how too reset a smart shunt

Hi I have a 500AH Smart Shunt, all was working well until i switched from the MACbook to the iPhone app i pressed disable bluetooth thought it was the computers bluetooth turns out it was the shunts bluetooth. Now its totally disabled and i cant turn it back on. I have the PUK as its on the label i removed the shunt from power let it sit for 5 mins and put it back in still no joy. So question is how does someone turn the Bluetooth back on i dont have the cable or and other victron device.

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Battery Protect and BMV712 Bluetooth pairing-PUK code

My battery protect, & BMV712, unpaired themselves with the recent app update and suddenly are in need of a ”code displayed on.....“ whatever. These and the charge controller have been installed and trouble free for over a year. Research told me that I need a PUK code on the device which is alphanumeric. The data entry on the iPhone app is numaric only. I removed the bluetooth from my iPhone, disconnected the batteries for a short while, etc. no help. Same issue. 000000 didn’t work either. The solar charger pairs just by pressing continue w/o entering anything, but then it has power removed when the Airstream is in storage. The battery protect is difficult to access (which is why we bought the Bluetooth!) What is a guy supposed do do?

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bmv712 not accepting default code

hi all, setup my bmv712 and was able to pair via the victron connect (default pin, six zeros) a few weeks ago, no problem. since then i have been unable to pair. it keeps going to 80% and then asking for a new code. any advice? is PUK the only option? (already mounted the thing in a wall)

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Why is disabling the Lithium Smart batteries Bluetooth Connection permanent?

Catching up on reading and come across this in Help for Victron Connect. Anyone know why it is irreversible?

Lithium Smart batteries

The product page can be found here.
Once Bluetooth is disabled, it is disabled permanently and is irreversible. This means that VictronConnect will ask for a confirmation code displayed in the dialogue; if you are sure that you want to permanently disable Bluetooth, enter the code displayed and choose “Ok”.

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IP22 Bluetooth connection

I have an IP22 charger that has lost Bluetooth connection. I can't logon or change the password as it says I'm using the wrong PUK code, which I've checked several times. Help!!

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Bluetooth connection impossible

I own a SmartSolar 75/15 without any issues so far, with the device or with the Victron Connect App.

Lately, I can't connect my phone (or another phone, both Android) to the App. The device appears on the list, but when I click on the device, the progress bar goes to 20%, then back to 1%, and so on until the message "unable to connect blabla" appears.

I've also tried to reset the PIN with the PUK code, and still an errors shows saying unable to reset the PIN number.

On top of that, the device seems to work correctly as the bulk blue led is steady while the panels are at sun.

I've of course installed/uninstalled/cleared cache of the app several times, and the latest version was used.

Thanks for your time,


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How to get PUK code?

I need to change my PIN codes from the defaults but the Connect app wants me to enter the PUK codes which are on the actual devices. The devices are installed in a motorhome and so the labels are not accessible. How else can I get the PUK codes?

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blue power control "no connection"

The blue power control doesn't "see" the multiplus anymore. I am using the EasySolar 48V which includes the color control.

Used to work, not anymore.

On the blue power control it say's: "no connection"

I checked already:

- power is OK

- tried another RJ45 cable

- jumpers are set correct (J2)

- correct Bus is used (VE.Bus on the blue power control connencted to the color control VE.Bus)

- color control firmware is the newest: V2.6

- multiplus firmware is the newest: 430

What can I do? Thanks for your help!

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Victron connect android app add classic Bluetooth scan feature

Hi everyone!,

This is my first post and my first question, I recently bought Victron Bluesolar MPPT 75/15, and I made a custom usb cable using Usb to UART module and I could connect my controller to the victron connect software on windows and the victron connect app on Android, but I wanted to connect wirelessly with Bluetooth, so I have used HC - 05 Bluetooth module and connected it directly to the victron bluesolar Mppt to the communication port.

By doing this, I was able to access and change the configuration of the Mppt controller via Bluetooth from victron connect software in windows, but I also want to access my controller via Android app instead of turning on the computer every time.

So I request to please add the classic Bluetooth scan functionality in the victron connect android app, as currently the android app only searches for Bluetooth low energy devices. But the HC-05 Bluetooth module is not Bluetooth low energy, and it's Bluetooth version is 2.0.


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MPPT 75 15 issue


I am having a problem with my MPPT 75 15. I recently had a problem with my old solar panels and had to replace them (they were not secured properly on to vehicle by installer and ripped off, a long story!)

When I plug my battery wires my charge controller, the blue flashing light immediately comes on. No green light.

When I plug in my PV cables, i get zero voltage and the blue light still blinks. My PV cables, before plugging into the controller, get 23V from my panels. It's not until I attach them that I get zero volts.

I checked the fuse and it is fine, but the PIN bridge is missing. Is that an issue?

Is my charge controller fried? Or is there an obvious solution?

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SmartShunt placement for best Bluetooth connectivity

I'm about to purchase a SmartShunt -- love the concept!. I see in this forum there are some folks experiencing Bluetooth connectivity issues. As with any radio, it can be interfered with by EMI and metal structure obstruction. I plan to use the SmartShunt in my 5th wheel. The front compartment has the batteries, charge controllers, etc. and all electrical wiring. I suspect quite a bit of EMI in this compartment. Since all current goes through the negative side of the shunt, near-to-battery placement makes sense to reduce current loss... in other words, the Bluetooth transmitter is located next to the worst EMI.

Where is the best placement for the SmartShunt?

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IP65 has no Bluetooth

Brand new IP65 does not connect via app, or even show up as a Bluetooth device on my phone. Internet connection is good. The device is not found

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Why can't Victron Connect see my charger?

I've just bought a Victron Energy Blue Smart IP 65 charger for my leisure battery. As a charger it seems to be fine, but I can't get a Bluetooth connection to my phone.

I've installed the Android Victron Connect App from the Google Play Store and granted it the permissions which it wanted (Location and Storage). However, when I fire it up it says it can't see the charger. The list of devices to which it offers to connect is empty. This is despite the fact that if I do a Bluetooth browse from the OS Bluetooth page it can see the charger just fine (and indeed, pair with it).

I've tried restarting both charger and phone but the problem persists. I tried using an older phone and it worked on that, but I don't want to have to carry a separate phone just to use this one app.

Although I can see the charger from the OS pairing dialogue, and successfully pair with it, the app still won't talk to it. I then do a "forget" from the OS before going back to trying to establish a pairing within the app.

My phone is a Moto G7 Power, running Android 9.

Attached is a service report from the app.


As a suggestion - and in the light of the multiple complaints from other users about the app requiring unnecessary permissions - it would make sense to stop trying to do the pairing from within the app. Let the OS dialogue handle the pairing in the way that's intended, then just use the device once it's been paired.

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Does the Orion Smart DC-DC charger maintain the last configuration set with Bluetooth when all power removed then reconnected?

I am going to install an Orion-TR 12-12 30amp isolated charger with Bluetooth on a MB Sprinter RV. If the vehicle is parked for more than 2 weeks, the vehicle’s owner’s manual tells you to disconnect the vehicle’s battery ground wire. My question is: Does the charger maintain the last setting set with Bluetooth or does it go to some default setting when all power is removed then reconnected? I have LiFePo batteries, so this is a concern.

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Orion TR Smart bluetooth range

What is the bluetooth range of this device? Any way of increasing the range?

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Orion-Tr Smart 24/12-30A - poor Bluetooth performance.

Orion-Tr Smart 24/12-30A - poor Bluetooth performance... it amazing that a "high quality" product cannot do better... I have a 15$ Chinese Bluetooth just beside the Orion and I got a very good signal

Come on Victron...

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Orion-Tr Smart 24/12-30A - poor bluetooth perfomance

Hi all,

I have installed an Orion Tr Smart 24/12 30A in my motorhome. I took the choice for this model because I want to be able to switch it on/off while driving.

But the bluetooth performance is very poor. The device is in mounted in the garage of my motorhome. During the instalation in the garage I checked receiving my MPPT and BMV (mounted inside the motorhome) there without any problems. Now the situation is as follow:

Inside the motorhome I can reach my MPPT and BMV but not the Orion in the garage. I try to reach it inside only a few cm away at the other side of the compound wall with no result.

Inside my garage I can receive all 3 devices.

Beside the motorhome I can receive the MPPT and BMV without problems, the Orion only at the door of my garage if it is open.

Is there any option to a better performance ? I know the option to use a cable to switch the device but I bought this device to to it by bluetooth.



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Cerbo GX Bluetooth connectivity limits

Hi I’m planning to get Cerbo GX and a GX Touch 50. Installation will be on a Sailing boat.

I already have an MPPT Snartsolar 100/20. I am planning to get also a smart shunt and use it to monitor two different battery packs.

First question: I want to connect the MPPT and the shunt using their Bluetooth capabilities. Is there some limitation in terms of functionalities compared to the cable option?

Se con question: I mentioned that the smart shunt should monitor two battery packs (two batteries for “house load”, one to start engine). I would like also to have a temperature sensors. Is there any Victron products that can use Bluetooth to share the data with the Cerbo GX? Or would be better to get two shunts and use the port for the temperature sensor? In this case I would have more questions to understand if temperature info is shared to the Cerbo and how the two shunts are displayed.

Thanks a lot!

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MPPT 150/100 Bluetooth connection issues

We have installed our MPPT 150/100 in 2017 and have always experienced problems with the bluetooth connection.

Problems vary from not being able to connect by getting stuck on the connecting at different percentages, name shown on app displays the symbol & or a dot but never the actual name given to the device. On the few times we can actually log through the app it only gives us the current status of the mppt but never displays the 30 day history or shows the drop down menu for settings etc.

We monitor the MPPT via the VE.Direct 1 port on the color control

Currently installed firmware version v1.46

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Connection issues with MK3 and laptop

Trying to use the Config software with the MK3 USB connection. I have downloaded the drivers to my laptop but I don't think they are installed correctly. I can't get past the finding a com port, the software times out and just gives me a help box. I know the MK3 is working as well as the RJ45 cable because if I connect it to my cerbo GX the Multiplus appears on the color control 50 display.

Can I set the charging currents any other way or is this the only way to set the Multiplus up for my new Battle Born batteries ?

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Improved Bluetooth Range Recommendations


I have installed the 712 smart battery monitor and 100/50 charge controllers. I use my phone with bluetooth and it works well. My issue is the overall range on charge controller which I think is from everything being the basement of my 38 foot coach. I can literally be 10 feet from my coach and get no connection to the charge controller.

Can I add the bluetooth adapter and move up higher where there is less interference? What other options are good for my setup? I was thinking global link to solve all things related to connections? (assuming I've got cell coverage)

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Smart BatteryProtect 65A no Bluetooth?


I recently purchased a Smart Battery Protector 65A for my 12V System in my Van. After installing it I wondered that it never showed up in the App under Bluetooth devices nor in the Victron App (iPhone SE using iOS 13 and also tested macOS)

After a quick google search I did reset it (more than once) according to this solution which apparently did work:

The device lets me select the voltage settings with the numbers on the display (1 to 9 or -, I set it to 8) and the output voltage is working, but still no Bluetooth. The mentioned settings, with grey background in the manual, in Mode "-" just shuffles through and even though I stop for example at F (enable bluetooth) it just keeps shuffeling.

Am I doing anyhing wrong here or how is the diveice supposed to work? I thought its kinda plug and play after installing and all the settings can be done via bluetooth - but I keep on sitting in front of the device and try to get bluetooth to work.

I apreciate any help and input!



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SolarSmart MPPT 75/15 Bluetooth unable to Connect past 60%


Today in the mail, I got a brand new MPPT 75/15

It's all connected up and ready to go.

However, both my boyfriend's android phone and mine are unable to connect to the device.

It hits 60% and then stalls.

I have tried power cycling both the MPPT and the phones, I have unpaired the devices.

I have attached a copy of the log report from the app VictronConnect_report.log

Any advice would be helpful, I am unsure what to do at this stage.



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Turning Bluetooth back on?

I used the app on my phone to turn off the Bluetooth function of my BMV-712 Smart device. The RV is out of storage now (I turned off bluetooth to reduce the drain on the coach batteries in storage) and I would like to turn the Bluetooth functionality back on. The manual is unclear on this procedure. Can anyone help with this?

Thank You,


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Can I add a new multiplus to an existing one in parallel?

Hello , I've got an Multiplus 24V/5000 W and 2 bluesolar Mppt 150v/70W, all six years old



I am upgrading my system with a multiplus 24v/5000 and 1 bluesolar Mppt 150V/70W. theidea is to have an output of 10000W . Is the new Multiplus connectable to the old one . and the nes Mppt connectable to the old one ?

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How to connect Cerbo GX from VictronConnect over bluetooth?

I have a SmartSolar MPPT and a SmartShunt, both of which work fine over bluetooth using VictronConnect on my phone (iOS). However, while my new CerboGX appears in the 'local' tab, when I select it the 'Fetching Data' wheel spins forever (well at last count for >5 minutes).

Am I missing something stupid?

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Cerbo GX wifi issues

I have had my Cerbo GX with touchscreen installed in my motorhome for a couple months now. Most of the time it won't stay connected to my WiFi, which is about 8 ft above it. I use a Pepwave Max Transit Duo WiFi modem, so it's a pretty strong unit and the Cerbo shows around 75-80% signal strength. I can force it to connect, and sometimes it stays connected, sometimes it doesn't. Even when it's connected, I can't connect to the remote console much of the time. I'm on Firmware 2.57. Any suggestions?

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Bluetooth IP65 charger - changing names

We are using multiple Victron IP68 Bluetooth chargers on a heritage railway, one for each carriage. Is it possible to change the displayed names when looking at the chargers using VictronConnect as the proximity of each one to the next is confusing?

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Bluetooth Pairing with new iPhone

I have a MPPT 75/15 (HQ1811NTQ3F”) connected to a single battery and a single solar panel. With my iPhone 6 I could connect via Bluetooth using the VictronConnect app. With my new iPhone 11 I cannot pair with the controller. The app recognizes my controller and requires that I “enter the code shown on my “SmartComtroller HQ1811NTQ3F”. I cannot find any code either in the front panel of the controller or in a window on the phone. I have entered my 6-digit pin but it was not accepted. I have removed and re-downloaded the app with no effect. The blue led on the controller is flashing, showing a bulk operation.

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