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Orion-tr setiings for charging ultimatron Lifepo4

HELLO, I have a question about the lifepo4 ultimatron battery and the use of the DC-DC orion charge

I looked at the warning history and there are a lot of overvoltage cells



and I charge it with orion and sometimes with mppt smartsolar sun according to these settings



I measured 14.4V directly on the battery with the engine started

it also happens to me that even if I drive for maybe 2-3 hours, the battery shows 100%, but the Orion is still in the Bulk charge phase and is still charging with a current of 30A

can you advise me where I am doing wrong in the settings? I would hate to damage the battery.

Thank you very much. Jiři

jura23 asked

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Orion on alternator without starter battery

Hi everyone !
I am writing to you to know if some people have already connected an isolated Orion tr smart to a vehicle alternator without a starter battery? and if it worked and charged proprely?
I explain the vehicle contains 2 alternators, the second alternator was mounted specifically to take advantage of charging a large auxiliary lithium park (mechanical assembly + belt, no electrical wiring).
The excitation of the alternator is given by the starter battery.
I have a problem concerning the output voltage of the alternator which is 8.7V at no load (belt tightened everything is ok). The wiring is quite classical (+ and - input on + and - alternator). The negatives, alternator housing, are well connected to the truck chassis, R=1 ohm. Then I tried to connect to the input of the Orion and there my multimeter shows me 32 V DC (and the Victron application too)!
I wonder if the alternator has a defect because according to me the alternator is supposed to provide a stable voltage and therefore the Orion should work quite normally. I wanted to know if some people have already done this type of assembly with an isolated Orion on an alternator without starting battery and if it worked.
I would like to specify that this is not the first Orion I have installed.
Thank you all for your help.
Sorry for my english i'm not native.

mathiasotf asked

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Orion 12/30 with 60a alternator

I'm considering connecting my lead acid starter battery (100 ah) to my agm house bank (400 ah) with a Victron Orion tr smart 12/30, charge the starter battery with the alternator (non regulated 60 amp Hitachi) and the house bank indirectly through the orion when engine battery is full.

  1. Is this an ok situation for the alternator?
  2. I have read that there is an efficiency loss from the orion. Is this bigger than the efficiency gain from having the alternator output regulated for agm batteries?


the-white-whale asked
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Parallel use of Blue Smart IP22, MPPT 100 /20 and DC2DC 12|12|18 on the same bus with load?

I am trying to properly connect devices within the same container. Hopefully I have given enough information to answer the question.

I the following:

  • Blue Smart IP22 12/30
  • Smart Solar MPPT 100 /20
  • DC2DC 12|12|18
  • Phoenix 12 | 800

The goal is to move this box between different cars and a camper. The only time there would be a combination of power inputs is during driving and Camping in the camper.

  • Camper = Shore + Solar
  • Car = DC2DC + Solar
  • May happen, but unlikely - I can't think of a time where all three are running simultaneous but if they are all in the same box there is that potential, so I want to plan for it.

DC2DC connection:

Alternator connection to DC2DC is 2AWG high strand pure copper welding cable the car with the longest wiring connection to the rear is 18 feet (36 for both + and -) It uses a 50a Anderson connector which will attach to a short set of cables (6 awg) 3 foot (6 foot both + and -) into the container through another set of Anderson connections. (Less than 1' on the inside of the container) to the DC2DC charger.

MPPT connection:

Total length of wires (10awg) including all the 2S 2P is 30 feet. up and into the PV input on the MPPT.

Inverter Connection:

The inverter will be able to pull power from that same main bus connection (using 8 awg cable between the main bus and inverter input). While all three devices potentially charge. However, the inverter output is separate from any of the DC bus or connections and will run through a GFCI outlet to two corresponding 15-amp outlets (max output for both at the same time controlled with a small Bussmann breaker)

Main bus + connection:

According to the BMS specs on the battery It can charge or discharge at 200A. I do not plan for any discharge or charge of more than 100a for any length of time. This is attached to a 200ah lithium (LifePO4) home build battery I picked up from a friend who built it. (It has ~600 cycles on it so it’s tested well and still basically new)

The battery will be within 5 feet of the box (cables that connect it will be 4awg so max distance from battery to the main bus connection is 20 feet including the short runs to any loads.)

Between the main bus and the battery is a 100amp ANL fuse. (Located inside the container)

All lines off the main bus connecting the MPPT, DC2DC, and IP22 are 10 awg high stranded pure copper.

Load Connection:

Max DC load draw will be 45 amps based on how I have it fused from a blue sea 100-amp 6 circuit blade and no single fuse is over 15 amps. This will get its power from the main power bus bar

Assuming all wires and fuses are properly sized for the power:


Can I allow MPPT battery output, DC2DC output and Shore IP22 to send output to the same bus without harming the devices or the battery? The bus is a 250a bus and would have all 4 devices connected. (This includes the inverter's input / draw connection and a connection to the BlueSea so DC power could also draw a load from the main bus)

(If my wire sizing or fuse sizing is off, you can comment on that, but my main question is related to the bus and having all devices connected to the same one internally)

learner101 asked
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Orion TR smart parallel

Tried to search the kb for the answer and haven’t found it yet. I have an Orion tr 12/12-18 smart charger that I plan on using to charge a lithium house bank from a starter battery (while engine running). Manual says I can run as many of those chargers in parallel to increase charge rate, but can I parallel in an Orion tr 12/12-30 with the one I have? So an 18amp and a 30amp running in parallel or do they have to be the same model?

logofreak asked
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Reverse Polarity at Orion TR-Smart inputs

Recently did some repairs on a system that someone else installed. The orion 12/12-30 isolated was not charging the house batteries, it was not even showing up on bluetooth. They ran from the starter battery with 4 gauge wire but put a MIDI fuse holder with 8 gauge wire and a 40 amp fuse at the starter battery terminal. The fuse holder melted and it appeared the fuse blew. I was swapping in a 60 amp circuit breaker to restore power and correct the install. I then noticed the midi fuse never actually blew.

I then tested the positive wire to ground and there I got a reverse polarity reading, only around -10 volts. The starter battery was disconnected. I then killed the house battery main disconnect and still read -10 volts at the positive wire of the orion input. I disconnected every fuse at the house bus bar, with the same result.

At this point my best guess was that the solar was somehow powering up the system, although we were parked indoors with only led lights on the panels.

Is it normal for the Orion to read as a reverse polarity when connecting test probes to the input wires? Or was this an anomaly caused by other installation issues? Once the system was reconnected, everything worked correctly again.

joeccv asked

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Orion-Tr smart 12/24-15 low power output?

Hi everyone, I have a Victron Orion tr smart, 12 to 24v dc to dc charger fitted in my camper van, since fitting it I’ve never seen it output the rated power. I have a 360w output model, but the most I have seen is 310w (when stone cold), usually sits at around 280w after a few minutes of use. ( 20-30% below it’s rating )

I’ve heard it should output 400w untill it reaches 25 degrees, once there it should sit at 360w ? And only reduce power output once it starts getting too warm ?

Currently in Norway where there is minimal solar input so I’m really wanting the most out the dc-dc charger, can anyone advise?

For reference I have a 24v 200AH lifePo4 battery bank, 770w of solar and a MPP solar all in on inverter / MPPT charge controller.

The orion is fitted in a well ventilated cupboard with additional fans to help with air flow, the wire runs to and from the unit are under 1m so no issues with voltage drop etc…

The vehicle has a large alternator (180-220amp)

all help appreciated, thanks in advance

kristiantrainor asked

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Using Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC for bidirectional charging.

Greetings, I have AGM batteries for coach power and Lead Acid for chassis power. My AGM batteries are solar charged, the chassis batteries are alternator charged. Would the Orion Smart Tr be able to transfer charge from one bank to the other? I hope to be able to place a switch which will change the input and output of the Orion to which ever battery is in need of replenishing. Example: Driving on a cloudy day; would like to have the chassis batteries replenishing the coach batteries. Parked at camp; would like the coach batteries replenishing the chassis batteries.

My understanding is these batteries have different charging algorithms. Does the Orion allow the switching between different charging profiles, ie. saving a profile for each charging scenario?

Thanks in advance.

Steve asked

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Orion TR Smart 12/12-30 non isolated, NEGATIV connection

I want to install an Orion 12/12-30 non isolated to charge the auxilliary battery. Cable length for in- and out-put are approx. 2.5 meters. The recommended cable size is 16 mm2.

Now I am wondering about the size of the Negative wire. My understanding is that for the non isolated version there will be no major current on this wire (more like a sense wire). Is that correct and will 2.5 mm2 do it?

mux asked

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Orion-Tr Smart Temperature compensation

We just installed an Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger (Non-Isolated) 30 Amp to charge an auxiliary battery from our house bank. I was surprised to see that the charger has no capability for temperature compensation. This seems like a critical feature of an advanced charger.

For now, I am manually adjusting the charging parameters, once per week, based on the ambient temperature.

Could Victron please update this community on whether we should expect a firmware update to add this feature in the near future?

If not, could we get an explanation on why such an important feature has been excluded?

Thank you

redwoodtree asked

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Some Magic Smoke escaped from my Orion-Tr Smart 12, now what?

In a fit of stupidity and tiredness I accidentally plugged my solar panels into the Orion-Tr Smart 12 | 12 - 18 isolated DC/DC charger instead of the solar charge controller. I am running two 100 watt panels in series, so the voltage was well above the 17V input limit.

I think I heard a little pop and eventually I noticed the smoke (or steam?) escaping from the device and yanked out the cables.

I am not sure what to do now because.. it seems to still work. It turns on, and will enter charge mode and everything. I have not tried to do a real charge cycle with it yet -- surely whatever released that smoke was important?

Any idea what it might cost to get it 'repaired' even though it gives the appearance of working?

Maybe I should just open it myself and looking for a smoked capacitor to replace? Would opening it myself make it difficult to get repaired later? I am sure this is not covered under warranty.

I can't be the first moron to do this, so I am curious what other people have experienced.

For the record, this system is a work in progress, and the next thing on the checklist was to install connectors that would prevent me from accidentally hooking the solar panels up to the Orion-Tr Smart -- because I knew I would do it eventually :p. But I ran out of time to get it done before my recent trip and paid the price.

I am not positive what I saw was smoke -- it was early in the morning and I suppose it could have been steam evaporating from the heatsinks. The smell test is inconclusive. My gut says it floated more like smoke than steam. But I was more focused on making it stop than continuing my observations.

lordgothington asked
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Any concern with turning on/off the Orion-Tr Smart on brakes activation ?

Am planning to activate the Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC charger's Remote On/Off function based on my vehicle's brakes activation state. So that it pulls power only when the vehicle is braking (plus an override switch when I need it to charge for a long time).

Does Victron see any concern with using the Remote On/Off in this high event rate fashion ?

raph asked
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Orion smart et EBL

Question pour branchement d'un chargeur orion smart DC/DC 12v/18A dans un fourgon Elios avec un EBL Schaudt 211. Faut il le brancher en classique c'est à dire de batterie porteur à batterie cellule ou passer par l'EBL comme j'ai pu voir dans certains commentaires dans des forums ? Je vais aussi modifier l'installation solaire qui passe actuellement par l'EBL (fusible 15 A ) avec un régulateur mppt victron 75/15 par une installation plus puissante avec un victron100/30 mais là en directe car le fusible de l'EBL ne sera pas assez puissant. Le fait de ne plus passer par l'EBL est il un problème? Merci pour votre aide

pascal-b asked

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Twin engine boat, with a battery isolator, how to wire the Orion Tr smart?

I have a twin engine boat with a 5 stud isolator, 2 alternators and 3 battery banks, I just switched the house batteries to LI, can I connect the Orion Tr smart non isolated input to the house bank stud on the isolator and the output to the LI batteries? The problem is there is no power to the isolator until the motors are running, or should I double lug the Orion to one of the start battery studs on the isolator? The boat is a 1993 Searay 370 Sundancer.

jstoneco asked

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Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A Non-Isolated DC-DC charger : Both green & blue light are weak and flickering rapidly

Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A Non-Isolated DC-DC charger

My Orion-Tr smart 12/12-30A dc-dc charger stopped working. Both the blue and green LED both flash extremely fast. Faster than the flashing cycles described in the manual.

The charger does not output any voltage and is inaccessible via Bluetooth VictronConnect.

The device was installed per the manual and it has been working fine until now.

Video of the charger being powered on and the LED lights blinking nonstop at a high rate.

Thanks for any insight anyone has.

spirare asked

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