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3-Phase System Wiring


From other brand of invertes I saw he posibilities of combining different sets of Inverters with their own Battery bank (Cluster) to suplly a comond Load. see diagram below.

I have the following requirement for a victron off-grid project Desing:

1-Due to the client needs I cannot create a single big battery bank to supply the load,

2- in stage 1, it is required to have single inverter clusters (Inverters + batteries) of 60 kW, to supply different loads around the country. Then, it is desired to be able to combine at least 3 clusters each of them feeding to a single line in a 3 phase system. as presented in the next diagram:

Additional Information:

1-Battery sets: Lithion Battery of 18.6 kWh and up to 12 parallel integration (222 kWwh).

2- Clusters of 6 Victron 10 kW/120V ( can be configure to a 3 phase system or a single phase depending of the ntegration)

3- Maximum requiered load when combine in a single system 600 kVA, Can be divided in smaller isolated system( Example: 4 X 150kW).


1- I want to know if it is posible to combine for example 3 clusters of 60 kW (each of them feeding a single line : L1, L2 ,L3) for a total output power of 180 kW and a energy storage of 666 KWh?

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter ChargerLithium Batteryparallel48v battery
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Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA answered ·

Good day @s.robinson,

Please see the Parallel and three phase VE.Bus system manual. As noted in the manual, devices connected in parallel, parallel-split, or three-phase configuration must not be connected to separate battery banks; this is expressly forbidden.

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Hello @Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA,

Thank you for the answer, I really appriciate the fast response.

Yes, I had read the three-phase manual, but I just wanted to clarify if there wasn't any possible configuration or programming to make this possible, as for other brands in the market I have seen the possibility to integrate separate banks to create a bigger microgrid, like shown in the diagram below (extract from their installation manual):

So, my question again would be if with victron it is forbidden due to lacking of hardware capabilities integration or due to complex programing requiered?

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@s.robinson to put it succinctly, it is forbidden because the voltage and performance of individual battery banks can not be perfectly matched, thus each MultiPlus unit will be performing differently and thus cannot stay in sync with each other.

Unfortunately, connecting these units in any non-supported way will yield unpredictable results, with (obviously) no support being available because they're connected in a non-supported manner, and may result in voiding the warranties, so I can only reiterate what the manual says: do not do this.

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Thanks Justin,

For the answer.