BMV 712 connected with shunt at b2 instead of b1.

I've recently got a BMV 712 installed by someone else. I noticed that the power cable is connected to the B2 terminal at the shunt instead of B1. Is this a problem and do i need to switch this? I have only one battery. Thanks in advance for your replay.



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Midpoint Voltage not accurate

my BMV is reporting a 25% midpoint deviation on 2x NEW Trojan T-105 batteries. when I grab the voltmeter and check while connected I show 6.4v and 6.5v. when I disconnect the batteries they show the same 6.5v. The TOP of that spike is when I checked while connected. voltmeter was NOT showing 9V and 5.5v.

Any ideas?


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BMV 712 Replacement Power cable

I have a BMV 712 installed and want to replace the Power Cable, the cable from the battery to the shunt that powers the shunt circuit board. It has a fuse holder in it that is not very weather proof and the fuse and contacts are all rusty. I cleaned the contacts and it is working but would like to replace it. Does any one know if replacement power cables are available? If so how do I purchase one? Thanks for any help/suggestions. -Don

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connect BMV 700 by VE.Direct to EasySolar II GX- what more must I do?

I have already the EasySolar II GX and the BMV-700, both up and working but not connected to each other.

However I don't get State of Charge information in the Remote Console or VRM portal. The only place I get SoC is on the BMV-700 display.

Since both the EasySolar II GX and the BMV-700 have VE.Direct ports, I have bought a VE.Direct cable, hoping that if I connect them then I will start to see SoC remotely.

My questions:

1. Must I wait until the EasySolar is shut down before connecting the cable?

2. Once the cable is connected and EasySolar is back running, is there anything I need to do to get the two talking to each other?

3. Will connecting them in fact get me the benefit I am hoping for? Or is there something else I should be doing?



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BMW-712 Charged Voltage setting with two stage lithium compatible charger/converter?

We have recently upgraded the batteries in our travel trailer from flooded lead acid to lithium iron phosphate units. The batteries we are using are three Lynac Lithium 12.8V 100Ah – True Series which give us a total Rated Capacity of 360Ah.

To support the new LiFePO4 batteries, we purchased a WFCO WF-8950L2-MBA power converter replacement main board. This is a two stage converter charger with an Absorption Mode (Nominal Voltage) of 13.6V and a Bulk Mode (Quick Charging Voltage) of 14.6V.

To better track and monitor the state of our batteries and how much energy we're using, we purchased a Victron Energy BMV-712 Smart. Now that we have the batteries and monitor installed, we'd like to get the battery settings configured accurately so the monitor is reflecting the current state of the batteries as best possible.

We have referenced section 4.2.1 of the BMV-712 manual and have set up the Battery Capacity (360Ah based on the Rated Capacity spec from Lynac Lithium) and Peukert Exponent (1.05 for LiFePO4 batteries per the manual) settings with no problem, but are a little unsure about a couple of the remaining settings that require adjustment...

  • Charged Voltage: In the BMV-712 manual it states "this parameter should always be slightly below the end of charge voltage of the charger (usually 0.2V or 0.3V below the "float" voltage of the charger)"... given we have a two stage charger without a Float Mode, would the Absorption Mode voltage be what we reference for this setting?
  • Tail Current: We have set this to 2% based on a Charger/Monitor Setting Recommendations page on AM Solar's site.
  • Charge Efficiency Factor: We have set this to 99% based on the above recommendation.

Any input that could be provided would be helpful.

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Questions about monitoring mostly Victron system

I was hoping to go all-Victron for my van build, but it is beginning to look like I cannot go all-Victron. (See my other question, "Does the MultiPlus 3 kVA Inverter/Charger allow me to set an upper limit on the wattage?")

Here's my current thinking:

  • 1x Lithionics GTX12V315A Battery
  • 2x-3x Victron Orion Smart DC-DC Charger - 30A
  • Victron Solar MPPT 100/50
  • Xantrex XC Pro 3000 inverter/charger

1) Assuming I go all Victron, except for inverter/charger, what are my monitoring choices?

2) For example, should I still consider Cerbo GX?

3) If I do go with Cerbo, do I actually need the GX Touch 50 to start with, or can I just use my iPhone to start with, and add the Touch later if I decide it would be useful?

4) On the MPPT, there is Smart and there is Blue. Does getting one versus the other have an impact on monitoring? If so, what?(All of these units will be in close proximity to each other, except for possibly the Touch, in case that matters.)

5) If I go with the Xantrex, I will get their Control Panel. Given that, is there any reason to consider a Victron Smart Shunt? (I am admittedly not entirely sure exactly how and when one would use the Smart Shunt, hence the vague question :-)

For the record, I am brand new to this rodeo, so I am likely to have missed some very basic info. Feel free to correct me and/or redirect me.


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How do I configure 2 BMVs connected in parallel to a battery bank?

Do I have to double the Shunt Current on the Misc menu or do I have to make it half? Do I have to change the shunt voltage as well?

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Low voltage but still charged

hello all we are using our system for the first time and have 200 ah of lithium lifpo4 with a Victron 712 monitor. Our battery reads 80% but voltage is at 12.8 when it is fully charged it was in the 14 range. I’m concerned we won’t have enough power for heat tonight!!!!

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BMV-712 Not showing Consumed Ah

My BMV-712 is installed and connected to a Battleborn 100Ah LiFeP04 Battery. It shows and records charge currents correctly, but during discharge (from the battery only) is shows current draw but the Consumed Ah remains at 0Ah and the Time remaining at infinite. This was tested over 24hrs with a 1.2A draw. After 24hrs, the consumed Ah remained at 0Ah and time remaining at infinite, and state of charge at 100%!!. I then connected shore power and charging began. Current (see picture below) showed -25.7A and Consumed Ah showed -11Ah with Time remaining at 1h 24m (remaining charge time). I have calibrated 0 current and sync'ed the fully charged state. I have only had 1 full discharge cycle, then lost all power as batt shutoff due to this issue, and now in a second discharge cycle.

Question is why no Consumed Ah displaying during discharge? Appears the HW is working and measuring.... Are multiple discharge cycles needed or ???

Two pictures attached from the app. First is battery discharging at 1.2A after 24 hours. Second is battery recharging after shore power plugged in.





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Feature Request Cerbo GX/Venus GX: Combo Load Shunts for Power Monitoring

I've seen other monitoring systems that have 4-in-1 shunts to measure loads or voltage sources. Does Victron have plans for that? I'm very much sold on the Victron ecosystem, but this seems to be a feature "hole." It would be great if we could see how much power our A/C, refrigerator, lighting, etc. are consuming, or how solar strings compare to each other in generation, etc.

Thanks for making awesome products!

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Can setting low temp cutoff in BMV-712 stop AC converter charging?

I am running the BMV-712, Battery Smart Temp Sensor and the MPPT 100/15 with a 2x LiFePo4 200amp hour battery bank. The battery bank has BMS onboard but a low temp cutoff is not included unfortunately. I have things set with the MPPT to cutoff charging at 3deg C but that is only when charging from solar. It looked like if I set the BMV-712 relay low temp cutoff setting to 3deg C, it would cut charging regardless of whether it was from solar or the AC charge converter but my tests are showing the relay closed when it's supposed to be, however the AC charge converter is still charging the battery bank. Any thoughts or ideas? Thank you in advance.

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BMV 712 Shunt - display connector

I would like to know if the connection between the shunt and display for the 712 is a standard phone cord connection. The reason I am asking is that I already have a phone wire run from the shunt location to the panel so it would save me running another one. Thanks - Tim

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Can I monitor PYLONTECH battery state of charge with a Cerbo GX?

I want to monitor a Pylontech battery bank state of charge connected to a Solis Charger/inverter with a Cerbo, I only want to monitor the state of charge with the Cerbo is this possible?

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Replace bmv 702 by bmv 712 smart

Can I replace my bmv 702 by a bmv 712 just by replacing the clock or do i need other cables?

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Tail current on Blue Solar MPPT 100/50

My configuration:

Fixed absorption time: 1 hour

Tail current: 6 Amps

I thought / have learnt that the MPPT should only svitch from absorption to float before the 1 hour fixed absorption time if the charge current dropped below the tail current setting BECAUSE THE BATTERY IS ALMOST FULL, not because of a cloud/low in-Power to the MPPT

In other Words: I thought the effect of setting a tail current only "kicked in" due to battery conditions, not PV conditions

But yesterday I experienced something different:

The MPPT was i absorption, still charging With about 18 Amps into the battery. Suddenly the sun conditions got worse, so the charge current dropped below 6 Amps beacuse of that.

- Then the MPPT switched to float, even if the 1 hour fixed absorption time was not yet reached, and even if a full battery was not the reason for charge drop below 6 amps.

Is this normal? This is not how I thought it should be...

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Ladezustandanzeige bei BMV 712 falscher Wert

Bei einer eingestellten Batteriekapazität von 300Ah und einer Entnahme von 217Ah wird ein Ladezustand von 64% angezeigt. Bei einer Entnahme von 57Ah ein Ladezustand von 94%.

Was stimmt da nicht?

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Setup relay in BMV700

I want to use the relay of my BMV700 to switch a DC-DC booster off and onIntension is to switch on the booster when the LFP is almost empty and switch it off when it is almost fullI was thinking to do it like the draw and did the setup as you can see in the picture



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Pylontech UP3000 & BMV settings

Just setting up the BMV 702 for use with the Pylontech UP3000

Are these settings ok?

1 Capacity: 518AH (7 units @ 74AH)

2 Charged Voltage: - 52.2V (0.2V under charged levels of VDCC capped voltage of 52.4V)

3 Tail: 0.4

4 Time: 3min

5 Peukets: 1.1

6 Efficiency: 95%

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BMV 602S appears dead, what can I try?

I have bought a BMV 602S secondhand that has thusfar shown now sign of life. I have tested the shunt and the cable and both are OK (cable tested with cable-tester and shunt is giving out some values). However, the monitor shows no sign of live.

Any Idea of what I could try?

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No current management between MPPT / BMV?


i use a MPPT 100/50 and a BMV712 with 1,3kWp offgrid (oversized because of winter). The charger and bmv are connected via VE.Smart Networking. My MPPT output is limited to the maximum allowed battery current.

I also use energy in my regular system while charging. The bmv seems not to communicate the real charging current to the MPPT to regulate the maximum power output. So in sunny days i can´t use the full power of my pv for my phoenix ac converter because of this limitation.

Why isn´t this implemented or why is this a problem?

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MPPT 100/50 not using VE Smart Networking voltage

I have an install where a customer wanted to charge their RV LiFePO4 batteries via solar panels mounted on their shed and also use the RV power for running fridges in the shed, but they did not want the solar regulator mounted in the RV. A SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 was mounted on the shed wall with a 10mm2 x 5m cable length (10m return) between the solar regulator and the batteries. I knew voltage drop under load was going to be an issue, so planned on using VE Smart Networking to resolve the issue.

The customer already had a BMV700 installed in their RV, so I added a Smart Dongle to provide the BT connectivity to the Smart Solar MPPT100/50, created the VE.Smart Network on the BMV700 and connected the 100/50 to the same network, and the displays on both devices verified the voltage and current were being used (apparently).

The absorption voltage was set to 14.2V and float to 13.5V.


The displayed battery voltage on the MPPT 100/50 was showing 14.21V almost immediately on switching on the charging, the displayed voltage on the BMV700 was 13.5V (13.88V on the captured image, but that still shows it as different). The 100/50 immediately went to absorption, ignoring the BMV voltage. I would have expected the MPPT to display the BMV voltage and stay in bulk until the absorption voltage was reached.

Firmware versions:

SmartSolar MPPT 100/50: v1.53 (latest) at the time (Oct 31 2020)
BMV: v3.10 - also latest at the time

I have included screen images to verify my testing and configuration.

There appears to be a bug in the software, if someone can have a look at this, please?


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BMV-702 Main & AUX Battery Connections Transposed

Hi All

Marine system with shore power and 230A alternator

Quattro 12/5000/230/2 x 75



4 x 150 AGM Main Batteries

1 x 100AH Starter Battery

I have discovered that since new 2 years ago the main battery bank sense wire is connected to B2 AUX input on the shunt and the AUX (Starter) battery sense wire is connected to the B1 input.

The CCGX battery monitor is set to Automatic which means that the BMV is selected by default.

So when running on batteries the CCGX displays the main bank current but the starter battery voltage.

So does this mean as I suspect that the charging algorithm is compromised??

I.E. when the shore line is re connected the main battery bank charges but according to the voltage of the starter battery??

I would be very grateful for your thoughts.

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Peak Power Pack 40Ah and SmartSolar charge controller - how to connect & setup


I have two Victron devices which I am planning to use to charge my laptop via laptop cigarette car charger (Input: 7A / 11..12V):

  • Victron MPPT 75|15 SmartSolar charge controller which I am planning to connect to 160W solar panels
  • Victron Peak Power Pack 40Ah (PPP)

Now I am puzzled what would be the best setup and how to connect them as from the instructions there are couple options e.g.:

  1. Connect laptop charger from the SmartSolar LOAD and connect BATT to the Car/Solar input of the PPP (Peak Power Pack)
  2. Connect SmartSolar BATT to the Input 1 of the PPP - Input 1 is the same as high current output and then connect Laptop charget to the Output 2 of the PPP.
  3. Connect SmartSolar BATT to the Car/Solar input of the PPP and the laptop charget to the Ouptut 2 of the PPP.
  4. Connect SmartSolar BATT to the Input 2 (the same as the Output 2) of the PPP and then laptop charger to the Output 1 of the PPP
  5. Connect SmartSolar BATT to the Input 2 (the same as the Output 2) of the PPP and then laptop charger to the LOAD of the SmartSolar.

And so on, in short the laptop charger can be connected to either SmartSolar LOAD or the OUTPUT 1 or the OUTPUT 2 of the PPP.

And the BATT from the SmartSolar can be connected to the Car/Solar, Input 1 or Input 2 of the PPP, so I am puzzled which option to chose as in theory all should work.

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Schraubklemmen Victron Smart Solar 75/15


die Schraubklemme für das Minus Batteriekabel lässt sich nicht mehr festziehen. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit diese zu reparieren? Das Gehäuse scheint sich nicht ablösen zu lassen. Danke für Ihre Tipps.

VG Joachim

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BMV-712 smart - do you put it on a switched circuit?

HI - I know this is a silly question however do you have the 712 turn off at any time or is it to remain on constantly?

Context is monitoring the house battery on a boat. The house circuit is master switched to all accessories.

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Using BMV-702 relay for low voltage disconnect

Hi Folks,

I am trying to get some form of low voltage disconnect working utilising the BMV-702 relay (or CCGX for that matter....)

Importantly however i want to put a "delay" in place so that if i switch the kettle on and the voltage dips, it doesnt suddenly shut off power.

I have the relay set up as "inverted", so that it is normally closed.

I have the "minimum closed time" set to 1 minute; and

I have the Relay-Off delay set to one minute.

However as soon as the voltage dips below the trigger point, the rely instantly goes to Open.

Unfortunately i suspect that min closed time, is exactly that.....once the relay closes again it will take (in my case) 1 minute to go open again; I think the logic doesn't quite work when inverted.

At the moment i am using the relay on my multiplus, including programming the delay with the assistant. the trouble is that if i toggle the power on my multiplus, it then triggers the relay and trips the low voltage disconnect as well. Hence i am trying to use the BMV relay.

thanks in advance for everyone's thoughts!

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BMV 712 fuse

My BMV712 has stopped working. I suspect the fuse may have gone. What rating is the fuse so I know what to replace it with?

Thanks very much,


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BMV-712 connection to 6 6V Batteries

I installed 6 - 6V batteries in my RV, I added the BMV-712, and want to know if I can measure the midpoint voltage when they are wired 3 parallel sets of 2 in series for a 12 vdc system. I have included a connection diagram based on quick install guide that came with the BMV.RV Battery 6 x 6V with BMV-712.pdf thank you. George

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Install of both BMV-712 and Color Control GX

I noticed in a post of couple of years ago that both the BMV-712 and CCGX were needed in order for the CCGX to monitor the battery. Isn’t it true that this is no longer the case? With the release of the SmartShunt, there is no need for the BMV-712 as the SmartShunt can be connected directly to the CCGX via VEBus. I still see some installers installing both devices but my thought is that you only need to do that if you are NOT using a SmartShunt. Can anyone confirm this? I have the SmartShunt & CCGX combo and don’t see where a BMV-712 gives me any additional capability.

I hope the installers are not doing it out of habit if its not necessary.

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