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Do I need to install a Venus GX if I have a CCGX?

Hello all. Here is a second question getting ready to do a Victron system install in my class B RV (Roadtrek). I will have a CCGX display with Multiplus and BMV 712 and Victron smart solar MPPT installed. Also, when the Orion TR Smart DC-DC is released I will install it to control alternator charging of my new lithium batteries. Is there any reason I would need to install the Venus GX since I will have the CCGX already?

I gather that the only benefit of having the Venus GX in addition to the CCGX is being able to connect holding tank sensors to the Venus GX to have those readouts. That is intriguing but I am not sure if the rudimentary holding tank sensors of the stock Roadtrek are going to be usable with the Venus GX.

So, is it correct thinking that other than the holding tank connection, the Venus GX install would not add any benefit or additional usability that the CCGX already provides?


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@Sunny Blue Sky, I'd say that for your application you're absolutely correct. The Venus GX does offer additional relay-outs and a few other things (additional temp sensor, etc) but for your application I think you're already set - the BMV-712 has its own temp sensor input if you want to use it (on the shunt), as well as both a NO and an NC relay-out if you're inclined to use them.

Having both a CCGX and a Venus GX in a single installation is certainly not unheard-of, but very rare and usually involves multiple-voltage environments (48/12/120 for instance) where a single CCGX isn't capable of monitoring everything by itself; in your case, you'll have a relatively straightforward system and the CCGX will do nicely for you.

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