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Multiplus goes above CAN-bus Charge Voltage Limit (CVL)

I have an installation with Blue Solar MPPT, MultiPlus and Cerbo GX, plus a BMS that sends CAN messages to Cebo GX. All works well except that the MultiPlus charges above CVL.


In "System Setup", "Battery Monitor" is set to "CAN-bus BMS", and DVCC is enabled:


High voltage and both current limits are properly displayed by Cerbo GX on "CAN-bus BMS -> Parameters" screen.

Q1: Is it normal that the low voltage limit (DVL) does not show here?

can-limits.pngFor the MPPT, under "Networked operation" it shows "Charge voltage = 13.8V", but I do not find the same information for the MultiPlus.
Q2: where can I see the "Charge Voltage Limit" for the MultiPlus?

When charging with the MultiPlus, the voltage goes above CVL (13.83V on screenshot):


Q3: Did I miss a setting?

note: CCL is working fine (not yet tested DCL).

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargercerbo gxVE.Can
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