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Can a tripped breaker on SCC output damage the SCC?

I have a SmartSolar 250/100, which has a breaker on the PV input. I am reading that I should also place a breaker between the SCC and battery bus bar, matched to the SCC/cable amp rating.

I have been cautioned repeatedly to turn off PV input before disconnecting battery power or damage to the SCC would quickly ensue. This has me wondering...

If the breaker between the SCC and bus bar trips, disconnecting the batteries from the SCC, and the PV input remains connected, will this damage the SCC?

I searched for an answer, but did not find it. If I missed it, please link the thread and I will gladly go read up on it!

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Hi @RickP,

I think this question and answer is pretty definitive on the subject of "Can you safely disconnect a Victron MPPT from the Battery while it is charging?"

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Good Morning, @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)!

Yes, that is exactly the information I needed. My experience (and frustrations) mirror @FrankH and it has been impossible to find a definitive answer, including from my dealer (so far).

So, placing the breaker is actually the critical factor in controlling the voltage spike from the SCC, and the SCC itself will not be damaged from the protection device activating. I will make sure to place the breaker upstream of any tie-in with other DC circuits,

Thank you, and FrankH, for getting to the bottom of this. I had a feeling this might be internet voodoo or related to cheaply built charge controllers, but wanted to be sure rather than watch a significant investment go up in smoke!

Have a great day, Rick

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