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VictronConnect 5.26 update - disabling eq with lithium batteries meh

So the new 5.26 update “Disable equalization voltage setting when lithium preset is selected”...

This is really annoying. I understand why it’s been done - presumably to stop people inadvertently cooking their nice expensive batteries, but I’ve happily been using this to charge my batteries up to 14.4v every 10 days as my absorption voltage setpoint is lower. It’s been really nice to have that happen without having to do it manually or worry...

I assume I can probably get around it by changing to a different preset and setting everything up manually again but it seems like a backward step - would be nice if the option was still available even if locked away in the expert settings...

or maybe you could implement a feature whereby we can do a slightly higher voltage charge periodically and call it something else so there’s no confusion??

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