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Cyrix battery combiner kit cable question

I received the Cyrix-ct Battery Combiner Kit today. The relay can handle 120A and the alternator of my van supplies max 90A. All good so far.

I've bought the kit to connect a 180Ah AGM semi traction leisure battery to my starter battery/alternator.

The kit comes with 10mm2 power cables. I've read online that cables of 10mm2 and this length can handle 30A max. Aren't these too thin for the 90A my alternator provides, let alone the 120A the Cyrix can handle? Or is your experience that these cables are perfectly suitable for the job? After all, they won't put them in the kit for nothing.

I now doubt whether I should return the kit and buy a separate Cyrix with thicker cables. I'd love to hear what you guys think about this.

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