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Sonnenschein A602/1130 Solar NGS6021130HS0FC battery setup

Soon I'll have new batteries: Sonnenschein A602/1130 Solar NGS6021130HS0FC (2V x 24).

My system:

2 x MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100

48 x 150W Solar panels

2 x BlueSolar MPPT 150/70-Tr/MC4

Color Control GX

Dear Victron team,

can you help me specify parameters, which I should input into each Multiplus to operate these batteries correctly:

1. State of charge when Bulk finished.

2. Battery capacity.

3. Charge efficiency.

4. DC input low shut-down.

5. DC input low restart.

6. DC input low pre-alarm.

7. Absorption voltage.

8. Float voltage.

9. Charge current.

10. Temperature compensation, mV/deg.

11. Sustain voltage during the first 24 hours of sustain.

12. Sustain voltage after 24 hours of sustain.

13. ESS setup - Cut-off voltage for a discharge current:

0.005C = ? V

0.25C = ? V

0.7C = ? V

2C = ? V

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