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Shortest distance, CAN to D-Bus


We are currently working on an electrical boat with Victron Energy systems installed.

The boat has a 15kw generator with a bunch of sensors which we have connected to the supported CAN-Bus system on Cerbo GX.

The generator is not a supported one in Venus OS, so for now we decided on installing Venus OS Large because of the simplicity of Node-RED.

We are receiving the CAN-frames as expected in both Node-RED and the bash-terminal through SSH and we now want to pass the translated information to D-Bus.

At this point we are going to attempt adding settings to the D-bus, using the Fischer Panda settings as a base-template.

What we do not know is how to pass this information from Node-RED to the D-bus.

Any help or ideas on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Venus OSVE.CanNode-REDd-bus
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