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When does W-B01 reset on a BMS500


I have both a BMS500 and a 200Ah Lithium pack 12v. I'm testing the situation what happens if the battery has been depleted and recharged. I found that when the battery was fully discharged and then charged, the battery itself gives no errors but the BMS keeps giving me Error W-B01 and W-B06 even if the pack voltage is above 13v and the cell voltages are over 3.25v

The error is still showing up, when does it disappear and is it by design, since the ATC and ATD are ok.



Pieter Boomsma asked

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Voltage Spikes with Victron MultiPlus and Lithium batteries


I'm having issues where I see voltage spikes, most likely from the Victron MultiPlus.

I have seen this in two systems:

System #1:

  • Victron MultiPlus 12/3000
  • Victron BMV-712
  • 12x 100Ah 12V Lithium Batteries (Parallel, 1200Ah)

The system has been working without any issues, but I see the spikes as shown in the video below. I have read and heard mentions of cell imbalance, but I have high doubts this is the case. The batteries have been individually charged up to 100% SOC before tests.

System #2:

  • Victron MultiPlus 24/3000
  • Victron BMV-712
  • 4x 300Ah 12V Lithium batteries (In series, 600Ah 24V)

Same issues as mentioned above in this system. There are spikes of ampere and voltage, for unknown reasons. In practice, this does not affect the functionality of the system, but it does trigger alarms to go off, which is unfortunate.

I have been in touch with Victron experts, but with no clear answer as to why this is happening.

I'm very curious why these spikes are happening. Is there anyone out there with some knowledge here?

Appreciate all help!

Print screen with 60 day period:


mjbruen asked

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SOC drops fast while AC input is active

Hello, this morning the SOC value of my 2x Victron lithium batteries 25,6V/200Ah dropped from 78,5% to almost 0% out of the blue. See the following graphs;



For the last few weeks the system was running in ESS #1 and ESS #2 mode because off less sun shine. Is there some algorithm that forces the battery to discharge almost completely after some time when the battery is not enough recharged?

Thanks in advantage for answering.

topper asked
Alexandra commented ·

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Connecting Smart Lithium batteries in Parallel, fusing

I purchased 3 x 200Ah (12V) Smart Lithium batteries to replace the AGMs on my boat. Also purchased the VE Bus BMS v2, Lynx Distributor, and already have Cerbo, Multiplus, etc. The batteries are to be connected in parallel.

Section 4.6.4 of the Smart Lithium manual has a schematic showing connection of parallel batteries individually to busbars with a fuse on the positive cable (for cable protection). Question: could this be a MRBF fuse on the battery post? Would a MRBF fuse be better than using a Mega fuse (has much higher Interrupt Capacity)?

Further, this section also states that "connect the cables diagonally to ensure equal current path through each battery". This arrangement would be far easier (than the busbar method) in my constrained location. Is this equally acceptable for paralleling 3 batteries? And can/should I place a MRBF fuse at each positive terminal post (I have never seen a schematic or video of this!), or simply connect the cables post-to-post, and then have a T-fuse (or ANL fuse), very close to the batteries, on the cable to the Lynx Distributor (for DC Loads & Chargers)?

Thank you for feedback and suggestions.

jfm1712 asked

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full victron installation in a Hymer B Mci 680 with EBL Schaudt 30

I want to keep the advantages (and avoid the disadvantages) of the Schaudt EBL 30. Or would it better to replace the EBL ? I want to install a 330 Ah Lithium, inverter and charger in one piece, control over the full system in the mobil home, charging of the battery during travelling. Are there any schemes that could help me ?

siny-en-jef-janssen-peeters asked

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Lithium LifeP04 charge profile from 75/15 MPPT controller

I have installed a Lithium battery. when I select the charge profile from the factory preset for the LifePo4. it shows the max charge voltage is only 14.2, and float charge voltage is 13.5. My battery label says the max charging voltage is 14.6. However, If I modify the factory preset LifeP04 to 14.6 V, then the prefile changed to User defined. Just wondering what should I do? If I keep using the factory preset 14.2 v only, will the battery get fully charged? what is everyone's setting for your Lithium battery?

victronmpptdiy asked

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Battery charging value in VRM inaccurate

Micro grid Victron Fronius configuration : Off grid installation

  • 3 x Quattro 15 KW / AC1 to genset – AC2 to grid (average supply is 1h/24h)
  • 10 x Smartsolar MPPT 250/100 to 120 x Longi 455 Wp half-cell panels
  • 2 x Fronius 27-0-3 with Datamanager 2.0 to 2 x 80 x Longi 455 Wp half-cell panels
  • 60 x Pylontech US2000 lithium batteries
  • Pylontech LV Hub

Issues to be addressed :

  1. Batteries charge readings : not accurate
  2. Total consumption reading does not equal total production


espace-2000 asked
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easysolar 24V/1600va/40amp MPPT100/50.
Bonjour à tous, nous avons un onduleur hybride easysolar 24V/1600va/40amp MPPT100/50. Nous devons changer nos batteries et je me demandais si on pouvait brancher des batteries lithium dessus ? Et si quelqu'un connaît ce genre de batteries ? Merci.


refugegco asked

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Superpack versus Smart LiFePO4

I know, the Smart is with Bluetooth but is there any important difference ? I want to use the Superpack (2 units in parallel) in combination with 2000 W inverter. Is this possible ? Datasheet says max 100 A for one battery, can I multiply this by 2 to get 200 A max for both ?

hansiduiker asked
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Buck boost Ce montage est t'il permis ?

Sur un voilier Je viens d'intervenir sur un montage avec batterie lithium et un un Buckboost 100 monté schématiquement comme ceci sans batterie entre l'alternateur et le Buck boost

le propriétaire me dit que cela fait 3 fois qu'il as des problèmes d'alternateur...

je ne pense pas que ce montage est conforme? avant de le remettre en service le circuit après réparation de l'alternateur j'aimerais m'assuré que ce montage est acceptable

qu'en pensez vous ?


stephane-squarcioni asked
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Limiter la charge de batteries lithium en fonction du soc ?

Bonjour à tous

J'ai plusieurs installations qui sont sur des résidences secondaires, et où la majorité du temps le système n'est pas utilisé, ou maintient juste le congélateur en fonctionnement.

Ces systèmes étant équipés de batterie lithium (pylontech et byd) il semblerait judicieux de pouvoir limiter la charge à 60% de SOC dans ces périodes de faible utilisation, de manière à maximiser la durée de vie des batteries.

Pour le moment, il ne semble pas possible de le faire autrement qu'en limitant la tension de charge, ce qui pour l'avoir testé ne donne pas vraiment satisfaction.

Un tel mécanisme pourrait-il être prévu à l'avenir ? Tant qu'à faire avec un fonctionnement similaire au batteryLife de l'ESS ? Par exemple conso journalière<20% de la capacité batterie alors on limite le SOC à 60%, et dès qu'une conso supérieure se présente, on le remonte à 100% ?

Je vais essayer de mettre ça en place avec NodeRed, mais pour le moment, je galère

yann asked

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Voltabox 48v nmc battery



Hello all

Does any one have any information on Voltabox nmc 48v batteries.

I have 20 of them, they have a CAN based BMS and would like to use that to tell the state of charge etc.

At the moment they are in 4 battery box’s of 260v but I would like to use them as a 48v power wall.

Any information would be grateful.


dtartaglia asked

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Batterie lifepo4 en parallèle

J'ai 2 batteries Victron lifepo4 160ah avec BMS externe.
La première est ancienne (version non smart) et la seconde est neuve (version smart).

Je souhaiterais les installer toutes les 2 dans mon camion en tant que batterie de servitude.

Beaucoup de personne me déconseille de les mettre en parallèle car l'une étant plus usée que l'autre la tension ne sera jamais strictement identique et selon leur dire ça risquerait de nuire a la durée de vie de ma nouvelle batterie.

Est ce qu'il est préférable que je ne les accouple pas et que je fonctionne avec un interrupteur 3 voies pour sélectionner si je veux fonctionner sur l'une ou l'autre ?
Ou il n'y a aucun risque de les accoupler en parallèle?

muth asked
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Victron Wiring / Setup Schematic - Lithium with Solar, Multiplus, 2 Alternators, 12 V


on boats some setups are quite common and I wonder if somebody had more or less a project which is kind of identical of what I want to do. I am looking for the product list for this setup and also a wireing schematic . Mybe there is something available already. So I don't have to reinvent the wheel and use best practise / common setup.


12 V / 230 V

Multiple LiFePO4 Batteries (in my case 4x LiFePO4 Battery 12,8V/200Ah)

Charger/Inverter (in my case Multilpus 12/2000)

Solar Chargers (in my case 2 x MPPT 150/70 (not smart) m 2 x MPPT 75/10 (not smart))

2 Alternators (in my case 2 x 120 A)

2 Starter Battries

Cerbo GX would be nice and Battery protector would also be a good thing to have.

Because I already have the Multiplus from my old setup I want to keep it but maybe extend is with a sencound one and set them up paralell.

Thanks for your help.

marka asked
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Adding a second charger to a lithium system (system drawing included)

Hi Herewith the drawing of the system on our boat. Please advice how we can add the multiplus as a second charger, charger only to this system, with protection (charge disconnect) for the lithium batteries.

Frank asked
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