CCGX firmware backup question


I've just a quick question:

I'm currently running a patched version of the 2.52 firmware on the CCGX, that I mustn't lose. If a new firmware is installed for whatever reason, will the CCGX save the existing patched version as a backup automatically? .. And, is there anyway of downloading and storing this patched version?



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Firmware update disconnects me when grid goes down


I updated from VeBus Fw 408, I have noticed if the grid goes down this takes my inverter out with it I presume this is due to g98/g99 regulations. But however this is a pain for me as I suffer frequent outages and they can be anything from a few seconds up to an house. I am able to disconnect from the grid manually and before I updated I could do this and the inverter still work.

But now I am unable to do so is there a workaround for this? or do I just have to put up with this.

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Avoiding/bypassing forced firmware updates

Has anybody found a work-around to Victron products requiring firmware updates, and preventing use of the product until they are conducted?

I have an MPPT 75/15 solar charge controller, with the bluetooth dongle. This is the only means of charging the battery on my boat, and it is my best source of monitoring the health of my battery.

I really need a way to make these updates optional, so that I can defer conducting the update when my signal is weak. Has anybody found a way to bypass a forced update so that you can use the products?

Has anybody asked Victron why they do not give the option to defer these updates? Do they not understand that being blocking use of their products puts their users in danger? I use this product to manage my boat's electrical resources. The update process is dangerous. It requires a much better signal than the process of simply checking to see if there is an update. From what I can tell, shutting off my phone's connectivity isn't good enough, b/c the app remembers that there was an update. I would need to proactively shut off my data access before I knew whether or not there was an update, every time I connected to the device.

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3 way switch does not allow to switch off after firmware upgrade

After upgrading the firmware in my Multiplus Compact 12-1600-70 to firmware version 2606474, the external 3 way switch no longer allows me to turn off the multi. I can still control "charge" vs. "inverter" state, but in the "off" position of the external switch, the multi goes to "inverter" state.

What is wrong?

Original firmware of the multi is 2606154.

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Cerbo GX Firmware update

I am currently running firmware 2.50 on a new Cerbo Gx. I have tried to update firmware by usb stick , and micro Sd card. The system briefly shows a message to say firmware present on stick or SDcard but then will not proceed to install.

Firmware filename I think is venus-swu-beaglebone.swu

can anyone assist?

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What to do after failed firmware upgrade

I was forced to do a firmware update of my VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart dongle at a time when my cell phone connection was not at full strength. The update failed, and now I cannot connect to the dongle (and thus, my charge controller either).

The dongle shows one blue light. Holding the "Clear PIN" button down for 5 seconds (or any length of time) does nothing.

Is there any chance of recovering this device, or do I have to throw it away and buy a new one?

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Victron Connect wants to install Firmware 1.50 to MPPT100/30 twice: 1st to MPPT100/30, then to BlueSolar

Hi, I'm new to this forum and Victron devices.

I have a relatively new (3mo.) MPPT 100/30. Just went to check status with Victron Connect on my Mac running Mojave and the MPPT 100/30 required a firmware update.

Victron Connect showed correct 100/30 device and firmware version info so I proceed with the update. It appeared to install the FW correctly but when I reconnected after update the Victron Connect software put me back in the update sequence, but this time it showed an icon and firmware versions for the BlueSolar device - not the MPPT that I have.

I was reluctant to proceed but the Victron Connect SW would not let me connect w/o the 2nd update to the erroneous hardware. So, after scouring the internet for advice, with fingers crossed I went ahead and applied the second firmware update.

After that Victron Connect allowed me access to my MPPT 100/30 and seems to be functioning correctly, showing data, etc. Has anyone experienced this?

Why would the MPPT 100/30 ask to update firmware twice: 1st to it's correct HW/FW version then to a version for a different device (Blue Solar…)?


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MPPT is not charging

After updating the mppt firmware my battery charging isn’t the same.
i have 2 x 370w solar panels with 2x mppt 100/30 smart chargers.
With any form of daylight I am getting a charge and remains that way till dark but as of the update it seems as though something isn’t right.
i have daylight but no charge going in to the batteries. I have a -4.5amp draw and my batteries have dropped to 12.75 volts. Normally they are charging all day with no negative draw till dark.
Am I missing something here?




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MPPT 75/15 load output inrush current issue after 1.50 firmware update

Hi, after updating to the latest firmware today (I believe it is 1.5 / 5.24) on my MPPT 75/15, the load output is turning off when I switch on some of my DC devices.

I suspect it is switching off due to DC inrush current as the load output comes back on after a couple of seconds.

It has been working fine up until the latest f/w was applied, so I suspect there has been a change / bug introduced.

One device that is causing the load to drop is a LED security light - not ideal as the load will disconnect every time it is triggered.

Is there anyway of reverting to the previous firmware version until this is fixed?


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Smartsolar 75/15 problem since update to v5.24

My system is pretty basic ... and so is my knowledge!

I have a 335w panel connected to a 100/30 Smartsolar MPPT.

I also have a 200w panel connected to a Smartsolar 75/15.

The 2 MPPTs are connected in parallel charging a 135ah lead acid battery.

This set up has worked flawlessly for about 9 months.

18 May I updated to the latest Victron Connect software and updated the MPPT and charger software too. All good and loving the updates.

23 May there was a further Victron Connect update: v5.24

24 May I noticed the the 75/15 Bluetooth connection had disappeared and I noticed the switch between the MPPTs and positive busbar had tripped. When reset the 100/30 MPPT started bulk charging normally. The 75/15 leds showed 'float'. The panel cabling all looks 'normal'.

I'm beginning to suspect that the update of 23 May is the cause of the problem as everything was fine until that point.

Any thoughts on how I can reconnect to the 75/15 MPPT and bring it back into service?

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Latest firmware: BlueSolar with bluetooth dongle not using SmartSense Voltage after night

Hello Victron Team

With the latest firmware I seem to have a problem on a solar charger setup with a mix of SmartSolar and BlueSolar MPPT controllers.

SmartSense (blue version), SW version v1.05
3x MPPT100/20 SmartSolar SW version v1.50 (external battery voltage and temperature sense from SmartSense, synchronized charging )
2x MPPT 100/30 v1.50 BlueSolar, SW version v1.50, with external bluetooth dongles (external battery voltage and temperature sense from SmartSense, no indication of synchronized charging)

Problem since firmware update:
every morning after waking up, the 2 BlueSolar MPPT100/30 show (via App) wrong battery voltage (too high, likely measure in the MPPT, not the voltage from the SmartSense). The Anroid App does show networking is on. Only after fiddling with it, like going into settings / VE.Smart networking, then suddenly it shows the voltage from the SmartSense. A change of settings is not needed to do this, only looking at the VE.Smart networking settings seems to make it work.

I found above problem because the two BlueSolar controllers go into absorption much too early since the firmware update a couple days ago. They have the same battery settings as the SmartSolar controllers. I think this is due to the voltage drop in my wiring and the BlueSolar controllers not using the voltage from the SmartSense after a night.



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MPPT 150/60 erratic behavior after 1.54 firmware update. How to troubleshoot or roll firmware back?




I updated the connect app and my controller to 5.24 along with the 1.50 update yesterday and every since then it has quit charging and the voltage is wrong. I installed the 5.25 on my Android today to see it that might resolve the issues and while the app reads 5.25 it does not offer to update the controller when I connect.


- Battery voltage showing incredibly low on the smart display and in the connect app. Fluctuates between 6v and 9v then jumps erratically to 14v. When battery terminals of controller are metered I read the same odd readings. When I disconnect the batteries from the controller, the controller battery terminals still read odd voltages, but the batteries are charged and meter at 13.4v. This almost indicated to me an internal malfunction in the controller.

-Pv reads normal 70+ volts from the panels but wattage is 1 or 2 watts. 0 amps current output. It's overcast where I'm at but over the last few days it had not been an issue and nothing has changed as far as configuration or physical location.

- The controller no longer realizes when the batteries are disconnected from it.

Is it possible to reload or roll back to earlier firmware to see if the problems are related to corruption or are additional troubleshooting steps to try since I am dry camped for the week.



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MPPT 100/50 Firmware bug V1.50

After upgrading firmware through Victronconnect, the Battery current display is wrong. For example 650W of solar power displayed, close to 50A actually coming out of unit but Battery Current display shows only 9A for 3 or 4 minutes, then correctly shows 49A. The Battery current display used to be correct and vary continuously with the actual current out of the unit but now just seems to be (very slowly) randomly updated. How do I revert to previous firmware whilst the bug gets fixed?

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Share Icon Button - Unresponsive after firmware update 1.50

I have 3 x 100|20's after updating firmware I cannot press the share icon button inside the app (on either an android or apple phone) so now I can't email off or save the *.csv historical data.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Is there a solution?


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Mppt connection fails

My Smartsolar MPPT 75 10 fails to stay connected to the app for longer than a few seconds. It hasn't been a big problem until now that the firmware needs to be updated (without reason)...

Now I have little use of the unit because it won't work at all, when connected I only come to the message that it need to be updated, and it fails at around 60% when I try.

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hard (without app) factory reset MPPT 75/15 smart solor charger


I purchaged a MPPT 75/15 smartsolar charger (replacement of a 14 years old PWS charger) for a original 50 Watts panel (also 14 years ago), just to boost a bit of the efficiency compensating for the panels age and charger technology.

Hardware version V01.

Many connectivity issues using bluetooth from Android 10 and MacOS (seemed impossible to get connected from the android 10 device - followed all instructions related to the bluetooth specifics as per victron).

Finally using MacOS I managed to get connected. And once I have got a charging display with voltage and power (values as expected). Second time I started the app on the Mac, it forced me to update the firmware, no way around. I hit the update button and from then onwards all misery (note less than one meter away from the charger all the time).

Somehow the update failed and now it gives me firmware version: none -> please update to 1.46

Green and yellow led flashing rapidly.

There is no longer any way to connect (unpowered for 30 min as well, multiple times).

Also error D26 comes in the app (MacOs):

Updating failed, communication lost. The product might be unusable. Check connection and power supply.
Try again and check the product settings once updated.

Again, all bluetooth reset / reconnect as per Victron have been followed.

So obviously the firmware is corrupt and I'm now looking for a *hardware* reset option which I asume would load the original firmware and resets all.

Any software / app option is not what I'm looking for.

Where is it?

Thx, Jan Jaap

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Quattro firmware upgrade leave me with no ESS

A Split Phase system with two Quattros 48/10000/140-2x100 120v with Product ID 2754 was working with Venus v2.42 and we performed an upgrade of firmware on the Quattros to version 469.

After the upgrade of both Quattros we reconfigured via VE Config all the setting by uploading a saved version of the configuration. The setting where saved with no issues.

Once we brought the System online the Venus shows "No ESS Assistant found". We proceeded to go back and remove the assistant using VE config and adding it again, but the Venus still does not see the ESS Assistant.

Is Quattros firmware 469 for Product 2754 compatible with Venus OS 2.42? If not what would be the recommended software versions? If they are compatible what can I do to get the Venus to recognize the ESS Assistant from the Quattros?


Carlo Marazzi

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Is it possible to upgrade microcontroller in Phoenix Multi

I want to get bluetooth connection to the VE.Bus in my 10 year old Phoenix Multi 12/3000/120

The firmware is 1909125 and doesn't look possible to upgrade to above 415 needed for teh bluetooth dongle. So how to I upgrade the controller or CPU board?

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CCGX firmware upgrade problem

For some reason my CCGX which has been working for 2.5 years got stuck on the Victron logo blue screen.

I have been trying to restart it using the firmware upgrade procedure from SD card without success. When performing the procedure (insert SD card, press keys E+A+B and release keys A+B at the same time), after a black screen it stays on a screen with message "boot from flash" and after sometime back to just the Victron blue screen.


The SD card was completely formatted and I tried a second card with same results. These are 16GB microSCHC.

I disconnected all the cables both to the router and from all the connected devices.

It seems it doesn't recognise there is an SD card to boot from. Could it be the card (I tried 2 different cards same result), the card reader, other?

Any help guidance or advice appreciated.

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MPPT 75/15 wont update firmware

I show two different updates available for my controller. Whenever I try to update, I just got a blank screen in the app. I have tried on multiple devices and I cannot get anywhere. Does anyone have any idea how to get an update to actually start?

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Tank setup error on venus firmware 2.40


Firmware 2.40 makes it impossible to change tank capacity. When change from the default value 200l, it jums back to 200l instead of the value have set.

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Not seeing Multiplus-II firmware update 471 in VictronConnect app

I saw the blog post for a new firmware update for the Multplus-II, but it doesn’t appear on our IOS VictronConnect app. How come?

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Do I have to install ESS into each Multi? (I have 2 in parallel)

In "Changelog assistants" file I see, that ESS now suppports limitting FeedIn power:

Release date: January 24, 2020

Supports limiting the FeedIn power. (Starting from firmware revision 469)

I updated my MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 to 2624469 firmware version, but I cannot find in ESS menu on CCGX panel the line, in which I could limit the FeedIn Power.

Maybe it does not work because I have 2 Multiplus devices in parallel?

What I have also found out, that though I disabled FeedIn, it still feeds energy in, taking it not only from my Solar panels, but also from my batteries. Isn't it strange?


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Blue Smart IP67 - Firmware Update Error


I recently installed a Bluesmart IP67 12/17. My iPhone could not see the charger in the App. I managed to get my Macbook to connect to it. I told me it needs a firmware update. I initiated this and it got stuck at 9%. Now I can see it in the program but it says there is no firmware and it tries to load but gets stuck around the 9% - 17% Mark then says it is not responding. I see there is a section to manually load a firmware would this be an idea and if so where could I get a copy of the firmware?



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Smart Solar 250 100 rev 2 Firmware 1.46 dup file

Does anyone have the Smart Solar 250 100 rev 2 Firmware 1.46 .dup file?

Since the update from 1.46 to 1.47 the solar power jumps up and down.

Thanks in advance!

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Where can I find firmware v 1.46 ?

I have updated my MPPT firmware but now I have a stability issue. I need to go back to 1.46. Where can I find 1.46 and how can I update from 1.47 to 1.46?

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System Alarm Grid Lost

For a few days now we've been getting a system alarm that says "Grid Lost." I can highlight it on our CCGX screen, but it doesn't go away. (I.E. The warning triangle in the top of the screen keeps flashing no matter what I do.) It also does not register on the VRM site under Alarm Logs...

We have not lost grid power once in this time period.

I do however use the CCGX's relay and it's automatic Generator on/off rules to tell the Quattro when to pull power from the grid. (I do this so we can use the energy stored in our batteries first.) So while the Shorepower meter shows zero, we are still connected to the grid.

We also have a PV inverter connected to our Quattro's 230v output, which gave me a grid error once, but I've not seen that happen again. (Meaning it might have but then went away before I noticed it...)

Did something change in the firmware to cause us to get this alarm?

We were running 2.51 but it also happened when I updated it to 2.52.

Thanks to anyone that can help!


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Multi Firmware - VictronConn says need update, but doesn't want to do it

Hi, I would like upgrade my MultiPlus firmware for Lithium ready.

VictronConnect says 'Firmware not uptodate, need later then 200' and VEFlash says 'you are running the latest available version, version 90.05.153, it shows

So how can I upgrade, if there is one?


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Can't update firmware on 2702 Multi, VEFlash can't connect

Hi, I'm having a really hard time trying to get my firmware updated.

I have a 2702 Multi. Current firmware 413 so I need to use VEFlash. I've disconnected all accessories and plugged the MK3 directly to the Multi.

Every time I try and run the VEflash program it says it can't connect.

  • I'm using the USB MK3, it connects just fine using VEConfig.
  • I've tried powering the Multi off DC and AC
  • I've tried multiple computers
  • I've tried upgrading to the 3 different firmware versions available for download
  • I've tried changing the COM port assigned to the MK3.

I can't think of what else to try, it is really frustrating and I need the updates to the PowerAssist. Please let me know if you have any other ideas I can try.


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MPPT 150/85 Bluesolar A04F firmware upgrade error

Can I have the v1.39 file for BlueSolar 150/85 VE.Direct (A04F)? I'm having a similar issue to this post. In addition, my Phoenix 48/375 (A214) no longer displays power output/consumption in CCGX since upgrading to v1.16. I would appreciate any downgrade file which reverses this problem as well.

My email is

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