LiFePO4 regulator settings & 3 port BMS connections???

@Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA

I am still waiting for anyone to confirm I am correct on the new battery presets (which I have been told don't exist), (see pics attached).

Or am I missing something?

I also have had no reply in about 6 weeks regarding confirmation of my BMS connections being correct or otherwise, I am not comfortable proceeding with the final connection of the BMV-712 to the battery positive until I receive same.

I have marked up a picture with labels for for all cables, hopefully that makes it clearer.

I actually just followed former advice to another person put the shunt in the Blue Bat Neg cable here:

I also included a picture of the battery & BMS before any connections for clarification.

Stay safe folks.






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13,3 V but says charge

Hi! Just installed a bmv-712 in my boat. Use to my 12V 100ah liPo4 Battery. I use it to my trollingmotor but don’t need to charge the battery after every session so I disconect it and Like-well disconect the +pol from the battery . When l conect it again to synchronize the battery to my bmv 712 it says 13,3 v but indicate to charge the battery so i can’t synchronize the bmv to the battery and set the right precent remaining.

Someone who have a clue?

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Can't Zero a BMV600S


I have a BMV600S that reads -1.5A when there is no current flowing through the shunt, as verified by two ammeters. I have tried the Zeroing procedure but it makes no difference. I understand that I should select Zero in the setup, then press the setup button for 3 seconds and I should get a response saying "ok". I don't get the "ok", it just goes straight out of setup. Any ideas?



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Orion-TR Smart 12/12 30 Charge Disconnect Question

Hi there,

i just purchsed a Orion-TR smart 12/12 30A isolated to istall it into my Van. I would like to enable low temprature charge disconnect as my lithiums could get below 5 degrees from time to time.

The manual states that i should connect it with a "Isolated remote ON/OFF cable" to the charge discconect of the VE.Bus BMS. Unfortunately i cannot find this kind of cable anywhere, could anyone point me in to the exact cable i need? Also, could this special cable be replaced with a simple wire from the VE.Bus BMS charge disconnect to the H-Pin of the Orion-TR?

As an alternative, could i also connect the VE.Bus BMS charge disconnect to the COM Port of my BMV712 and then connect the NC relay of the BMV712 to the H-Pin of the Orion-TR in order to remotely turn of the Orion-TR in case of low temperature?

best regards,


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Multiplus 24/5000/120 settings: search mode, max charge current, input current limit


I have the above Multiplus, BlueSolar MPPT 100/30, 2x200W/12V serial PVs, 2x200Ah/12V serial AGM batteries, Honda EU2200i generator and have the following questions about three settings:

1. If I have both the search mode and AES switched on, which is over-riding the other or can they work together?

1. For the 400Ah/24V battery set it doesn’t seem possible to set the maximum charge current as low as the generators continuous output 1800W/230V=7,8A. The lowest setting is 25% of something (percentage of what is still unclear? Maybe 100A x 25% = 25A?).

3. The input current limit can only be set to the following values:6,3A (1.4kVA at 230V),10A (2.3kVA at 230V),12A (2.8kVA at 230V),16A (3.7kVA at 230V),20A (4.6kVA at 230V), 25A (5.7kVA at 230V),30A (6.9kVA at 230V), 50A (11.5kVA at 230V). The question is how this setting affects the charging on different loads. It is clear that I should not have this setting to more than the generator’s continuous output power. But is it so, that 1) at no load the genset is charging with current of the setting (e.g. 6,3A), 2) when there is load up until the setting (6,3A), the load will be supplied 100% by the genset and the rest is used for charging and 3) when the limit setting (6,3A) is passed then the load will be covered by the genset AND the batteries and no charging will happen?


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Battery monitor doesn't show current coming from solar controller


Just had a solar installed on my rv.. 150/85-mc4 sending amps straight to the battery bypassing shunt..

The engineer who installed the system is said that it was done this way to maximize efficiency.

Battery monitor 712 is not taking amps coming from mppt controller in consideration.. I assume negative from solar controller MUST go to the shunt and not straight to the battery in order for battery monitor to see incoming amps or is it a preference and I might be missing something?

Any help appreciated, thank you

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Victron Quattro Aux ports not working


I have a 123 Smart BMS connected to the Aux1 and Aux2 ports of my Quattro. I'm using the ESS assistant only to control the Charger. Problem is, even though the BMS is signaling the Quattro to stop charging it simply doesn't stop. It looks as if the Quattro is ignoring the commands on those doors ...

Anyone have a clue why this is happening ? I've contacted several Victron dealers in Portugal but they dont know jack shit about the products they're selling.



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New Batteries: Low voltage despite low usage


I just installed 2 new Duracell AGMs (100ah) in my camper. I reset the history on my BMV700. Watched a few hours of TV last night, ran the water pump a few times. Wake up in the morning to my batteries at 12.24V.

BMV shows SOC at 94% and only used 19AH. Why is my voltage so low? Did I get bad batteries?

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BMV712 with AGM+MPPT+Multiplus gives 0% after a while

Hi, my BMV712 starts off from 100% when I start up the inverter (Multiplus Compact 1600VA) but then slowly drains to 0% and never rises above it again. The MPPT however gets to float nicely every day and stays there. I have a refridegarator connected to the inverter so it does go on every now and then but still the MPPT stays on float.

Dunno what’s wrong. My BMV settings are as follows.



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VE.Direct LoRaWAN LED does not blink / Connection impossible


I bought the LoRaWAN module to be connected with my BMV-700. I put 24VDC voltage (ofcourse the polarity is right) on and connected it with the BMV. The LED still does not blink. Is the module damaged or did I overlook something?

Thank you!

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BMV 712 History ON device?

Does the BMV 712 keep a history like a graph like the live data but for the past 30 days? or must I connect the BMV to something else to get 30 days or history?

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BMV-712 not synchronizing with solar lithium setup

Hope this community can help. My BMV 712 detects a full charge but does not sync. I have 200ah of Renogy lithium batteries charging with a MPPT 100/20 on 300 watts of solar. The BMV-712 smart with temp sensor is connected to the MPPT with a VE network. I've configured my settings based on the recommendations from Victron for lithium and the SOC will jump to 100% but it does not register a sync. Its been a week with these settings, full charge every day but no sync, worried that its not a true SOC measurement. MPPT and BMV settings are listed below and in screenshots attached.


absorption - 13.9

float - 13.5

absorption time - 2min (fixed)

tail current - 3 amp


charged voltage - 13.6 (.3 under the absorption as recommended)

tail current - 4%

charged detection time - 3m

Peukert exponent - 1.05

efficiency factor - 99%

Thanks all!




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Need help with BMV712 settings

We had our BMV712 installed in our new camper trailer but the person didn't know what settings to use. And we are getting mid voltage warnings. I have no idea what that means. The installer used 100 watts for the settings.

This is the battery: Interstate 27DC Marine / RV Battery

  • Group Size: 27DC
  • Part Number: 8-27MBP
  • Cold Cranking Amps(CCA): 600
  • Cranking Amps: 750 MCA
  • Reserve Capacity(RC): 160

And here is a screenshot as we drive down the road:


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BMV-712 stays 'alive' with Aux Power signal?

Simple question I think?

On the BMV-712, If the auxilary input, used for the Starter Battery, is at 12V, will the BMV still work and keep all the current data if the main power input is removed? So when the Main input is back, it will carry on where it left off in terms of data?

Unfortunately I didn't think to check this before I started a couple of battery discharge tests, and which I am now in the middle of so cannot check this with either of my BMV-712s in case the answer is no and I loose the SOC and Ahs used info when power is re-established.

(I am doing a full discharge test on a LiFePO4 until the BMS cuts out so expect to have the 12V cut out at some time)

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BMS-712 secondary bat midpoint monitor

My campertruck has 2 different battery systems.
Household battery is a bank of 3x110aH parallel 12v Accu’s
Starter battery is 24v trucksystem, so 2 in serie

Can I use the second aux-input on the BMS-712 as a midpoint monitor for the 24v starter Accu’s, while using the rest of the system for the 12v system monitoring?

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Which Shunt do I need (dummies guide)

hello all,

Spent a lot of time trying to find the answer to what might be a simple question. A buying guide would help iron this out.

I have two engines, one engine goes to an isolator which charges the following

two x XV31MF (aft) for the bow thruster (Total 220ah)
three x XV31MF (stern) for entertainment and engine start.(Total 330ah)

Reading the posts a 500am might be ok? My concern is the engines which are large volvo Penta start from battery bank 2. The batteries are say 1000 cold crank amps that’s 3000 CCA the shunts go up to 2000 amps.

So I am confused what amps I look at for the shunt

CCA is a lot higher than the amps

the above two groups are in parallel

Brand Numax
Range Numax XV
Voltage 12 Volts
Technology Wet
Capacity (C20) 105 Ah
MCA 925 A
CCA (EN) 740 A

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SmartShunt Settings

I have a question regarding the SmartShunt. It says to set the charged voltage to .2-.3 below the float voltage set on my SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 controller. I am using two 6 volt GC2 batteries and have my controller float set to 13.5. Therefore the SmartShunt charged voltage is set to 13.2. With this setting, it seems that my shunt resets to 100% full when the controller is still in bulk charging and above 13.2 volts. Shouldn't the shunt show a 100% charge only after the controller finishes charging and switches to Float? Thanks.

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BMV and internal Multi battery monitor

Hello everyone. I have a system composed of the following elements:

1 Venus GX (Firmware 2.33)

1 Multiplus II 48/3000/35-32 (Firmware 456)

1 BMV-712 Smart (Firmware 4.03)

1 Smart Solar Charger MPPT 100/20 48V (Firmware 1.46)

4 Battery 105Ah in series, 48V

The battery is being monitored by the BMV:

Settings → System setup → Battery monitor → BMV-712.

I have two operation problems:

1) During discharge without grid (off-grid), with a C4 rate, it did not respect the configuration of the cut-off value of the state of charge that was SOC = 50% in the BMV. In repeated tests the cut-off voltage value was around 47.40V.


2) During recharge, the process does not respect the values set in the VEconfig3,



As shown in the image below:


The bulk stage was started with SOC = 95% instead of 80% and the load current was 5A instead of 10A.

In the following link: say

“Note that the Battery Monitor setting in VEConfigure3 is irrelevant. For systems like this, changing this setting will have no effect on the charge - or any other parameters - in this type of system.”

In this case, when using the BMV, how can I configure the parameters for the loading stages?

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BMV 712 SoC draining too fast

Hi everyone,

I've read through a bunch of SoC issues by numerous people and have not seen the answer to my problem. I will try to be thorough and include my design and diagnostics I've done already.

- I have a 105AH x 4 lithium battery bank in a 12v parallel configuration totaling 420AH

- I'm using a Victron 12/3000/120 Hybrid Inverter

- I have a BMV712 with all things on the load side of the shunt(bus bar off the load side) and a single connection to the battery negative from the battery side. I have the B1 wire connection to the battery positive. I have triple verified everything is wired on the correct side

- Loads are reading properly depending on what I turn on.

This is where it gets strange. I have a 420AH bank. If I put a 100A load on the system, it will say I have only 40 minutes left and drain to 0 in such time. I should be getting around 4 hours based on the load. I did a 200A test yesterday and drained my battery bank to -381 consumed AH. However, my SoC went to 0 after only -71 Ah.

Ultimately, my BMV is reading loads in real time correctly and total consumed correctly, but the SoC is way off. It's like it doesn't understand I put 420Ah in the battery capacity setting. I put a picture of my current battery settings. I have tried synchronizing SOC to 100% multiple times at full battery charge and continues to think I have a small battery bank it seems.

Screenshot of BMV settings below. My absorb and float settings on the inverter/charger are 13.9.

thanks for any help,


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Setting 0% charge on a BMV-700

I have already posted this in May but the answer I got there did not help me. I get, that Voltage is not really a good way to measure battery state but still my devices shut of at curtain voltages, and it's the easiest way for me to show the behaviour.

I am using the 700 for 3 months now together with a Raspberry Pi gateway. Everything works fine and I am happy. There is just one problem. How can I set the 0%.? The 14.4V is my 100% and if I use my 160ah battery to 9V It still showed 40% charge. Of course everything else (fridge, GPS...) has shut of at around 11V so that should be my 0% How can I change that? I don't have the BT dongle but can control everything else from the display or the Pi.

My setup

160Ah 12V lithium battery

MPPT 75/15 with 2x120W solar Panels -> connected to pi via USB cable.

230V battery charger

Relay to the camper's starter battery 12V, so I can charge while driving.

BMV 700, the shout is connected between the battery and everything else -> connected to pi via USB cable.

Pi has a backup battery so it does lose power last. asked
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BMV setting

Ok just to be clear, if I have two lithium batteries, each 105ah 12V in series, i need to setup my the BMV as a 105ah 24V battery correct? Now if I add another series pair in parallel to the original pair, i need to set up the BMV as a 210ah 24V battery correct?

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AGM Super Cycle and BMV712 settings


I recently fitted 2 x 170ah Victron AGM Super Cycle domestic batteries. They are charged thru shore power on a new Victron IP43 50A 3 outlet charger and I also fitted a BMV-712 to monitor it all.
can anyone recommend settings for this setup on the BMV712?
With the BMV running it will not let me access the charger via Bluetooth to check charging rates and other settings. Is there any way to overcome this?
do I need to adjust my charge settings for these batteries?

any advice appreciated

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BMV-700 not showing me anything correctly

My bmv has been showing me a voltage of -0.01 with 0 amps and doesn’t show when I’m getting solar power. I plug the Bluetooth into my Victron mppt controller and it shows the correct amps coming from the sun and correct volts.

I’m looking for a way to maybe reset my bmv in hopes that will fix it but maybe there’s another solution out there.

I’ve had this bmv for a year and a half no issues btw.

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Using BMV-712 relay to trigger the MPPT 100/20 VE Direct Rx Pin to disconnect a load

Hi there,

I currently have a 4WD setup with a BMV-712, 130AH AGM rear battery and 1500W inverter. I have standard 4wd type accessories like a 12v fridge, water pump, lights, 12V outlet for phone charging etc connected through individually fused circuits from a central 6 port fuse block. The total load of everything if everything runs at once (except inverter) is around 13A.

The rear battery currently gets charged from the engine alternator through an electronic voltage sensitive relay connecting the two batteries. At the moment all loads are routed through the BMV 712 Shunt, including the inverter (which incidentally only ever gets used for short periods of time for the sole purpose of making toast!)

I am considering fitting a Smartsolar MPPT 100/20 (or 75/15) so I can go off grid for longer without running the engine and I really like the concept of using the load control functionality to protect my rear battery. I would fit all but the inverter to the load connections on the MPPT (through the single +ve cable that currently runs to the fuse block), and the inverter would remain connected direct to the battery. I turn the inverter on and off manually through its own switch.

The problem is when the battery is under load from the inverter (900W to run the toaster through short length 2B&S cables) the voltage often drops below all the MPPT pre set voltage triggers and would therefore to disconnect the load to my fuse block. When the battery is at a low SOC to start with, the load may never actually be reconnected as it may not recover to above the 'reconnect' trigger voltage.

To avoid this I would like to use the BMV-712 SOC setting to trigger the load disconnect signal, rather than the MPPT inbuilt voltage settings.

I have read several posts and understand that that I can easily use the BMV to control a separate high current relay that would disconnect the battery for SOC triggers, but this seems to defeat the purpose of having the 100/20 and its excellent load connection & control abilities.

From my research I understand that the MPPT VE direct port has 4 pins (1 GND, 2 RX, 3 TX, 4 PWR)

I also understand that the VE direct RX port on the MPPT can be set through Victron connect software to act as either a remote on/off (for the MPPT itself), or as a load output on/off (including an inverted mode) to the load connections on the MPPT.

Where I fall down is working out how to actually achieve this.

I have read that the VE direct Rx port is 5V, and I understand the BMV relay has a COM, NC, & NO connections that can also be inverted through the Victron connect software.

So was wondering if I connect a 5V source to the BMV-712 relay COM terminal, can I then connect the BMV relay NO output terminal (which would also be 5V) direct to the MPPT VE Direct Rx port ? I could configure the MPPT such that when the BMV low SOC triggers, voltage at RX on MPPT hits zero and then triggers the load output to off.

Can I do this with my own wiring (ie BMV NO to MPPT RX, plus an earth cable) at the MPPT - or do I have to purchase the VE direct non isolating cable to make this work ?

Or perhaps my understanding from all my research is flawed and this is not actually achievable ?

I know I could just fit the high current relay, just space is at a premium and I am keen to explore the realms of possibility.

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Multiplus Trickle charge connection depletes the starter battery?

I have a Multiplus 24/3000/70-16 and a BMV702 set up in an RV with two separate battery banks (house + starter).

I noticed today that the AC input had failed, and the Multiplus depleted the house battery bank before entering low voltage shutdown at 24v (full charge is 28.7 volts). However, when I check the BMV702, the starter battery is also showing depleted at around 25 volts.

In VRM, I can see that the trends for both batteries follow eachother, which indicates to me that they are being paralleled for some reason.


Is the trickle charge connection (or the BMV702) somehow parallelling the battery banks??

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BMV-602s idle current changing

I have a BMV-602s that has been giving different current readings from the very beginning. IT will give a few hundred mA current reading with no loads attached for some time after disconnecting the loads. Then after some time it will read zero current.

If I disconnect the loads then zero the current reading all is fine for a while then the current will shift and start displaying a charge (due to the zeroing offset).

I have fully isolated the battery cable at the battery isolation switch and searched for parisitic loads to no avail. The only load on the isolated battery is the actual BMV. I've also tried to make sure that the BMV to shunt cable and connectors have no problems.

Any thoughts? Is this a know fault to the BMV602s?

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BMV 712 relay to turn off external load at preset SOC

I want to turn on a water heater when the SOC is between 85 and 100% and shut it off when it falls below the 85% value. i.e. I just want the relay to open when SOC is below 85%. Closed the rest of the time. I can make it work with 85-99% but that means when charge reaches 100 it goes open. The load is a small water heater and there is a lot of solar so even with the heater on it is not unusual to hit 100% Using a smart battery protect 65 as the relay. If can be done, what are the various setting on the BMV relay screen. The documentation is not very clear as to the behavior in various modes. Thanks

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What bmv for 2 batteries.

Currently i have a bmv-700 monitoring my auxilary battery. Which is working fine. However I would like to monitor my starter battery also as i have a cerbo gx and also nuc poweren on full time on the starter battery. My auxilary battery is being charged via mppt via solar panels and the cyrix distributes this to my starter battery when the auxilary battery is full.

However i have no view if the usage of the starter battery. Should i buy another bmv700 or a bmv which supports 2 batteries (712?) .

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Dual battery bank and dual BMV’s with cerbo

Current have a 5th wheel loaded with solar, mppt’s, multiplus’s, and all the toys. Currently has dual battery banks, one set of battle born’s connected through a ve.shunt to the cerbo and then a Orion-tr to the second 100ah lead/acid battery bank. I would like setup another bmw-712 or smart shunt for the front battery bank to monitor the secondary battery bank. Is this possible? What’s the best way to do that?

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