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Retrieve Skylla IP54 charger settings other than manually via LCD display?

I would like to double check the configuration settings for a pair of Skylla IP65 chargers. Scrolling through the LCD, on multiple units, is painful and error prone. Is there any method of retrieving the settings programmatically?

The units are connected to a CCGX. I checked the MODBUS registers, but they do not appear there.



Allan Yates asked

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Modbus TCP register .pump

Looking for register list com.victronenergy.pump and .temprelay? They are not on the 2.9 register list?

stewyt asked

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Question where to get the modbus register addresses for a Fronius Primo 5.0-1

Good afternoon.

I can't find the excel map with the modbus register addresses for my Fronius Primo 5.0-1 updated to the latest version.

I have monitored the registers from 40000 to 40300 and they do not match with any document downloaded from Victron, or with the GEN24.

Could you tell me where to get it?

Thank you very much and best regards.

enriqueenasse asked
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Cerbo GX - two way communication - command line activation


Is there a way to activate two way communication via command line(script) in a CerboGX?

I`ve found

dbus -y com.victronenergy.settings /Settings/System/AutoUpdate SetValue #

which is in the ccgx documentation despite not showing up in the official dbus field list.

I´m looking into activating two-way communication via the rcs.local script or the serial console if that`s at all possible.

phrixotrichus asked
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BMV712 temporarily loses connection to EasySolar 24/3000/70-50 MPPT 150/70


I always have the problem that my BMV712 loses the connection to the ColorControl of the EasySolar. Both are connected via VE.direct. I get the ColorControl again and again the message that the BMV is not connected, if I then wait he connects again sometime.

I have the EasySolar hanging in the network and query it via ModBus, also here I have in the time in which the BMV is not connected no current values.

The EasySolar has an MPPT installed, which is also connected via VE.direct. If I connect the VE.direkt cable to the 2nd port on the ColorControl, the MPPT is immediately displayed as a new device, if I change the connection for the BMV on the ColorControl, it usually takes a few minutes until it appears, so there is also a significant delay.

What can this be or what can I do here?

ffbrucker asked

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SR450/100 Modbusregister 3724 to 3727 not available

I'm using a Cerbo GX as Gateway to read via Modbus TCP the Registers of all my Victron hardware as discribt in the published excel document from victron. -Pylontech battery works as described -MultiPlus II works as described -RS450 register 789 to 791 and 3700 to 3723 works If I try to read the power from each tracker individualy or all at once's, the Cerbo GX shows an error, that this adresses aren't available. On the Webinterface the Cerbo shows me each tracker indivdualy! I don't know, where I can get those values? Thank you in advance FCFCGarfield

fcfcgarfield asked
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Modbus tcp register number 62 for VE.Bus reset is breaking the multiplus connection

I have a raspberry pi that communicates with the Cerbo GX and the Multiplus 2 through the modbus registers in codesys. However, when trying to write the register 62 to perform a system reset when the relay test is not completed and in pending mode, when trying to write this register the whole multiplus modbus tcp communication will not be stable anymore. Like literally it could break the modbus connection with the moltiplus randomly. Is there any explanation for this? Thanks in advanced!

alawwirbilal asked

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Multiplus modbus registers power are too slow when written with ess mode 3

Hello Everyone, I have a three phase system with 3 Multiplus II installed. I'm using External control (ESS MODE 3) with a raspberry pi 4 to control the cerbo gx and the Multiplus-II. When I write the charging/discharging power through registers 37, 40 and 41 the Multiplus is taking a good amount of time to excute the desired Charging/Discharging power. Is there a time interval that the Moltiplus modbus communication should follow when writing/reading to modbus register or can someone explain to me how this should work? Thanks in advanced!

alawwirbilal asked
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VE_Bus charge power. System balance.

Warum ist Quellen - Senken = VE_Bus charge power? Wohin fließt diese Leistung?

Why is the Sources - Sinks = VE Bus charge power. Where is this power flowing?


System Scheme (screenshot from a different time):


shubham asked

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ritesh-badgujar asked

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Force solar to grid instead of charging batteries

I want to be able to force feed the excess solar to grid instead of charging the batteries.

What modbus parameter would to that? I cannot find a max charge current setting anywhere in the modbus register.

johnny asked

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VE Bus charge power and Battery Power

My Quattro reports both 'VE Bus charge power' and 'Battery power'. However, their values differ significantly. What exactly is reported under 'VE Bus charge power'? How is it different from 'Battery power'?

P.S. My system comprises of PV panels, MPPT charger, Battery unit, a PV inverter, household load (including charging station), and grid connection. I tried to perform a power balance of my system and it succeeds to a great extent when I consider 'VE Bus charge power' instead of 'Battery power' and 'PV_AC_L1' instead of 'PV_DC_couple_power'.

shubham asked

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is that possible to control the solar charging current & battery charging voltage in smart solar charge controller (MPPT150/35) with the modbus ?? if yes then how can we do that ?

ritesh-badgujar asked

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Reading out MPPT 150/35 via Modbus TCP - decimal places too short

Hi all,

my setup: MP-II GX 3k + SmartSolar MPPT 150/35 via VE.Direct.

I am reading out data via modbus tcp to my smart home server (openhab2 on a pi)


1. Issue

I only get 1 decimal place for the daily and total yield (id784 and id 790). The second place is rounded down/up. But remote console and the portal shows 2 dec. places, e.g. 0.27 kWh




@victron: Can this be changed/updated in order to have 2 places via modbus tcp?

2. Issue

The daily yield resets to 0.00 kWh long before midnight.

@victron: Can this changed to 24:00?


Sebastian Nobody asked

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Quattro and Phoenix communication issue


I have same issue on two different instalation.

One of them has CerboGX and 2 Phoenix Inverterers, second one has CerboGX and 2 Quattros. Every device has newest firmware ( 2.92 cerbo and 5.00 multis ). I have tcp communication between plc and cerbos. I use register 33 to switch on and off devices. After switch off and then on every information only from multis are unknown. Every time. To resolve this i have to reboot cerbo few times, sometimes is 2 times, sometimes 5-6. After this measuring and informations from multis are visible. Those problems are from december. Before there were no problems like this. Hope someone have good news how to fix it.

Best regards

mac-1 asked

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