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Feature-Request: Frequency down shift on battery usage


I have build a offgrid 3-phase system with the multiplus II. Some devices are frequency controlled, the high shifting on battery overload for example works perfectly. But in some situations I want the opposite. If the consum of the battery is raising up defined limits, the frequency should be shifted down like in reality.

So I can control generators to produce more power.

Is there a possibility to create an assistent or maybe an control-path with Node-RED which can handle this situation?

Thank you very much!

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Hi @Namex

I can see frequency output node in custom control node on node red however I would have guessed other elements of the system are also periodically monitoring those and would reset them back to original values relatively quickly. (Happy to be told that's not the case under normal non frequency shifted criteria, if it's not the case then maybe node red is your answer).

Unfortunately I dont have a system I can test this on for you.

My only other suggestion/question was how is the generator output controls configured? Is it purely based on frequency monitoring, or can you dynamically adjust the output yourself. If so I imagine you could automate that element from node red.

ie if battery draw > x increase generator output via an external signal of some sorts.

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