Off grid system upgrade, need another inverter/charger- with one should i go for?

I need info what Inverter/Charger should i buy for my setup.
I have big problem that Victron Distributors won't help me at all.
They just never gets back to me...
What i have already is off grid 100%.

I have connected and running for many years;
15x : CS6P-250 panels
Powerbank: OPZS 130a 56V (2.25v batteries)
Mk3 to USB
Diesel power generator 8KW

What i dont have connected and i bought already:
10 panels JAM60S20-380/MR
Powerbank: OPZS 24V (2.25v batteries)

What i would like to do, connect new panels and new 24v powerbank would be nice to hook it up into 1phase so i could pull more power out of socket etc.

Help me please...

my inverter is:




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Multiplus 3 Wire Generator Connection- 'Common' where should it go?

Hi there,

fallowing 3 wires from switch, i know where should i connect start and stop wire from multiplus to generator but not sure where 'common' should go / how?

My gen has start stop system with remote and all so it's not complicated but 3rd wire aka common is what im not sure and i dont really want to blow up anything.

thank you

I believe @Matthias Lange - DE ll know the answer hah.

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Length of Victron's VE.Can to NMEA 2000 cable

Seems strange this isn't available on the Victron website (at least as far as I have been able to find), but can someone tell me how long the Victron VE.Can to NMEA 2000 cable is? Is more than one length available?

Thanks in advance.

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Bluesolar 75/50 gets to float voltage too early.

Seen some with similar problem but not seeing many answers. Please help. Trying to improve SOC during daylight hours. Have Smartshunt onto 600Ah Lithium. Po4. Come the afternoon, solar producing close to 50Amps. The voltage moves increasingly higher and then goes into Float. Float set at 14.2v. Trying to keep voltage low and Amps high to increase SOC. Is the charger regulating the max. Output by increasing the charge voltage? When I turn the charger off for a few minutes, voltage regulates to below 13.8 and charger goes into Bulk mode with higher charging current obviously. Running VE Bluetooth dongle and Smartshunt networked

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BMV 712 shows voltage but not current, power, consumed Ah, Time remaining - Infinite

This was working but is not now. The negative terminal of the 100 ah battery is connected to the battery only terminal of the shunt. The wire running from the load and charger terminal of the shunt is connected to the chassis ground. The red wire is connected to the positive terminal of the battery.

I am using the settings provided by Battle born for lithium batteries.

It's correctly reading the voltage but is providing no other readings.

Synchronizing it hasn't made any difference although I'm not sure what state of charge the battery has to be at to synchronize/ Full state of charge for the Battle born battery is 14.4. Does it need to reach this level to synchronize?

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Smarth shunt energy consumption

I am neavly installed smarth shunt, my main concern to learn my 24 hours energy consumption. I will decided to enlarge may solar panells and battery bank according to my 24 hours enery consumption

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Bug Report: Smart Solar Charger MPPT 100/20 - MPPT gets confused when solar irradiance drop suddenly

Smart Solar MPPT100/20; the solar MPPT output fails to track the incoming solar irradiance on occasions and takes a while to recover and return to normal operation.

I was watching the MPPT behaviour during the mostly sunny day (as can be seen by the Grid PV inverter data) but then the occasional cloud dropped the solar irradiance the Victron Smart Solar stopped being smart, got confused and dropped its power output to near zero even after the solar irradiance had returned.

My grid inverter had a small drop in power output for a short time but the Smart Solar MPPT100/20 took a while. On the second occurrence, I needed to isolate and reconnect the PV breaker for the Smart Solar to start to work again. Note the first dip in output power in the afternoon, on the grid Fronius Inverter a very slight dip in power, while the smart solar's output dropped very significant. The second major dip in power output I was watching and was when that I needed to turn the PV breaker off and on to get the smart solar back working. It does seem that major changes in solar irradiance (which is normal) causes the MPPT to get confused, it does get going again without any intervention but with the penalty of some loss of charge energy compared to the Fronius Galvo 2.0 inverter performance. The data for both systems was using a Venus GX, logged setting 15 minutes.

I hope this gives sufficient information to be able to find the cause of the glitch in performance.




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VE BMS Load disconnect

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Changement de smartphone

Je possède une petite installation solaire pour un usage personnel. J'ai installé l'ensemble des équipements et, tous fonctionnent très bien. Le problème que je rencontre est que j'avais installé le system avec un smartphone et depuis j'ai dû en changer. Avec le nouveau téléphone, je n'arrive pas à me connecter avec 'victron connect" via le bluetooch, à mon matériel, MPPT 75/10. J'ai essayé de désinstaller la liaison sur l'ancien appareil, je désactive bien mon wifi pour la connexion avec mon bluetooch, mais, rien n'y fait. Si vous pouvez m'aider, j'ai essayer de poser la question à mon revendeur, mais je reste sans réponse de sa part.

Merci de votre aide.



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Overpowered MPPT with Pylontech batteries?


for my house I will install PV during next spring and I want to use Victron devices with Pylontech 48 V LiFePO4 batteries (4x US2000C or 3x US3000C). I will have 2 strings - one string to south-east (10 panels 330 Wp, 5S2P - 2 parallel sections with 5 panels in series, 3300 Wp in total) and one to south-west (12 panels 330 Wp, 4S3P, 3960 Wp in total).

I was planning to use MPPT SmartSolar 250/60 for S-E string and 250/70 for S-W string. For example type 250/70 is (according to datasheet) suitable for nominal power 4000 W, but its apparently valid for charge "absorption" voltage approx. 57 V. For this voltage max. output current of 70 A should be sufficient without any significant PV power limitation according to my calculations including losses (<70 A for panel temperature >10°C). If I will use Pylontech batteries I must set charge "absorption" voltage only to 52 V (due to problems with overvoltage warnings), so theoretical PV max. power with 250/70 will be only 3640 W (practically <3600 W due to MPPT efficiency.

So I must use more expensive 250/85 (which is only in VE.Can modification) instead of 250/70 only due to Pylontech batteries, if I am right? Similar situation is also for S-E string with 250/60...

Many thanks for you answers!

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MK-3 USB / VEFlash Error at step 'Connect part 2'


I have multiplus 40/3000 and my old FW is:

2620158 i believe i need 2620159 with im trying to update.

But having error.

I dont have problem to VeConfig, Victron Connect does not work becouse my FW is to old.

Swapped device, changed ports and all... still no luck.

Tried to google solution but cant find any,

I want to update FW and go with Generator configuration as every 60 sec there is a swap between charger to inverter.


I've tried another ethernet port and no luck still.

I'm under off grid so I only has batteries connected.


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Ve bus BMS et smart dongle sur le Multiplus

Bonjour, est il possible d' utiliser les 2 prises rj45 du Multi, une pour le ve bus BMS et l' autre pour piloter le Multi avec mon ve bus smart dongle? Ou doit on brancher le dongle sur le BMS? Je ne trouve pas de telles configurations.

merci pour votre aide.

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Connexion entre Cerbo GX et Onduleur RS 48/6000


Dans la liste des appareils reliés au Cerbo GX, j’ai le SmartShunt et les batteries Pylontech, mais l’onduleur RS 48/6000 n’apparaît pas. Il est écrit « off » sur le graphique du GX Touch alors qu’il est allumé. Je l’ai relié au Cerbo GX d’un port VE.Can à un port VE.Can, avec un câble UTP RJ45 cat6, standard.

Avec le Cerbo GX est fournis deux embouts RJ45. J’en ai alors mis un dans le VE.Can inutilisé du Cerbo et l’autre dans l’onduleur. Ça ne change rien au problème. À quoi servent ces embouts au juste ?

Voyez-vous une solution ? C’est une nouvelle installation.

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Smart Battery Protect compatible with Cruise2.0 outboard and SWAC?

Dear Victron Community,

I've read that a Smart Battery Protect shall not be used inline with inductive loads like 230V inverters. This raised concerns about using Smart Battery Protect for electric motors and compressors.

I'd like to use a SBP-100 to drive a Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 24V 2kW outboard (relay operation only, added benefit of bluetooth control) and a SBP-65 to drive a seawater airconditioner (HFL coolmax 24V 22A).

What are your thoughts on feasibility and longlevity of these approaches?

EDIT: Cruise 2.0 manual recommends a 125A fuse. Cruise 2.0 cable set ships with a CF8 135A fuse. So how about a SBP-220?

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Multiplus Compact 12/2000/50 Fuse Type not specified

Looking at the manual for this unit under section 4.2, we don't see recommended fuse type. Given surge current, inverter efficiency loss, and true wattage, we were going to use a Class-T fuse. Why has Victron not suggested a specific fuse type? Especially one with a higher AIC. What fuse type have others used?

Thank you.

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Blue smart IP 22 12/15 (3) voltage display

Why do the voltage readings in the application and at the battery terminals differ by 0.1-0.2 v? I use a cable 6mm2, length 1m.

Is it possible to programmatically implement voltage compensation for the cable? I understand that I can compensate manually, but this is not the Victron level

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VE.Bus State wrong in VRM-Portal

VE.Bus State is displayed incorrectly when I select "today" as the option. With 2 or more days, the display is correct. What is wrong?



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MPPT 100/50 not using VE Smart Networking voltage

I have an install where a customer wanted to charge their RV LiFePO4 batteries via solar panels mounted on their shed and also use the RV power for running fridges in the shed, but they did not want the solar regulator mounted in the RV. A SmartSolar MPPT 100/50 was mounted on the shed wall with a 10mm2 x 5m cable length (10m return) between the solar regulator and the batteries. I knew voltage drop under load was going to be an issue, so planned on using VE Smart Networking to resolve the issue.

The customer already had a BMV700 installed in their RV, so I added a Smart Dongle to provide the BT connectivity to the Smart Solar MPPT100/50, created the VE.Smart Network on the BMV700 and connected the 100/50 to the same network, and the displays on both devices verified the voltage and current were being used (apparently).

The absorption voltage was set to 14.2V and float to 13.5V.


The displayed battery voltage on the MPPT 100/50 was showing 14.21V almost immediately on switching on the charging, the displayed voltage on the BMV700 was 13.5V (13.88V on the captured image, but that still shows it as different). The 100/50 immediately went to absorption, ignoring the BMV voltage. I would have expected the MPPT to display the BMV voltage and stay in bulk until the absorption voltage was reached.

Firmware versions:

SmartSolar MPPT 100/50: v1.53 (latest) at the time (Oct 31 2020)
BMV: v3.10 - also latest at the time

I have included screen images to verify my testing and configuration.

There appears to be a bug in the software, if someone can have a look at this, please?


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BMV 712 power cable

I need one more power cable for installing an starter batt to a bmv 712.

Is this available? Can you please tell me the item number?


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PWS (Personal weather station) integration.

now that wunderground supports API, it should be a simple integration.

In fact the output of the pantech is pure JSON so that way could be easier.

It would be nice to directly integrate into the venus os, however I could settle for VRM.

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ORION Tr-Smart Remote Input inactive

Guys, I‘m really fucked up now. It worked for a long time, anf all of a sudden the remote input turned inactive without a cause.

Voltages are ok, jumper is ok and plugged. Anyone experienced this?


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Do I need an Anti-Islanding box for my ESS? (Sweden)

Greetings all, I'm in the process of getting my solar installation fully operational but after reading a bunch about Anti-Islanding I am still not sure if I need to have that. I'm planning to have a setup where I use all of my energy production locally with no feeding back to the grid. I do want the Quattro device to be able to leverage the grid when solar output is low. Diagram attached shows my setup. Anyone able to shed light on how to proceed?


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ESS fails after a blackout

My system is composed by:

  1. 4.5 kWp solar array
  2. 150/85 mppt
  3. Multiplus-2 48/5k
  4. GX Venus
  5. smartShunt
  6. 11kWh

Is configured in ESS optimized w/o BatteryLife mode, with no feed-in and low positive grid setpoint.
In my zone it's normal for a period of the year to suffer grid blackouts. They can be from minutes to several hours, but I have no problem with quality.

When a blackout happens, the system behaves correctly.
When the grid returns, the multi charger starts itself, sometimes faster than others, but the loads on ac-out1 only receive energy from the grid. The mppt continues to serve energy from the panels, but only for the battery charge and all loads are supplied from the grid.
Also, it seems to be a problem with energy flow management as it's intermittently reporting big loads on ac-in, when I don't have anything connected to it.

The problem persists (waited hours) until the Multiplus is hardware-restarted by completely turning it off, waiting and then turning on again (switch at the bottom)

This is a big problem for me, as I mention there will be blackouts. I like the possibilities of ESS but If I can't solve this, I'll be forced to migrate it to virtual switch, and that's not optimal for the size of my system.

Also I noticed that while the blackout, the charging phase always show "Inverting" and the Victron nodes, mqtt, etc, all output alike. I would like to know where I can report this as an issue, like in some git project. Not reporting the battery charging phase does disallow making automations based on this data. It's valuable for diverters, for example, as the setpoint should be different on every stage.


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VRM Remote Console not working via VRM app or website

Hi everyone,

I just recently installed Cerbo GX with the latest firmware (v2.61).

I've connected up my Victron gear via VE direct cables (SmartShunt, SmartSolar and Inverter).

I can log into my VRM account on my computer and use the VRM app on my iPhone, however neither my computer VRM or VRM app allow access to the remote console. I see a screen that says "remote console connecting..." and then after several minutes I get a "cannot connect" error.

I tried to follow the troubleshooting page but the links have moved. Seems a bit buggy which is a surprise for Victron...

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Smart Shunt Charged Voltage

I installed my Smart Shunt on my 230 AH FLA battery bank and set the charged voltage to the recommended 13.2V. After loading for 4 hours at 10 amps I was at 83% when I disconnected the load and connected the charger (IP65 12/15). The SOC display reached 100% while the charger was still in absorption. Is this acceptable or would my SOC display be more accurate if I raised the charged voltage to a point where SOC would not reach 100% till the charge went to float?

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Blue Smart IP22 12/30(3) very hot case


I have installed the above charger in my camper van on a 170Ah LiFePo4 battery, with around 20°C environment temperature.

If I charge with 30A the case is going up to 70°C !

I checked all cables and contacts, the the cable length 1,5m and everything looks fine.

Is that normal ?!?

Why didn't the internal fan starts earlier with a little more speed to cool down ?

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Victron SmartShunt as a energy meter?

Does anyone know where I can find info about using a Victron SmartShunt as a energy meter?

I have one being used as my battery monitor, and now got a 2nd that want to hook up to log DC charging from a non-victron solar/DC charger connected to it. With aim that can then include this in stats for day of PV generated vs Consumption, etc.

Went into VE Connect and under setting for the 2nd shunts I changed "Monitor Mode" to "DC Energy Meter", and then the "DC meter type" to "DC-DC charger".



It states it will show on GX Device and in VRM but can only get very basic info shown on later and nothing on my GX device (VenusOS running on a Raspberry Pi)



Searched for documentation for "DC Energy Meter" and "DC meter type" settings but nothing is showing in Victron help or in any forum discussions. So can only guess maybe this is a pretty new feature and most users haven't used or is still in development to integrate better with VRM/GX.

Anyone else successful in this or know where can find info on how to config/etc. Thanks is advance.

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1560Ah 48v lithium 3-phase quattro 48/15000/200 x3 battery config 82kWh

First, I've read countless articles trying to self resolve my issues. The vast majority seem to be people using very small systems...and my issues seem to be different. Or other people have bluetooth connectivity to their MPTT and I don' not sure if I need to get a USB cable and connect, or I can do things online.

Two issues I want to solve.

1.) Low battery alarms are useless. I want them off, but I can't seem to stop them. My battery is at about 44% (46v), and the alarms are configured for 25% and I continually am getting non stop notifications. VictronConnect on my BMV700 I don't think is related to this, and I have alarms disabled on the remote what is sending these alarm emails so I can stop it? Or at least get it to somehow respect what 25% actually is instead of it having some other calculation its doing.

2.) I cannot get the battery settings correct in VictronConnect on my BMV700. I have to keep monitoring the percentage as it keeps getting off a little. Battery capacity is set at 1560Ah which I know to be correct. 13s13p packs with EIG 20aH cells = 260Ah...with 6 of these in parallel = 1560Ah. I've read for Peukert that its effectively close to 1.00 for Lithium...and especially considering how large my capacity is, my batteries never get any stress at all. So I am actually using "1.00" currently. I've been testing that at 1.00 to 1.09 with equally confusing results of not calculating the correct percentage based on voltage. I'm wondering if I need to toy with the capacity value to get one that helps make the SOC follow correctly...

Help or guidance on how to properly set the config so it follows reality on the batteries? Attaching screenshot of the config currently along with battery specs.


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Warranty Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120-16 230V VE.Bus - failure, installer / seller will not respond.

Is it of use writing to Victron B.V in The Netherlands directly re failure of a Victron Multiplus less than 2 years old. Seller refusing to even acknowledge any form of request for return or help. Seller also initially configured the unit for installation, and then a month ago supposedly corrected a fault code, following that within 12 hours of plugging into shore power unit overheated and failed. Have also tried to contact Victron UK with no response. This has been going on for 6 weeks now.

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Can i use DVCC if i have a NON Victron lifepo4 battery ?

Can i use DVCC if i have a NON Victron lifepo4 battery ?

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