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Phoenix 12/1200 Inverter won't restart

I have a Phoenix 12/1200 inverter connected to an off-grid solar system that also has a Smart Solar MPPT charge controller as the only charge source. The battery bank is LiFEPO4. The inverter settings are as follows:
- Dynamic cut-off: Disabled
- Low battery shut down: 12.75V
- Low battery restart & alarm: 13.75V
- Charge detect: 14.2V

The inverter shuts down reliably at low voltage, but rarely turns on at the restart voltage. Low voltage warnings appear in the app even when the voltage is much higher than that restart voltage setting (as the solar-based charge builds throughout the day). When I manually restart the inverter (when prompted, after changing settings in the app) it does restart successfully. Any ideas on why it won't restart on its own reliably?

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