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Incorrect battery voltage reading on MPPT 150/45

The MPPT 150/45 charge controller is connected to a battery of 4 x 12V cells and is set to 48V. Although the multimeter indicates a Voltage of 55V across the battery, the MPPT is only indicating a Voltage of 18.89V across the battery. Does anybody have any advice?

johann-weinmann asked
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Upgrading - swap MPPT 150/100 to 250/100 or get 2 additional 100/20 ?

Dear community,

I want to add four 590W panels to the roof. Before there were already 12 of them, 3s4p. Would you advice that I swap my MPPT150/100 for an MPPT250/100, to create a 4s4p, or instead get 2 additional MPPT100/20 with 2s1p each? All panels have the same orientation, but the shadow situation is complicated.

Pro buying two small MPPTs (instead of a Smart Solar MPPT250/100)
+ Having more MPPTs could be a benefit when there are difficult shadows
+ I understand that the maximum output of MPPT150/100 and MPPT250/100 are actually the same (5800W at 48V), so having three MPPTs would increase the theoretical maximum peak
+ Probably cheaper than selling the used MPPT150/100 and getting a new one

Against buying two small MPPTs (and for getting a MPPT250/100)
- adding one of the panel to each paralleled string would also help with the shadows, no big advantage of extra MPPTs
- having separate MPPTs means longer cables at lower voltages (2 more strings with 2 panels with Impp=17,25A open Voc=41,2V each) - thus, higher loss
- MPPTs might switch on a bit later, when only two panels in series

Any recommendations?
Thank you

tobyfw asked
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Any advantage for the SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 vs. MPPT RS 450/100

I plan to install 10 - 395W panels as a 5 Series x 2 Parallel configuration for a 48V system. From computing the MPPT charge controller, the Excel VE-MPPT has 2 options: #1. SmartSolar 250/100 and #2. the MPPT RS 450/100.

Base on the comparison below, I did not see much advantage of the MPPT RS 450/100 controller vs. the SmartSolar 250/100, except for being able to connect more panels in series to 450V. Did I miss something for the MPPT RS purpose? Why would one use the MPPTR RS?


Category #1 SmartSolar #2 MPPT RS notes
Price $950 $1295
Size Small Large
Battery 12, 14, 36, 48 48
Efficiency @48V .99 .96
Power @48V 5800 5760

Voc Min +5V 120V
#2 - 120V is way too high for shadowing days
Vmpp min +1V 80
Voc Max 250 450
Max PV voltage @ min Temp (-10C) 241.7 241.7 #2 has more head room
Min PV Voltage @ max Temp (70C) 157.8V 158.4V
Max current @MPP min Temp 88.7A 87.3A
#2 MPPT RS tracker current is 18A
Max current @MPP max Temp 71.8A 70.7A
PV Array 5S x 2P 5S x 1 - per Track (2) #2 has room to grow 3 more panels

james-nguyen asked
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SmartSolar 100/20 drops to <10W intermittently for no obvious reasons

I've got 5 x SmartSolar 100/20's (Firmware v1.61) with 4x170W panels conected to each. These are charging a 48V Lifepo4 battery bank (2 lots of 4x12.8V). There is also a SmartShunt (Firmware v4.12) in series.This is connected to a Smart RS Solar inverter (Firmware v1.11). The whole system is managed by a CerboGX (3.00~15) to which is connected to all the units via ve.bus and ve.can. All five of the MPPTS and the SmartShunt are also in a Bluetooth ve Smart Network.

Each group of 4 panels has different shading issue however the problem I'm having doesn't correspond to any particular shading or times of day.

The issue I have is that randomly, one or more of the SmartSolar MPPTs will intermittently drop out. Input PV voltage is fine (in fact, goes up a little), input PV current drops to near zero and output current falls to near zero. It will stay there for a random period of time and then corrects itself.

While this is happening, the other MPPT's will continue to work correctly (although sometimes, more than one MPPT will start to do this at the same point but correct itself at different points!).

None of these issues corresponds with temperatures, battery output loads. battery state of charge or anything else I can see. The MPPTs remain in Bulk mode at all times. It does seem to quite often happen when the battery voltage is around 54V (but not always).

At one point, when this was happening, I tripped the breaker between the MPPT and the solar panels and then turned it back on and the MPPT started working again.

I'm open to suggestions really because I'm stumped. My initial thoughts were it could be one of the following:

1) The fact they are in a ve.smart network as well as being managed by the CerboGX
2) The MPPT firmware has a bug

Some screenshots showing a few of the dropouts I have plenty other data if it helps :)




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VE.Direct non inverting cable current draw

I have a Victron VE.Bus BMS. I would like to connect the charge disconnect port on the BMS to both MPPTs via the VE.Direct connector on each MPPT. What is the current draw of the input side of the non-inverting cable? The BMS charge disconnect port can only source 10ma so is this possible or do I need to put some sort of buffer between the BMS and the two cables in order to supply enough current?

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Smartshunt (BMV712) with two MPPT 150/35

Hi all,

I am running two MPPT 150/35 in parallel one a 24V system with a 500V Smartshunt. These three Victron devices all show up correctly in the VictronConnect app. (I did also add these three to one network via the VE.smart network so they are supposed to communicate via bluetooth).

Now comes the issue: When only one MPPT is active (the other deactivated via the app), the readings of the shunt seem to match the MPPT readings (as well as the BMS readings), however as soon as both MPPTs are active, the readings of the shunt are all over the place, jumping from positive to minus readings and showing pure nonsense while the BMSmatches the sum of both MPPT readings, so these seem to work just fine.

Anyone had this issue before?

I tried to set the VE.smart network up again which did not help, I also think this should not realte to the issue at all.

My distributor did not react thus far which is why I thought I might try here.

Thanks a lot in advance!

s-w asked

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Mppt controller for Sukam 3.5kva 48v

Hi All, really enjoying the info here. I have an oldish sukam 3.5kva 48v psw inverter that still works perfectly. I want to possibly add solar to it. Would this be possible?

From what i have read the controller and inverter will have to be connected to the battery directly. Is it wort going this way or is there a better way of starting solar for my house?

I have a 75/15 for my camping setup and love this product so thought i could add one to the inverter.



arch asked

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Smart MPPT 150/100 Not Deteceted - Bluetooth or VRM

I'm a few hours into trouble shooting this issue with no resolution... I have now searched all questions and responses but I'm not seeing anything that addresses my problem.

I have a Smart MPPT 150/100. It does not show up in Victron Connect when I search for bluetooth devices. I can only assume bluetooth is disabled. I do have another Samart MPPT which shows up fine and I'm familiar with the MPPT bluetooth pairing process and features using Victron Connect.

So I bought a Cerbo GX thinking I can certainly use the remote features anyway and through the VRM connect feature, I could enable the bluetooth setting in the Smart MPPT. However, having now successfully setup the Cerbo GX on VRM, the Smart MPPT does not show up on the connected device list in VRM!

The Smart MPPT is functioning as the basic settings in remote console are accessible, the blue light on the unit is flashing, but without bluetooth access or VRM access to configuration settings, I'm starting to think there might be a hardware issue.

I was going to buy a VE Direct to USB cable but from what I understand I should have full configuration access through the Cerbo GX... So figured I should ask before I buy anything further!

bukey333 asked

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Boat install: smart BMS 12/200 charge disconnect

I am planning my new solar conversion and have many questions.

My dealer has suggested the following devices: 4 x 220w panels, 2 x MPPT 100/30, Multiplus II 12/3000/120, Cerbo GX, 2 x Victron LiFePo4 200ah batteries, Smart BMS 12/200

For the Smart BMS 12/200, I understand that the load and charge disconnect ports are connected to the Multiplus II, however what I don't understand is what if the Multiplus II is not charging, but charge is coming from the Alternator or the MPPT's. How does the BMS shut them down ? Won't the VE.Direct port on the MPPT be plugged into the Cerbo GX ?

Also, regarding location, can these batteries and the other parts be put in the engine room (diesel) that generally stays below 35 C ?


rob-mills asked

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Outside Box Smart Solar MPPT and self-heating batteries

I have a outside box with two 3rdparty batteries and a Smart Solar 100/50 MPPT attached to them.
Batteries are behind a Victron Smart Shunt 500A, to which a phoenix 500W inverter,
small usb power generator for the raspi with victron os are attached.

The 3rdparty batteries have an integrated BMS which uses external current of 5Amps to heat them up to the correct temperature about 11 degrees celsius, where they can accept full charging current.

Currently the temperatures are below freezing batteries are not completley charged but the
Victron Smart Solar does not charge them, but only provides the necessary power to the attached loads.

So the correct behaviour would be to first load around 134Watts for some time until the batteries are heated up and then utilize the full accessible power from the solar panels to load it completley.
However, this seems not work currently. When I put load onto the AC sometimes the 134Watts are seen and after a time it starts charging correctly.

Settings of the Smart Solar.
Batterie set to LifePo4 and Temperaturethreshold turned off
oad Output setting to always off

My questions:

Does somebody have a similar setup with self-heating batteries?
Any ideas to solve that problem, without using external current or additional heating pads?

Thanks in advance.

f2011b asked

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Smart MPPT 75/15 load output incorrect power consumption

Hi all,

I have off-grid system powered by 2x160W monocrystale PVs, Smart MPPT 75/15 and (currently) 12V 74Ah Ca/Ca flooded lead-acid battery.

This system powers one WiFi P2P link, and one CCTV.

I noticed that controller shows consumption around 0.2-0.3A all the time, no matter if CCTV IRs are on or off. How it can be possible?

I measured consumption of CCTV with multimeter, and it is 0.16A without IR, while with IR it is about 0.34A

On top of that, there is WiFi P2P link, by I didn't measure its consumption yet.

My expectation of load during the night is 0.5-0.6A, but controller shows 0.2A only.

What am I missing here?



Nenad Strainovic asked
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Orion-tr setiings for charging ultimatron Lifepo4

HELLO, I have a question about the lifepo4 ultimatron battery and the use of the DC-DC orion charge

I looked at the warning history and there are a lot of overvoltage cells



and I charge it with orion and sometimes with mppt smartsolar sun according to these settings



I measured 14.4V directly on the battery with the engine started

it also happens to me that even if I drive for maybe 2-3 hours, the battery shows 100%, but the Orion is still in the Bulk charge phase and is still charging with a current of 30A

can you advise me where I am doing wrong in the settings? I would hate to damage the battery.

Thank you very much. Jiři

jura23 asked

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Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/10 bluetooth failed

I have a one year old SmartSolar MPPT that was working with Bluetooth for a few months. It was part of my pre-wiring setup so it has never been connected to panels or batteries. The Bluetooth has now stopped working. Reading other questions here, I have tried:

Removing power to the SmartSolar and restarting it. Lights flash and it seems to be working, but no Bluetooth.

Deleted and reinstalled the app on an Ipad.

Restarted the iPad, tried an iPhone - same thing. No evidence of bluetooth. None of these devices can see the MPPT bluetooth device.

The remote panel, Victron Energy SCC900500000 MPPT Control, does talk to it, but it is a hard way to program things and would not help with a firmware updates.

This was bought from Amazon Canada -- so dealer support is minimal.

I haven't tried yet using a RF spectrum analyzer to see if it is emitting at 2.4 GHz.


What are my options?

1) Buy a different brand of MPPT controller

2) Purchase an Android device, USB adapter, purchase Victron USB link and program it that way.

3) Return it for service? If so, how?

I was going to get a bunch of these for each panel on the motorhome, but I am thinking it would be a nightmare.


Peter asked

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ESS - MPPT gets disabled

Hello all,

I have a small solar system with buffer battery:

1 x solar cell 410 W

1x SmartSolar MPPT 100/20

1x SamartShunt 500A/50mV

1x Battery 12V 28Ah

1x MultiPlus 12/800/35

Everything is connected to a RaspberryPi with VictronOS via USB cable

2x Ve.Direct to the SmartSolar and SmartShunt

1x Ve.Bus to the MultiPlus


ESS is selected as configuration on the MultiPlus and DC power supply.

Connected on the MultiPlus:
AC input - Grid supply
AC output - continuous load of approx. 200-400W


The following problem has now come up:
When the SmartSolar is connected to the Raspberry, it switches to state: externally controlled and shuts down. If at all 5W - 20W come through. If I disconnect the VD.Direct and restart the SmartSolar, it delivers the full PV power.

Does anyone have an idea?

If desired, I can also provide RemoteDesktop (AnyDesk) if someone wants to look at it.

Many thanks in advance.

I am grateful for any idea! ;)

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SmartSolar MPPT 150/100 does not seem to be generating well

My SmartSolar MPPT 150/100 was performing nicely when connected to a solar array of 600Wp.

I disconnected the original array and connected a new array of 1,090Wp to this SmartSolar 150/100. However, the best yield was below 100W. The PV voltage was 102V.

Everything seems ok with the SmartSolar MPPT 150/100..

Senyo T. Dake asked
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