of the VRM.My e-mail adress is: .Thank you in advanceIMG_0792.JPGIMG_0924.jpg

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AC Coupled PV Fronius 8.2 with a Quattro 15kv too slow to throttle

Quattro 15kv, Fronius Primo 8.2 with 7900w PV, 3 x Kilowatt labs 3.55kw modules, 2300w PV running thru a 150/70 Victron charge controller, Off Grid MG50

Maximum charge voltage of the modules are 54v and if they are fully charged and the AC PV is supplying 4000w with 4000w Quattro loads and the loads drop off, The system is way too slow to react in shifting the HZ to throttle the AC PV. (3 to 5 min)

I had to reduce the max charge voltage of the modules via the Quattro to 53v to allow a full volt of slow down time. Seems to be working at the moment.

Is there any way to increase the speed the Quattro ramps up the HZ to throttle the Fronius?

(I’m using the standard settings in the VE configure assistant to control the Fronius)

Should I Adjust Victron HZ shift values in the inverter to suit the Fronius values?

What are the correct Fronius Primo 8.2 inverter HZ shift values ?

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SimpliPhi LiFePo4 Batteries

Has anyone in the community used Simpliphi 48V 3.8 kWh batteries with any of the Victron inverter chargers?

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Quattro Low Battery Alarm/Warning during engine start

Victron enthausiats,

Almost every time I start the main engine of my boat, I get an alarm or warning for Low Battery, sometimes also for DC ripple.
I hoped the newest version of the Quattro firmware would solve these very short "disruptions'.
Can these be solved by a setting?

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Voltage for ground relay information wrong in manual ?

I have a Multiplus 24/5000/240 and an Autotransformer. According to the Autotransformer manual the Relay is 12 V, and the output voltage of the Multiplus/Quattro is also 12V regardless of the DC Voltage of the Inverter. Here is what it says in the manual

When the Internal ground relay is not selected in VE Config or Victron Connect, there is 12V on the external terminal of the Multi/Quattro for the ground relay control (on all models 12/24/48V this voltage is 12V).

However if I measure the voltage I get the DC Voltage of my system (in my case 27V) and not 12V. I am afraid this will burn out the coils on the Ground Relay in the Autotransformer.

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Ve.bus BMS and Multiplus in Passthru

On a boat installation, I have an existing 3k/12/120 Multiplus (current firmware) and have just swapped out AGM batteries for Victron LFP batteries and added a ve.bus BMS plus a Cyrix Li-ct.

BMS assistant installed in Multiplus.

At first startup, I am getting a low battery led on the Multi, even though voltage across the multi's battery terminal shows 14.5, and the Multi is stuck in Passthru mode.

No charging and no inverting functions.

The BMS V+ voltage is 14.6, but the Load Disconnect and Charge Disconnect outputs are low, 0V.

Is it possible the BMS is defective? How would I bench test the BMS.

There was a Cerbo in the system, but it is disconnected at the moment.

Victron Connect thru the MK/USB interface shows everything normal in the Multiplus.

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Thermal breaker on AC IN of Multiplus

Hi dear community, I know this question has been asked before, but I didn't see any answers. I want to check whether the thermal breaker has tripped on a Multiplus Compact 24/2000 at one of my clients´ installation. The charger is not taking the generator input and I have already done all the recommended generator parameters adjustments on the Multiplus via Remote Config. The problem has to be something else. The manual says to reset the thermal breaker if the charger is not working, but the front plate of the Multiplus does not have any sign of a breaker. It must therefore be on the inside I presume. I am not physically close to the installation, so I want to guide my customer on how to do it.

Thanks for any pointers.

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Multiplus Blue Power 12 - 3000 - 120 - 16 Wanting to go off grid with solar?

what equipment do i need (if any) to add to inverter charger and how to wire please?

looking to add 1000w solar panels plus 800ah lifep04 battery capacity

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Maximum charge voltage Multiplus 48/5000 nife battery

Hello zusammen,

I have 39 cells to NIFE battery and i need charge that to 1,7V pro cell, this is 66.3 Volts and the maximun is 66. I can configure the solar chargers to that but if the battery is near the 66Volts and my consumition is lower, the inverter become a peak that i dont know if can destroy my inverter.

Thaanks for all and sorry for my english.

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MK2 Cant find com port (Quattro)

Downloaded yesterday the software package for Quattros.

( VE Configuration tools for VE.Bus Products )

Have a MK2 interface which I have used before.
Ve.Bus system configurator cant detect the com port.
First tried it on a three phase system and could not connect, then went to our boat where is a single phase system and same.
The ethernet cable is OK, the MK2 interface is ok and detected by windows.

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Multiplus 24/3000 tripping during inverting goes between low battery and inverting

My inverter keeps restarting every 20mins or so, shows low battery solid light then goes back to inverting after like 5 -10 seconds.

I have lead-acid batteries connected to the Multiplus 24/3000

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Absorption times

Hi was wondering if anyone can offer some advice.

I am not sure what absorption times to set on my system. Installed in caravan with daily consumption. System includes 2000va multiplus compact and 100/50 mppt, 3 X 120ah AGM Total 360ah. Need both mppt max absorption time and multiplus absorption times not sure what to set. Will use adaptive absorption for mppt but it there is still max time to set. Thanks in advance Niall.

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Quatro 3000 firmware failure

Hi, I have a quatro 12 3000 120 a firmware upgrade failed. Now all 8 leds turn on and i cannot connect to the unit. I have tried the android app with the firmware fail option without success. The app can not find the inverter. I am using a mk3 interface. If I depower the unit and wait, when I repower the unit , it takes about 8 seconds for all the leds to turn on.

I have tried with 12v and 240v connected to it.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance

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Trickle Charge Multiplus 12/1600/70


I am new to the forum and i am improving my Motor home, i have fitted a new style MultiPlus 12/1600/70 along with a Lithium leisure battery,

the one with the plastic case I think i am able to trickle charge the starter battery from the MultiPlus, can anyone guide to the pieces i need and how they connect to the MultiPlus

Thank You


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Multiplus compact 12/800/35 update and which train

I have an old multiplus 12/800/35 with firmware 1903142VFD
There are 2 release trains available, xxxx1xxx and xxxx2xxx.

Should I update and if so, release train 1: 1903159.vff or release train 2: 1903209.vff ?

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Is the MPPT 200/100 VE.can adequate for handling these 4 LG 360W Neon2 Panels to a 12.8v 600AH LifeP04 battery bank

Looking for advice on the system I'm putting together for my houseboat. Hoping it's ok to run all 4 of these panels off the one Victron MPPT 200/100. Also looking for advice on the overall system and what cables I'd need for each section. Recommendations and concerns welcome. I'm new to this which is why I'm asking and trying to avert a huge mistake.

Including a snap of a Visio drawing and a PDF with links to all the devices below:

LL Solar System Final.pdf

-Victron MPPT 200/100 Specs

-LG Neon2 360W Panels x 4 panels

- Ampere Time 12.v 300AH LifeP04 x 2

-Ampinvt 3000w Low Frequency Pure Sine Inverter w/ 60a charger


Thanks for any advice and feedback in advance!

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Why does "Limit Inverter Power" work, but "Limit Charge Power" does not in ESS?

I am running a MultiPlus with ESS Assistant installed. I had charge current set to max in VEConfigure, but had Limit Charge Power turned on in ESS, along with Limit Inverter Power.

This had been working just fine until I had to remove the BMV-712 temporarily. When I did this, I turned on the Battery Monitor option in VEConfig for the MultiPlus. I set the Battery Monitor in Venus OS in System Setup to the MultiPlus. However, now whenever charging occurs, it is at the maximum current, not what I have set Limit Charge Power to. Can anyone explain why this does not work with the MultiPlus Battery Monitor, but Limit Inverter Power does?

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Multiplus 12/1200/50 Two Signal BMS Assistant

Hi All,

I'm setting up my system with an external BMS of a 272Ah LiFePo4 battery that I've built. This has four configurable relays. I am using one for my Charge Loads (via a BatteryProtect) and one for my Discharge Loads (via a BatteryProtect).

The other two I'm trying to use to control my Multiplus 12/1200/50. Firstly can this be done, the information online refers to the Multiplus using Aux1 and Temp connectors, but mine has the Remote and Temp connectors? I have attached my high Voltage relay (set to turn off everything) to the Remote On and Remote+ connections. I have attached my low Voltage relay (set to turn on charger only) to Temp+ and Temp-.

When I trigger these it seems to make no difference at all and the Multiplus just carries on charging at full power. I haven't got the rest of the AC set up yet, so I can't tell if it is turning the inverter off.

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Suitable Circuit breaker between multiplus-ii and battery

Hello everyone,

I want to put a double pole MCB between a MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 and 3 48V Pylontech batteries.

Pylontech recommends 25A for each Package and it supports up to 100A of discharge for each Package.

Victron states in manual:

-You must have the minimum number of battery modules to supply the inverters startup inrush surge currents that charge the capacitors when the inverter is first connected, this occurs prior to any loads being connected. For this Inverter, 2 Batteries are minimum.

-Victron recommends a 125A MCB between battery and Inverter, since its Peak power is 5500Watt (3000 AC Load + 1500 feeding in shore power)

We dont want to feed in the shore power, so only ac loads left. 3000 W / 48 V = 62,5 A. So an 80A MCB should be fine, but maybe the Inverter wants to pull more current? Maybe the stated 125A due to the startup inrush current?

I found 3 MCBs (80A, 100A, 125A) from the same series from ABB

I really would like to use an 80Amp MCB, so that the Inverter does not pull much more than the calculated 62,5 Amps.

My Questions:

Do you think the 80Amp MCB will "handle" the startup inrush current?

Does the MCB could have a minimum operating Voltage(Datasheet not found)? Is 48V fine?

Is the rated Ultimate Short-Circuit Breaking Capacity (Icu):(800 V DC) 5 kA enough for a 7,2kWh battery system?

If you have remommendations for other MCBs, please share.

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Multiplus Compact - How to realize "AC Output 2" similar to Multiplus

Good day,
I have to install a MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80-30 to a boat. In difference to the bigger (not compact) Multiplus the compact units have no AC output 2.
This auxilliary output is nice for cutting off the AC power from the hot water boiler when the Multiplus is inverting to reduce the loads on the battery bank.

Has anybody realized a setup like this?
Thanks for hints and suggestions

Greetings from Flensburg, Ole

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Multiplus 5000/24V Input current limit control assistant in combination with Cerbo

I have a Multiplus 5000/24V in combination with 3 x 24V/160AH LiFePO4 batteries. There are three sources which can be used for charging the batteries, shore power and two generators. One is 18KVA, the other 3.5KVA. When the 3.5KVA is being used the Multiplus has to be limited to use a maximum of 10A.

This system has also a Gerbo GX which is connected to the multiplus via the VE.bus for remote monitoring.

To limit the input current what would be the best solution, use a digital input on the Cerbo GX which will in turn set the input current limit. Or use the "input current limit control" assistant directly on the multiplus?

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Battery voltage readings

We have an MPPT 100/30

at night it reports a zero or near zero battery voltage. This cannot be right as we still have power. During the day this reading is 13 to 14 volts.

Any idea what is happening?

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Renaming assistants (MultiPlus)


when using multiple assistents and interconnecting them with each other through the AUX inputs, a device setup can get quite extensive.

To be able to rename (subnaming?) them would make life much easier to keep track of what assistent is doing what without having to make a map. Who remembers which of the "programmable relay (x)" is doing what after programming various of them in one setup and then wanting to change or add something? :)

Thanks for any advice on how to rename (tho I guess it's not possible)!

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Small freezer causes overloads on EasySolar II GX

We have an EasySolar II GX which includes a Multiplus-ll 48/3000/35-32 inverter/charger- which should be able to supply 3kW as I understand it.

We also have a very small upright freezer, 85 L capacity, rated input power 90 W and consumption 0.73 kWh/24h (and we have meaured its energy draw at less than that rated consumption.

Yet, half a dozen times a day we get an overload warning from the GX device, which I can only imagine comes from the freezer compressor starting.

The only other devices we have connected are a caravan (major draw is a Thetford absorption absorption fridge, plus mostly LED lights and a laptop).

We want a bigger freezer, but I have to be worried that the EasySolar seems not even able to cope with the small one.

Or is something else wrong?

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DC in Quattro, no AC Out

Have a boatbuilder who is installing a Qauttro 5000/12V he has fully charged battery going in but is suggesting no AC out, can you suggest some checks.

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Recommended type of RCCB for Victron Quattro 8000 running with ESS

I am located in Portugal and using a set of 2 Quattros 8000 with ESS assistant.

For the AC1 out of the Quattro it is recommended to use a RCCB.

I am using two Hager CFC240P 300mA, type AC. However they tripp quite often.

What is the advisable type of RCCB to be used in Europe for this type of installation?

AC, A, F, B ?


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