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BMS, Virtual Switch, ESS. Why it's not easyer ?

I have a Solar installation with LiFePo4 Battery on DC input and Grid on AC input.

LifePo4 works with Bms. If I connect the Vebus BMS to the MultiPlus, I need to add the BMS Assistant.

If I add the Bms assistant, I need to select "no vs switch" instead of "Ignore Ac Input".

Without "Ignore Ac Input", I use much more current from Grid, and too less from solar ! It's uninteresting !

So, I need ESS. But for France, with a MutliPlus v2614-481, there is no ESS Mode without "togrid" mode. So I need to buy a Ziehl anti-islanding system, which is quite expensive for an unknow result. And the main Electricity Provider of France (EDF) doesn't help small producer as me to establish a mandatory contract of buying the "to grid" energy. Well, it's very complicated and I turn in round.

Why it doesn't exist an ESS mode, without reverting to grid ? Because with "Ignore AC Input", we can't benefit some ESS cool function as : "Maintain mode", planning for loading Battery on grid, Bms Assistant, and so on".

I'm so annoyed !

Regards. Laurent

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