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Cerbo GX won’t work properly below 12v

My cerbo GX seems to stop sending information when voltage is below 12 volts. It is connected to a router via a network cable. The router works, but every time the voltage is below 12v, the VRM online portal stops updating. Does anyone understand why this happens?

martin-rt asked

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12v relay tripping

Having issues with my 12/30 charger tripping a 40amp relay that controls lights,pump ect, turned of 240 mains power and ran everything off the batteries fridge,lights radio ect and all was good,switched 240 back on and when the batteries reached 100% by the victron smart shunt the 40amp relay tripped and turned off 12v power. Left 240 mains on and turned of the charger and within 1 min the relay reconnected 12v , I have changed relays with no change, during these relay trips no fuses have been blown.normally leave my charger on all the time to maintain the batteries.

stan-pickersgill asked
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BSC IP65 12/10 charging problems


I have a BSC IP65 12/10 installed in my camper van (VW Transporter) which is connected to the extra battery and a power socket. The last few years everything worked fine and the voltage, when connected to power supply, went up to 14.4 without a problem.

Since a few weeks the charger is going into Absorbtion mode and only goes up to 13.1 (even goes down when our fridge is turned on). When I disconnect the power a few times en reconnect it it suddenly works fine again. I always have to try several times to find a good connection.

The battery was tested and is in perfect condition. The CEE connector for the power supply to the BSC is also brand new so shouldn't be the problem.

Any ideas what the problem could be?

sander-vanderbeke asked

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Solar charger not seen in Device List for days on Easy Solar 2 what's wrong?

48/5000/70-35 GX, connected to VRM for 5 days and it says the Solar Charger has not been seen for 3 days. ES2 is connected using Ethernet cable.

mobileme asked

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VRM suggestion: internet connection tracking

A graph option in the Gateway widget - or maybe in Errors - about internet outage would be nice. Similar like now you can see e.g. time of overload situation.

If I see correctly, a GX device has that information anyway and in the concrete case which led me to this suggestion, it even seems the Quattro Voltage/Frequency instability leads to such outages.

That graph could help us (or others) to better correlate the cause for outage if there is suspicion it could be related to operational parameters of the microgrid.

petajoule asked
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Cerbo GX changing the existing but unknown pin to enable bluetooth pairing

Hi I have bought a narrowboat with a fantastic Vitron system sadly none of the PIN codes are available and annoyingly many of the units are wall mounted in a cupboard hiding the PUK codes.

Anyhow I need to change the PIN code for the cerbo - as i cant get the phone app to show its details or update the firmware etc - but i see it doesnt have the 3 dots that you click in the app to access the puk code section (see attached pic - Elini Rosa cerbo GX)


- so how do i change the PIN? the manual says this

Make sure that the Cerbo GX is powered on, and the Bluetooth LED is blinking.

Open the VictronConnect App within 10 meters of the Cerbo GX and wait for nearby devices to be discovered.

Once discovered, Click or Tap on the Cerbo GX.

On first connection you will be asked to enter a bluetooth PIN code - the default PIN is 000000

You will then be asked to change this insecure default PIN code to a more secure unique code. Please set your unique code, and then put it in a safe place for passwords in case you forget.

but i get no success with the 6x0s so its clearly been changed previous and i cant access the PUK neither can i see the option to enter a PUK anyhow? help please

many thanks in advance Mik

mikwebb asked
klim8skeptic commented ·

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Grid connecting isn´t possible

Hi guys!

I´m running the following system: 3 x Multiplus II 48/5000, 1 x Cerbo, 3 x MPPT, 9 x Pylontech US 3000, EM 24 for measuring the grid. The system runs since about 7 months without any problems.

All units on the newest firmware, the cerbo runs on 2.84.

Since yesterday I´ve a problem: allthough the grid is here as all the time, the cerbo shows grid lost and doesn´t reconnect to the grid. I´ve started the system a few times without solving the problem.

My energy supplier has measured the grid and says everything is fine.

So I don´t understand this behaviour. The system tries about every 15 minutes to reconnect to the grid, then the relais in the Multiplus are switching and immediately comes the message: time synchronisation failed or one of the expected units were not found.

Anyone an idea why the Multis don´t switch trough to the grid?


koro asked

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Buck Boost Converter

Hello All,

I trying to load a Lithium battery using my Buck Boost converter,

Source should be the engine start batterie ( These will be charged with normal way )

And, if engine battery is full -> charge servove battery.

My question: how to detect engine batterie is full ???

Checking the voltage cant be the solution, because be learned over years: convential PB batteries need a 5 step charging, and PB batteries needs a full charge to extend their live.

So: how to solve it ?

I can setup the startvoltage to 14.X V. So the service batt. will only charged, if engine batt is nearby full.

But is this the solution ?

How is it solved in existing installation ?

Any information is wellcome


jr1 asked

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MPPT 75 / 10 connection issues USB

My MPPT 75 / 10 will not show up on my device list when plugged in to my computer. This problem started occurring 3 days after initial connection.

Landon LeBlanc asked

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