Low Solar Amp Conversion from Watts?

I'm chasing another problem with this system, that I haven't been able to pin down. I'll give you a short amount of background, in case it's relevant.

The system originally was 2 quattros in parallel, 10 Victron Lithium batteries (300ah) and 8 100/30 mppts. I share this, because I observed in the previous setup before anything was removed...nearly 60amps charging and the owner at that time stated that it would get to 100 on a bright sunny day with no clouds.

As part of buying this boat, the previous owner took one of the quattros and 5 of the batteries. I have replaced that quattro since, so now the setup is

2 quattros in parallel (5000/12/220)

5 x 300ah Victron Lithium

8 mppts connecting about 3k in solar panels.

Here's where the issue comes in. In the middle of the day, when the sun is directly overhead, and I'm generating 1600 watts of soloar (as measured by the quattro on the cerbo screen) - I will barely reach 20amps charging, usually less. My idle draw is about 15 to 20 amps, but its always been that, so observing 60, means the production at that point was 75 to 80. Right now I'd expect 133 amps raw, before any loss or conversion or vodoo that happens between components. I think it's reasonable to guess while generating 1600 watts of solar, that I should see 100 amps (mins 15 to 20 idle)....Am I incorrect?

I know that the mppts will downscale, I've appropriatly measured the battery SOC so they should bulk, measured the temp so there are no temp issues (unless there's some settings that arent correct), and I have access to all the MPPT's through the VRM for their settings if those need tracked down.

I also know how complicated all the settings can be between MPPT's, quattros, batteries...etc. So I'm looking for some help tracking it down. I can been the hammer, just need the person to wield the tool and get me there, or tell me it's working as intended.

Thanks in advance, I love this community and how everyone helps.

P.S - If there's a victron "expert" in the area of Caribbean Martinique (or you are available to fly in) I would absolutely love to talk to you.

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Quattro Stuck in Passthru

Hello, I’m hoping someone can help with my issue.

I have a 220/12/5000 Pair of Quattro’s running in Parallel. For the most part everything is operating as it should, and I don’t notice anything unusual. They’ve been in this configuration about 7 months now. It’s a marine configuration, so I’m not running anything related to ESS or anything requiring anti-islanding. The other questions / solutions I’ve seen with this issue all seem related to that system.

The issue has risen for a 3rd time now, and I’m really unsure how to proceed. At some point, the battery will get low enough that the inverter will shut off. Somewhere between 50 and 60% state of charge. This usually happens when theres an unexpected loss of power in the grid shore power, or generator breaker pops and we are unaware.

At this point, restoring grid power or generator power will put the quattros in passthru mode. The batteries will not charge. I usually have to wait until the MPPT’s charge the batteries back up enough to kick them out of the danger zone before I can get it back to normal.

Yesterday when this happened, I was able to remove the BMS assistant, and the BMS from the system and get it to kick into charging mode again...do I have an overall BMS problem? If I do, it will be the 3rd BMS in 7 months.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Multiplus 24/3000 violates input current limit settings

How do I prevent the MP from exceeding the input current limit settings?


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Reinstated: Bug in Mutliplus AC Input Control? (v481)

Sorry to flip-flop on this report. I let my Multiplus cycle through two AC Input Control cycles, and the problem persists.

The problem is that the AC Input Control is not respecting the voltage trigger that I set, as you can see in this short video. https://streamable.com/u8muvp

Update: It occurs to me that perhaps the problem here is that the Mulitplus had been triggered to turn AC Input On until Bulk Charge was reached. But after that process started, my AC Timer turned off the power to the Multiplus. If so, then it is probably simply tryng to finish the last cycle that it had started.

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Multi charge cutting out

Hi my multiplus (old 24 3000 70) with analogue control panel charges my Lifepo4 batteries fine up to around 8amps of shore power (45amps @ 27.3v). Anything above that and it cuts out, charges or a few second and cuts out again. The result is I can't charge my Lifepo4 battery past about 26.9v resting voltage. Has anyone heard of this happening?

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Can I use auxiliary battery charger output (4 amp) on MultiPlus compact to charge a AGM start battery?

I have a new MultiPlus Compact inverter/charger. I see a 4 amp output for auxiliary charging. Can I use this on AGM start battery for charging.

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Grid assist application

Hello everyone.

my question is about grid parallel.

can i add to the Grid source the power of the Inverter when the load is high and prioritize the Pv power first

Can the load go over the max and be bigger then the nom power or the courant of the MultiPlus so the inverter can be underrated compared to the maximum courant required by the load

I have a 3 phases system with high load (2 pumps. AC, heat system plus the house consumption ) and i want to install 3 MP3000/48 in parallel so i use PV and when the load is high it powered from the grid.

i heard about grid assist but i have no idea how to make it run..... how to do that in practice

Thank you

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How can I disable battery charging on a multiplus compact?

My system is on a boat with a MultiPlus Compact 12v/1600va/70a and a digital multi control panel.

I have 4x175w Victron PV panels connected to a Victron 100/50 MPPT controller.

My understanding is that both the multiplus and the mppt are both charging the battery bank simultaneously whilst connected to shore power. Can I turn off battery charging on the multiplus so that batteries are charged only using the solar power via the mppt?

I need AC shore power whilst in the marina so can’t turn the multiplus off completely.

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What settings for MultiPlus Compact with RELION Low Temperature Lithium batteries

Hi everyone! Thanks for looking at my question!

I have a 600Ah Battery bank (2x RB300LT batteries from Relion) The batteries are specifically designed for low temperatures with built in heating elements, controlled by the BMS.

My question:

Are there any specific inverter settings that would optimize safely charging these batteries during low temperatures? And, if so, when the temperatures warm up, would I need to modify these settings?

Ideally, I would like to be able to set a range, and not for the seasons if possible.


Equipment list:

Van conversion-
Inverter: Victron Multiplus Compact 12v/2000w/80amp

Batteries: 2x RB300LT batteries Relion

B2B: Sterling 60Amp (1260 model)

Alternators: 2x Factory Installed 230Amp alternators

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MultiPlus firmware update and ship shore power supply

Getting ready to update the firmware on my Multiplus 12/3000 installed on a shore power connected sailboat. The ships computer will be performing the update, but is powered by the shore power or via the inverter. While updating the Multiplus, will my vessel loss shore power and thus power to the ship computer during the firmware update?

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RCD Tripping randomly

I have just about installed Multiplus 48/1200/13 and hooked it up to Li-ion 14s1p batteries.

It has been working perfectly in UPS mode and pass through. To test the capacity, I turned off the mains and the UPS kicked in, I let the system run - till the cut off voltage was reached.

When I turned on the grid/mains - the RCD (on the mains consumer unit) tripped. It did this a few times. I disconnected the load and the same happened (rocker switch in ON position). Then I switched it to charger and it did not trip.

I tried various combinations and unfortunately - the RCD tripping is very random and not reproducible.

AC in comes from the grid

AC out goes to feed a total of 250W (a few pumps)

Any input or help would be appreciated.

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Quatrro inverter shutdown on Pylontech low battery


Recently got a system consisting of:

1x Quattro 48/3000/35

2x Pylontech US3000c

2x BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/35

1x CerboGX

As part of my testing I ran a load until shutdown. What happened is that the whole system turned off at the low voltage point. The Pylontech shows the RED alarm LED. The Victron setup does not seem to see any DC power at all at that time (touch display off etc).

It would be nicer if there is a shutdown mode where the inverter is disabled (but still powered, just not generating AC). That way the display still shows what is happening. At some point the batteries are going to turn off completely and then whole system will be down.

I've had bad experience (with another vendor) where it becomes a real struggle to get the inverter/charger to wake up when there is (generator) AC, but not DC yet.

Is that not an issue with the Victron, as soon as I apply AC the system comes back to live?

Also, when the system was in shutdown, non of the console commands on the Pylontech seemed to indicate a powered down state :) I must be looking at the wrong command since the inverter saw low voltage over CANbus. What is the correct command to see historic shutdown reasons?


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Multiplus not switching back on with Venus GX


When I switch off the MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 with firmware 413 with my Venus Gx Remote Console with firmware 2.60, I can't switch it back on.

The workaround is to disconnect the network cable on the MultiPlus and reconnect it again.

This should be a known issue because I got the workaround by one of your installers.

My question is: Can VictronEnergy do something to fix the issue?

Thanks and regards,

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Help!! 19XXXXX "General Error Occurred" at end of VEFlash update

Hi there,

Relatively new to the Victron world but I've got a multiplus - a 24 3000 70 - Hex.1912125 and I need to update it to the latest firmware in order to connect it to Victron Connect.

- I downloaded VEFlash

- I downloaded firmware version 1912209 (is this correct) via Victron Professional?

- I have a MK3 dongle.

- The multiplus is recognised by my PC

- I'm running windows 10

However upon going through the VeFlash update I get to the very last screen (after it says it's uploaded etc.) and it says "General Error Occurred". How on earth do I resolve this?


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SOC calculation worse with latest Multiplus firmware

First, let me say that I understand that, for my setup, the Multiplus's calculation of SOC will inherently be incorrect.

(Right now I have my battery bank being charged by both my Mutliplus and occasionally by my SmartSolar MPPT. So the Multiplus cannot see the current being fed to the batteries by the MPPT.)

Still, the SOC calculation was better with the firmware immediately prior to v481 that is now.

And I think it can be "hacked" to do better, as below.

Consider the following two screen shots, taken at two parts of the day.


This first shows the battery voltage is 26.56V and the SOC is 57%.

Now, as the day progressed, with solar charging, the battery voltage has increased to 26.82V. But the SOC has decreased to 31%!


I know that this incorrect SOC calculation is because the Multiplus is (apparently) looking at current only, and has seen 7 to 8 Amps leaving the battery all day, but is not seeing current coming in from my MPPT.

But as I said above, the previous firmware of the Multiplus handled this situation better.

Might I suggest a software hack, that when the battery voltage increases, the SOC calculation be prevented from displaying lower? That would solve the false low SOC reading in this case.

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Victron Blue smart 12/20 tripping RCD

Hi what is the 240V current draw for my Blue Smart 12/20 charger as it keeps tripping my RCD i think the RCD switch may be over the peak draw and hence the tripping but cannot find the information on data sheets?

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Multiplus 2000 Buzz and Current Draw and fans.

I have a new, out of the box Multiplus 2000, 12V on a test bench setup. Feeding it is 280AH of Lithium @ 13.5V. I start the inverter and it's quiet. I put a load on it via a heat gun and it immediately starts a loud low frequency buzz. The heat gun pulls 70Amps of from the pack measured on the BMS and a DC clamp meter, but Victron Connect shows -43 Amps. All connections are tight and double checked. Wire Gage is correct.

There is also a fan and temperature fault issue. When both fans come on during inverting or charging, they struggle to blow at full speed and emit noise (not wind noise, a fast clicking is the best way to describe it) and the Multiplus eventually goes to temperature fault then shuts down some time after the fault. Before the shutdown, I unplug one fan (top of board, Right Side Fan) and the remaining fan jumps to full speed, as normal, with no clicking sound. I plug the right fan back in and both immdiately go to clicking, slow down and appear to struggle. The fan voltage on the top connector with no load is 8V DC.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Multiplus 12/3000/120 dead (no LEDs come on, no AC out)

Installed Multiplus a week ago in a camper van (simple setup DC in, AC Out-1, GX 200 remote), tested at that time and had AC power supplied to 120V outlets. Just a few days ago, tested again, still had AC power in outlets, but after driving for 2 hrs AC output was no longer working. I checked the Multiplus - no LEDs come on when switching the unit on (not even then 'Inverter on' LED). When I flip the switch on the GX, the remote lights up briefly and I can use the knob to modify max current on the display; I also hear some kind of a relay clicking in the inverter when switch on the GX is flipped.

I unplugged the GX cable at the Multiplus and measured DC voltage supplied to the bolts/terminals on the inverter itself: 13.3V in 1st test, 14.2V after driving back home. I hope this is something simple that can be resolved without shipping the inverter back to the supplier. Can anyone suggest what can it be?

Here are some details of my setup:

3x 100Ah Battleborn lithium batteries, connected thru 4/0 cables + 300 Amp fuse on the positive to the inverter DC input. Have AC-1 out connected to a circuit breaker panel (50Amp breaker). I also connected wire to AC-In-1 for future charging from shore power (the other end of this cable is not connected to anything for now, with each conductor well insulated with tape). Have GX 200 connected with regular CAT6 cable. The inverter is installed horizontally on its left side (i.e. left side facing down); there is a cutout in the shelf so that the handle/vent on the left side of the inverter can suck in air.

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Pheonix Inverter 24/3000

Hello, Im having problems with my Pheonix 24/3000 inverter. After buying it second hand, I have never got it to work. First it simply did nothing when i flicked the switch, now the green light ontop is flashing but there is still no output power.

Both occasions I checked the voltage at the inverter terminals and beyond the fuse. It showed 25.5v when the power switch was off and when it was on. So I dont think there is a bad connection. It is however quite cold here in Sweden and it has been in a room the has been below 0 degrees celcius on both attemps. The first attempt was maybe at -4c when the inverter showed no light and -10c on the attempt when the light started flashing.

Could it just be the cold?

The batteries are gel batteries that stay topped up so I think they can handle the cold.


I had a hope that doing a software update might make it work again but VictronConnect cannot find the device when plugged in. It is connected to the laptop with an RJ45 cable through a USB adapter.

Could it be the adapter that doesnt allow the connection?

There are 2 RJ45 ports in the inverter. Ive tried both of them.


Thanks folks! Any advice is much appreciated.


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VRM reporting Low Battery when Battery is reported as 26.7v

I have just noticed that VRM is giving me a Low Battery in my VE.Bus Warnings and Alarms as per the attached.


The MultiPlus is configured as per this


The system is constructed from 4 x 12.8v / 200Ah in a 2P2S configuration. At no time did the value get below 25V.

I cant find what triggered this, any suggestion on where to look or do I have a bug?

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Correct DVCC setting for Quatto + Pylontech US3000c + Bluesolar MPPT

Hi all,

Recently got a system consisting of:

1x Quattro 48/3000/35

2x Pylontech US3000c

2x BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/35

1x CerboGX

All firmware updates available via the VRM portal have been applied. I don't have a USB adapter, so I guess the inverter is on the firmware it came with.

The Pylontech - Victron setup manual says that the DVCC settings will be automatically populated. This was not the case for me.

What settings should I use for my setup?

DVCC -> On

SVS Shared Voltage Sense -> ?

STS Shared Temperature Sense -> ?

SCS Shared Current Sense ->

SCS Status shows "Disabled, external control"

When I enable limit Charge Current, it defaults to 50A. But I can change it.

It does look like the system sees the batteries correctly. Looking at the max charge current on the battery view, it matches the two batteries I have in my system.

Thank you!


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Shutdown Procedure for PV / charge controller / Inverter / Battery system

Would someone be able to point me to a shutdown procedure. I am busy putting together a user manual for a customer and I recall reading this somewhere

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

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Quattro clicking sound

Hello, i have installed an off grid system with 3 quattros 15000/48 and a fronius symo 20 kw. When charging from fronius with full power one of the quattros started doing a clicking sound like a relay turnig on and offwhat is .your advice?
Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

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charge battery with ac output off

Hi I have a Multiplus 48/5000/70. I wanted to ask if it is possible to only charge the battery via the AC input and have the "AC-Out-1" and "AC-Out-2" off? I realized that the batter is charging in "on" and "charger only" mode, but in both modes the "AC-Out-1" and "AC-Out-2" are on as well.

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Can I control the AC-Input relay via an aux input?

I have been looking at all the assistants and the Virtual switch but I cannot find what I am looking for.

Is it possible to switch the AC-Input ON and OFF by using the Aux Input? I'm in the UK and only want to take grid power when it is cheap or I need it. The cheap (Octopus Agile) tariff is not a fixed time, so I want to be the one (well, a Pi at least) to control when I can take energy from the grid.

I was planning to use an external contactor to shut down the grid connection, but since there is one in the Quattro it would be nice to use that.

I think I could achieve a similar thing by using ESS and forcing the charge rate to 0 on a signal on the aux input, but it doesn't feel quite the same...

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Multiplus Programmable Relay Assistant control AC IN relay


Can you please add the AC input relay to the Programmable Relay Assistant? or at least a discount from AC Flag.

There are several cases where this is helpful. I currently have an inverter that is behind an automatic transfer switch with a generator, the inverter is a few SUB DBs down from the transfer switch, I don't want the inverters to run off the generators as this tends to trip then into overload. It would be nice if I could just install a signal cable onto AUX1 that tells the inverter to discount from grid when on generator.

The second case is when we have very bad grid I would like to discount inverters from AC till the grid stabilizes if we don't the inverter goes into Overload due to LOM detection. I have a PLC that can signal AUX1 when this happens. right now it looks like our only option is to install about $400 in Contactors to make this work but it is painful since the inverter could just do it.



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victron bms wont allow quattro to charge or invert.


I have been having some issues with my system after i added a 3rd smart battery.

Firstly the Quattro would only turn on when i did a re-detect on the CCGX. But after then it would operate as normal.

We went away last weekend and i noticed the batteries were down to 30% when i raedy to come home. , however we were on shore power. The quattro was marked on the CCGX as in pass-thro mode although the unit was physically switched to ON.

When i checked the graphs in VRM the unit operated correctly Inverting as we tavelled then charging the batteries on arrival when connected to shore power.. Soon a the unit switches to passthrough mode where it stayed.

When i got back i have updated the firmwire in both the ccGx and the Quattro to the latest.

On completion this allowed the Quattro to Charge.

But this was because i updated the Quattro using the Android connect app and despite configuring the charge settings for Lithium i then had to use the remote vrm to reload the ve bms assistant.

As soon as i uploaded the assistant the Quattro went back into pass thro mode which allows just the AC through to power connected loads on the AC out but nothing else.

SO i can assume the VE BMS is telling the Quattro not to allow charge or discharge.

I also have a red low battery flashing red light on the Quattro. my Batteries are not low they are now at 79%. No faults showing on the bms etc

I have attached a rough schematic of my system .


I have also attached a screenshot of the widgets if this helps at the point the inverter changed to passthro


On my CCGX settings the VE bus shows

"an assistent is loaded an configured for a BMS but none can be found"

the settings box for the bms has allow to charge / discharge disabled and BMS error as YES

I intend to check all my RG45 leadsand wires etc as a first port of call tomorrow.

I will also connect the batteries individually to see if there is a problem there although they all look fine on the connect app

But what else should I check?

i was considering swapping the bms for another to cross out that being faulty?

I would really appreciate some help with this one

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New Dual Multiplus Inverters RV Setup - 50AMP

Hello Smart folks,

Hoping I can get some thoughts/assistance if anyone wouldn't mind verifying what I am thinking isn't nutty...? I am only showing the AC side diagram I created as that is where most of my questions come into play.

Currently I have a stock RV 2021 Forest River GT7 36K7. I have purchased a dozen solar panels a Victron 150/100 charge controller and a single 3000 Multiplus. I want to be able to run everything (should I chose to go this route) as I would today off of the battery power even if it is just for a short time. I have 6 105ah Lion Energy ut1300's which I know wouldn't run all of this for very long, but want the flexibility to be able to if I wanted for even an hour.... My question is based on the below drawing, will this accomplish the goal of that?

What I want to be able to do:

1.) On 50 amp shore power run everything as I can today.

2.) On 30 amp or less shore power run everything from the AC panels with the shore power and the power assist kicking in for the additional required power.

3.) If I so choose try to run anything (or everything) off of battery only power (even if it is only for a short period).

4.) The Victron Cerbo Touch Screen Energy Control GX System w/Color Display that I ordered to be able to monitor my single 150/100-tr Victron charge controller, and my two multiplus inverters, along with my lynx distributer (future I heard it can send info back to the gx, but not current).

In the setup below if the above 4 are covered, is that considered parallel or split phase? I am not an electrician (obviously lol) but I am reading and trying to comprehend as much as possible, I get hung up on things I don't fully understand in some of the other threads on similar topics such as setting these up in parallel vs split phase ect. Since I don't fully understand the terminology and what each fully mean, I have a hard time telling if the below is true split phase or actually what this would be considered?

In the thread here there are 3 options presented. Which I admit I don't fully understand and maybe I should present my questions on that thread for that side, but didn't want to hijack his thread and it is a year or so old, so not sure how much it is being followed. Does the below diagram fall into this category [3}?

[3] You can run them in a split-phase pair. There are two advantages of this approach compared to stacking. First, your two units are wired to each phase when on a 240V supply, so you have access to the full 12kW at the pole, subject to the internal limits of your MultiPluses. (They won't be able to charge that much, for example.) Second, if you have a single phase supply (120V 30A, 20A, 15A), you can feed it to one side and the other side will reject incoming and stay in inverter mode. You will have seamless load support on both legs, but you will be going through the battery for the second leg. A consequence of this setup is that if you have a large 120V generator, you may not be able to fully utilize it, because it can only feed one of your two units.

Finally, the above bold/underlined statement makes me feel I would not be setting this up with option 3 via the below diagram? Mainly because I see my diagram below representing these operating as individual units each controlling a phase (or leg) of the load and then the phases remaining separated as individual legs, and I assume the AC panel in my drawing keeps each phase individual (ie one 50 amp leg operates 1 side of the panel, the other operates the other side of the panel).

Please be kind, I am not masquerading as if I know this stuff I am only trying to learn and apply what I have learned to my situation. I am a DIYer and don't want to higher someone because I find this stuff really fun, but I also don't want to do something terribly wrong... The hand drawn diagram (that says CURRENT in left column) is how the current RV is wired from the factory (other than the batteries which I replaced the stock ones day one).

Please let me know if there is a better way to accomplish this, I also have drawn up a diagram to try to do this same thing with a "Smart Phase Selector" and a single inverter (since I only have an order in for 1 right now). But then the wife sprung on me "I want to be able to run other things besides what is on the small subpanel from battery if your going to be spending this type of money". So I will ultimately either do what I have suggested below (if you guys agree it will work and fulfill the needs.

My options as I see them now:

1.) The diagram in color (pending your review as to if that will work, and covers my needs) Most expensive as it requires me to buy another inverter. Or any recommendations you guys give me to adjust this setup.

2.) The hand diagram below that says "Smart Phase Selector" in left column which is the second most expensive, and you can't find the "Smart Phase Selector" anywhere in stock. More info on this item: https://amsolar.com/rv-inverter-accessories/50-tsfmb1

3.) The third and least expensive option is to use one of these https://www.amazon.com/Baomain-Universal-Changeover-SZW26-63-Position/dp/B01IZ5ZFYC/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=B01IZ5ZFYC&qid=1614029317&sr=8-1. This is the drawing that is had drawn with Future #2 on the left side. The Pin out wiring is on the same drawing with the circle numbers for the switch representing each position and how I think I would have to wire it to make it work. Position 1 of the switch for 50 amp Shore Power. Position 2 for all other single phase connection or Inverter for entire RV. I would use position 2 when connected To 15 amp 20 amp or 30 amp.

Do I gain much on via option 1 to option 3 for the price difference? ect.

Thank you all in advance, and if you made it this far, I hope to hear back :)





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Quattro settings for lead acid batteries 48V

Hi all, I have a system made by Quattro 48V/10000/140, two MPPTs Smart solar, 48 V floade lead acid batteries, 755 Ah (C5) SG tested and ok by manufacturer. But I never had energy from batteries during evening/night despite voltage was above DC restart... You can find attached a PDF with settings of quattro and an image with assistant settings. Please tell me what is wrong...SET.pdfImmagine 2021-02-07 182526.jpg

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4 Answers

Very basic question about the Multiplus 12/1200/50

Apologies for how basic a question this is.

I am wanting to build a basic system for my Euro6 Sprinter, using Victron products.

Alternator/mains/solar charging with solar taking priority, with around 1kW usable AC power from an inverter when not connected to the mains.

50 A DC DC converter

100Ahr Lithium high current battery with built in BMS

Victron multiplus 12/1200/50


MPPT 75/15 solar charger

Cyrix Li Charge 12/24V 120A smart relay

150A mega fuse

Battery isolation switch

I have found a schematic for this online, but it has a smart battery and a VE.bus BMS.

My question is, does the Multiplus need a smart battery with an external BMS, or will the Victron battery with the built in BMS work?


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