3x quattro 48/8000 et BYD LVL15.4

i've got a installation off grid in 3 phase with 3 quattro 48/8000, 2 Fronius Symo 8 and 1 BYD LVL 15.4. the batterie went to 0% (bad weather for 3 days). after that, my customer started the generator (ACin) and put the 3 quattro on charge only. the voltage of the batterie went from 0V to 42V in nearly 3 hours. but i still got on the color control 0% of charge? is that normal? and the batterie don't stay on (the led stopped after 3-4 minutes). my customer had to go away so stopped the generator to save the petrol (the site is on a remote island). so my question is how long should the generator goes on to charge the batterie to be able to put the vitron ON and get the Fronius inverter working?

hope i'm clear enough as english is not my usual language.


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3-Phase MultiPlus II ESS System with an additional MultiPlus II for battery charging

Dear Victron Fellows,

I have the following use case for two almost identical installations:

On the already existing 3-Phase ESS installation using MultiPlus II Devices, the battery should be charged in case of a grid failure and in time of insufficient PV power.

The installation already has the following devices:

  • 3-Phase ESS installation using 3 MultiPlus II 48/3000 operating in parallel to the public grid (230V)
  • 3-Phase Fronius AC PV converter connected at the critical loads AC Output of the Multis and controlled by frequency shifting (MG50)
  • CCGX
  • BYD B-Box 10.0 connected by VE.CAN to the CCGX
  • MPPT Solar Charger connected by VE.direct to the CCGX

A single phase 5kVA 230V Diesel inverter is available. It should be used to provide the power for the charger.

Is it possible to charge the battery using an additional MultiPlus II connected to the CCGX?

Can the Multi be connected to the CCGX and does it receive the relevant battery information BYD BMS information (DVCC)?

According to the following question it should be possible. And that is what I would expect and I think is the reason of DVCC.

Asking my dealer to verify the answer he told me that it is not be possible to connect the additional Multi to the existing CCGX, because the additional multi would need its own controller and needs to operate independent from the ESS system.

He suggested to connect the Multi by the relays (LINK). This would not be an preferred option for me because I would expect the charging process to be more optimal if it is controlled by the batteries BMS.

If the additional Multi can not be connected to the CCGX, would it be possible to add another Venus device and connect the CAN Bus to this device for retrieving the BMS information?

Best regards,


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BYD B-BoxPro, BlueSolar 150/85VE.CAN, and SmartSolar150/85

Good day,

We have an existing system with 3 MultiPlus 48/5000/70 (in parallel), 4 BlueSolar 150/85 VE.CAN, 2-BYD B-Box Pro 10 kWh, 1-BYD B-Box Pro 7.5kWh, and a Color Control GX.

One of the 4 BlueSolar had a 0 current reading, so we requested for a replacement. Since, BlueSolars are not anymore available in the market, they sent us a SmartSolar 150/85 as a replacement unit.

1.) How can we synchronize the SmartSolar to the existing 3 BlueSolars and what will be its connection to the CCGX? What are the needed accessories and upgrade to sync the charge controllers if it is possible?

2.) Can the BYD BMS communicate with the BlueSolar 150/85 VE.CAN?

Thank you.

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BYD LVL and old model BlueSolar VE.Can compatibility

Good day, all! We need help on this.

We have an existing system that uses Victron BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/85 VE.Can, Victron MultiPlus 48/5000/70-50, Color Control GX and lead-acid AGM battery. We are now going to replace the battery with BYD Premium LVL 15.4.

Is this possible with the existing system? What should also be the configuration of the charge controller and the MultiPlus?

Thank you!

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BYD BBox Pro 10 KWH not seen on VRM- system working normal


I have a BYD pro 10 KWH with 3 Quattro 5 KW system. The system was working fine till it was switched off to remove the faulty Smart solar.

After restarting the system the BYD pro is not shown in Venus /VRM

@BYD_service Interestingly the run light on BMU is constantly on - also the 4 units of B-Plus have steady lights - The battery does not switch off and remains on till manually swicthed off

I still did the following to see if it will solve the problem but no improvement

1, changed the addressing of batteries instead of 1-234, made it 4-3-2-1

2. Removed and reseated all cables after cleaning with contact cleaner

3. replaced the BMU to CCGX cable (self-made) with another cable (self-made) It confirms to Type A pinout

4. updated CCGX to the latest release candidate

5. Switched off battery completely waited 10-15 minutes ( no lights on on BMU and B-Plus) and restarted the battery

6. The battery accepts the charge or discharge if I switch on the Quattros

7. In the coming days I will change to official TYPE A cabel to be sure

short of trying a different BMU or CCGX is there any other option i can try?

It will 1-2 weeks before I can get another BMU . Can I run the system using Allowed to charge and allowed to discharged contacts in normal mode after switching off ESS. Since my 250./20 Smart solar also requires repair /replacement the loads will be mainly supplied by grid or generator

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Throttled Fronius wastes up to 90% of capacity - improvement required on Zero-feed-in

Hi All,

With this documentation I like to demonstrate that Fronius Zero-feed-in algorithm ignores up to 90% of available energy in a zero-feed-configuration, although all produced energy could be fed into battery at that moment.

@Victron&Fronius-Developers: Please read this article and translate improvements into next software releases.

Generic problem description

My PV panel power balance between MPPT-fed and Fronius-fed energy ratio is about 45% vs. 55% (my complete topology is described below). This screenshot demonstrates that this ratio can be also effectively generated and loaded into AC-IN and battery as long as the grid is disconnected from MultiPlus-II.


Only 30 seconds before when grid was still connected, I took that screenshot. You see that MPPT has nearly the same output, but the Fronius delivered only 28% of its actually currently possible capacity. Since the previous screenshot was taken before, it demonstrates clearly that at that moment there was no restriction of the battery taking additional energy (charging limit of 242A current allowed by BYD at that moment of time).


Frist conclusion
Fronius Zero-feed-in feature in Victron ESS wastes plenty energy (>75% in average – up to 90% in peak)

Closer analysis
Following analysis demonstrates that Fronius Zero feed-in mechanism only works as long as you have a steadily deviating power consumption. Otherwise it wastes plenty energy.

1. AC load on AC-OUT consumption is currently low at 249W and Fronius feeds in with 934W only (compared to screenshot in step 3 you see that was is only 50% of the available capacity at that moment).


2. Switch on a mentionable load on AC-OUT1 activates the Fronius within a few seconds to leverage full available capacity.


3. After having switched off the additional load, Fronius continues to produce similar but already slight lower volume. The produced capacity is fed mainly into battery.


4. As long as there is no peak any more on AC-OUT1, Fronius lowers its production steadily down. In that example its returned to 23% of currently available capacity.
Battery SOC was 52%, the currently applied current 52,9A with readiness to take 242A at that moment.


Please improve zero-feed-in feature so that also battery will be effectively loaded with available capacity on Fronius attached PVs.

My environment

  • MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 in 3-phase (firmware 477) with a ESS zero feed-in configuration
  • ESS zero feed-in configuration
  • Multiphase regulation on single phase
  • Grid setpoint defined at 80W > currently returned to 60W again
  • Fronius Symo 6.0-3-M (firmware 3.16.7-1) with 6.030 kWp attached (55% of total PV) – connected to AC-OUT1 (critical loads) – no additional smart meter - sunspec activated
  • Victron MPPT VE.can 250/100 rev2 (firmware 3.02) connected via VE-Bus with 5.025kWp attached (45% of total PV)
  • PV modules all with absolutely identical direction and no shadowing
  • BYD LV 15.4 (allowed charging and discharging current during the test procedure 243A)
    BMS connected via CAN-bus (firmware 1.16)
  • VenusGX (firmware 2.60) > currently tested with 2.62-beta5
  • Any component with latest firmware as of today


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Why connect the Negative DC battery terminal or busbar to Ground?


What is the reason why negative busbar and grounding busbar are common? How can we protect the system against impacts from the soil in this case?


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1 Answer

proposed ways to control 'ignore AC Input'


building a larger and more complex system (including 3Phase, Solar, CHP machine etc.) i would like to, by software, force the 3 MPII (one on each phase) to enter the 'ignore AC Input' state in order to make sure no power is feed back. The main parameter is the SOC which should drive that state change. I would like to avoid physical relays and cables and use the existing communication between the GX device (Cerbo in my case) and the MP systems. What is the best/easiest/safest way to accomplish this ?

best regards,


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Cerbo GX and BYD Premium HVS compatibility


Recently I've bought a cerbo GX with the purpose to be connected to an BYD-Premium HVS 12,8 kWh. However, the BYD battery doesn't appear in the remote console. I've already apply all the specific instructions that appears at: https://www.victronenergy.com/live/battery_compatibility:byd_b-box

Cerbo GX and high voltage BYS batteries aren't compatible? There is some way to be both connected?

Thank you very much!

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Within 2-3 days SOC dropped from 90% to 7%
As you can see from the attached graph SOC dropped from 90% to 7% in the span of 2-3 days.  The system has been up and running since June and nothing like this have happened before. The consumption has been more or less constant for a long time (25W) and the only thing that draws power directly from the battery is the CCGX.

Could this drop be a result of some “maintenance” routine initiated from the CCGX or the BYD BMU/BMS?

The system consists of the following components:

•Color Control GX
•MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48
•BYD B-Box Pro 7.5
•SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/60


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Charging BYD 48V batteries with a 48V alternator

Is there any Victron products available that will allow a 48v alternator as an alternate generation source to an existing 48v Victron off grid system and connect to the BYD CAN BMS?

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unexpected Inverter shutdown


after running several months with no issue at all, the MP II swicthed off and no message appeared on the GX not the VRM alarm log. Later i discovered irregular behaiviour of the SOC coming from the BYD BMS (a call to EFT is already opened) - nevertheless, i would expect some sort of logging from the MultiPlus II about that - any other location/source i could look at ? The only change within the last 2 weeks was updating the GX to 2.60.

best regards,


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Quattro AC Input Current Limit ignored on Pass Thru

Two Phase ESS setup with 2 x 48/8000/110 Quattros, 15kVA three phase generator with Titan 48/50 Charger on third phase.

Firmware: CCGX 2.53~2, Quattos 469.

Generator on AC-IN-1 with current limit of 14 Amps. All good while loads are low and system in Bulk, charging battery. Current hovers around 12 - 14 Amps. The problem I have is when a large load turns on, the mode changes to "Pass Thru" and excessive current is drawn continuously from the generator. I was monitoring the system when the 3kW water heater came on. I watched the Quattro draw 27 Amps from the generator for 30 seconds before I turned the generator isolator off. This is virtually twice the limit set.

Dynamic Current Limiter - disabled

UPS Function - Enabled

Was going to try the "Dynamic Current Limiter" but the increase in current is not temporary. It matches the loads applied and completely ignores the “AC Input Current Limit”. Also I don’t want it working while connected to the grid.

Please advise if I’ve overlooked something.

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PV throttling very often

I have recently installed an ESS System (Victron Multiplus 48/5000/70) with one BYD 5kWh and Fronius PV Inverter connected on AC out (on-grid system).

ESS is on "Optimized (Without BatteryLife)". The connection between PV Inverter and Victron is wireless.

The system is working ok but I have some issues which for the moment are unsolved.

For example, the PV production is frequently stopped just to return in the next seconds.



As you can see from the graph, PV is having a strange behaviour when charging the batteries, the graph looks like a saw teeth when I was thinking to be like a smooth line. The PV throttles down to 0 frequently as you can see and I do not know the cause of this.

Any ideas?

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Connect Mastervolt charger to Cerbo GX ?

Is it possible to connect a Mastervolt Chargemaster Plus 24/60 (czone) to a Cerbo GX to read values from the charger within the victron system?

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How to use more than 2 MPPTs with Byd and CCGX on ve direct/usb

Just wanting to put this one out

Colour gx, byd, Bmu 3 smart mppt’s

The colour gx only has 2 ve direct ports so is it safe to say the ve direct to usb lead can be used for the 3rd mppt and not cause any issues?

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BYD LVL 15.4 - Cell imbalance warning

I have a single phase system with 2 Fronius Primo 6.0-1, 1 Victron quattro 15000 and 1 BYD LVL 15.4 battery. My peek production is limited to 11.5kW.

CCGX is always displaying Cell Imbalance Warning.

Is this a problem to the system or batteries?

Can this be fixed?


João Morais

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EasySolar-II 48/3000/35-32 MPPT 250/70 GX + BYD B-Box Premium LVS

Dear All,

I wanted to confirm If I can or I cannot connect BYD LVS battery to EasySolar-II GX 3000.

Here in the datsheet it is written that I cannot:


Just wanted to confirm :)

Best regards.

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Skylla BYD 48v charging, is it possible?

We have a system with 2 x 5kW Multiplus 2 in ESS. The customer also wants to have generator backup.

The Multiplus won't accept the generator on the NZ4777 grid code(via a changeover switch), so we need another way for it to work.

I'm wondering if we can charge the 48V BYD lithium battery bank via a separate 48v charger.

Has anybody done this?

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Multiplus 2 - 3 Phase Output

Hey everyone

I have a project coming up requiring on grid battery backup, the load is a 3 phase lift and I have read the documentation and watched the training videos and believe 3 x Victron Multiplus II 5000's will get the job done, I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything or there's any additional information I should know about Multi's and 3 phase backup.


They are per-phase (415v 3 phase supply.)

-5.5kw per phase
(8.51 amps per phase @ 0.9PF)
(Noting max grid[starting] current is9.82A per phase, which is ~6.4kW @ 0.9PF..)


I have specified

  • 3 x Victron Multiplus !! 5000
  • 2 x BYD B-Box Pro 13
  • 2 x 6KW SMA Tri Powers

Thanks in advance!

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[SOLVED] BYD BBox Pro reading 0% SOC on CCGX but 100% on battery

Hi guys

I have a site that has a Multiplus II and CCGX. AC Coupled with an SMA Sunnyboy 5.0 inverter and BYD BBox Pro 13.8Kwh battery.

Everything was working really well up until about a month ago, the CCGX is reading the battery SOC to be 0% but the mulitplus is showing 55v (or 100% SOC) and the BYD battery is also showing 4 full LEDs so full as well.

I have tried resetting the entire system and it does the same thing.

Has anyone had this issue?





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How to clear "System overview - Grid alarm: Grid lost" VRM alarm?

Have the following active alarm in VRM that won't seem to clear: "System overview - Grid alarm: Grid lost" Is there a fix for this? I don't even know how it got there as it is a stand-alone system with a generator?


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Quattro battery charging voltages not observed with BYD battery when DVCC is enabled?


All firmware for 3 Phase 5 KVA quattro , Venus and charge controllers , fronius are latest with BYD 10 KWH pro batteries - system VRM ID is TapetaMain

While troubleshooting my random switch offs I observed the following behaviour

The Battery sits steady at 55.5V and occasionally jumps to 55.6/55.7 volts at fill SOC Despite the Quattro settings of 55.0 as float and 55.2 as absorb

Both DVCC is on and the solar charge controllers show Remote control active .

See screenshots

has something changed in DVCC alhorithm ? I suspect my issues are linked to BYD switchiing off in Overvolatge when large load swings happend such washing machine or dryer happen .





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Under voltage alarm on only Quattro not on BYD


I had multiple Undervoltage alarms/warnings on L1 Quattro in 3 phase setup out of sudden.

The LOG file shows BYD reporting normal 54.7 V voltage There was a normal load on the system and no overload recorded. The alarms were getting triggered randomly and the log shows wildly fluctuating VE bus voltage

Does the Ve bus take the voltage only from L1 Quattro?

I checked cable tightness in Quattro ( all three phases ) as well as on the LYNX busbar.

Will check later today the breakers and the individual battery module tightness. What else should I check? The system worked for the last 1 year without any major issues.

The system is ONgrid /ESS with 10 KWH BYD pro and 3 ph 5 KVA Quattro with 6 KVA Fronius and 250/70 Smartsolar

The Log is attached - Relevant entries around 10.30 AM are marked in yellow battery alarm log_log_20200620-0643_to_20200621-0643.zip

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AC Coupling and BYD premium LVL 15.4


I would like to know if there is any possible way to speed up frequency regulation by modifying the settings of the PV inverter assistant.

The system is off grid and consists of

- BYD LVL premium 15.4

- Bluesolar MPPT 150/60

- Quattro 48/8000

- Solaredge SE6000H (maximum expected PV-contribution is << 4500W)

The P(f) ramp at the Solaredge side is defined from 50.2Hz to 51.7Hz and disconnect @ 52Hz.

The Victron PV-Inverter assistant is configured for the same band with disconnect @ 52.1Hz. With 6000W inverter and 6400W PV.

I observe that once 55.2V are reached BYD sets the charging parameter to zero. However charging continues as the frequency ramp only rises slowly and therefore the SE inverter does not reduce its output fast enough. For now I throw off (via AC-OUT 2) the SE inverter once the voltage gets higher 57V. By that time frequency has only risen to 50.4Hz. Can the ramp rise time be shortened? Am I too carefull with the 57V limit? (cell details show almost 3.8V for the highest cell). Thank you in advance for your help and input!!

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BYD B-Plus module without BMU?

Hi! Here's my doubt about the BYD BMU...

I'd like to use 1 or 2 B-Plus modules of my BYD B-Box Pro 7.5 system in another application, but I only have 1 BMU (the one that comes with the case). Is the use of a BMU mandatory, even if only 1 B-Pus module is used?

Can it be replaced by a shunt (ex. BMV 700 + shunt) or another BMS technology, like the VE.Bus BMS?

Thanks in advance!

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Are there any system schematic drawings of a three-phase installation using the premium LVL BYD battery and three Quattro 48/5000/70

Kindly share a system schematic drawings for a three-phase installation using the premium LVL BYD battery and three Quattro 48/5000/70.

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1 Answer

Can I add a second BYD LVL 15.4 battery later as the load demand grows?

Can I introduce a second BYD LVL 15.4 battery later as the load demand grows? Do the problem of combining old and new batteries apply to the BYD premium range of batteries?

Abraham Munene asked

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Discharging BYD LVL when sun is shining

Hi together!

I've installed a set of 6 Multiplus 3000 (two on each phase) with LVL 15,4 a few days ago.
Yesterday, when i checked the charts i got a "suprise". Our house uses 7kwh over night from battery, but over the day the LVL gets a charge of 20kwh.
Today I can see why. After the LVL reaches 100% it doesn't stop charging but switches between discharging and charging. All day long... Right now i've got over 9000watts of solar energy but LVL is discharging.
Seems as BYD BMU is faulty? My colleague has the same setup and exact the same "problem"

Anyone here with the same strange thing?


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Using MPPT Smart Solar 250/100 and MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 with BYD Batteries without the ESS assistant


I have an installation with:

- MPPT Smart Solar 250/100 - 1pcs

-MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 - 1pcs

-Venus GX.

-BYD B-Box 2.5 - 2pcs

Now it works with ESS assistant, but I want to delete this assistant, would it system work without it?

How solar charge controller will be limit output charge power?

Thanks for yor answers!

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