Lithium interconnection


In 24v system, with 4 lithium batteries does the order of the battery interconnection with M8 circular connector matter?

Thank you!

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Orion-TR Smart 12/12 30 Charge Disconnect Question

Hi there,

i just purchsed a Orion-TR smart 12/12 30A isolated to istall it into my Van. I would like to enable low temprature charge disconnect as my lithiums could get below 5 degrees from time to time.

The manual states that i should connect it with a "Isolated remote ON/OFF cable" to the charge discconect of the VE.Bus BMS. Unfortunately i cannot find this kind of cable anywhere, could anyone point me in to the exact cable i need? Also, could this special cable be replaced with a simple wire from the VE.Bus BMS charge disconnect to the H-Pin of the Orion-TR?

As an alternative, could i also connect the VE.Bus BMS charge disconnect to the COM Port of my BMV712 and then connect the NC relay of the BMV712 to the H-Pin of the Orion-TR in order to remotely turn of the Orion-TR in case of low temperature?

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Orion Tr and multiplus compact

I have a multiplus compact connected to lithium drop-in batteries and the supplemental output from multiplus to the starter battery. I would like to add charging from alternator to lithium batteries through the Orion tr dc dc charger. Question is will Orion tr start to charge the lithium batteries when connected to shore power because the multiplus will charge the starter batteri and by that increase the voltage on the starter batteri. I would prefer to only charge through the multiplus when powered from shore.

supplemental questions:

1. is it at all a problem to have both the multiplus and Orion charge at the same time.

2. will the Orion tr start charging, it only receives 4 A from Multiplus.

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What is the Maximum Generator kW and Batterie 48V bank size permitted with Victron Quattro 5000 watt?

Hello Victron team,

I am building an off-grid solar system with batteries that has a 25kW generator operating.

Question :

1 - Will the Victron Quattro 5000 Watt inverter/charger work with such a big Generator?

2 - Is there any limitation to how many Lithium-Ion Batteries I can add to the Solar system? (I am aware that these need to be connected in 48V for the Victron inverter to function)

3 - Which MPPT charge controller would you recommend connecting to the system?

Thank you in Advance!

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BMV-712 not synchronizing with solar lithium setup

Hope this community can help. My BMV 712 detects a full charge but does not sync. I have 200ah of Renogy lithium batteries charging with a MPPT 100/20 on 300 watts of solar. The BMV-712 smart with temp sensor is connected to the MPPT with a VE network. I've configured my settings based on the recommendations from Victron for lithium and the SOC will jump to 100% but it does not register a sync. Its been a week with these settings, full charge every day but no sync, worried that its not a true SOC measurement. MPPT and BMV settings are listed below and in screenshots attached.


absorption - 13.9

float - 13.5

absorption time - 2min (fixed)

tail current - 3 amp


charged voltage - 13.6 (.3 under the absorption as recommended)

tail current - 4%

charged detection time - 3m

Peukert exponent - 1.05

efficiency factor - 99%

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LiFePo4 support for Multiplus 12/2000

I don’t understand why there is no Charge profile with the Victron Multiplus 12/2000 product. There is 4 basic profiles that you can select with the Dip Switches but none of them for LiFePo4. I have added the VE.Bus Smart Dongle in hopes that I can program the profile though this device, after all it’s called a smart dongle.

It seems if I want to truly program the device for LiFePo4 support I need to tie the system to a Computer with yet a different device.

When will I be able to program this with the VictronConnect App?

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Brand new LiFePO4 with low temp alarm out of the box

I bought 4 Victron 200A Smart LiFePO4 batteries and one of them has a low temperature alarm on the Bluetooth app right out of the box. It is obviously a false alarm since it's alarming for -162 degrees Fahrenheit! Of course that alarm will trigger self-protection and not allow charging. I've also inquired through my dealer, but is this something that has been seen before? Is it fixable? Like by Victron support remotely zapping it with a firmware update or something (maybe wishful thinking)? Or will I need a replacement? The other three show "Ready for Use". Any insight is greatly appreciated. I'm on a time crunch in getting this installation completed, so the thought of one of the batteries being faulty and needing replacement is less than ideal.


Same screen with alert acknowledged to show cell status:


One of the other 3 "good" batteries:


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Using a charge/inverter with lithium ion

I'm starting to design a system for a camper I am building. I am looking into using the Multiplus 24/1200/25 with a Lithium Ion (NMC) battery and I have a lot of questions.

1) For the software, looking at the voltage range the inverter should work with the battery (with a BMS of course). I would rather not have the BMS do the load switching except in extreme conditions, or double failures. It seems like these systems have a lot of configurations but I just want to make sure that things like under voltage shutoff, and charge voltages are all configurable as it isnt clear in the data sheet which settings are configurable. Also I have seen some reference to needing a password to change some of the settings, is this this case?

2) The data sheet says there is a "battery temperature sensor", can this be used to disable charging when the battery temperature is too low? My BMS has this ability, but again I would rather have the inverter switching the load. My BMS will allow charge current between 0C and 45C, so I would like the inverter to only allow charge between 5C and 40C.

3) Finally a common problem I have seen when integrating lithium batteries with inverters in the inrush current welding the contractor on the BMS or damaging the FETs, do these inverter chargers have any pre-charge circuit, or other way to limit the inrush current?

P.S. Is there a programmable shutoff voltage for the Orion 24/12-70? If not can I use the remote on/off with the inverter/charger?

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Lithium titanate (LTO) support


Does Lithium titanate (LTO) battery will be supported soon by Multiplus II charger/converter ?

Does Victron produce this kind of battery soon ?

Regards asked
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MPPT LiFePo4 settings - large PV capacity

I have a number of new portable power systems, each with the same equipment:

- Victron Lithium Superpack 25.6V/50Ah
- BMV 712 Smart
- MPPT 100/20
- Solar PV, up to 3 x array of 400Wp each = total 1200Wp

The very large solar capacity is to cater for the very cloudiest days expected (no other charge sources available). This means that the vast majority of the time the system is going to have way more charge available than it needs. I am concerned about overcharging the Superpack and I have seen it recommended to not fully recharge Li-ion to maximise overall life.

1. From my lead-acid experience with the BMV, it likes to "synced" to 100% regularly to maintain accuracy. Not sure if this is the same with Li-ion? If so, then this conflicts with the recommendation to not regularly charge Li-ion to 100%

2. What would be your recommended settings for the MPPT in this case?
The default for the MPPT for Li-ion appears to be 28.4V, 2h absorption.

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VE.Bus BMS functionality

Could somebody confirm if a BMS used in conjunction with a Smart LiFePO4 battery will shut down the output of the battery when required. The wording on the pamphlet says 'The BMS will shut down or disconnect loads in case of imminent cell under voltage' but i get the impression it will only control a separate relay (purchased separately) to disconnect the load rather than doing it in the battery itself.

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Battery Protect instead of contactor

Hi all,

We're considering using Victron 48V / 100A Battery Protects instead of coil operated contactors to protect LFP battery banks for under voltage and over charging conditions.

Power consumption of the Battery Protect is significantly less than contactors (0.1W vs 2W). The BMS would drive the Battery Protect via the remote switch inputs, so we'd not need to use the programmed voltages although we could conceivably use those as well.

Silicon often fails short circuited though, hence the norm seems to be to use a device that fails open circuit, such as a contactor.

Any thoughts?


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300ah Smart lithium 24v setup

I have the possibility to put 8 or 10 x 300ah smart lithium (victron) batteries into my boat and my boat is 24v. I don't have Victon chargers as they are Mastervolt and these will be programmed to the lithium charging settings.

My question is what is the best way to connect these 8 or 10 batteries using the bms because I understand that the bms system has limitations and wondering how this would affect the setup and ways around this.

Please dont tell me that I should choose different batteries as these are my option.

If anyone can help I would much appreciate it

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Lifepo4 battery cells


I Just bought à second hand, non smart, lifepo4 battery.

Is there any way to manage the different cells voltage, with another method than using Bluetooth?

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Using a SmartSolar MPPT 100|30 with a Common Port BMS and LiFePo4 batteries.

I need a definitive answer from someone that really knows what they are talking about.

It’s always being bandied about that the solar panels must be disconnected before the batteries, otherwise the Victron SmartSolar MPPT Controller will be damaged. Well, I find it pretty hard to believe that this unit is designed to self-destruct if its outputs are disconnected from the battery by any means; fuse, switch or otherwise. before the solar panels are disconnected.

I want to use a common port BMS with a LiFePo4 battery setup, and from what I’ve read, the BMS will break the battery connection to the MPPT at some point which, in turn, will damage the MPPT charge controller.

I do know the manual for the SmartSolar MPPT 100|30 states “First: connect the battery. Second: connect the solar array (when connected with reverse polarity, the controller will heat up but will not charge the battery). Torque: 1,6 Nm” but, scratching around the net I found the website, and in their right-up on the Victron SmartSolar they state “You need to make the battery connections first so it knows what battery voltage you have. In the programming you can tell it the battery voltage and then in the future it won't matter what order you make the connections”. Now is this statement correct? If it is correct all this stuff about damaging the charge controller is just people talking parrot fashion, and there is no problem using a common port BMS on this charge controller; so long as one does the initial battery voltage programming of the charge controller first!

Any engineers responsible for designing these Victron charge controllers on this board??????????

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Lithium battery, replacement parts available? (Terminal)


I have four victron batteries, 60ah that I bought second hand last summer. Two of them were perfect but the other two were of unknown history. They each had one bad cell. I took the casings apart and made one good battery from the two, which left me with two spare good cellls.

Last week I bought two new winston 60ah cells to complete the fourth battery. My issue is the threads on the terminals have become damaged making it impossible to thread the nut back on, and it’s this nut that holds the lid on the casing.

The terminal and nut are aluminium. Does anyone know if these parts are available off the shelf somewhere so I can replace them?

I only have this picture for now but will get one of the part in isolation later. Terminal is circled in red without the nut.

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How to charge starter battery with lifepo4, 800va multiplus, smart mppt

I'm trying to buy a new setup for a campervan which will have a lifepo4 leisure battery and a lead acid starter. I need to be able to charge the starter battery from solar and mains hook up but I've noticed that the 800 multiplus only has a 1a feed to the starter which isn't enough and I can't see any way to connect the solar controller up to both at the same time. I'm going to use an Orion smart to charge the lifepo4 battery, is one possible solution to buy a second Orion to charge the starter from the lifepo4 circuit once it is charged?


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Orion-Tr Smart 12v 18, overheating alternator?


A follow up to my previous question Continuously outputting 25A:

So I have an old Volkswagen T2 from 1971 that I have mounted this in. The alternator is, I think, 55A (there are 75A versions, but those seem rare and I can't easily check). From what I've been told by other enthusiasts there are often about 15A left over once the starter battery, lights and what not have had their needs satsified.

That's the information that I based by purchase of the Orion-Tr Smart 18 on (in tandem with recommendations from my Victron dealer). However, now that I know that the actual output may be greater than 18A and that I can see in the Bluetooth app for my batter that it is constantly receiving 25A when I'm running the engine I'm worried that this might overload the alternator.

I would appreciate any guidance I can get on this and if there's anything I can do to verify or check so that I'm not blowing up my alternator. My fear is based on this video by Victron.

Edit: The alternator is rated for 55A.


- Simon

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Orion-Tr Smart 12|12 18 continuously outputting 25A


I just fitted an Orion-Tr Smart 12|12 18 in my old campervan. It sits between the alternator and a Liontron 150Ah LiFePO4 battery.

I noticed in the batteriy's iPhone app that the battery receives 25.5A continuously. For way longer than the 10 second peak that the manual specifies. I've configured the output voltage to be 14.4V, which is what the battery manual specifies as charing voltage. There's nothing else charing the battery, when turning charging off in the Victron App the battery says 0A input.

I also noticed that the alternator got very hot. Tbh I don't know if this is normal or not in my van as I've never checked it before. But reading up online it shouldn't be that hot. I'm not sure if it's related to the Orion pulling too much current or the fan belt which I've yet to check.

The Orion is fitted like this:

+ on starter battery > alternator > 30A fuse > Orion

- on start battery > chassi > cable > Orion

I know the manual has the battery and the alternator in a different order. But the place I bought the items from said it didn't matter (I already have cables in the engine bay to hook things up that way from my old setup).

Cables are 6mm² and should be short enough to handle that current.

Any need for worry?


- Simon

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Product Request - External Alternator regulator

We love our Victron Lithium system (we are on a Catamaran). The only issue I have with it is that I was unable to find an external alternator regulator that floats at 13.5v, the best I could find floats at 13.3v so that's what we run at. I wish Victron made an external ve.bus controlled external alternator regulator, even better would be one unit that could manage two alternators.

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Solar System for 4s 16.4v NMC Lithium Ion Batteries

Hi all,

I am designing a custom solar system setup and want to be sure it will work.


Here's details on all components

Solar Panels - Two 12v panels at 115 W each (already owned)

Charge Controller - Victron BlueSolar MPPT 100/30

Batteries with BMS - Nissan Leaf Generation 2 Battery Module Lithium Ion NMC

Inverter - Victron Phoenix 12V 500W

Wall Charger - 54.6V 9A YALANCHA

My goal is to disconnect the solar panels and connect the wall charger (powered by generator) on cloudy days. The reason I chose a 48v charger is because I will eventually get a 48v battery for an electric bike so I'd need it anyway. I calculate that I can plug this charger into the inverter to charge the bike battery from the Nissan Leaf batteries. What do you think my potential issues are? Thanks a ton!

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Phoenix Inverter + Venus GX + Pylontech/BYD?

Hello I have a client who wants to purchase a Phoenix 3000 Smart Inverter, they currently have a 48V battery bank. If my client purchases a GX device such as the Venus will they one day be able to upgrade to Pylontech or BYD batteries even though the Phoenix 3000 Smart uses VE.Direct and not VE. Bus like the multiplus?

I found the below link in the community but the answer was about the multiplus not about the Phoenix.

I'm assuming the answer is *no* since the below link says all VE. Bus Inverter *are* compatible.

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Victron 48v Quattro & Tesla

Has anyone used Tesla S Modules in series to power the Quattro 5K? I am using this system in a mobile application and will be adding pairs of Teslas. My goal is to have 6-Teslas in a Series-Parallel 48v configuration to power the Quattro and a Dual-Zone Mini-Split.

Will the Quattro handle the slightly goofy Tesla voltage requirements better than the Multiplus?

It is hard to beat the energy density of Teslas.

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Second Controller Increased LiFePO Battery Bank Temperature

We just installed a second MPPT 150/85 controller to work with our solar wall of 6x 190w panels. The first controller is also an MPPT 150/85 and it handles our roof's 6x 180w + 2x 190w panels.

For both controllers, we set up the BMV 712 settings to match. Both are running the adaptive absorption setting, and 13.4v for float and 14.5v absorption.

We're incurring two issues ....

  1. The batteries hit 108°F on an 89°F day. Is that ok? We've never gone above 92°F with the first controller at a max v of 35v.
  2. The BMV app displays the second controller accumulating wattage, averaging 60v, when in float mode.

We're just concerned about the lack of syncing between the two controllers and the increased temps. :) Eric

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BMV-712 charge voltage for 2x 12v lithium in series for 24v

I have two 12v lithium batteries hooked up in series for a 24v system. On my BMV-712 what do I set my charged voltage at?

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Why is disabling the Lithium Smart batteries Bluetooth Connection permanent?

Catching up on reading and come across this in Help for Victron Connect. Anyone know why it is irreversible?

Lithium Smart batteries

The product page can be found here.
Once Bluetooth is disabled, it is disabled permanently and is irreversible. This means that VictronConnect will ask for a confirmation code displayed in the dialogue; if you are sure that you want to permanently disable Bluetooth, enter the code displayed and choose “Ok”.

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SmartSolar lithium battery storage settings?

I have a solar setup with 2x100Ah lithium batteries and two solar panels about 120w each, connected in parallell. 5-6 months of the year (wintertime in Norway) the system/cabin is not in use. Temperatures are well below zero parts of the winter, see temp. chart. In summertime and clear conditions, batteries are generally fully recharged in less than 2 hours the next day with perhaps an average 300Wh charge.

I am pretty sure the batteries (data sheet attached to this post) where delivered to me at storage voltage 13,17v each. The batteries are supposed to have a "Under temperature charge protection" (0C/32F).

What are the best SmartSolar 100/20 settings for "storing" the lithium batteries over the winter under these conditions?

MERITSUN LFP100-12.8.pdf


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Multiplus 1200/12/50 can I set a low battery cutout?

Hi all

I have a Multiplus 1200/12/50 connected to a BlueNova 4KWH LifeYPO4 battery.

I forgot to turn off the inverter so the battery got drained to the point of the battery shutting itself down, fortunately it has this protection built in. As a belt and braces approach, is it possible to set a low battery cutout on the Multiplus as well so that it can shut down before the battery reaches its internal shut off voltage?

P.S. From what I read so far, trying to charge a heavily discharged LifeYPO4 battery with too high amps can damage the battery. Does the Multiplus compensate for this, does it start off charging at low amps if a batteries voltage is very low?

Thanks, Nick

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48V Multiplus II with 16s lithium-ion battery bank?

Hi all, I've got a Multiplus II 48/3000 which I intended to run with a 14S lithium-ion battery bank.
This will however be a bit of a challenge with the battery bank physical layout and super messy wiring.
Not sure why I didn't discover the max input voltage rating of 66V on the MP2 before today, but moving from 14S to 16S will really help a lot. I do not plan on running the lithium cells higher than 4.0-4.1 volts anyway - which means I'll stay within the 66V max.

Is there any reason you could think of that suggest I should stick to the plan and go with 14S?
Both 14 and 16S allows me to stay within a nice range for the lithium-ion cells (3.2-4.1V)

The only two issues I can think of, are that I have to run triple solar panels to stay above the system voltage and that I may be pushing the spec of some standard fuses?


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BMV 712 temperature sensor and MPPT charge controller

I am installing some LiFePO4 batteries (not Victron ones, sorry!) in my van which will be charged by solar power. I have a BMV 712 installed with the optional temperature sensor. I also have a Smartsolar 100/50 MPPT charge controller installed. What I want to know is do the two Victron products talk to each other? With LiFePO4 batteries, temperature is very important so I want to know whether the BMV tells the MPPT charger what the temperature of the batteries are so that it knows when to stop charging?

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