How to reset pin codes

I have just purchased a used RV with the devices below. I loaded the app and tried '000000', did not work. Read the manuals and couldn't find where to reset pin number. Also no button on Smart Dongle.

BMV-712 Smart

SmartSolar MPPT 150/100 Controller

VE.Bus Smart dongle

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Pylontech US2000B and VE.Can MPPT

I currently have 5KVA Multiplus with a 150/70 VE.Can MPPT charge controller using ESS with CCGX.

My current VRLA batteries are in need of replacement and was looking at replacing them with Pylontech US2000B or US3000 batteries. According to this article its not possible

Is this still that case as it its not possible at all or are there limitations?

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Shared PV Input and Load Output MPPT 75/15


Forgive my amateur knowledge in the area.

I have 2 questions, which I am hoping to find a bit of clarification on:

  1. If I have a series of 3x 250W PV modules connected in series to output a Voc voltage of 73V (Less than the max 75V) and an Impp of 13.8A, can I connect these to 3 individual MPPT 75/15 solar controllers (73V connected to the PV terminals of each MPPT controller, sharing the 13.8A)?
  2. Can the 3 MPPT controllers have their load outputs connected in parallel to a single 40A load?

The obvious alternative is to use a single and bigger MPPT (e.g. MPPT 150/60) however this does not provide a controllable load output and it also is 60% more expensive.

Any advice, knowledge or recommendations greatly appreciated.

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24h MPPT data not syncing with VRM - why?

I have a small solar remote off grid setup with a Victron 75/15 MPPT. While sun is limited in winter I have a DC timer hooked up for disabling the load during most of the day. To track battery voltage and solar yield, I have Venus OS on a RPi installed. While the RPi also consumes load, it is not connected permanently (so it is placed after the timer). This is no option. It would drain the battery. Same for 4G router, and some small DC equipement. I noticed that when the setup is ‘on’ I can see stats on VRM but that seems to only show data from within the on-time frame. Via VictronConnect I can also connect to Venus OS and the MPPT and within the MPPT environment I can see all 24h data. Do you know why this is not synchronized with VRM?

Or is there an option to do so? Hope someone can help!

12 volt 20ah Lifepo4 battery - 60w panel - DC timer - VRM - RPi - Venus OS - 4G router

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BYD B-BoxPro, BlueSolar 150/85VE.CAN, and SmartSolar150/85

Good day,

We have an existing system with 3 MultiPlus 48/5000/70 (in parallel), 4 BlueSolar 150/85 VE.CAN, 2-BYD B-Box Pro 10 kWh, 1-BYD B-Box Pro 7.5kWh, and a Color Control GX.

One of the 4 BlueSolar had a 0 current reading, so we requested for a replacement. Since, BlueSolars are not anymore available in the market, they sent us a SmartSolar 150/85 as a replacement unit.

1.) How can we synchronize the SmartSolar to the existing 3 BlueSolars and what will be its connection to the CCGX? What are the needed accessories and upgrade to sync the charge controllers if it is possible?

2.) Can the BYD BMS communicate with the BlueSolar 150/85 VE.CAN?

Thank you.

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BYD LVL and old model BlueSolar VE.Can compatibility

Good day, all! We need help on this.

We have an existing system that uses Victron BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/85 VE.Can, Victron MultiPlus 48/5000/70-50, Color Control GX and lead-acid AGM battery. We are now going to replace the battery with BYD Premium LVL 15.4.

Is this possible with the existing system? What should also be the configuration of the charge controller and the MultiPlus?

Thank you!

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12V Marine system help


I will do my best to keep this short:

I have a 26ft. Sailboat on the Ossiachersee in Austria.

Because of weight, I want to switch from Lead Acid to Lithium. Because Lithium is so expensive, I want to switch from PWM to Victron MPPT for max battery protection (and max batt/solar efficiency.)

Unfortunately, due to different solar panel sizes, I can't have the PVs in series (see diagram).

Is my diagram here correct, or do I need less or more components?

Any info is greatly appreciated!




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Turn on load based on battery level

Hello, everyone,

Is there a simple way to turn on a relay based on battery level? I have a load, which I would like to turn on when battery reaches 90% and turn off when battery reaches 50%.

Many thanks,


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Does anyone have firmware 1.53 for smartsolar 150/100 vedirect only???

version 1.54 broke my system and no one seems to be able to help

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Would this panel setup risk damaging the 150/35 MPPT?

Hi all

would this panel setup pose a long-term risk on the 150/35? Voltage is still within limits, but Amps is higher. I understand that the MPPT would limit to 35A - but would running a higher current pose a risk of damaging the MPPT in the long-term?


Thanks, wolfandy

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Input voltage Mono PERC half cell for the MPPT

Dear all,

I will install a PV system in a very hot and high humidity place in the Amazon region in Colombia. We are planning to use a MONO PERC half cell PV module with Voc= 49,3V (Longi LR4-72HPH-450M). I would like to know if any of you have experience with this type of PV modules in a hot place. My main concern is to damage the MPPT going beyond its maximum voltage input.

If my array has 3 modules in series, I will get 147,9V but I am above the Maximum PV open circuit voltage from the datasheet: 145V start-up and operating maximum. However, knowing that the installation will be in a very hot place, the voltage will drop a bite.

From the configuration spreadsheet, I found that my limit temperature is 20°C. Below it (e.g. 19°C) I will damage the MPPT.


I think that it could be better to have 2 PV modules in series, in order to be completely sure about voltage limits; but I would like to hear from you guys: what do you think/suggest?

Thanks in advance,

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Problem with MPPT

Hi, I am travelling with a self build campervan and I have a problem with my solarpanel. The panel and cable to the MPPT gives 20V in the sun but out the MPPT there only comes 11V. Somebody told me to contact you. Would it be possible to help me? I’m close to Cartagena :) thanks in advance!

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Needed victron solar equipment for home use without batteries

Hello, For years I succesfully use Victron equipment on my sailboat . For at home I like to setup a Victron solar system without use of batteries. So from solar regulator directly to the public power supply (230v)

Can someone tell which equipment with Victron partnumbers I need.?

Further I like to connect Cerbo CX.

I want to start with 5 panels on the flat roof. In future another 5.

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How efficient is my Victron 12/500 inverter?

Does anyone have a link to a graph or something? :-)

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How does the MPPT work if panels are placed on North, East and West facing planes

Hi everyone. I'm onto the next install and need to understand the actual functioning specifically of the Smartsolar charge controller xxx|yy - TR and the xxx|yy- MC4.

1. Why (Is the) difference between the TR and the MC4.

My supplier told me it's "safer" to use the TR than the MC4 option as there is less chance of a poor connection / they have seen failures on the MC4 due to high currents.

I would like an opinion on this.

This also then leads to the next question

2. Can one charge controller be used on multiple planes. I believe I do understand the concept of MPPT's. I am unsure of how the Victon Smartsolar xxx|yy - z deals with this

2a. Is there a difference between the MC4 and the TR other than actual connection / termination.

2b Would an MCT option be able to manage 3 different inputs eg one each of a North, East and West facing PV arrays.?


2c. Irrespective of the termination configuration, I would need a SEPARATE charge controller for each plane?

Should I not understand the concept I would value assistance.


3. My West and East facing arrays are smaller than the North facing array. Am I correct in understanding that I would be able to install smaller Smartsolar charge controllers for those 2 arrays.(Naturally taking into account for string voltages and Isc)

I will be installing 2 x 48|5000 Multiplus ||'s

Many thanks

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Will my controller be okay?

I want to create a system that looks like this:

4 x 330W Solar Panels (specifically REC Twinpeak2 mono 330w). With a open circuit V oc of 40.8.
I want to connect them in pairs, in series, and then connect the two pairs in parallel.

I have bought the Victron SmartSolar Charge Controller MPPT 150/35.

My battery bank was going to be 2 x 120ah Lifepo4 in parallel

Have i made a mistake with my controller? (i originally calculated the input to be approximately 80volts and 16.5 amps
But i didn't calculate the output of the controller. WHich i presume is 1320watts / 12volts

Will the controller work at all, or is it too much power?

Does anyone have any suggestions on what a cost effective solution might be. I'd prefer to keep my battery bank in 12v, due to some 12v appliances i have, and a victron orion dc to dc charger and a renogy 3000w inverter/charger 12v.

I have had a look through a lot of posts on here, but none provided the specific answer I'm looking for.

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MPPT 75/15 never reaches float mode

H all, first question on this forum.

We got a 120W solar panel on deck, connected to a MPPT 75/15 and two 100Ah lead-acid batteries when we bought our latest sailboat some four years ago. This seems to have worked fine, but last summer we found it difficult to get enough power to operate the fridge and have the anchor light on throughout the night. It may be the batteries are going tiered, but when I started to investigate I noted that the installation was not the best. The regulator was installed behind the panel at the chart table with BATT connected to the 12V after the main switch and PV connected to the panel, in such a way that it lost contact with the batteries when the master switch was turned off. This left the system with some 15V on the 12V bus bar with everything switched off including the main switch. Moreover, I noted that the regulator never left Bulk mode, no matter how well charged the batteries where, but the charging current was very small (about 1A) even though the sun was shining directly at the panel.

I have now modified the installation, moving the regulator down to the battery bay and running separate cables from the panel so that it it always connected to the battery, but the problem with low charging current and no Absorption or Float remains. Is there a risk that the regulator was damaged and if so, is there a simple way to test it?



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MPPT 100/30 float issue

Hi all,

I've had a look through the masses of previous questions and unfortunately couldn't find any that were quite the same as mine.

Recently I have noticed that my SmartSolar 100/30 completes it's bulk and absorption stages and enters float mode. When in float it will match any current draw from the battery for roughly an hour and then will suddenly no longer keep matching the battery and it will then start dropping down from 100%.
It says it is in float mode, there is plenty of sunlight and panel voltage present, however it doesn't output any charge to the battery. No other chargers connected to the battery.

I have the float voltage set to 15.8V and even when the loads connected to the battery increases it does not kick it back into bulk.

I then have to reset the controller by disconnecting the solar, then battery and reconnecting, which it will then it go back into bulk mode, absorption mode and then eventually into float again.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is it potentially a firmware issue?






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Need help with CLS500 placement, grounding issue, Battleborn batteries tech team?


I have an issue with the advice I was given for the placement of the CSL500 ( Current Surge Limiter ). Instructions - These were 1 page printed shipped with it.

From bottom of page:
'Note: Either the negative battery terminal OR the negative DC input to the inverter/charger should be connected to an earth or chassis ground. NOT BOTH! Connecting both to ground will bypass the device.'

* Interesting, the instructions shipped do not match the BB sites

- The INV- Terminal is connected to the Inverter/Charger Negative Terminal.
- The Bat- Terminal is connected to the Battery Bank Negative Terminal.
- The INV+ Terminal is connected to the positive Terminal of the Inverter/Charger.
- The Battery Bank Positive Terminal is connected to the Inverter/Charger Positive Terminal.
- The Battery Bank Negative Terminal is connected to ground.
- The Inverter/Charger Negative Terminal is NOT CONNECTED to Ground.

'Negative DC terminal' - they do not specifically say 'chassis or earth ground'....

Two wire diagrams, Current and future, the Gold rectangle is the CSL500.

I was told to put it between the SHUNT and he Inverter -.

This is an issue for the Charge controller - to - Battery bank circuit, if I am not mistaken, since input current negative will have to pass through the ground on the common negative bus bar and up into the ground of the inverter, to complete circut with the battery bank?

Would the correct way to deploy this be to connect both the Inverter - and Chassis Earth ground to the negative side of the CSL500 and the battery - ( from the common - bus bar? )

Thank you for your time in advance.

( also, is the Multiplus 24/3000/70 or Quattro 48/5000/100 - 70 120v have its internal neutral bonded to chassis ?)



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Victron Load Disconnect Voltages with Data Cable (no jumper)

Hi There,

I am using a MPPT 75/15 charge controller between a PV cell and a lead-acid battery. The battery voltages at which the load disconnects and reconnects is very important to the application. I am familiar with these voltages based on the data-pin jumper position, but what about the behavior when their is no jumper.

Furthermore, I need to monitor serial data over the port, will this change the load disconnect behavior at all?

Is there any way to set the load disconnect/reconnect voltages?

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.


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2 MPPT Parallel betreiben ... Grafische Darstellung

Guten Abend ins Forum

Ich möchte meine PV Fläche erhöhen und dann 2 MPPT 150/35 über VE,Direct parallel an meinem Venus GX betreiben.

Wie schaut es dann mit der grafischen Darstellung im VRM und im Remote aus ?

Werden beide Werte addiert oder sieht man 2 SolarCharger ?

Danke und "Schönen Tag ... Solarertrag"

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AC2 Load Shifting (Dump Load) on Multi with ESS

I designed an external load-shifting (dump load) circuit on a previous install with a lithium battery (SolarMD 7.4kWh) and a Voltronics 5kVA inverter which the battery Data Logger was able to see and control. This setup allowed me to use SOC to close the relay and PV Input level to open the relay. I decided to shift to Victron for a more robust system. My current setup has a Multiplus 5KVA connected to a CerboGX and the battery Data logger also connects to the CerboGX (allows for the Battery BMS to control how the 250/100 SmartSolar charges the battery). I have 10 x 430W Longi mono PV array which peaks out 5,300W on good day and average about 4,500W.


I have ESS enabled for self consumption with battery life priority (Grid kicks in if battery reaches 20% SOC. I have nothing on the AC2 out and hence this post. It seems Victron supports dumpload on AC2 and I have read the various experiences on programming the relay to this effect.

My current setup utilises an external circuit of two latched Contactors (C1 & C2) configured as follows:


  • C1 is activated by connection of its coil to the Datalogger NC
  • C1 closes the Grid supply through it to Geyser and AC MCBs as well as the neutral lines to the Grid Neutral bar
  • C2 is activated by connection of the coil to the Datalogger NO
  • C2 when activated Inverter (A1) line to the Geyser/AC MCBs as well as the neutral line to the Inverter neutral bar
  • C1 and C2 can not activate at the same time. Its either/or


  • Time: 10:30-14:30hrs
  • Day: Mon-Sun (Daily)
  • Delay: 5min
  • Logic: IF SOC% >98%

Relay OPEN

  • Time: 13:00-17:00hrs
  • Day: Mon-Sun (Daily)
  • Delay: 5min
  • Logic: IF SOC% <95% (I can not use PV output level as the Logger doesn't read MPPT output)


It seems less fussy to utilise the Multi 50A changeover and outputs to control seeing that AC2 could be connected to my none critical loads as I've read and programmed in similar manner as above, is it then possible to independently control AC2 in the presence of Grid to supply Grid power to the loads say at night when I switch on the geyser? Can AC2 be controlled separately from AC1 in ESS? I ask because the setup would require that AC2 allows Grid through at night whilst on AC1 there is self consumption being prioritised.

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MPPT 150/100 Bluetooth connection issues

We have installed our MPPT 150/100 in 2017 and have always experienced problems with the bluetooth connection.

Problems vary from not being able to connect by getting stuck on the connecting at different percentages, name shown on app displays the symbol & or a dot but never the actual name given to the device. On the few times we can actually log through the app it only gives us the current status of the mppt but never displays the 30 day history or shows the drop down menu for settings etc.

We monitor the MPPT via the VE.Direct 1 port on the color control

Currently installed firmware version v1.46

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Help with switching simple 12v marine system from PWM to MPPT. Which compnents needed?

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the community.

I have a simple to moderate 12v solar system on my 26ft. sailboat. Because of weight, I want to switch from PWM and lead acid to MPPT and lithium. While money isn’t really and issue, I would still rather not have overkill with components that I might not need, so was looking for some advice as to the exact components that I need.

Current specs:

· 720ah wet batt. bank (lead acid)

· 40A 12v PWM controller (Steca Solarix 4040)

· 350W solar (all in parallel - different sizes because of the shape of the boat):

o 2x 16.7 V Max. (each) / 5.99 A Max. (each) (100Wp) ETFE Mono-Flex

o 3x 17.2 V Max. (each) / 2.92 A Max. (each) (50Wp) ETFE Mono-Flex

· All loads (except motor) connected with terminal bar and then to PWM load terminal (including 2 small 300w inverters for port and starboard), everything with on/off switches and fuses (max combined current @ 35 amps)

· External max 60A 12v trolling motor connected directly to battery, also with fuse and switch.

First of all, am I correct in assuming that I cannot connect different wattage (amperage) panels in series for an mppt system (as the lowest amperage would be taken), and would therefore have to keep everything in parallel?

After the research, this is what I envisioned (using all Victron parts, except for batteries):

· 4x 120ah lithium batts…total 480ah

· Victron smart controller mppt 100/30 (

· The above 350w solar panels in parallel. I know mppt would work better with higher voltages, but I am assuming if I put them in series, it would take the lowest amperage and therefore lose 50% efficiency?

· Cerbo GX ( I know this seems like overkill, but I need to be able to remoter monitor charge and temp, plus connect a few devices….

· All loads, including motor directly connected to batt through 100A battery protector ( whereas the protector would be connected to the Cerbo (is that possible?)

· Mppt control display connected to cerbo?? (

· Temp sensor connected to cerbo? (

The reason I want to switch to a Victron mppt system, is because the batteries are so expensive, that I want to ensure maximum life. So am I missing anything above, component wise? Should I be using a BMV instead of the mppt control display or a BMS in stead of/or in conjunction with the battery protector? Do I need a smart shunt, relay switch or any other components to make this system work efficiently and hassle free?

My goal is to get advice on the exact components to buy. Any and all advice or information is greatly appreciated!



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BlueSolar MPPT - Batterylife algorithm thresholds


We're using BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 for solar street light application. The LED source is connected directly to the load output of the charger.

I know, that the Batterylife algorithm is changing the load disconnect/connect voltage thresholds, according to how the battery was charged. But what are the actual thresholds for the 12V system, what is the absolute low/high disconnect/connect voltage and what is the daily increment, if the battery was not charged again?

Knowing this would help a lot configuring the light, taking into account the voltage drop in the cables, and also solving some issues with cases where light doesn't switch ON at all.

Many thanks and kind regards,


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SmartShunt to MPPT via VE.Smart Networking and Raspberry Pi


We recently installed a SmartShunt 500A to our existing SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 which is connected to a Raspberry Pi running the VRM Pi Operating System.

The MPPT to Pi broadcasting to the Online VRM is working great.

But when we try to link the newly installed SmartShunt to a VE.Smart Networking network created on the MPPT, the SmartShunt can see the VE network, we can join it (it say it is joined), but the SmartShunt (or any devices added/linked via the VE.Smart Networking) is not appearing in the list of devices.

Both the MPPT and the SmartShunt have the latest Firmware version and so does the VRM Pi.

In the list bellow, I can see the Battery Monitor (SmartShunt) because we tried to connect the VE USB cable to it directly. But then we can see the shunt, but not the MPPT, even if we create a VE.Smart Networking network on the Shunt and join the MPPT to the Shunt network.

LOCALY, BOTH the MPPT and the SmartShunt are collecting data.


As you can see, the MPPT is showing just fine in the Console DEVICE LIST screen, but the SmartShunt 500A is "Not Connected".


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Error 21 on Solar charge MPPT

Hi, there isn't a way to know where this error 21 come from. We realised that this error came often when a client just buy a MPPT to us, not a full solar kit. And this happended when there is many solar panels or batteries.

The last case, the client has 6 solar pannels 160W 2s 3p, 960W and 5 batteries in 12V for a MPPT 100/50. (Already told this client to improve his install before change the MPPT)

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Bluetooth Dongle VS built-in Bluetooth

Does the Bluetooth Smart Dongle have significantly better range than the built-in Bluetooth of Smart Solar or BMV-712?

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Cable size for Victron 250/60 mppt

Can anyone tell me which size cable I need to use for charge out connection of a 250/60 mppt?

It will charge a 48v bank.

My supplier only sells either 16mm2 or 50mm2. 16 seems quite small to me and 50 might not fit.

Thank you!!

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