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BlueSolar PWM Lade-Regler (DUO) LCD&USB observation

Hello everybody,

I'm interested in BlueSolar PWM Lade-Regler (DUO) LCD&USB and like to observe the amount of capacity going into the batteries.

Is there an option to integrate it in Cerbo GX which I have?

Thank you very much for your help


jjm asked

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Can PWM Light Stay Connected During Generator Engine Start?

I'm curious if my PWM Light bluesolar (for 12v battery) charge controller is okay to stay connected with an autostart feature on the 32kva genset. Or should I keep the generator off until disconnecting the two solar panels before using the battery to start? Normally this setup is for a battery for camping, but the generator batteries usually are dead before I need the generator and tired of having to jumpstart from a vehicle.

I'm currently using the PWM on H (manual) setting, but if there is a recommendation of a different setting for my setup would appreciate hearing. Thank you

bkoon asked

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How to launch equalization on a PWM Pro controller ?

I'd like to refresh some old 12v batteries with an equalization, I bought the PWM Pro for this purpose, but I see no way to launch it as I can do with, for example my TriStar MPTT where I just have a button to press.
This is not an ad for the Tristar, I love Victron products....

The software does not seem to allow this either (at least it's not explained in the software manual). I have a raspberry with a RS485 interface if there's any open-source documentation on the PWM-Pro COM protocol.

dom-guardiola asked

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Blue Solar pwm 30 amp dropping pv charge

I'm have a 30 amp 12 v pwm blue solar charge controller that is new. Will be charging well. Come back an hour later and less than half charge. Reconfigure from lifepo4 to gel and immediately recovers for an hour or two the drops again. Reconfigure back or any battery alternative and full amperage recovered. Im using 2x 160 w 36 cell panels in parallel with 120 lifepo4 battery with 40 amp bms. System works fine with cheap pwm from china not designed for lifepo4. Its as if system goes into absorption mode even on lifepo4 after a few hours

Any advice please

howard-dunbar asked

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USB power for Victron BlueSolar PWM Charge Controller (DUO) LCD & USB

Is the USB powered by just the solar or the battery too, if it is battery is it via Battery 1, then Battery 2? Does it cut off at a certain voltage? I want to hook a fan via USB up to the controller but I don't want it to kill my batteries if left unattended for longer periods of time.


acnice asked

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Bluesolar DUO with different batteries - e.g. Li & AGM

1) Would it be possible to have two different types of batteries with Bluesolar DUO? For example 12V LiFePO4 and 12V AGM battery or then two AGM batteries with different sizes.

2) Also is there any output for battery cut-off at low voltage on Bluesolar DUO? Of course I want to keep my batteries without getting to too low voltage... Even a separate relay would be ok, but I would not like to build the logic for that (Battery Protect device is too expensive also).

3) How about two batteries of same type & capacity (Li, AGM or so), but having one completely empty and other one full. Example: You connect the full or empty battery on bank 2, while the othe one in bank 1 is in different state, what happens?

avaruuslehmipoika asked

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How to switch off LCD of a PWM charge controller LCD-USB ?

I want to keep the controller connected to the battery and just connect the Solar panels when appropriate. I don't see a way to switch off the LCD which remains always on... Isn't it a problem as it may discharge my battery on the long term when not charging regularly (VAN usage that stay unused during long periods)


lova95 asked

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Does anyone know this problem/error?

Hi, i have this problem. Now it shut down, nothing on the display. Used to work before..??!!

V was switching between 12.7 and 13.7, and these numbers where blinking..


thhag asked

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PWM Duo Vs MPPT Blue Solar, for Two Batteries that are wired to act in parallel or independent.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions as I have read through the product manuals, checked some videos, and still not sure regarding the following engineering decision:

Battery Setup:

I have two 100 amp 12v Bosch batteries (which I plan to upgrade) in a marine setup where one is for the engine (1) and the other is a service (2) battery, but can also be switched into a "both" position to parallel into a 200 amp 12 v setup as one larger battery. However, there is also an "on-off-combine" switch to isolate the engine battery from other loads. Below are the two switches and the order they are installed from left to right.


Here is the view from behind the panel where the order is in reverse (i.e. the left switch from the above image is on the right side here below):


Again, when I switch the batteries into position 1, just the engine battery works, to power anything connected to the system, likewise, when position 2 is selected it powers everything (including the engine if needed), while when both is selected (1+2) again everything is pulling from both.

Victron product choice:

I am trying to choose whether to use the Victron smart blue solar series with the Bluetooth monitoring, but given that MPPT only has one battery output I was considering whether the Victron BlueSolar PWM Duo-LCD would be more appropriate (the amp ratings are well within limit for the 200watt setup I am planning, for both model versions I have in mind). Of course, I would prefer the MPPT over the PWM.

  1. my concern with the Duo is whether there would even be a short-circuit risk or how should they be wired since it would be as if the PWM would be charging the same battery via two different outputs. Is this a problem?
  2. on the other hand, if I get the Victron Smart Blue Solar series, I am trying to determine how to best connect it to two batteries (i.e. connect to negative of service battery and positive of engine battery? Given that it only has one battery output, that is what made me consider the Duo. Or is there another way to wire the MPPT? Or should I use two MPPTs and wire them in parallel, where each one has a dedicated PV panel (as I've read two can't share the same PV)

Wiring choice:

In the area where the batteries are, I can see wires running from both batteries to the "both" synthetic poles (like a single bus bar made from two long screws), which I was thinking I would attach the MPPT there, but would that be enough for the MPPT to know which battery needs the charge? What would be the best given the scenario, to use the duo and connect directly to the batteries poles, and would that not conflict when using "both"?

In the image below, the synthetic "both" terminals can be seen on the bottom of the photo (i.e. the two screws with multiple nuts). The thin red wire with inline fuse from the shunt connects to the positive of the "both" terminal (for a BMV-700 device)


P.S. If I choose the DUO I was planning on installing the temperature/volt monitoring gadget (Smart Battery Sense gadget) for each battery, whereas with the Smart Blue Solar module I believe Bluetooth comes pre-installed, although I think I would still need the Victron Dongle Bluetooth Display for Victron MPPT Charge Controller and Battery Monitor?.


And the other battery for reference:


Steven Hatzakis asked

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BlueSolar PWM Light charge controler Stopped working after only 3 months

I have a BlueSolar PWM Light charge controller connected to a 60w solar panel and a 70ah battery. Everything was working fine during 3 months, then the controller just stopped working. It just went off and I can’t switch it on anymore, I removed all the wires and put them back again, I checked the battery and solar panel and they both work. But the controller doesn’t even recognize the battery anymore and all the light are off.

Any insights?

crutzen-anne asked

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MPII : CCGX Rebooted error 253

HI All,

My CCGX rebooted by itself, CCGX Version: Latest Firmware v2.60. I checked the logs and I found this in the logs:

11:22:53 ccgx daemon.alert watchdog[438]: shutting down the system because of error 253 = 'load average too high'

Then in notifications I have this "error" , two minutes later at 11:24: BlueSolar Charger: #67 BMS Lost connection,

Which I guess is related to the CCGX rebooted due to the error 253?

Someone explain why my system got a error 253?

isimobile asked

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Usb low voltage problem - Bluesolar Pwm

Hello I have solar panel connected to car battery through Pwm, everything works fine, but after I started engine with a bit low battery, on Pwm started blinking U 0.2v, which means voltage on usb output is only 0.2 volts. Normally it shows around 5 volts. It happened me once before and after a while it went back to normal, but now it always stays the same.

Pwm is working normally, only usb is not working.

I haven't found any relevant info on this, do you have any idea what can be causing this and how can it be restored?

P.S: I tried disconnecting the module, but didn't help.

Thank you


kubick asked
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Bluesolar PWM Light - Does not charge - indicator on bulk

BlueSolar PWM Light 12/24-5A working with 2x10W panels feeding 12VDC 35Ah batt. We have various instalations. No consumption attached to unit, only solar panel and batt.

Some have had power supply issues. Bring unit back to workshop and feed 18.50VDC limited to 1,5Amp into regulator with newish batt at 12,60VDC. Indicator shows bulk charge with very fast green flashing but battery voltage does not change over many hours. Power supply shows no current consumption, so I conclude the unit has a fault.

At some point after conecting batt and showing "12"readout shows "FF"

Any suggestions to a remedy or possible cause.? 5 units installed in July 2019, 3 have issues.

al-marine asked

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Connecting Victron BlueSolar PWM Light 12/24V-10A input to AC/DC converter

I tried to connect Victron BlueSolar PWM Light 12/24V-10A input to 24V,5A AC/DC converter, instead to solar panel.

I came upon a problem. My 12V,40Ah battery is being charged really slow. After 4 days, it was still charging in bulk mode. It should be charged in 8h or so.

Is it even possible to quickly charge battery this way?

vladimir36 asked

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