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MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 Max Output current on ACout1

Can somebody explain to me what is the max current for MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 on AC-out-1 (230V) when only DC battery is connected - no ACin from Generator ?

As for my understanding goes the AC-out-1 current draw should not exceed (2400W / 230V) 10 amps ?

If a 10kW generator (limited to max 32A) is connected and running, is then the max current on AC-out-1 10 Amps + 32 Amps = 42Amps, or am I missunderstanding the logic and the max current on AC-out-1 is still 10 Amps and 32 Amps on AC-out-2 ?

I understand that the DC max current is 35 Amps (35A x 48V = 1680W to charging the battery).

What happens when i connect two Multi's in parallel ? What max Amps can I then have on AC-out-1 and with what max Amps can I then charge my battery bank ?

I have a SimpBMS connected to Venus GX and two Tesle 6S modules in series (12S) with Smart Solar 150/70 TR for solar.


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Transient current cause Seplos BMS to shutdown

Hi Victron community, I have one question regarding a couple Victron / DIY LFP pack with Seplos BMS.

If it is just to say that Seplos is not in Victron's compatibility list for BMS, you can save your time and are not forced to participate to this thread ;)

I use this BMS (I have 4 of them) and it is working fine, but, as there is a "but", a big one, I discovered that using only 1 battery pack (14kWh / 200A BMS) with a 5kVA Multiplus 2 doen't allow it to start as the transient current is too high for the BMS (fixed values in the BMS are 250A for 30mS, not changeable if you don't want to damage your hardware and loose the warranty).

Is there a known solution to limit the starting current on the Victron side?

Else anyone intending using those BMS in a Victron environement must pay attention to this "detail" and better find another model if they don't intend to have 2 or more battery pack.

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Multiplus 12/3000 Excessive No Load Current

My new multiplus inverter/charger draws up to 9 amps (110 watts) under NO LOAD condition. When the inverter is first activated, it draws 2.2 amps. Then after two or three minutes, the unit begins to buzz and the current gradually ramps up to 7-9 amps (depending on how long I let it run.) I've measured this with my boats battery monitor and with a clamp-on meter directly at the I/C. I've removed all external wiring except the I/C and the battery, connected by short, new cables. The result is the same. Some other posts describe no-load currents of up to 0.9 amps, but this is an order of magnitude larger. Certainly seems like a defective unit to me, but is there any way it could be mis-configured to produce this result? (Configured by the dealer.)

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Victron Phoenix 24/500 230V 400W VE.Direct - below specs or broken?

I have bought a Victron Phoenix 24/500 and during testing stage, I found that its performance is lower than specified. So far I have observed the following:

1) Idle load 10-11W > 6.5W from specs.

2) Measured efficiency is peaking at 87% using loads with power factor of 0.85-0.9, instead of 90% as specified.

3) Inverter entered what appears to be overload protection when connected a hairdryer with a measured power of 335W (<400 specified) and a power factor of 0.9, however it was able to sustain a 400W load composed of 100W electronics and a 300W lamp, having a power factor that was again ~0.9.

4) Not able to power the starting phase of a refrigerator compressor which has a continuous power requirements of 60 to 80W and a peak during startup of ~500-700W.

I understand that first 2 points could have their root in incorrect datasheets, case in which a correct one would be appreciated. Honestly, if a producer writes 6.5W idle power and I measure 10, I am wondering what else is not true in the datasheet. However points 3 & 4 look to be some issues, specially 3 . Any advice? or there are some overly aggressive protections built in?

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Load control on smartsolar 100/30 and current readings

morning. I went from an Epever tracer 3210AN mppt controller to a smartsolar victron in my solar RV system. Basically to have an all victronenergy system because I already had some victron components. But I was happy with the quality of the Epever controller for the price. Previously I had the whole 12v line of the rv controlled by the LOAD epever tracer output. This allowed me to have many protections integrated in the Epever controller electronics (overdischarge, overload, short circuit etc etc). But above all the reading of the 12v consumption in amperes and amperhours on the Epever controller. This was separate from the Phoenix inverter consumption, which I see on the victron smartshuunt. The smart solar controller does not have all these possibilities because it does not have a real load output with integrated schunt. What do you recommend to return to having electronic protections on the 12v line? Buy a victron smart battery protect that does everything by itself, a victron battery protect controlled by the virtual load, or a solid state relay controlled by the virtual load? How can I also retrieve the consumption reading of the 12v line without buying a second smartshuunt (too expensive at the moment for me)? Thanks

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Measurements at AC port of the inverter proper


I need to know Power/Current/Voltage at the AC port of the inverter proper ( magenta marker).

On DBus com.victronenergy.vebus.ttyXX I see phase information for /Ac/ActiveIn and /Ac/Out


  1. is /Ac/ActiveIn the measurement taken at the red point in the schema?
  2. is /Ac/Out the measurement taken at the green point in the schema?
  3. is there a direct measurement available for the magenta point?
  4. if AcOut2 is connected, is there direct measurement available for AcOut2?

Thank you


By looking at real data, it seems that Pinv = PactiveIn - Pout
Can anybody confirm that?

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Can a victron inverter control 'smart' or other non-manual RCBOs?

Hi all,

newbie question: can a Victron inverter/ charger control RCBOs during power outages?

Here's the scenario I'm thinking about: during a power cut the Victron inverter can isolate circuits that are meant to be power by the grid while supplying power to other circuits. This can prevent saturating the inverter/ battery during power outages while still contributing to energy consumption during normal operation. I hope I make sense :)

Thank you!

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Residual draw from phoenix inverter

I have phoenix smart inverter that seem to draw between 0-18w when switched on but NOT inverting. It's very intermittent and no pattern to it - if it was a 'standby mode' wouldn't it be more consistent? Perhaps it's an intermittent cooling fan or something? Any suggestions?

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Input capacitance of Pheonix Smart Inverter 48V 1600VA

What is the input capacitance of Pheonix Smart Inverter 48V 1600VA? This is so that we can calculate if and what value of precharge resistor is needed with it.

Thanks, Prithvi

prithvi asked

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Multiplus 3000/12/120 overload after last buzzing

We just installed out battery bank and multiplus in our TT, when switching from solar to shore power we get a loud buzzing sound and the inverter goes into overload and shuts off.

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Phoenix Multi Compact 12/800/35-16 Overload Warning and Low Battery Alarm

Dear all, we have recently bought a Multi compact 12/800VA together with a SB SUNLIGHT AccuForce 12V - 150Ah Solar VRLA Battery in order to replace an ONLINE UPS in a on-Grid Photovoltaic 500kWp installation. The system works in 12V mode. The inverter charger is connected to the AC grid and the only load is the Protection Relay (SEPAM) from Schneider Electric installed on the Medium Voltage Switchgears Board. The charging mode is 99% in "Storage" mode cause the load is very little. The problem we are facing is that after two or three days of operating the Inverter goes to fault mode and the alarms we got is overload and today together with a Low Battery Alarm and the PV station goes out of the Grid. The only thing we do when the fault comes is to go and turn off and on the inverter/charger and the problem is (temporary) solved. Today the fault happened, we got a "grid lost" e-mail message, when we reached the inverter the fault was gone (only the green light when on), as it seems the inverter was inverting. We turned off and on the inverter and the inverter "saw" again the AC grid.

Since we bought the inverter we did not do any optimizations or changed any settings for example for the current output (everything is as it came from the distributor). The system also has a Color Control GX and we can monitor the system from the VRM Portal. Please see attached pictures, videos. Any ideas for the fault or settings needed are much appreciated! No clue why thr fault takes place, on the other hand the overload maybe comes because the SEPAM maybe draws a lot of current in order to power the motorized central medium voltage circuit breaker.20200316 Status Monitoring2.jpgfaults.jpginput current limit.jpgMV SEPAM.jpgBattery.jpgGrid connection restore.mp4

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Info on connecting a Solis inverter to a Multiplus 11 GX

Hi can anybody give me some basic instructions on connecting a Solas 4G mini inverter AC coupled to a Victron Multiplus 11GX

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Operating relay on inverter load

I use relay K1 on a 15kw quattro to switch a 12kw water heater on when my battery bank is >99% and off when it is <98%. I also have a 7kw EV charger. The system has a 8.2kw and 4.4kw arrays on AC Out 1 and a further 5.8 kw on an mppt direct to the batteries - 3 x 13.8kw BYD's. The system is running ESS. The ac load on the ccgx appears to show the total ac loads not the inverter load. If i run an assistant can i control a relay when the inverter load is high? I am happy for both loads to be on if the solar is putting out 12kw as the inverter load will only be 4kw and the 12kw boiler will cycle on and off as the batteries drop below 98% and get charged back up. Would appreciate some input and ideas




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