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Programming BlueSolar PWM Pro: COM Port Timeout

Hola Community!

for a small 12V photovoltaic system I am using a PWM Pro 10A charger with 6x 2V OPzV batteries.
Now to charge the batteries correctly, I have to program the solarcharger.
Therefore I am using since years a "BlueSolar PWM-Pro to USB interface cable" and a windows computer.

Now I am getting an error, when trying to connect, in my case COM3 with a timeout message:

As you can see, the driver for the USB cable is installed properly, in this case I was trying it in Windows 7, but also on Windows 10 no response, or the same timeout.

Trying to connect another PWM PRO charger I have, had the same result.

Otherwise I followed the instructions from the "BlueSolar PWM-Pro setup and monitoring software" PDF, even changing the location and language.

Anybody has the same error?

I am slowly suspecting a defect USB cable.

Looking forward to see if anybody has similar issues.

Thx for your time,


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