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Smart Battery Protect, blue tooth settings

On a new install for a 24 volt system, we put the user defined settings for the restart voltage at 25.5 volts, and raised the shut down level to 25 volts to test/ensure it was functioning. System was running just above that when shut down level moved up. A warning was generated once volts dropped to that level. Load output showed "disabled". LED display flashing E3. But the system never shut off. Is there an issue with those settings or is the SBP65 not functioning?

Battery Protect
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If E3 showing, then it should be off. I set my unit up with the settings that you describe and it works for me.
Are you certain that you have the IN and OUT connections the correct way around? This is a MOSFET controlled device, MOSFETS continue to conduct in one direction even when switched off (parasitic diode). If you have IN and OUT transposed then the load will not be disconnected under any circumstance.

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