BetaGen / DSE Integration
I have a BetaGen 7 generator with a DSE 7310 control panel, to be installed in a narrowboat. (See The boat will use Victron batteries and controls.

I see that Fischer Panda have established interfaces with Victron kit, but is the equivalent interface to DSE/Beta generators either available or in development? I am loathed to start developing one myself if this would be duplicating effort.

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Genset starting

2x 48/5000 multi s in parallel,gx bmv712

Is there a way of settting gen start for entering the night time period with fully charged battery? As well as set for overload and low battery ?

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What is the Maximum Generator kW and Batterie 48V bank size permitted with Victron Quattro 5000 watt?

Hello Victron team,

I am building an off-grid solar system with batteries that has a 25kW generator operating.

Question :

1 - Will the Victron Quattro 5000 Watt inverter/charger work with such a big Generator?

2 - Is there any limitation to how many Lithium-Ion Batteries I can add to the Solar system? (I am aware that these need to be connected in 48V for the Victron inverter to function)

3 - Which MPPT charge controller would you recommend connecting to the system?

Thank you in Advance!

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Inverter Quattro 15Kv issue connecting with Zordan LMDE 150 PM0 150 KVA generator

f8369b0177f1_inst_ttyO1_Interfaces_Mk2_Tunnel.zipHi all

I manage a large solar power system running in a hospital in Africa. I wanted to connect a 150 KV Zordan generator to this system provided by 3 inverters quattro 15KV.

The generator is only a year and a half old and has recently been revised. The current and frequency are stable, but the inverters are unable to synchronize it (drop down every few seconds).

Anyone have a suggestion?

I have already tried many of the recommendations found in this forum unfortunately without success.

Attached Inverter config file

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Warm-Up and Cool Down with Automatic Generator Start (AGS)?

I have a Color GX and a couple of Quattros. AGS works well now with my generator, but I'd like to include a warm-up and cool-down period.

For example, once the generator is started, I'd like the Quattros to wait for 5 minutes before applying a load to the generator. When the generator is going to shut down, I'd like the load to be removed 5 minutes before the generator is shut down.

Is this possible with programming? I'd like to not have to use timer relays to accomplish this and instead do with programming. Someone in a previous post mentioned the use of assistants. Thanks!

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Start Stop generator using APP

Hi, I am assuming, after extensive searching, that you cannot start or stop the generator using the VRM app? Can some one confirm this or am I overlooking something. Also, if it is not possible, is there future development of this capability?? Thanks all

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Aggregaatin valinta

Olen hankkimassa otsikon mukaista invertteri-laturia ja sille pitäisi löytää sopiva aggregaatti. Toiveena on että invertteri-laturi käynnistäisi aggregaatin, kun virta laskee liian alas akuissa. Mitä pitää huomioida?

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Multiplus 2 mains input and generator

I have a customer with an older 3kw Grid connect solar system. We want to connect a Multiplus 2 with a lithium battery as a piggyback on the mains AC buss with an energy meter (multiplus intput on mains buss). The output of the multiplus we want to connect to essential house services. Any excess solar that would normally be exported will be used to charge the battery and run essential services, the grid will not be used to charge the battery. When the grid is down for extended periods the customer wants to be able to connect a generator to the multiplus input to run essentials and charge the battery. My question is, with minimal user intervention, how can I tell the multigrid it is ok to charge from the generator? it doesn't know if it's connected to the grid or a generator, it's not allowed to charge from the grid, but is from a generator? All I can find is the charge current control assistant, but I think this will interfere with the excess solar charge.

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Generator start/stop resync after manual override?

I have a Venus GX configured with a generator start/stop. The Venus correctly auto-starts and -stops the generator based on whichever conditions are set up.

Sometimes, however, I manually shut down the generator using a separate switch. Venus has no (automatic) way to know that I have done this.

At that point, no matter what settings I try to change on Venus, any change results in the Venus triggering the generator again, because it always tries to "stop" it.

Is there a way to tell the Venus to "forget" the generator state short of resetting the computer?

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Travel Trailer Generator Backup Question

Hello, I just wanted to ask if this setup sounds correct for a backup with a generator. I have a travel trailer with a 1600W air conditioner (3900W Startup). I want to have a 2800W generator to back up in case of loss of shore power. I am looking at the Multiplus 3000W 12V to 120V, and a 60A MPPT to handle the 800W of solar into 2400W of lifepo4 battery. The generator has an autostart feature that works when it senses a closed loop. So, my idea was to have the inverter installed normally with AC coming in from a Automatic Transfer Switch. I would have a rely that would close when shore power is lost thereby closing the loop and starting the generator. The ATS would switch to generator power and send it to the multiplus. Does this sound workable?

My questions are about the battery charging. Since I will be charging from solar and the multiplus, is there a way for the units to communicate so as to not send too much current from both units together? Any other devices I should have besides the multiplus, solar controller, and ATS?


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Quattro AC Input Current Limit ignored on Pass Thru

Two Phase ESS setup with 2 x 48/8000/110 Quattros, 15kVA three phase generator with Titan 48/50 Charger on third phase.

Firmware: CCGX 2.53~2, Quattos 469.

Generator on AC-IN-1 with current limit of 14 Amps. All good while loads are low and system in Bulk, charging battery. Current hovers around 12 - 14 Amps. The problem I have is when a large load turns on, the mode changes to "Pass Thru" and excessive current is drawn continuously from the generator. I was monitoring the system when the 3kW water heater came on. I watched the Quattro draw 27 Amps from the generator for 30 seconds before I turned the generator isolator off. This is virtually twice the limit set.

Dynamic Current Limiter - disabled

UPS Function - Enabled

Was going to try the "Dynamic Current Limiter" but the increase in current is not temporary. It matches the loads applied and completely ignores the “AC Input Current Limit”. Also I don’t want it working while connected to the grid.

Please advise if I’ve overlooked something.

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How do I make software changes to my 48/3000/35 Easysolar to accept Ryobi RGN2500B?

I have read Multiplus Genrator FAQ and cannot access 'Disable UPS mode', 'Enable Dynamic Current limiting' or 'Weak AC' through Color Controller to make software changes to accept my 2000W 8.33A generator. It is not recognised at all despite setting Input 1 to generator. I assumed Easysolar came with easy BT or WIFI interface. Do I have to purchase additional hardware to make such changes?

I am running offgrid 240V in New Zealand. I have updated software to latest version by Ethernet through USB connection to my mobile data on Tablet. Since update I have been unable to access internet. My system has been registered on VRM. I don't have access to local Victron support so are configuring myself.

I got a 600Mbps: 5GHz 433Mbps, 2.4GHz 150Mbps that supports 802.11 ac standard wifi dongle but this has not been recognized by system. I have USB connected my phone and have been unable to access any internet or VE Configure settings.

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Generator as primary source/ diesel hybrid.

We are trying to offset diesel costs by running pv.

The generator will be running 24/7

Is it possible to run ess to have the genset supply predetermined load and have the pv supply the rest of load?

Ideally keeping enough load on the genset to prevent glazing up due to little to no load on the genset itself and the pv taking up the rest (sun permitting)

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Reverse Power to Generator in AC Coupled Off grid System

How is reverse power flow to generator controlled in AC Coupled off grid Multi and Quattro Systems?

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Generator start/stop Venus GX "normally closed"

Hi, a have a Onan/Cummins.

In my head it wil be wrong with "normally closed".

Have a carlig switch with puls: Start-Com and Stop Com. There is also "Preheat".


Here i diagram for Onan:


Connected like this:


Is it possible to make "normally closed" to "normally open".

Can someone help me?

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Gen start / alarm beacon wisdom

Some details on the system

Quattro 15000 with fronius 6k ac coupled on ac 1 out.

Honda eu7000is backup generator.

Color control gx

I would like to have a generator with auto start hooked up and have a strobe beacon which flashes due to alarms. My question is which relay inputs on the gx and quattro would you use? I'm thinking the relay on the gx would be used for the beacon. And a relay used on the quattro for the generator start/stop. Would I lose functionality if the generator was controlled by the quattro instead of the gx?

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(On-grid) generator+grid management with AC-coupled PV

Dear All,

I've seen several topics on the matter, which I duly noted for when commissioning will come, but they did not really answer my question :

Let's say there is grid on AC-in 2 and generator on AC-in 1, and AC-out coupled Fronius inverter, feeding excess PV power to grid activated.

Does the CCGX automatically deactivate feedback to AC when the generator is ON (AC-in 1) ?

Or does it consider a single AC bus to feed back to, and then I will have to install my own reverse current protection device at the generator output? (Or install the PV on AC-out 2, opening relay when AC-in 1 is ON, as explained on other threads)

Thanks in advance!


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Generator issues with Quattro


I've been using a 3-ph Quattro installation (Fronius AC-coupled) for a couple of months now and i love it. It works awesome.
Today i connected a 20kVA genset (Atlas Copco QES) and it didn't quite turned out the way i'd imagined.

The quattros noticed the genset and switched from grid to generator, and i thought all is well.

But almost immediately i noticed intermittent sounds from the quattros, and the amp meter on the genset jumped up and down (not much, but still not steady as i would liked).
Then after about a couple of minutes the quattros disconnect the genset and goes into inverter mode, and then back to genset again, and this process repeats itself.

It's a permanent installation in a house, its a permanent genset, i've got N+PE bridged in the genset, i've got N+PE bridged in my main AC-box and i've got the dynamic ground relay ON in the quattros.

LOM type B is used on both inputs.

Here's a screenshot of the vrm data:


Any thoughts on this problem? Have i overlooked something?

Kind Regards


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Generator start condition logging

I'm using a CCGX to start the generator on serveral conditions, low SOC, high DC current, inverter (pre)overload and AC Load. I want to reduce generator running hours and want to be able to see what condition and with what value triggered the autostart. Is this possible in any way? Either direct in the CCGX or in the VRM portal?

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Generator to bypass high startup power

Hi there, I'm not an expert in solar/electrical technology so please bear with me.

I have a MultiPlus 48V/5000kVA/70A inverter and want to run a 2.2kW single phase borehole pump off the solar. I have been running this pump off a 7.5kVA petrol generator as there was no infrastructure up until now (this is a remote farm that I have been building on).

The problem is I am not sure if the inverter will be able to handle the startup power of the pump thus causing the inverter to trip. The same inverter has been tripping ocassionally when I run a power tool. It most often trips when I run a 2,400W circular saw. Sometimes it runs fine, sometimes it trips. I can't seem to find the peak power of the saw in the manual but it's definitely tripping the inverter.

So my question is can the following be practically done (should I not be able to run the borehole pup directly off the inverter)?

1. I have the 7.5kVA generator (with AVR) running and connected to the inverter.

2. I switch on the borehole pump and let it run for a few seconds to come down to a steady 2.2kW.

3. I switch off the generator.

Will the pump continue running on the battery? Will the inverter be able to make the switch to battery fast enough to keep the pump running?

Thank you very much!

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Multiplus and MPPT combining currents

Hi all, I live in an off grid cottage and use a generator to charge my battery bank through a Multiplus 24/2000/50. I also fire up the generator to use high power appliances like power tools and washing machine etc.. I want to get started with solar but the question that really bugs me is this:

What if I start my generator while my batteries are already being charged by the solar array? Will the charge currents from the generator and the solar array add together and potentially overcharge the batteries?

Is this a stupid question because I can't find an answer anywhere? What is the ideal wiring setup for this system, keeping it as simple as possible?

Many thanks

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3KVA 12V multiplus generator charging issue.

Hi all,


I think this is more an issue with the generator inherited with our house than the multiplus but hoped somebody may have a some insight as to a possible cheaper fix than replacing the genset.

The geni is a french spec blue gensets (Pramac) rated to 2.45KVA @230V 50hz.

The Multiplus is uk spec.

When connected to the multiplus in charger mode only, mains on flashes for about 60 seconds then the charger turns off.

When in inverter mode I either get repeated attempts at what I'm guessing is a breaker closing at 1-2 minute intervals with no change to the leds or I sometimes get a quick change to solid lit 'mains on' and 'bulk charging' then after a couple of seconds back to Inverter mode. Neither puts any noticeable load on the gen.

On the odd occasion, through some unplugging and replugging and restarting of the set I have got the system to charge. The set handles the load fine and all is good but seems more luck than good judgment.

This lead me to think it was something to do with the quality of the power so I decided to plug in a small cordless hoover battery charger first, followed by the multiplus. This worked fine but only when the small load is charging, once the battery was full the multiplus again wouldn't accept the gen. I also tried a halogen lamp which allowed the multiplus to start charging but the load was too great for the gen once the multiplus was charging.

Any hints on what is causing the issues? Am I doomed to have to charge a small battery at the same time forever or does the small load work to clean the power for the larger load, and therefore I could fit a device between the set and the multiplus to do the same job?

I cannot afford a new gen at present and PV covers the bulk of our usage so it is there only as a backup.

Many thanks for any thoughts!

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Generator automatic start and stop needs momentary signal

Hello everyone.

Set up is this:


Venus GX

Old model of Multiplus

Kohler 5kW marine Generator

I would like to automatically start the generator if the voltage drops bellow 12.00V.

The problem is that the generator requires a momentary short to start and to stop, but BMV712 can only do relay closed to start and open to stop. If i wire it to the generator as is the genset will start and immediately stop.

1. What do I need to translate open/ closed relay of BMV712 to momentary impulse to start and to stop?

2. Can Venus GX send a momentary signal?

3. Is a newer MUltiplus able to do momentary signal to start and stop the genset?


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3 phase generator used in single phase off-grid system with 3 parallel Quattro 48/10kva

Hi Guys,

Just would like to know if it is possible to use a 3 phase generator charge feed input into 3 Quattro's that are in single phase parallel arrangement? ie use one phase per Quattro to charge DC onto common DC bus connected to BYD 30kw system. cheers

Gannos asked
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multiplus 3000va / 12v inverter/charger / generator charging leisure batteries

Have a 3000va 12v Multiplus inverter / charger. Looking to purchase a 3kw generator as back up power supply as well as charging for batteries. Recommendations of generators that will work happily with multiplus.

Peter Groves asked

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Generator state start/stop CCGX


I have some problem running the generator from CCGX. The generator is the mains and connected at AC1 input on the Quattro's. The generator start/stop signal is connected to te relay terminal on CCGX. We want to use the relay to close when there is no need for generator and open when the generator is needed.

This is what i have done on the CCGX:

Settings -> System setup -> AC input 1: Generator

Settings -> Relay -> Function: Generator start/stop

Settings -> Generator start/stop -> Settings -> Detect generator at AC input.

I believe I have done it right, but when the generator is running the Generator start/stop state shows "stopped". I beleive this is the problem.

Can anyone help?

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Dual System Generator Autostart

I have two independent systems; one 12v and one 48v. They are connected to the same Kohler generator for off grid charging.

For the 12v system I want to use a BMV-712’s generator auto start function when the 12v system hits the discharge limit.

For the 48v system, I want to use my 48/10000 Quattro or Cerbo GX‘s generator auto start function, when the 48v system hits the discharge limit.

Is this possible to use the BMV-712 and the Quattro/Cerbo GX in parallel on the genset remote start circuit? Which is the preferred trigger output for each system? I assume I need a diode on each output?

Thank you in advance for the advice.

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Generator unable to connect (Easysolar 24/3000 -70)

Hallo !

I have an Easysolar 24/3000 system with 10 kW lithium and 1800 wats of panels that work fine. However I need a backup source of energy to charge my battery in October/November since the sun is low/absent in Norway then....

I have a 2,2 kW generator that works fine for tools, lights etc. if I use it directly -but I can not use it to charge my battery through the multiplus in mye Easysolar (from 2018).

I can see it connect and it shows 100-150 wats of charging for a brief moment before it disconnects.
I have tried to lower input current and I have also hooked off for "Weah AC" in VE.Configure.

The generator is a fairly cheap, but good and very common generator -see picture. I have considered buying a Honda 2.0 i generator -could this generator work better?

(I might only need the generator 2-3 times a year so I want to get away with a small and cheap generator)


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Can I slowly increase generator input current

We have an off grid system that has a 20kVa generator, we’ve set maximum input current at 58amps which it can handle comfortably, but it doesn’t like going from nothing to this in such a short space of time from signal to start there is a small delay then the load comes on very quickly would be really good if you could set it to rise from a low input to your final input limit over a period of time that could be set say a minute or two? Think it would be good for the health of all components in the system? Is this possible?

jacko asked
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More intelligent Generator handling

Victron Multi/Quattro & Generator is a topic from time to time, where the Vics do not accept a genset, problems with stability etc.

True, one significant part of the problem may be that Generator vendors often market/label their products with rather optimistic specs (where you find out that your 5KW genset actually tops out at 3.5KW and similar).

However, after observing (and filming - movie available upon request) the handling of a 3p Genset by a bunch of Vics, one would like to suggest that there is a lot of room for improvement on the side of the Vics.

I would suggest to consider implementing an "adaptive mode" for the genset in the Multis/Quattros. What is that?

The Victrons could start with a load of - say - 1A for the genset and slowly ramp that up until the genset voltage drops significantly (or completely). Either make several of these measurements and then remain under min(measurement1, measurement2, ...) or just one and remain under the "collapse threshold" with a safe margin.

In any case - don't put load on gensets like an on/off switch! Almost no genset can handle this.

It would be nice if that could be implemented soon-ish.

Watching our video with the poor genset getting bashed one feels almost "rooting" for the Victrons like "come on guys, you can't be that stubborn" ;-)

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