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Victron Quattro Maximum power from public grid

Hi there,

Following background: I want to install a photovoltaik system at home with a battery and therefore use the Victron Quattro to achieve, that it is on the one hand possible to use the energy "from the sun" and those from the public grid if necessary. However in my case I do not really know which Quattro I have to use, as the following question appears: has the Quattro 48/5000/70 for instance a 5 kW limitation in general, or is this limitation just when he has to convert the energy from the battery ? Basically I want to know if a 5 kW Quattro is able to let more power through when consumed from the grid or if there is also this limitation.

My question appeared as I have seen the "Maximum feed through current" in the datasheet, which is for the 5 kW Quattro given with 2x100 amps. I think the 2x comes from the 2 possible AC outputs from the Quattro. But are the 100 amps related to the 230V? So is it possible to let 230V*100A=23 000W = 23 kW from the public grid through the Quattro?

I just need to know this, as I am not sure if I can cover my hole power demand for each phase with the Quattro I want to use.

Many thanks in advance

Thomas Lederer

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This Quattro can pass through 100A from either input to the AC-OUT1.
The 5000VA is indeed the maximum inverter power from the battery.
If there is more that 5KVA load on AC-OUT 1 and then the AC-IN goes away then the inverter will be in an overload condition.
AC-OUT2 can pass 50A and is only present when an AC-IN is active.
So to avoid inverter overload, place up to 5KVA of loads that you want mains resilience on AC-OUT1. The other non critical loads can go onto AC-OUT2 so that they will be disconnected on AC-IN failure.

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I am a newbie and want further answers.i have a 48/10000w victron inverter unit. My understanding is that I can set up a base load up to 10000w on AC1out and other things heavier things like geysers and underfloor heating on AC2out and that will avoid a warning or overload alarm.

I have 2 questions. 1) How will peak loads of say a 1100w pool pump on AC1 out be handled, from an alarm point of view. 2) If I am running the system at say 15000w with the grid supplying the difference but 8000w is on the AC2out. If the grid fails. Would the system not trigger any alarms and seamlessly step down to the 7000w load on the inverter without triggering any of the alarms.

I would really appreciate a detailed reply. Thx Colin

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