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DC couple Quattro + RS Multi

Hi everyone,

Would it be possible to DC couple a Quattro and an RS Multi?

My Quattro is acting up, not charging with excess (I have both Fronius on AC input and Huawei on AC Output with AC sensor). Right now, the Quattro is with my old lead-acid batteries (i hoped by removing the JK BMS from equation, it would start charging as it would see a "dumb" battery pack with only the BMV700 shunt). But what I hope to do soon, is expand the new LFP pack and leverage both inverters on the same pack (the RS alone might not be able to cover all my loads as I run exclusively on electric with 2kw boiler, 2kw heatpump, all electric appliances, etc.).

I think best would be to use RS with it's own 3kw array, DC coupled with Quattro, which would have the 5kw Huawei on AC Out and on quattro's AC IN have the Fronius between him and the grid.

Opened to advice :)


iromeo asked

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Charging by means of sinewave inverter connected to Quattro AC-IN-1 (generator)

We have a vehicle (van) with a 12 V system and 4 kVA Quattro. We wish to supplement the 48 V (Pylontech) battery charge, when driving the vehicle, by charging the battery from the vehicle 12 V supply.

We have tried two different 1 kW 12 V to 230 V sine wave static inverters connected to AC-IN-1 (the generator supply to the Quattro). Despite adjusting the Quattro input current limit to minimum (4 A), shortly after the inverter supply to the Quattro is enabled the 1 kW inverter is destroyed. The output H-bridge at the output of the 1 kW inverter becomes damaged shorting the high-voltage supply in the inverter.

We believe that the Quattro inverter is essentially back-driving the inverter mains output (once the relay clicks in) and the phase alignment is lost as soon as the Quattro draws current from AC-IN-1 and loads up the 1 kW inverter.

Has anyone out there had any good experiences with charging from an inverter connected to the AC-IN-1 connection to the Quattro?

A potentially safer charging option may be utilising a battery-to-battery charger to charge the 48 V battery more directly using 48 Vdc. Unfortunately, Victron does not produce a 12 V-to-48 V B2B charger so we are considering Sterling Power unit. The Sterling B2B does not have a communications bus and is unable to communicate with the CCGX or Quattro. Therefore, we will effectively be charging blindly.

Would this possibly cause a charging conflict or race conditions with the Quattro when the B2B charger is on if the BMS is unaware that there is another charge source connected?

There’s also a mention of having to set the float voltage of secondary chargers slightly higher than the primary master charger in order to provide a clear cut off and resolve charging conflicts between the Quattro and the B2B charger. It is unclear if the B2B has a means of adjustment.

Barry Clark asked
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Inverter RS Ground Fault Error 42

Off Grid site installed in June 2021 has had two Error 42 Ground Fault events. One 2 months after install and one in the last 2 days. On detailed inspection with (full insulation resistance testing with a Mega tester Fluke etc) no faults could be found on array cables to earth, (and other cables that wouldnt be likely to cause issues). Has anyone else had this Error and could not locate cable faults etc? Or any other suggestions. All JA Solar panels, cables etc were brand new and have been visually checked for damage. No 4G coverage so system is not on VRM

Keen to hear thoughts.


David asked
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Inverter RS 48/6000 , programmatically shutting off charger

I have a well with a solar pump. When the sun is out and the float switch is tripped in a tank, a 3kw / 240v dc pump starts using power via a controller.

Most of the time though, like 95% of the time, the 4kw / 240v dc array is being unused.

I'd like to hook an RS 48/6000 up to charge batteries and create 240v ac for a nearby cabin.

So I *think* I'd like someway to tell the victron controller "hey, stop using power when the pump wants it."

Worst case I could do some serious electrical engineering with high capacity relays and arduino but I'm hoping there's a simpler technique via built-in victron functionality.

nevada asked
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RS 48/6000 motor starting ability

This is to the minds at Victron (@mvader @johannes). I am considering a move from dual 3k multiplus to the 6k RS or a 5k multiplus 2. I have read all the data sheets but I want to know what the brains at Victron would choose if they had to start two motor loads (air conditioners)? I know the RS is a high frequency design that may not start motors as well as the LF designs, but it has other benefits I would like to have. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

pganguet asked
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Victron 12V / 2000 Multipass Compact - Red Alarm flashing, turns off

Description of failure:

I have a Victron Multipass 12V / 2000. I am using a induction range that pulls between 60~85amps. It has tripped the inverter and the red flashing (slow flash) alarm light is on all the time. Eventually the inverter shuts down all together. When reset, it will work again for a period of about 5 minutes once reset (power cycle down). With shore power no issue. WIth engine on same situation where it lasts about 5 minutes then when using induction range it will trip the inverter again red flashing light. WIth engine on eventually all comes back on operable, but then after use same situation - trips off.

Took the unit into a auto repair shop. They stated that the alarm parameters are "too tight" and the unit is shutting down as a result.

cannen asked
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Problem with inverter RS 48/6000 on Cerbo GX connected

My new system is based on a RS 48/6000 and a Fronius Primo 5.0

Look at these 4 screenshots taken at same moment, on GX Touch and Victron Connect :

Maybe an upgrade of the RS firmware will simply solve the problem ?





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