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Why does the PV Yield for a certain time (10:30/32) differ every few hours?

Document.zipEvery time I look at the Advanced page - PV Yield the value is different

The measurement of the PV yield at 10:30 should be the same in every graph thereafter

It ranged from 4002 to 4767 today



haarnaald asked
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No sum value for the AC grid section on the left top of the VRM dashbaord?

Hello together,

why there is no sum value for the AC grid section on the left top of the VRM dashbaord?



thomasz asked

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How to Set Alarm Rule at a Set Absorption Amperage

I'm learning that on my 24v system, when the genset is charging the battery bank, that it is fully charged when my batteries are showing at least a 28.8v and drop from the higher amperage of 44a+/- to instead the range of 18a to 24a. I'd like to set an alarm to alert me to when this range is hit, or when a target is at least hit within it. How can I do that?

And if I can do that, can I get the alarm to send me an sms notification? This would save me sitting around for hours and hours, waiting while charging and watching screens for progress.

Thanks Community!

allswell asked

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ET112 display different in VRM and Console

I am yet to replace my 24 volt Latronics inverter and lead acid batteries with a 48 Victron Multiplus II and BYD lithium battery set (another 6 months) so in the meantime as part of the transition I have installed an ET 112 energy meter to monitor the AC output (AC Load) from the inverter. I already have Victron MPPT Charge Controllers and the Smart Shunt for monitoring purposes. Everything is connected to a Cerbo GX. When I monitor the system via VRM the AC load shows up as it should. see image below.


When I look at the Console the AC Load is mirrored in the AC Input. See image below. The DC power represents the current flow to the Latronics inverter as it has no interface to the Victron ecosystem.


When I look at the summary on the VRM dashboard I get the following. Which displays the ET112 data in the "From Grid" box even though I have chosen AC Load as the category for the ET112. The true consumption data is actually Consumption minus From Grid.


Whilst none of these anomalies impact on the way the system works or the way that I monitor what is happening, I would be interested to know why this is the case. I am sure all this will go away when the new Victron inverter is installed and everything talks the same language.

My nerdy self would like to understand.

howard-r-jones asked

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VRM-portal: missmatch PV-power / battery / power / consumed power

As can be seen on the attached screenshot the dashboard shows illogical values.

  • The PV-power is verified and correct (power meter).
  • The battery power is verified and correct (BMS).
  • The grid power values are verified and correct (grid meter).
  • The values on the critical load tab are absolutely not correct.This same behavoiur can be observed every day. Sometimes during the day it suddenly shows the correct values. Up to now I could not find any reasons for when the values are correct/incorrect.

Any ideas? If this was already discussed and is a known topic I would be grateful for a link. I was not able to find anything...


schweizp asked

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VictronConnect on Raspberry Pi4 - MPPT Infos


I just finished installing an MPPT controller (Smartsolar 100/50)and charger on my boat and I've 2 questions to be sure.

1/ I loaded the VictronConnect app for my cell, it's OK. On the other hand, my navigation centrale runs on Raspberry (Pi4).....is there a VictronConnect release for Pi4?

Unfortunately Pi4 is 32 bits and does not (yet) accept Wine, so not this option, maybe another solution except the cell....

2/ On VictronConnect, MPPT Status page: The upper part gives the voltage of the panels and the amperage produced, I understand.

I want to confirm the bottom values, those of the battery bank.

I've the voltage of the park but what exactly is the amperage value which is at "0" while navigation devices are operating on the boat?

Thank you-

olivier-gw asked
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MultiPlus and Phoenix, but only MultiPlus shown as AC

Hi, I have 2 different AC nets, one on a MultiPlus, one on a Phoenix. I can control them just fine, they show in the remote console. However, in Dashboard, only the MultiPlus is shown as AC, the Phoenix is hidden. The power consumption of the Phoenix is added to DC Power. Any idea how I can show the Phoenix as an AC network? Thank you.


Hagen Rother asked
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Display screen options


I am looking at getting an Orion DC-DC isolated charger and a Smart Solar 100/30 MPPT to charge my camper van leisure batteries. My question is around a display unit. Obviously both these items are bluetooth and connect to my smartphone, but I would also like an option of a separate display. Is anyone aware of a way of connecting one?

After looking at the manual for the Smartshunt 500A, a schematic implies that a Victron Energy GX touch 50 screen can be connected via the direct cable from the Smartshunt. Would this work with the above DC-DC/MPPT chargers? Is there a cheaper way of connecting a touch screen like the GX without the shunt?

Thanks in advance.

ekul asked

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Data presentation on VRM App

Is it possible to have the battery display on the VRM App show actual power available in addition to the % of battery? This would make it easier to appreciate just how much energy is stored not just the % of the battery's capacity.

Perhaps this could be managed through a Setting entry by the user for the battery size installed. For example, we have 28kwh so that the App display could show its % charge and have a series of measures on the Historical Data tab showing both the % and actual, such as 50% 14kwh.

This could also sit under the battery icon on the realtime tab.

walganup asked

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AC1 on GX screen


I had error 7 on the display of my GX unit, then after configuring it it now displays AC1, how do i correct the fault


paulw asked

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Solar Widgets not displaying in VRM portal

Hi All,

I have selected all the widgets for the solar controller (Easy Solar) and all are showing no data. The solar charger summary widget shows all. Have I missed something in the setup

Thanks in advance

bushy asked

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