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Help / advice needed for new parallel system

Hi, I am trying to design a system for a catamaran,
have the following doubts:


1- 9xMPPT shall be connected via Ve-Direct/USB through USB Hub to Cerbo GX? or can they interconnect in Bluetooth? or just one via ve-direct and the rest within same BT?

2- Shall a smart sense be installed on the LifePo4 Batteries? on engines and generators batteries?

3- on the batteries connected to the phoenix charger, shall i install battery sense?

4- Ve-direct to Phoenix Inverter will make display its data?

5- Lynx 1000 and lynx distribution for quattro or Smart Shunt 1500?

6- smart battery protect 220, can i install 3 in parallel to have a limit of 660?

7- can i install a battery protect between busbar and main switch of each quattro to connect on/off in case of fire, cause the main switch will be difficult to reach?

8- remote panel is need to be connected to BMS in order to control quattro to just charge?

Venus GX - VGXPhoenix Invertermppt smart solarVE.DirectVE.Smart Network
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